How To Find Best Hashtags for Instagram In 2024?

If you’ve been struggling to find Best Hashtags for Instagram for your niche and not getting enough reach from them. It’s high time, you change up your Instagram Hashtags research strategy to a new one.

It’s because Instagram Hashtags are not only a source of reach.

But if used properly, they also can land you high-ticket clients and can get your online business soaring.

Personally, I’ve worked on 3 different niche pages on Instagram and I know what strategy works and what doesn’t.

As far as my personal experiences are considered with growing 3 pages on Instagram.

I can surely claim that hashtags were only meant for small accounts below 10k followers.

Because once you reach above 10k, your account starts to grow by itself.

Researching Best Hashtags for Instagram can also be a tiresome thing for you people. But to ease things up for you.

I’ve presented a full guide on how to research Best Hashtags For Instagram for your niche.

So let’s start from the top.

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Researching Best Hashtags for Instagram For your Niche

The steps we’re going to discuss here will not only help you getting max. reach from the hashtags.

But they’ll also help you to rank on the top posts in those particular hashtags.

So let’s start with what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Go For Highly Popular Instagram Hashtags

If you’re a beginner and have less than 1k Instagram followers, it’s far better to go for smaller level hashtags.

The reason is pretty simple.

Let’s see it here (because what you see, more easy it is to believe).

Let’s try to target a very popular hashtag first and then see what happens with the posts.

We’re targeting the hashtag, #instagram which has currently 505,663,318 posts at the time of writing this article.

Most Recent Tab Of Instagram Hashtag

And then let’s just go to the Most Recent Tab of this hashtag. I found this.

Most recent tab of an Instagram Hashtag before refresh

Now this was the Most recent Tab of this hashtag and just after refreshing the page.

What I found was something very different.

I saw this.

Most recent tab of a Hashtag after refresh

I mean to say that just within seconds of refreshing, the posts which were before the refresh, went missing. And the new posts in the hashtag #instagram came up.

From this analysis, we see that on a daily basis, how many posts are being tagged to this hashtag.

It displays it’s utmost popularity.

And by looking at the popularity, you people might wonder that I want to go with the most popular Instagram Hashtags.

But here’s the catch, going with the most popular one, will not get your posts the traction you’re expecting.

Instead, it will do the opposite with your posts.

I’ll explain the whole process here.

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Why Popular hashtags Aren’t The Best Hashtags For Instagram For Your Niche

Remember, The More Popular a Hashtag is, also the more COMPETITIVE it is.

You read it right.


Always popularity doesn’t necessarily means that a hashtag you’re targeting is worth your growth.

You might think that using highly popular hashtags will get you reach and impressions..

But your posts gets lost in the crowd just after refresh.

Moreover you can check this out by yourself.

Just go to the first post in the Most recent tab of the hashtags you’re targeting.

And see the time when it was uploaded.

Just click on the first post and you’ll see the time like this.

Post time of an Instagram Post In a hashtag
Here’s where you’ll find the upload time

Here the time shown is in minutes, but if you do this in the recent tabs of highly popular hashtags, you’ll see the time in seconds.

It means that every second a new post is uploaded to that particular hashtag.

So it becomes nearly impossible for you to rank on these hashtags or get any sort of desired traffic you’re wishing for.

So what should you do then? It’s simple, just follow the below step.

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Step 1: Target Highly Specific And Less Popular Instagram Hashtags Which Have Less than 100k Posts

This is the ideal space for you if you’ve less than 1k followers.

Start using the ladder strategy in this.

We all have been given a limit of using 30 hashtags in our posts.

So let’s divide this into the Instagram Hashtags Ladder Pattern.

Instagram Hashtags Research  Ladder strategy

So take a look at the strategy and then continue to read again.

By now you must have gotten the idea of how to use this hashtags ladder strategy.

And when you start progressing and start gaining followers, you can escalate your size of using hashtags.

But this is not the only thing you need to get the most out of Instagram hashtags.

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There are also certain other factors too.

Let’s discuss them.

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Second Thing To Look For If Want to Rank On Top Posts In The Hashtags

The second most important thing you need to look for In order to rank higher is the color pattern of the top posts.

Instagram is a Visual Platform which later converted to social media.

It was first meant for photographers and for photography only.

But soon time passed by and slowly it evolved into a very popular social media platform.

But even today it has still maintained the culture of visualization.

And the posts which rank higher on the hashtags also have the same color pattern.

I’ve tested this technique myself and I can definitely say that it works.

Just go the hashtag you’re targeting and scan through the first 12 posts in the Top Post section.

See what colors are most repetitive. It will only take you just 5 secs max. to judge and find the color.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose I’m targeting this hashtag named as #instagramexpert.

Just try to see what colors are the most common and repetitive.

Since we get an idea that white is highly repetitive and then comes black and pink.

So the next step is pretty simple.

Just try to incorporate these colors into your Instagram post a lot.

See for every hashtag you’re targeting, you need not to match your post color with every hashtags.

Otherwise you’ll hardly ever find a hashtag according to your need.

You just need to first decide that on which hashtag do you need to rank and then target it accordingly.

Color is an important parameter that people often don’t always tell, but it’s important.

And there are hell other important factors you need to keep in mind before researching hashtags.

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