17 Best Blogging Tools That Reduced My Blogging Efforts By 73%

Using tools, reduces lots of human efforts, and saves tons of time

Do you know how much time it takes to write a blog post?

3 to 4 hours, right?

I would say about eight hours is the average amount of time it takes.

And that’s before you do all the other work like finding images and figuring out what social media sites are best for your content.

It can be exhausting and frustrating but thankfully there are tools that take care of all that for us so we don’t have as many headaches and can focus on just creating content.

I’ve been blogging for 1.5 years now, which gives me a pretty good idea of what works when it comes to making my life easier while still getting great results.

So I compiled this list of 17 Best Blogging Tools with my personal experiences & also reviews from other bloggers who actually have to use these tools so far.

Best Blogging Tools For WordPress Hosting

Do you want to be able to upload a site with hundreds of pages without any lag?

I have got the best wordpress hosting servers that will provide you with cheap & fast servers at a low cost.

This is perfect for anyone looking for some quick and easy blog post ideas or someone who needs help building their website.

If you’re not sure about what type of hosting plan is best for your needs, check out this section that breaks down everything there is known about the best WordPress Hosting:

BlueHost: Cheap & Best WordPress Hosting


When I started blogging, I went with Bluehost.

The reason was that it provided me cheap hosting prices whereas I also got tons of freebies like FREE Domain Name For 1 Year, FREE CDN, 5 FREE Domain E-mail Accounts, & not to mention, their services were also top-notch.

I experienced no downtime as such as they claim to give you a 99.95% uptime guarantee per year.
So for anyone just starting out, Bluehost Hosting is a get-go.

Also, with my Bluehost Coupon, you’ll get a flat 65% discount.

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So claim yours now.

Cloudways WP Hosting: Private VPS Servers At Half The Cost


After 1 year of Hosting with BlueHost, as my traffic grew, I decided to go with CloudWays.

The reason was simple, they provided me with Private VPS Servers starting at just $10/Mo whereas other companies charge around $25/Mo for VPS Servers.

No doubt, if you want ultra-superior performance with low loading times, you need to go with CloudWays as the cheapest VPS service provider.

Unlike BlueHost, they also don’t charge you for 1 yr upfront, rather you decide to pay them on a per month basis.

Also, with my coupon code, you’ll get access to a 3 Day FREE Trial for their servers with no credit card required.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your 3 Day FREE Trial coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your FREE Trial now

Best Blogging Tools For WordPress Themes

Before you start your blog journey, there are a few things that need to happen.

You’ll need the best wordpress theme for conversion optimization so that your visitors can find what they’re looking for and convert it into leads or customers.

This is where this section comes in!

Here I’ll cover some of the best blogging tools out on the market today for WordPress Themes.

These will help you build a successful blog and grow it over time with higher quality content, more traffic, and better sales conversions!

Affiliate Booster Theme


This blog uses Affiliate Booster Theme.
Earlier I used Astra Pro, but I wanted something inclined towards generating more affiliate revenue.

Don’t get me wrong, Astra Pro is a very good theme, but it lacked this revenue-generating potential.

So, I switched towards Affiliate Booster Theme.

All the UI-friendly Coupon Blocks that you see on this page are from Affiliate Booster Theme.

You get access to CTA Blocks, Pros & Cons blocks, Product Comparison Blocks & 17 other blocks.
Also, you can either buy their Theme + Blocks Plugin or the only Plugin depending on your needs.

Moreover, you can explore more of their features & Blocks by clicking on the button below.

This comes eighth on my list of Best Blogging Tools as I’ve significantly maximized my revenue with the help of various blocks like comparison blocks, coupon blocks, etc. which makes it easier for people to compare products, & improve the speed of their buying decisions (fast money with fewer efforts).

Also, you can definitely try the FREE version of their plugin which is only available exclusively to my readers.

Click on the button below to try the FREE version Of the Affiliate Booster Blocks Plugin.

Best Blogging Tools For Website/Page Builders

If you are a blogger and want to create an engaging website that converts your readers into subscribers, this section is for you!

I’ll be discussing some of the best blogging tools available for use as both page builders.

These tools will help make it easier than ever before to get started with creating beautiful websites without having to know how to code.

My first best option for you is:

Elementor Page Builder


This was my favorite page builder until I found Thrive Themes.

As compared to Thrive Themes, Elementor is pretty cheap & also offers you a variety of designs & beautiful animations.

They also offer you beautiful custom pop-up forms & more than 90 widgets like countdown timers, pricing tables, animated headlines, carousels, etc.

If you’re looking to build the most beautiful blog in the world, then I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely love elementor.

They also offer you more than 200+ pre-made website template designs which you can import on your WordPress Blog with a click of a button.

Some of the prominent designs involve, Magazine Theme, Real Estate Theme, Photography Theme, Psychologist Theme, Online Store Theme, Lawfirm Theme & ever other theme types you can imagine of, Elementor provides you with that.

You can try their FREE version by clicking the button below, but you’ll be limited to some features.

Thrive Themes (Suite)


The reason I switched from Elementor to Thrive Themes is:


Elementor provides you with a variety of pre-built page templates alongside 90+ innovative & useful widgets, but what it doesn’t provide, is stats, data & analytics.

With Thrive Themes, you not only get access to various gorgeous theme designs & customizations, but also you can take a data-driven approach as to how your pages & sections are performing on an individual basis.

The only thing that separates Thrive Themes from other theme builders is that it is inclined towards creating highly conversion-optimized pages for your WordPress Sites.

You can practically check which Headlines, Call To Actions, Lead Forms, etc. are converting the most for you.

You can A/B test nearly everything in WordPress using Thrive Themes.

This is a great option for anyone, who is more focused on gathering sales, leads & conversions.

Thrive Themes offers you Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Apprentice, Thrive Comments, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation & Thrive Optimize.

Many online businesses like these have successfully scaled to 6 figures per month with this theme.

This comes ninth on my list of Best Blogging Tools as it helps you with making data-driven decisions, & maximize your revenue.

“Because Data Doesn’t Lie”

You can only buy these items in a full suite of Thrive Themes which in turn is a lot cheaper than going individually.

Also, with my coupon code, you’ll get access to their $19/Mo Plan instead of $25/Mo if you decide to pay yearly.

Check out the full Thrive Themes Review & what it has to offer.

If you’re planning to pay quarterly, you’ll get the same at $30/Mo instead of $43/Mo by using my coupon link below.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

Best Blogging Tools For SEO & Keyword Research

I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite blogging tools that will help make keyword research and SEO optimization easy.

Let’s start with the best blogging tools for SEO & keyword research!



When I started this blog, I opted for Ahrefs as my Keyword Research Tool (which I regret the most as I would’ve achieved more results with Semrush).

Also apart from just the keyword research process, Semrush is an all-in-one SEO & marketing tool for bloggers.

It has a plethora of tools & services that’ll surely scale your blog’s growth.

Let me tell you that Ahrefs is purely built on one fundamental thing & that is backlinks.

Also, its Keyword Difficulty Scores, Search Volume data, etc. are decided on the basis of backlinks a particular Keyword has.

Which in my terms gives less accurate data, because you can’t decide Keyword Difficulty Score only based upon a single factor.

Semrush lets me find long-tail keywords easily for my blog posts, also the keyword difficulty scores & data like search volume, are more accurate than ahrefs.

When I switched to Semrush, it gave me, far more different results & which were far more accurate as compared to Ahrefs.

Semrush takes into more than 21 different factors to decide Keyword Difficulty Scores & not just one like Ahrefs.

Thus, I use Semrush for my Keyword research & other SEO analysis.

You can take a FREE Trial of Semrush with my coupon code, you’ll get access to a 7 Day FREE Trial but if you’ll search elsewhere, you’ll only get access to a 3 Day FREE Trial.

Now, that’s a 4 Day Bonus

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your 7 Day Semrush FREE Trial Instead Of Just 3

Best Blogging Tools For Content Writing & Research

Content creation is hard, and it takes a lot of time to find the best content writing tools.

I’ve done all the research for you so that you can focus on what’s important:

Creating unique content that your audience will love!

In this section, I’ll go through some of our favorite blogging tools for speeding up research and writing processes.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer Studio


Headlines are the most important part of any blog.

They’re what people see when they search for certain keywords on Google or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which means that your traffic is directly dependent on how good it is.

The amount of traffic your blog will drive from search engines or social media platforms entirely depends on the headline.

So if you want to get a lot more leads & engagement for your business, make sure that it has an attractive and engaging title!

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To analyze how good & attractive your headline is to your audience, you must use Headline Analyzer Studio.

This tool will give you a full breakdown of the emotional value your headline holds to your audience & will also give you a full breakdown of what your competitors are using in their headline that’s driving them more traffic.

Also, with my coupon code, you’ll get access to analyze up to 5 headlines absolutely for FREE.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your 5 FREE Headlines Today

jasper ai writing software

Of all the tools mentioned here, this one’s my favorite.

It’s an AI-based content writing assistant that has helped me write numerous blog posts to date.

Also, 2 of my Blog posts have been ranked on the second page of google.

This tool is a must-have if you’re in a writing business & not just blogging.

Jasper AI provides you with more than 50+ Content templates for all your writing needs.

To name a few, Long Form Assistant To Write Long Blog Posts, Pinterest Pin Title & Description, Youtube (Video Scripts, Titles & Descriptions), Social Media Posts, Ad Copies, Attractive Headlines, Quora Answers, Product Listings, How-To Guides, Cold Emails & lot more.

Even this whole post was written by Jasper AI itself.

With This tool, I’m able to publish 50 new pins daily to Pinterest (as this tool writes all the SEO-friendly Titles & Descriptions For Me in no time).

I’m able to give 30+ Long Form Answers on Quora daily & promote my blog posts there.

Also, I’m able to craft more than 4-5 blog posts (max of 2000 words) per day with this tool, whereas earlier it took me 3 days to publish just one article on my blog.

Also, I’ve met many people online in the Jasper AI Facebook Community (of which I’m a part) who have published entire books of more than 50K words in just 7 days.

I’ll also come up with a full review of this Content Writing Tool soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

Till now, this tool comes on top of this list of the Best Blogging Tools, I’ve come across & I’m very happy about it too 😊.

Till then, you can try out this tool yourself as you’ll get 10,000 FREE Word Credits if you sign up with my link below.

Just try & play with this tool, & craft one or two blog posts out of it with my coupon link mentioned below.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your 10,000 FREE Word Credits will be applied automatically



Frase is an AI-based content analysis tool that scans the top 20 posts for the keywords you’ve mentioned, & gives you an exact measure of where your posts are ranking.

Many big content marketing companies like Neil Patel’s NP Digital also use this tool to beat the competition.

This tool gives you full detailed insights into what exact words have been mentioned by your top 20 competitors & how many times, what’s the common word that has been repeated in those top 20 blog posts, how many times you’ve mentioned them.

It also matches how many links, images, headlines (H1, H2, H3) have been used by your competitors & matches it against your own blog post.

It also gives you a score rating based on the competition & highlights areas of your improvements.

This comes seventh on my list of Best Blogging Tool as it gives me a detailed sneak-peak into what my competitors are up to.

In simple words, you can use Frase as cheat codes for your content marketing solutions.

With my coupon link below, you’ll get access to 5 FREE Documents Analysis.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

Claim Your 5 FREE Documents On Frase Now & beat your competition.

Semrush Content Writing Assistant


Semrush also comes with a content writing assistant but it’s far from Jasper AI, as it itself doesn’t write the content.

Semrush’s Writing Assistant is more inclined towards optimizing your blog posts for SEO.

What I personally follow is that I let Jasper AI write blog posts for me, then I match that with Fase to analyze my competition & in the last step, I run the full blog post through Semrush Content Writing Assistant & optimize my posts for SEO.

You definitely need not go through these 3 steps as now Jasper AI also supports integration with SEO Surfer to write & optimize your posts in the Jasper AI dashboard itself.

So, you can skip this step. But I’d certainly advise you to go with Jasper AI & Frase for a bombing experience.

But if you still want to try Semrush Content Writing Assistant, I can give you access to only 1 FREE document.

With my coupon code, you’ll get access to 14 Day FREE Trial & 1 Document for Semrush Writing Assistant.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your 1 FREE Document Now.

Grammarly Grammar Checker & Proof Reader


Let’s admit it, we’re humans & we all know that,
“to err, is human”

Anyone can make grammar or spelling mistakes, but that’s not important.

What’s important is that what if your one silly spelling or grammar mistake cost you a sale or an offer you ever wanted.

This is the area where Grammarly protects your image in front of an audience.

We don’t want those nasty comments saying that:

“Hey, you have a lot of spelling or grammatical mistakes in your writing.”

Grammarly is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their writing.

Grammarly offers features that help you edit any document, including social media posts and assignments.

What makes it so popular are its advanced AI products which deliver better results than Microsoft Word’s built-in editing tools.

All in all, Grammarly has come up with an incredible product that can be used anywhere on your computer as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Grammarly helps writers fix mistakes they might make while typing out anything from blog entries or poems to English homework over email contacts and school reports by providing users with various helpful websites like Plagiarism Checker Pro Plus – free plagiarism checker online software.

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You also get access to Grammarly’s Proofreader, Grammar, Spelling, & Plagiarism Checker.

This comes third on my list of Best Blogging Tools as it has significantly minimized my grammatical & spelling mistakes.

With my coupon below, you’ll get access to Grammarly for FREE. You can always upgrade if you need more features as Proofreader & Plagiarism Checker are paid services.

You can use the FREE version to identify the tone of your blog posts, check for spelling & grammatical mistakes, & a lot more.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

And if you’re a college student, check this out.

Best Blogging Tools For Social Sharing

It seems like we live in a social media world now.

Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat, or Twitter – it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone posting something.

It makes sense then that bloggers would want to have some of the best blogging tools that allow readers to share blog posts with their friends and followers through all these different channels!

In this section, I’ll mention & describe the best social sharing tool for bloggers that’ll help your readers to easily share your content & bring more traffic.

My best blogging tool for social sharing is none other than:

Social Snap


With the help of social sharing plugins, you can leverage your social media marketing for a lot more benefits!

One most common way is that it helps on gaining additional visitors to your website.

When someone shares an article or video from one’s site on their own accounts and followers re-share them like wildfire, this brings in extra traffic and potential customers.

Though there are a lot of social sharing plugins, what I love about social snap is that it provides you with full in-depth analytics & tracking about your social sharing.

Providing access to more than 25 Social media, you can customize how your posts look like when they get shared on their respective platforms.

You can also set the animation styles of your choice, place these icons anywhere you like, get beautiful click to tweet boxes, get access to social logins for your sites with Facebook & google, track top-performing posts, & a lot more.

Also, they’re going to release a new feature soon named “Social Content Locker”, where your visitors will get to see your locked content only if they’ll share your content on social media.

And after they launch this feature, they’ll also increase their prices as well.

So better buy it now.

You’ll also get access to a 30% discount on social snap with my discount coupon mentioned below which is going to expire soon.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your 30% discount coupon now.

Best Blogging Tools For Automated Social Media Blog Traffic

Automating your social media posts for blog traffic is a great way to save time and increase blog views.

It’s important that you find the right tools, however, as some may not work well with your blog.

This section will show you the best blogging tools for automated social media traffic so that you can get more readers on your site without spending too much time on social media platforms, & spending that time in content creation.

My first best blogging tool for automated social media traffic is:



When it comes to automating huge traffic to my blog, I only rely on Missinglettr & Tailwind.

What Missinglettr does for you is that, whenever you publish a new blog post, it automatically fetches your posts & creates an automated social media drip campaign for your blog posts.

You can then review this drip campaign & add hashtags, change quotes, change images & then hit publish.

Also, you can select to automatically share your blog posts on Facebook (Pages, Profiles & Groups), Linkedin (Profiles & Pages), Instagram, Medium & Twitter at particular intervals of your choice.

You can set the duration as 1-week blast, 2-week blast, 1-month blast, 3 months blast or you can select 12 months evergreen.

This is especially helpful for people like me who have a large no. of posts on their blogs & forget to promote their old content.

With Missinglettr, you can revive your 10 yrs old blog posts & leave them on automation, so that they keep on bringing you revenue & traffic.

After all, we need to make the most amount out of our written content & keep on extracting profits from it for years to come.

Also with Missinglettr Curate, you can team up with like-minded bloggers & share your blog posts in a like-minded community of more than 100k people (who’ll share your content & in turn you’ll share theirs).

I think the best part of Missinglettr is that you can join communities in their Curate PRO Plan.

I’m in more than 50,000 different ones so far and it’s just been a great way to find new followers who are interested in my niche topic!

Plus when they share my content with their audience, I have an entire network behind me driving traffic back to my site.

It really works for bloggers because we’re constantly looking for ways to grow our blogs but this makes such a big difference-last month alone I gained about 13K visitors from these groups which is awesome.

In addition not only does Missinglettr offer Post Automation (which saves time) but also offers Curated Communities where there are over 500k people waiting for your next blog post.

This is quite similar to Tailwind Tribes & we all know that how successful & profitable Tailwind Tribes are for Bloggers.

This comes sixth on my list of Best Blogging Tools as it has helped me build real connections with my like-minded bloggers all around the world.

Normally, you get a 14 Day FREE Trial from Missinglettr for their Solo Plan which allows you to connect up to 3 social profiles & schedule 500 posts.

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But With my discount coupon, you’ll not only get access to a 30 Day FREE Trial, but you’ll also get access to their Pro Plan instead of Solo, in which you can connect Up To 9 Social Profiles & Schedule Up To 3,000 Posts/Mo.

It doesn’t end here.

You also get access to their Curate PRO access also with my discount coupon.

Normally, all of this costs around $108/Mo, but with the discount coupon, you can get all of this, just for $5 today.

This deal is exclusive only to my readers only, & is live only for the next 7 days as I’ve partnered with the company to provide you a better experience.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your 30 Day FREE Trial Of Their Pro Plan instead of Solo & Schedule up to 3000 posts/Mo Instead of just 500/Mo & also get access to Curate PRO Communities.



I’m happy to announce that approx. 67% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, & Tailwind helps me manage, & automate 97% of that.

What I do is, I create approx. 10-12 pins for every blog post, & then schedule it on Tailwind.

Also, I’m a member of 50+ group boards with tons of people in each group that help me share my content & in turn I help them as well.

Whenever I publish a new pin, Tailwind automatically sends that new pin to those 50+ group boards I’m a part of, & thus helps me rake in more traffic & profits in less time.

Not only that, as I mentioned above, the main benefit of joining tailwind isn’t only automation, but its power lies in its Tailwind Communities/Tribes.

You can choose from more than 50,00,000 Tailwind Tribes of your niche & chose to be a part of it.

Then you can share your content in these multiple Tailwind Communities where more than 500K people are ready to view, & share your content with their audience (if your pin designs are good-looking).

Overall, communities bring in more traffic to my blog rather than just scheduling posts & just last month I’ve managed to gain approx. 140K traffic from Tailwind.

You can also schedule Pins for your Tailwind Communities.

This comes second on my list of Best Blogging Tools as it’s max. revenue bringing channel for my blog.

Normally, with Tailwind’s FREE Trial, you can schedule only 10 posts/Mo, but if you’ll use my coupon code, you’ll get access to 20 Posts/Mo which you can also use with Tailwind Communities.

Apart from this, I’m also offering you a $15 Tailwind Credit, if you ever think of purchasing their paid plans.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your access to schedule 20 Posts/Mo along with a $15 Tailwind Credit.

Best Blogging Tools For Email Marketing

You can grow your customer base and increase sales by using Email Marketing.

This is the most cost-effective way to reach customers, but it’s not as easy as you might think.

With emails being sent out constantly with 293 billion emails a day, there are more opportunities for businesses like yours to get noticed.

The ROI on email marketing is $42 per dollar spent because of this high volume of traffic that comes through every day which doesn’t even count social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram where people actively use their inboxes less than they used to!

That’s why I recommend implementing an automated system so that all hours of the year have someone reading your messages at any given time without skipping anything important in between.

My best recommendation for you for the best email marketing software is:



“Money Is In The List”

Email Marketing is the backbone of any online business.

Be it an online store, blog website, or any other online business, Email Marketing has a proven ROI of $40 per $1 spent.

This means, if you spend $100 on Email marketing, you can rake in up to $4000 in revenue.

That’s a lot.

And in order to make your Email Marketing efforts a success, you need to invest in good Email Marketing Software.

Personally, I use ConvertKit for my blog as it was itself designed by creators.

Their slogan says “For Creators, By The Creators”.

They offer you everything you need as a creator.

They’ve got a very User-Friendly Interface for creating Email Automation (even a 5 yr old can operate).

Apart from this, you can use the built-in E-Commerce to directly sell your digital products like E-Books & other downloadables.

They have got very good deliverability rates of 96.3% As Of June. 2021.

I personally use ConvertKit because of mainly 5 reasons:

1. They’ve Excellent Pre-built Email Templates.
2. They also have the Top-Notch E-mail Segmentation In The Industry
3. You Can Sell Digital Products Directly With ConvertKit Commerce
4. You Can Also Run A Paid Newsletter
5. The Last one’s my favorite, suppose by accident you sent a wrong/dead link to your Email List. With ConvertKit, you can change the links even after they’ve reached your subscribers

Though ConvertKit doesn’t provide any discount coupons or a FREE Plan at all, for my readers, they’ve agreed to provide a FREE Plan for up to 1000 subscribers.

*Update: ConvertKit Has released some discount coupons for it’s new users.

View ConvertKit Discounts & Coupon Codes

You can collect Emails & send broadcast Emails to your followers (but can’t use automation) in their FREE Plan.

Though if you want to use Automations, you can definitely take their 14 Day FREE Trial (as this is also provided to you in the coupon link mentioned below).

This comes fifth on my list of Best Blogging Tools as it has helped me build my E-mail list from scratch.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, claim your FREE Plan For Up To 1000 Subscribers & Access To 14 Day FREE Trial now

Best Blogging Tools For WordPress Caching

We’ve all been there: you’re browsing a website and it takes forever to load.

It’s frustrating, and let’s face it, nobody has time for that.

Thankfully, with the right tools in place, your site will be lightning fast!

In this section I’ll explore some of the best blogging tools for WordPress caching that will make your site loading fast.

Let’s dive in!

WP Rocket


We all know how important & useful it is to have proper caching enabled on WordPress sites.

Caching reduces your loading times & helps improve your Page Experience for your users, thus providing higher rankings in google.

Earlier I used W3 Total Cache as my caching plugin.
W3 Total Cache comes with a ton of options & features but the only thing I hated about it was that everything my themes were updated, my page layout used to break, (W3 Total cache is still the best FREE caching plugin).

Again I had to re-configure the whole caching plugin from scratch, which took me more than 3 hrs (& I had to do this every time, even when a single plugin or theme received an update).

At some point in time, I found that I was spending more time configuring caching rather than creating meaningful content.

So, I switched to a paid caching plugin WP Rocket.

Not only have I decreased my loading times by half with this caching plugin, but also my layout doesn’t break at all whenever I receive an update.

This intelligent caching plugin automatically adapts to the changes (updates) occurring in the files & optimizes your cached files for best performance.

You can also host Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Fonts, etc. locally on your server thus reduce your DNS requests & also Preload a number of requests to improve your page performance by more than 79%.

Earlier, I used to get a GTMetrix score of just 25%, but now, I’m close to 82%.

You can grab the link of this post & analyze the performance yourself in GTMetrix & Google PageSpeed Insights.

This comes fourth on my list of Best Blogging Tools as it has significantly improved my Google rankings by speeding up my site.

I’ve also seen much bigger blogs than me & I’m able to outrank them based on my loading speeds.

Also, with my coupon code, you’ll get a discount coupon of $10 means, you’ll need to pay $49/yr for a single site license, $99/yr for 3 site license & $299/yr for an unlimited site license, depending upon the plan you chose.

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, Claim your $10 Discount Coupon of WP Rocket Now

Best Blogging Tools For Image Editing

Every blogger knows the importance of having an engaging infographic image or images that’ll engage their readers.

I feel like it’s my responsibility to help you find tools that will make your life easier and your blog posts more creative & visually appealing.

That is why today, I am sharing with you some of the best blogging tools for image editing so that you can create stunning images for your blog posts!



“A Picture Says A Thousand Words”

You must’ve come across this phrase.

In order to make your blog post look good & engaging to your readers, you should use high-quality images.

I wouldn’t advise you to go with Stock Photos as everyone uses them.

I’d advise you to create your own custom graphics & use custom-created images that’ll not only match your brand design but also look authentic & genuine.

Moreover, images also rake in huge image search traffic from google.

If your custom image gets ranked in google images, your blog will tend to receive more traffic.
To create custom designs for my blog posts, I use Canva.

Personally speaking, Canva offers you an entire FREE Plan that is more than enough to create beautiful graphics.

However, if you also want access to their PRO images, fonts, designs, etc. you can go for their PRO plan as well.

Also, with my coupon code, you’ll get a 30 Day FREE Trial Of Their PRO Plan With No Credit Card Required

*No need to copy the coupon code, just click on the button & your discount coupon will be applied automatically.

So, Claim your 30 Day FREE Trial Of Canva PRO

Conclusion: Best Blogging Tools


As a blogger, you know how challenging it can be to keep up with the latest blogging tools and trends.

It’s hard to find time in your day for anything else when most of your focus is spent on writing blog posts or promoting them online.

These 17 Best Blogging Tools have helped me reduce my efforts by 73%.

You may find many alternatives to the tools mentioned here, but I’m 110% sure that you won’t find better options than these.

As you can see, these blogging tools have helped me massively in terms of time savings as well as giving my blog more exposure, be it on Quora, Facebook, Pinterest Linkedin, etc.

You’ve also seen that these are must-haves for any successful future bloggers, so we hope they help make your life easier too!

If you use any other great blogging tools not included here please comment below.

I’d love to hear what works well for others as well as myself.

And if you like this article share it with your fellow bloggers who may be in need of improving their blog’s revenue potential & gain more exposure.

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