5 Best NFC Business Cards You Need To Make A Statement

NFC business cards are the next big thing in networking as they’re more convenient and offer a wealth of features in comparison to traditional ones gathering dust in your desk drawer. But with so many best NFC cards on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why in this smart business card review blog post we’ve put together this list of the 5 best NFC business cards your personality deserves.

So read on to find out which digital business card suits you the best.

What Are NFC Business Cards?

Near Field Communication or NFC technology, is a short-range wireless technology that enables two devices to communicate with each other when they are placed within close proximity, typically no more than a few centimeters apart.

Unlike traditional paper business cards, they’re NFC chip-enabled that can be used to exchange business information or perform certain actions when tapped against an NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone.

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They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • sharing contact details,
  • promoting a product or service, or
  • even making payments,
  • sharing links to a landing page, etc.

NFC business cards have many potential applications in the business world, and they are an easy and convenient way to exchange information and make transactions.

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What Is The Best NFC Business Card For You In May, 2024

Starting off with my favorite one:

1. V1CE

Best RFID Business Card And For Phone Cases

V1CE Best NFC Business Cards

If you’re looking for an NFC business card, look no further than V1CE.

With customization options that allow your logo to be printed on the front and the ability to include a QR code in case someone doesn’t have access to NFC, this company has everything covered!

V1CE business cards are available in high-quality plastic or stainless steel metal.

Not only there are multiple color options including black, white, red, green, blue, etc. they also provide high-quality materials too.

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Their metal business card is made of solid stainless steel and you can choose between CNC-reformed or machine-pressed options.

Their most expensive product to date is their NFC business gold card priced at $343.

They also offer one of the best RFID business cards.

The business cards themselves feel great in hand as well; it’s clear this company cares about its customers tactile experiences!

The exchange process with V1CE also felt seamless, accurate, and quick.

Some Prominent Features Of V1CE Digital Business Card

  • V1CE card is made of high-quality plastic, wood, and metal
  • The back of the card has a QR code which can be used if a mobile device doesn’t have NFC
  • The front of the card can be customized with a business logo
  • Color options include black and white, silver and gold
  • V1CE card works well and quickly sends information

V1CE Pricing

With a V1CE business card, you can choose between 3 materials: metals, PVC, or bamboo wood.

The former costs $36 while the latter will set your billfold on fire with a price tag of up to $141!

V1CE Pros And Cons

V1CE NFC Business Card logo


  • High-quality card material and printing
  • Multiple choice of colors
  • NFC performance is accurate and quick
  • Fast customer service response times


  • Higher price tag than some other options


Best Smart Business Card For Teams

POPL best nfc business cards

POPL is a big brand in the business card market in the United States that offers more than just NFC business cards, but a range of devices to suit your individual needs.

This includes the likes on keychains and wristbands as well! You can even stick them onto any smartphone’s phone case with their silicone-style stands called Pop Socket.

There are affordable price tags for these goodies too – no reason why you wouldn’t purchase multiple different NFC devices if they’re so easy to use.

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There is a drawback to the Popl card that may explain why it is cheaper than other smart cards on this list.

Like V1CE, Popl’s metal NFC business card is also made of solid stainless steel.

First off, you don’t get to customize your smart business card at all – instead, there’s just a logo upfront with no other printing costs but several design options available!

In order to set up (which isn’t too difficult), a mobile app will be necessary, which may persuade some consumers to avoid purchasing them entirely.

The POPL card is a great choice for people on a tight budget.

It has fewer features than other cards, but it’s still very usable and will continue to be an affordable option as time goes by!

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Some Prominent Features Of POPL Digital Business Cards

  • Get your professional profile with all of your contact details
  • Connect with potential clients or partners through NFC, text, email address, airdrop, or QR code
  • Available CRM system integration includes Salesforce, Outlook, or Hubspot
  • Track any leads by team members and centralize them
  • Offers a variety of devices beyond just digital business cards, including keychains, wristbands, and stands
  • The cost is low, and there is no extra set-up required when compared to the other cards on this list.
  • A professional profile with all of your contact information is included on the card.
  • To any Android or iPhone, you may send your digital business card through NFC, text message, email signatures, airdrop, or QR code.

POPL Pricing

POPL NFC Card is a great option for those who want to automate their business NFC card distribution.

It only costs $14.99, which makes it one of the more affordable options out there!

POPL Pros And Cons


  • Affordable price tag
  • Multiple device choices
  • Easy to setup


  • Customization options only available in bulk purchases
  • Requires app download from app store

3. Qwerty

Best NFC Card For Professionals

Qwerty best nfc business cards

Qwerty Cards offers a unique customization opportunity for its customers.

Unlike many of the other cards available, you can customize both front and back sides with full design freedom to suit your needs or those who would like something more personalized such as your own branding!

It all depends on what you need from your NFC card. If the idea of paying monthly for something that is already included with a free website seems daunting, then go ahead and purchase one outright

Qwerty Cards has some of the best features and benefits out there, including excellent service.

Some Prominent Features Of Qwerty Digital Business Cards

  • Qwerty Cards offers a great platform with detailed customization options and full tracking
  • They have a lead generator system to help get your business started
  • Qwerty cards offer a paid subscription fee that is cheaper than purchasing an NFC Business Card outright

Qwerty Cards Pricing

You can purchase them for just $49 a year or get them in bulk for more discounts.

They’re the best contactless business cards to buy in bulk at an affordable price.

There’s a variety of subscription services, including Qwerty Card’s Team plan which starts off as low as $441 per year for 10 cards!

This works out to less than half what you would pay if buying them one card each month – and it also gets discounts on future purchases too so your investment will be worth much more over time.

Qwerty Pros And Cons


  • Offers great customization options
  • Quite an extensive and detailed platform
  • Has a lead generator system


  • Pricing may be too expensive for some

4. Mobilo

For Professionals Involved In Networking Events

Mobilo best nfc business cards

The Mobilo NFC card’s most distinctive feature is its large selection of color and pattern choices.

If you’re at a networking event, a Mobilo card can be your best bet for exchanging contact information.

With a smart choice for any logo or text you want, Mobilo provides more business card design choices than most with just black-and-white designs that can be customized to match your company’s branding needs!

Mobilo offers all of your favorite features without any additional cost.

The most expensive option offers free replacement of NFC cards and analytics dashboards so that you can track usage data, automation, and CRM systems integration.

I’ll be covering Mobilo vs POPL review soon.

Some Prominent Features Of Mobilo Digital Business Cards

  • Calculate your network ROI to see if events are worth attending
  • Expand business by reaching out to old or new leads
  • NFC card and unique QR code for sharing on different platforms
  • Customizable colors and patterns
  • Free replacement of NFC cards and analytics dashboards
  • Teams allow for company lead sharing, admin controls, and CRM integration for employees
  • Can attach a smart button anywhere

Mobilo Pricing

Mobilo card offers the same variety of styles and materials as other competitors on this list, with prices ranging from $7 for a starting option up to about $249 per year.

They also offer customizations such as text or an image/logo which I think is best among all others here!

Mobilo Pros And Cons

Mobilo NFC Business Card logo


  • Many designs and customization options
  • Pricey comparably to other NFC cards
  • Fast customer service response times


  • Initial charges for the cards might be rather pricey

5. Taptok

Best Tap Business Card For Dot Combo

Taptok best nfc business cards

Taptok has some fantastic business cards! I love how you can find out the savings compared to traditional paper business cards on their website.

You get three different prices, depending upon what kind of business card design and branding preference suits your needs best – two standard designs or one customized with graphics/ information specific for YOU (which means more personalized than any other company).

They also provide a sleek and modern dashboard with data analytics which you can use to track your leads and see how they are interacting with the information on our site in real-time.

If you want the highest quality cards, then unfortunately this option only offers standard plastic business card options.

However, they do come in different color options and designs to suit every taste!

Their online system for tracking is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s easy and quick to set up, which means you can get back on your feet quickly!

Some Prominent Features Of Taptok Digital Business Cards

  • Sleek and modern dashboard with data analytics
  • High-quality standard plastic business card options
  • Personalized design and branding
  • Easy and quick online system for tracking
  • Easily and quickly add or update the information changes for your social media links, emails, and phone numbers to your business card
  • No app is needed, just send your business information with one tap
  • QR codes are included for smartphones not having NFC capability
  • One-time payment with no subscription hassle

Taptok Pricing

Taptok NFC card is a very affordable option for those looking to unlock their phone with just one touch. Starting at $29.99 (for the PVC Custom option) and ranging up, there’s something here perfect no matter what your budget may be!

TapTok Pros And Cons

Taptok NFC Business Card logo


  • Affordable
  • Interactive website
  • Real-time tracking
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Sleek designs


  • No personalization options for the higher-quality cards

General FAQs On The Best NFC Business Cards


How do I make NFC business cards?

To make NFC business cards, you can visit Taptok’s website and choose between their two standard designs or one customized with graphics/information specific to you.
You can also track your leads and see how they are interacting with the information on your site in real-time.

Are NFC business cards safe?

Yes, NFC business cards are safe.
Unlike traditional business cards, NFC technology offers a contactless communication technology that uses radio frequency to exchange data between devices.
This means that there is no need for a physical connection between the two devices, which reduces the risk of data being intercepted or stolen.
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Can you make your own NFC tag?

Yes, you can make my own NFC tag.

Are smart business cards worth it?

There is no clear answer, as the value of a smart business card depends on how it is used and how much it costs.
Generally, they are more expensive than regular cards, so if you are only going to use them for basic information, they may not be worth the extra expense.
However, if you plan to use them for more advanced features, such as scanning or accessing files or databases, then they can be a valuable tool.

How do I use NFC for my business?

NFC technology allows you to communicate with other devices by holding them close together. This makes it a convenient way to transfer data, such as contact information, between devices. You can also use NFC to make payments with your smartphone.
To use NFC for your business, you’ll need to install an NFC reader on your checkout counter.
The NFC reader will allow you to accept payments from customers who have enabled NFC payments on their smartphones.

How does an NFC business card work?

Unlike other multiple business cards, Near Field Communication (NFC) business cards work by scanning the card with an NFC chip-enabled device.
Once scanned, the device will either display the contact information stored on the card or prompt you to add the contact to your device.

Can I use my phone as a business card?

Yes, you can use your phone as a business card. You can create a digital business card that can be shared with others.

Can metal cards have NFC?

Yes, a metal NFC card also exists.

Can NFC tags be printed?

Yes, NFC tags can be printed.

How do I make a digital business card clickable?

To make a digital business card clickable, you can add a link to a website or an email address.

How do I make a physical business card NFC enabled?

To create NFC-enabled business cards, you’ll need to purchase an NFC printer. These printers allow you to print NFC tags directly onto your business cards. Once you have your NFC printer, simply follow the printer’s instructions to create your NFC-enabled business cards.
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Can iPhone read NFC business cards?

Yes, the iPhone can read NFC cards.

Do NFC business cards work with iPhones?

Yes, NFC business cards do work with iPhones.

How can I use my iPhone as a business card?

There are a few different ways to use your iPhone as a business card. One way is to create a contact card in the Contacts app.
To do this, open the Contacts app and tap the + button in the top-left corner of the screen.
Then, enter your name, phone number, and other information into the fields provided.
You can also create a business card using a third-party app like CamCard.
Both of these business card apps allow you to scan business cards using your iPhone’s camera and then save the information to your contacts.

How do I send business cards with NFC?

To send a business card with NFC, you will need to have an NFC-enabled phone and an NFC-enabled business card. Once you have both of these items, follow the steps below:
1. Open the business card application on your phone.
2. Select the business card you would like to send.
3. Tap the share button.
4. Select NFC.
5. The phone will automatically detect any NFC-enabled devices nearby and send the business card to them.

Which Best NFC Business Cards Are You Going To Try?


Whether you’re looking for the perfect business cards to hand out at your next industry conference or want a set that will make you look like a tech-savvy professional, these 5 options have got you covered.

After reading these NFC business card reviews, you’re sure to give your colleagues and clients a lasting impression.

So which NFC business cards are you going to try?