7 Best Online Survey Software Tools For Small Businesses

Surveys are essential for you to understand your customer’s needs and make improvements to your goods and marketing plans in order to stay competitive.

However, conducting surveys and getting valuable information isn’t always simple, especially if they hail from all around the world.

It also takes having the most up-to-date survey software.

Survey software that’s best for your business can be a difficult thing to find.

There are so many options out there, it’s hard to know which one will work best for you and your business.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 online survey software tools that we think will be perfect for any small business owner looking to get started with surveys.

These tools range from free to paid and offer different features depending on what you’re looking for in an online survey tool.

We hope this list helps!

7 Best Online Survey Software For You

Topping on this list is none other than:

1. Thrive Quiz Builder From Thrive Themes (Suite)


Technically, Thrive Quiz Builder isn’t a survey tool but can be used to take online surveys and gather customer feedback if you’re on a budget and want to stick to the WordPress platform.

The ease of creating surveys (quizzes) with Thrive Quiz Builder is so effortless, it hardly takes a minute to get them live.

Moreover, the data reporting feature of this tool is pretty awesome too.

It gives full details regarding which questions your users dropped on your online survey, your completion rate, no. of shares your survey got, and more.

This tool gives inner perspective and detailed reporting on every question which I love the most.

Moreover, you can also run A/B tests on multiple variations of the same quiz to see which quizzes are converting users to take online surveys and which aren’t.


Some Prominent Features Of Thrive Quiz Builder

  • Detailed Reporting: Question-level reporting helps you decide which questions have a higher drop rate, success rate, etc.
  • A/B Test: Thrive Suite by default comes with an A/B testing feature that helps you test everything from headlines to the whole quiz itself.
  • You can run hundreds of multiple different variations of the same quiz at once without any extra cost and analyze which performs better.
  • Integrated Thrive Suite Tools: All the 10 tools that come with Thrive Suite including the quiz builder are deeply integrated and exchange data seamlessly.
  • Meaning, whatever leads you’ll collect in your quiz, it’ll be sent directly to your CRM or your email platform directly via Thrive Leads as it’s integrated into the suite without any hassle or needing to install a third-party plugin.
  • Get Everything Under One Dashboard: Since Thrive Suite is a native drag-and-drop WordPress plugin, you’re saved from all the hassle of copying and pasting the embed codes from third-party online survey tools that might reduce your page speed or loading times.

Thrive Suite Pricing:

It comes in 2 payment models:

  • Thrive Suite Quarterly: $90
  • Thrive Suite Yearly: $228

Thrive Quiz Builder Pros & Cons

  • Run A/B tests
  • Question-level in-depth reporting and analysis
  • Deep integrations with
    other Thrive tools
  • Run unlimited surveys and their multiple variations without worrying about exhausting any survey credits or incurring extra costs
  • Ideal for conducting surveys on WordPress sites without worrying about page speed going down due to embedding surveys from third-party online survey tools
  • Data export facilities
  • Need to buy the whole Thrive Suite as Thrive Quiz Builder isn’t sold separately

2. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is one of the most widely utilized survey tools in the globe. It’s a simple-to-use tool that makes creating, designing, and collecting data easy and hassle-free.

In simple words, conducting online surveys === SurveyMonkey

You may ask up to 15 distinct sorts of inquiries, including open comments, interactive sliders, and multiple-choice questions, all with the aid of this survey tool.

To make your polls more effective, you may also include questions written by specialists.

There are over 230 customizable survey templates available for a variety of survey types including:

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Healthcare surveys
  • Market research surveys
  • Complex surveys
  • Sentiment analysis and more

The samples are ideal for novices to use as a starting point for developing easy or advanced online surveys. You may also modify the appearance of the questionnaire, as well as colors, typefaces, and other aspects, to reflect your brand.

There are several ways to share your data, and it’s all handled on the backend that comes with a fabulous user interface making interaction with the app a breeze.

The sharing features are also useful. CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS are some of the formats in which you can export your data.

Charts and graphs are also offered to represent your findings.


Some Prominent Features Of SurveyMonkey

  • Reporting And Stats: Analyze the data with colorful charts and in-depth reports. You may also study data from respondents who responded to more than one question. It also alters the appearance of data reports to fit your preferences.
  • Pre-Built Questions for you – It has a large pool of survey questions. Its AI engine also offers relevant questions based on your subject and brand.
  • Customer Support – The assistance that SurveyMonkey provides is outstanding. You can email them any time of day or night, and they will typically respond within an hour.

SurveyMonkey Pricing

For both individuals and groups, SurveyMonkey offers seven pricing options and it also has a custom enterprise plan for corporations.

Individual Plans:

  • Basic: Free forever
  • Standard: $37 per month billed annually
  • Advantage: $32 per month billed annually
  • Premier: $99 per month billed annually

Team Plans:

  • Team Advantage: $28 per month billed annually
  • Team Premier: $89 per month billed annually
  • Team Enterprise: Custom Plan

SurveyMonkey Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to quickly export your Raw data
  • Lets you see how the survey will look in advance 
  • Scores you Survey FORM so you can have an estimate of which surveys are performing better.
  • Send surveys via SMS and export data whenever required.
  • Logic TOOLS for users to accommodate for different responses which help them get redirected onto the correct webpage.
  • Mobile devices ready responsive templates
  • It comes with a free version for you to try and explore the tool.

3. Survey Anyplace


For surveys, quizzes, and assessments, this is the ideal online survey tool.

Survey Anyplace develops questions as well as provides your audience with valuable information.

You have a lot of text options and ways to ask open-ended questions.

In addition, you may ask a variety of questions such as image alternatives, ranking, and rating queries.

A quiz timer, final score, and leaderboard can also be added to increase the participation rate.

Anyplace offers three simple steps to create effective surveys:

  • Create it – You may use pre-made templates and modify them to your liking by incorporating photos, videos, and animations. You can also, include your company’s logo, colors, and other distinct features.
  • Share It – Share your mobile-friendly surveys on a variety of platforms. They may also be embedded in social media sites, email campaigns, and web applications.
  • Learn from it – Graphically interpret the results graphically using texts, charts, and pictures. Make educated comments to your audience as well.

For more powerful reporting, you may also connect the poll with Facebook, Webhooks, Zapier, and Google Analytics.


Some Prominent Features of Survey Anyplace

  • Pre-designed powerful survey templates – It comes with a collection of 20 beautiful, pre-designed templates that you may use to conduct a survey right away. You can also preview them to see how the form will appear in its final form.
  • Personal Branding – You may insert your company’s logo, colors, and other descriptive elements. It also includes 40 beautiful backgrounds as well as the option to include social media share buttons in your questionnaire.
  • Interactive Quiz – Quiz-focused aspect offers pre-written question pools and a quiz timer to authenticate answers and reflect the final score.

Survey Anyplace Pricing:

It offers four paid plans:

  • Essential – $33 per month
  • Professional – $ 50 per month
  • Enterprise – On request
  • ReportR – On request

There’s also a seven-day free trial.

On unusual requests, the bespoke Enterprise plan also includes a full white label option.

Survey Anyplace Pros & Cons

  • Scratch-offs and discount coupons add to the enjoyment
    of your survey.
  • Create more fun and engaging survey
  • Fast and easy to use tabbed editor with beautiful white-label options
  • Keep stakeholders accountable by creating restricted enterprise roles
  • Change question types through a dropdown menu for an improved user experience
  • For future reference, you can save your original design templates.

4. Nicereply


Nicereply is a fantastic way to create omnichannel satisfaction surveys.

Real-time consumer feedback is provided through branded one-click questionnaires.

You may modify the in-built beautiful templates, as well as add your own questions.

You can also examine surveys based on the ‘Customer Effort Score’ to see why and where consumers are having difficulties with your products and services.

Also, the Net Promoter Score can be used to identify your loyal consumers and help you build more users around them.

And after you’ve obtained data from your feedback software, you can look for reasons behind negative replies and fix the problems.

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Let’s take a look at how Nicereply can help you improve your client experience:

  • It guarantees that you do not miss a single negative rating or respond on time.
  • Create automated responses to negative client feedback.
  • It aids you in taking appropriate measures to retain current customers.

It has a wide range of themes and colors to match your logo and branding.

You may customize everything without having any programming knowledge thanks to the numerous customization options.

Some Prominent Features Of Nicereply

  • Smart Insights –The team’s performance is monitored from the dashboard, which utilizes NPS ratings, charts, and trends to provide a hawk-eye view of its success.
  • Sharing Surveys – Keep everything under your thumb. Send out a survey to a certain group of people at a specific time in order to obtain honest answers.
  • Automatically Triggered Surveys – After each customer interaction, including support chat or purchase, you can set up an automatic survey.

Nicereply Pricing

Nicereply offers four pricing plans:

  • Mini plan: $39/mo billed annually
  • Start plan: $79/mo billed annually
  • Grow plan: $159/mo billed annually
  • Business plan: $239/mo billed annually

You can try it out for free for 14 days, and you get a free live demo and annual payments can save you 20%.

If you require more than 2500 responses, the sales staff may help you establish a bespoke pricing plan.

5. Zoho Survey


Zoho Survey is a useful tool for people who want to keep track of surveys on their smartphones.

You may quickly produce engaging surveys in Zoho Survey and target audiences across all device platforms.

In addition, real-time results are provided in a graph-based style for easy comprehension.

You’ll get 250 carefully designed survey templates to choose from.

Some categories include:

  • Human Resource Surveys
  • Event Surveys
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Healthcare Surveys
  • Education Surveys
  • And many more

It’s easy to use and comes with over 25 different question sort options for producing custom surveys in multiple languages.

Weblinks, email campaigns, custom domain links, and more all make it simple to contact your audience.

Last but not least, you can get feedback from your customers and use it on your websites and emails.

Finally, you also get to analyze data and make wise judgments.

Smart reports, such as real-time reports, filtered responses, custom reports, cross-tab reports, and so on are available in Zoho Survey.


Some Prominent Features Of Zoho Survey

  • Auto Emails – Depending on the user’s answers, you can set up emails to be sent automatically. You may also customize which responses cause the emails to fire.
  • Powerful Reporting – Create reports that are both visual and modifiable to provide actionable insights. It has integration with Google Sheets, which allows for more thorough knowledge.
  • Buy Response – Zoho will take care of the audience if you don’t have one. Simply choose the demographics, and it will collect data on your behalf.

Zoho Survey Pricing

Zoho offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Plus: $20/mo
  • Pro: $25/mo
  • Enterprise: $60/mo

You may also try the Business plan for free for 7 days.

Zoho Survey Pros & Cons

  • Create surveys anytime, and collect responses even offline
  • Quickly create mobile-ready surveys with templates
  • Use QA Codes to collect survey data
  • Powerful collab in real-time
  • Allows you to create customized surveys: logos, end page, etc.
  • Provide up to 200 templates in multiple languages
  • Send personalized emails or web links with survey links

6. Paperform


Paperform is an easy-to-use survey tool that enables users to create online forms, surveys, polls quizzes. Not only that, but it can take payments, sell products, automate workflows, and schedule bookings.

Essentially, it’s a digital Swiss Army Knife for small businesses. 

Its user interface is easy to navigate, and anyone can thus easily create online forms without prior technical knowledge.

They even have survey templates from customer feedback to competitor research surveys – over 650 templates to choose from. 

Paperform offers greater versatility than other survey tools like SurveyMonkey in terms of customization and theming.

Perfect for bespoke forms and surveys, the powerful editor provides an unmatched level of flexibility. 

Their image editor allows you to import, edit and optimize branded images without leaving their app.

It also integrates with other video and image tools.

Some Prominent Features Of Paperform

  • Conversational Surveys

    The easy-to-use free-text interface makes it super easy to divide your survey into pages and sections
    Use the one-question-at-a-time mode to create more conversational surveys that don’t overwhelm your visitor 
  • Over 3,000 integrations

    Connect you to thousands of popular apps and services, bringing all your work under one roof
    Sync data to Google Sheets. Share responses to Notion databases
    Add Asana tasks
  • Built-in Analytics

    Turn insights into actions with their custom built-in data analytics
    Utilize its robust data management, including google analytics and Facebook pixel support, and automated workflows to improve performance

Paperform Pricing

With a starting price of $20/month, Paperform offers a range of subscriptions to suit your needs. Whether you’re a small team just getting started or an organization after multiple users and storage and custom HTML and priority support, there are various price packages

  • Essentials: $20 per month billed annually
  • Pro: $40 per month billed annually
  • Agency: $135 per month billed annually. 

Try out the 14-day free trial period, no credit card required, to decide whether the service is good for you or not.

Paperform Pros & Cons

  • 27+ question types (including new matrix field, appointment, and e-signature fields)
  • 650+ expert-designed form templates
  • Accept payments and subscriptions
  • Unlimited forms with unlimited fields
  • Conditional logic support
  • No free plan

7. Google Forms


Google Forms is a well-known name in the field of free online survey software.

You can create a survey within seconds with its intuitive Its drag and drop user interface.

Furthermore, you may customize its pre-built templates to design forms that comply with your needs.

You also have access to real-time charts and data based on users’ feedback.

You may also tie the gathered data to other Google services. At the same time, your participants can submit a file as an answer to your survey.

It includes a number of different sorts of questions, such as multiple voice options, short answers, and dropdowns.

Some Prominent Features Of Google Forms

  • Powerful Collaboration – Google Forms offers a lot of flexibility in terms of collaboration. Any user on the planet may have edit access to your form.
  • In-Depth Data Analysis – Google Sheets may be used to create data visualizations and pivot tables to make sense of large quantities of data.
  • Engaging User Interface – It has a user-friendly interface. Even an inexperienced user can rapidly build surveys.

Google Forms Pricing

Free to use

Google Forms Pros & Cons

  • Needs just a Gmail account
    to use it
  • Create an unlimited number of surveys in a few clicks
  • Use over 12 pre-designed templates to create your perfect survey
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Copy and paste questions from existing surveys
  • Saved to your google drive
  • Create a personalized thank you page
  • Free to use
  • Provides basic analytics only

Common FAQs On Best Online Survey Tool And Software


What Is An Online Survey Software?

Online survey software is a computer program that allows its user to create questionnaires and surveys.

Online survey software is designed so anyone can use it with minimal effort or cost.

There are many examples of online survey software available in the market, and some of the popular vendors include Surveymonkey and HubSpot, etc.

Which Online Survey Software Or Questionnaire Tool Is Right For You?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind before deciding on a survey tool or software.

The first thing is for you to know what you want to do with the data.

If it is simply for your own personal use, then you’ll want a free option that does not require any technical skills.

If you’re looking for something that will be interactive and run as a website, then Surveymonkey would be the perfect fit.

It’s best suited for those new to online surveys as it has an incredibly user-friendly interface with plenty of resources and tutorials available on the site.

However, if your needs change frequently, HubSpot might be a better option as it can handle a variety of tasks from marketing automation to lead generation and customer feedback integrated all into one platform.

What Features Should You Look For In Online Survey Tools?

There are a number of features you should look for in online survey tools.

When choosing survey software, there are two important things to consider:

Scalability and ease of use.

Is the software easy to use and does it scale?

If your business is growing and you want to add more questions to your surveys, does the software allow you to do that in just a few clicks?

Also, what data do the surveys produce?

Do you get reports from each completed survey?

Is there a limit to creating a specific number of surveys only or it offers unlimited surveys?

Similarly, does it offers fixed or unlimited questions and answers per survey or not?

These are all important features to keep an eye out for when looking for a good survey tool.

How Do You Use Survey Software To Create Online Surveys?

It starts with choosing a survey tool. Once you set up your survey with the software, it is important to choose and prepare your questions and answers so they will be best received by your audience.

You want to make sure that each answer can be answered in either a single word or sentence.

The next step is figuring out how you’re going to distribute the survey—either through email or embedded on your website.

The last step is publishing your form, waiting for a response, and then analyze them accordingly.

How To Analyze Online Survey Results Like A Data Pro?

Many survey analytics programs provide a plethora of charts, graphs, and visuals.

Best of all, they do it in a way that is easy to interpret by everyone from the CEO to the intern.

In the world of big data, it is becoming necessary for anyone and everyone to be able to analyze and interpret survey data.

Some of the best survey tools offer a plethora of data reporting features like HubSpot, SurveyMonkey, etc. that makes data absorption easy and hassle-free.

What Are The Best Online Survey Tools For Businesses?

There are many options when it comes to the best online survey tools for small businesses.

There are some free survey software tools that allow you to create professional-looking surveys with just a little bit of knowledge of coding.

Best of all, these programs function completely online and don’t require installing any software on your computer.

Some of them are already mentioned in this blog post.

What Is The Best Free Online Survey Tool Or Software?

If you’re looking for a free online survey software that works well for short surveys, then SurveyMonkey is a good one to use.

You can create a free account and make surveys with as many or as few questions as you want, and the best part is they offer phone surveys as well!

Free online survey tools like SurveyMonkey can help give your small business valuable feedback and insight into what you’re currently doing right and what needs to be improved.

You can also try Google Forms as your free online survey tool but without expecting any deep reporting facilities.

Is Google Forms Better Than SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is the most popular online survey tool on the market.

Google Forms is a different type of tool that can be used just for collecting data.

You can use Google Forms to send out surveys and collect information from respondents via email or by uploading a spreadsheet with all of your respondents’ responses but you can’t expect any data or analytics to make better decisions to improve your efforts.

It’s just a simple, plain tool that can be only used to collect the data, but you’ll need to analyze it yourself.

Conclusion: Which Ones Are The Best Online Survey Tools For Your Needs?


These were some of the best online survey tools on the market and also there are many others of them on the market.

It can be difficult to know which one is best for your business, but we hope this list of 21 Best Online Survey Software helps you make a decision.

No matter what type of product or service you offer, there’s an online survey tool that will work well with it and provide valuable information about your customers’ needs and wants so that you can improve sales strategies accordingly.

Which ones have been most useful to you?

Let me know in the comments section below!