how to write the best instagram bio

13 SILLY Mistakes To Avoid In Your Instagram Bio At All Costs

If you’ve been wondering why your Instagram account isn’t growing, you’re not alone.

There are numerous reasons and one of them is your Instagram bio that’s hindering your growth.

In this post, I’ll tell you how your Insta bio is affecting your growth, how to restructure it that’ll gain you free followers.

Avoid Making These Mistakes In Order To Write The Best Bio For Instagram

If you didn’t know, your Insta bio is the first thing that a person’s minds see subconsciously. You actually only have 2.5 to 3 secs to turn that random person into your follower.

And it all can be achieved by having an Instagram Bio that convinces people of what you’re providing that’ll benefit them.

Here are some mistakes that usually most people make.

Check out if you aren’t making one of them. And moreover, you only have 150 character limit. So try to use it wisely

1. Having No Bio At All

Now, this can be the worse of the worst thing that you can ever do to your Instagram account.

Having no bio at all surely means no growth, no visibility, and eventually no monetization. This is not a better thing to do with your bio.

If you’re serious about Instagram and surely want to make money, make sure to at least have a compelling and persuasive bio.

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2. No Or Unclear Instagram Profile Picture

If you want to seriously start a business on Instagram and make money you first need to establish a brand.

And the brand is defined by its logo. If your profile pic doesn’t contain the brand logo with proper visibility of your brand name or design.

It becomes difficult to establish your trust.

To any person on the internet, the visual or the image content is much attractive rather than the text content.

And if you’re not taking advantage of this. Your business will lack behind.

Moreover Instagram profiles with no profile picture looks spammy.

People won’t follow you if you aren’t authentic.

Nobody wants to get spammed.

3. Only Boasting About Yourself In Your Bio

This is the second-worst thing to do with a bio.

Many people just keep on boasting in their bio all time.

By doing this, you will never be able to grow your audience. The audience won’t ever follow you because you’re not clearly mentioning what service you’re providing that will improve their lives.

Remember, the most important word in the field of marketing is not “I” but “You”.

Until & Unless you’re customer eccentric, you’ll never gain followers.

Keep that in Mind.

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4. Not Using Emojis

It has been observed that people who visit an Instagram account. Out of that 32 % of them go back without following you because your account lacks to build attraction.

Yes, you heard it right, attraction.

Now look at the two Instagram Bios below and decide for yourself which one’s attractive.

You can definitely see the difference.

Which Instagram Bio appeals to you the most?

Is it the first one or the second one?

The reality is that on an online platform, be it any social media or a website.

You only have maximum of 2 seconds to build the attraction and turn your visitor into your customer. And if you fail to build that thing, I’m sorry to say but you won’t grow.

And on Instagram, you build that attraction through your bio.

5. Failing To Give People A Purpose Through Your Instagram Bio

Let’s try to understand it through an example. Suppose you’re a travel blogger. And you describe yourself in your Instagram bio as “Passionate Travel Blogger”.

Again, sorry to say, but, it won’t create much impression.

See, no one really gives a f**k about what you’re passionate about. All they want to know is, “What’s In It For Me”.

If you fail to describe the reason as to why they should follow you. They’ll leave and never come back ever again.

You have a very little window to convince them or give them a purpose to follow you.

Instead of trying to tell them that you’re a passionate travel blogger, consider putting yourself as, “Travel the World With Me” or “Explore the world from the comfort of your couch”.

By doing this, you’re giving them a purpose to follow you.

You’re directly specifying “What’s In It For Them”.

And when they’ve clearly got a purpose and if it aligns with their interest. They’ll end up following you.

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6. Not Using Hashtags In Your Instagram Bio

This is also one of the most ignored tactics by Instagram content creators often.

They don’t put hashtags in their bio.

Putting hashtags in the bio increases the chances of your profile being found.

It also instructs the algorithm and makes it easier for it to categorize your page and rank it according to your niche.


But this doesn’t mean that you should keep on putting hashtags in your bio.

Only one to two hashtags are more than enough.

But make sure it’s popular.

7. Not Using SEO Friendly Keywords In Your Name & Username

Always try to incorporate search-friendly (SEO Friendly) keywords into both of your names and username as well.

Since my friend, Sandy is also in digital marketing, he has mentioned both of them in his name and username, you can see his profile below.


This bio has everything a good bio should have and it also looks attractive.

It has a clearly defined purpose, lots of emojis, a hashtag and it also gives the viewer a purpose to follow this account.

The purpose here is teaching its followers to grow their presence online and also providing digital marketing consultancy tips.

8. Not Making Use Of Business Category

Make sure you’re using the Instagram for Business Account. To switch to an Instagram Business Account:
Go to your Settings -> Accounts -> Switch to Business Account.

And after setting up your Instagram Business Account, select your Business Category.

By doing so, you’ll benefit more as Instagram will know in which category to put you in.

Adding your Business Category will allow your growth to be faster and your account will also come into suggestion feeds of other similar accounts in your niche.

The Business category mentioned here is “Entrepreneur

To set up your Instagram Business Category:

Go to Edit Profile -> Public Business Information -> Category
and then select your Instagram Business Category.

9. Not Including a CTA in your Instagram Bio

Always try to use a strong CTA (Call-To-Action) in your Instagram Bio if you truly want to make some sales and earn money from Instagram.

People want to be instructed on what they have to do on your account.

You can place these strong CTA examples if it applies to you:

  1. To get a discount of 20% on my products use the code DISCOUNT and click the link below.
  2. Tap the Follow Button now to never miss an update about this or that topic that I post about.
  3. Make sure to visit our 9th post. It’ll benefit you a lot

Everyone loves freebies, right? And below is my blog link, so there are higher chances that people will come to my blog and increase the traffic on my website as well in search of free information.

I can also sell them my other digital products as well.

Strong CTA’s like these will definitely increase the chances of your users to engage and become a permanent customer who will come to your profile.

10. Not Using Custom Fonts

To make your Instagram Bio look more authentic and stylish, you can definitely use custom fonts.

All you have to do is visit any one of these websites mentioned below and copy your Instagram Bio into the space provided.

And then select the style which suits you the best.

Copy that and then paste the whole into your Instagram Bio space.

And now your Instagram Bio font style can be changed to look more appealing and stylish.


This is the example of an Instagram Bio with Italics design in it’s bio

The websites are:




11. Not Using Story Highlights

Use multiple Story Highlights to show your previous achievements, what work you do, your satisfied clients, and everything else that’s associated with the proof of your work.

Show about what problems your followers were facing and how did you helped them out.

Doing this adds a lot of authenticity and builds trust among your followers or new profile visitors.

use instagram story highlights in your insta bio

Try to add a variety of highlights, including your testimonials, performance, achievements, etc.

When trust and your authenticity is verified, it becomes easier for people to buy your products or services from you.

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12. Not Adding A Contact Button

If you’re a well-established business, make sure to add your contact details like your Phone Number, E-mail Address, and Location.

These 3 things can be edited through:

Go To Edit Profile -> Public Business Information -> Contact Options

By going through these 3 steps, you can edit your Business Contact Options. doing this also adds to your authenticity and builds trust.


The contact button is highlighted in red

Your buyers or followers know how to contact or reach out to you if they’re facing any problems with things related to their personal queries or queries about the services or products they’ve bought from you.

13. Not Using The Link In The Instagram Bio

This is one of the most important things that will cost a fortune if you as a creator isn’t using this.

Instagram is a platform that isn’t owned by you. Anytime your account can get disabled or blocked and all your hard work will be lost.

So it’s very important for you to actually have something that is yours.

You need to have something which you control all by yourself.

And having a website gives you this control. You can also link your website to your Instagram bio.

Make sure to utilize the link in the bio because it’s the only place in the whole of Instagram where you can place a link.


You can place a link to your online store or your blog or your youtube channel.

Doing this will also help you to build your ecosystem where you can redirect your Instagram traffic to your other sources as well and make more money from it.

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Points To Remember To Write The Best Bio For Instagram

  • Never ever leave your Instagram bio empty.
  • Don’t boast about yourself too much. People hate that seriously.
  • Try to use emojis in your bio as it attracts the attention of the user.
  • Try to specify at once what you’re providing your users with. Give your profile visitors a purpose/reason to follow you.
  • Make use of least one hashtag in your bio. It makes it easier for the Instagram algorithm to categorize your account and help you rank higher.
  • Try to use SEO friendly keywords into your name and username section of your Instagram Bio
  • Make Use Of Business Category
  • Try to include a CTA in your Instagram Bio
  • Also, try to use Custom Fonts
  • Make Use of Story Highlights
  • Add A Contact Button
  • And lastly, try to Use The Link In The Instagram Bio

Out of these, how many mistakes were you making with your Instagram Bio? Tell us in the comments below.

Which point did you found the most useful?

Tell us in the comments below and share it with whom you think it might help grow their Instagram account.

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Common FAQ For Writing The Best Instagram Bio


What Should I Write In My Bio?

1. Make use of at least one hashtag in your bio. It makes it easier for the Instagram algorithm to categorize your account and help you rank higher.
2. Try to use SEO friendly keywords in your name and username section of your Instagram Bio
3. Try to specify at once what you’re providing your users with. Give your profile visitors a purpose/reason to follow you.

How Do You Make Your Instagram Bio Attractive?

1. Try to use emojis in your bio as it attracts the attention of the user
2. Try to Use Custom Fonts
3. Make Use of Story Highlights
4. Add Attractive Cover Images To Your Story Highlights
5. Make Your Instagram Feed Look Aesthetic. Use only one or two colors in your posts, or stick to only 1-3 background for all your posts
6. Your profile Picture should have a clear picture of your face & try to go with a yellow background