23 Best SERP Tracking Tools, Software & Keyword Rank Tracker

The internet is a vast place.

That means that there are many opportunities for you to market your business and get found by potential customers.

But the downside of this is that it can be difficult to know what online marketing tactics you’re implementing are best in order to find success & higher google rankings.

One thing that you should consider doing, however, is using SERP tracking tools and software in order to measure how well your company ranks on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

These tools allow you to analyze your performance in Google SERPs so that you’re always aware of where your website ranks for different keywords.

There are many options out there when it comes to choosing the best SERP tracking tools, but only 23 stand out as some of the best choices.

In this blog post, I’ll review and compare all 23 SERP (keyword rank) tracking tools & software available, and lay them out according to their features and pricing plans so that you can choose which one suits you the best.

Coming up on top of the list of the best SERP tracking tools & software is:

1. Semrush Position Tracker Tool


SEMrush is the perfect tool to use for all of your SEO needs & not just for tracking your keyword rankings.

It allows you to do keyword research, website auditing, social media tracking, content analysis & keyword rank tracking analysis with ease.

One thing worth noting about SEMrush that sets it apart from other SEO tools on this list is its SERP tracker capability. Semrush provides insights into where your competitors are ranking.

The only problem?

You have to pay a monthly fee of $119 per month after signing up which can get expensive if you’re only going to use it for just your keyword tracking.

The best thing I love about Semrush Rank Tracking software is that despite being just an SEO Tool, it provides access to keyword rank tracking & other notable features every digital enthusiast would love, unlike Ahrefs or Moz which only provide SEO features.

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If you’re looking up to level up your SEO game along with SERP tracking features, I bet you wouldn’t get as much benefit from any other SEO tool out there apart from Semrush.

Semrush provides all these features under the same hood, meaning you can track all of your backlinks, run a competitor analysis, and find content opportunities & keyword tracking all under the same roof.

Regarding SERP tracking features, Semrush has a hyper-local and device targeting feature.

This is an awesome function when it comes to dynamic multi-targeting; you’ll be able to analyze keyword performance on multiple devices and locations–a great tool for local businesses!

Using the SEMrush SERP Tracking tool, you can track your website’s keyword ranking in real-time.

You are able to do this on both desktop and mobile if that is more convenient for you.

Plus, with their Monitoring Services plan- they’ll even let you know when new competitors pop up and keep an eye on how well their keyword rankings are played out!

Prominent Features Of Semrush Rank Tracking Tool

  • Search engine rank monitoring for both mobile & desktop in the same plan.
  • Discover and monitor new competitors in your niche & track their SERP rankings as well.
  • Get a deep analysis of your keyword’s performance in multiple countries, cities, & regions.
  • Daily updates on your SERP performance, unlike other SERP tracking tools that offer weekly keyword rank tracking updates.
  • Monitor & track your keywords for all SERP features like reviews, videos, and rich snippets.
  • View SERP features as well as your performance on Google and Bing search engines in real-time.
  • Get detailed metrics that help you determine the visibility index.

Semrush Pricing

SEMrush is a premium tool with features that can be tested for 7 days free of charge.

For annual billing cycles, you’ll get 17% discounts where you will not have access to white label reports or Google Data Studio integration if you go on the Pro plan ($119.95 per month).

The Business Plan costs $449.95 per month but has all features necessary to make your SERP tracking successful!

Semrush Keyword Rank Tracker



  • Analyze your’s as well as competitor keywords
  • Insights on Paid Ads performance with its PPC
    Ad Tracking feature
  • Analyze & manage how well your social media marketing efforts are doing
  • All SEO features are in the same tool. No Need to manage multiple logins/Passwords


  • Cost of buying SEMrush just to access the SERP tracker is expensive
  • UI has a learning curve or new users
  • Further paid Addons are required for more advanced features like Google Data Studio integration, sub-accounts/ user management, etc.

Who Should Use Semrush Position Tracker?

The Semrush Position Tracker is designed for SEO professionals, digital marketing agencies, eCommerce brands, and large enterprises.

The user interface has an easy-to-use dashboard with a broad range of features that make it cost-effective to use the platform as your all-in-one solution for SEO needs.

2. AccuRanker SERP Tracking Tool


AccuRanker is my second favorite SERP tracking tool because it has the best user interface and data accuracy.

One feature I really like about AccuRanker, for example, is its integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Once you integrate your site with Google Analytics, for instance – which can be done in just a minute or so – then you’ll see the “pageviews” metric right on top of your report as a separate column.

This helps me get an idea of how traffic changes due to fluctuation in keyword rankings more easily than if there was only one graph that had both metrics side-by-side at once.

This also enables me to make necessary decisions quickly when needed without having to worry about things & make changes to my content strategy fast.

AccuRanker’s Google Analytics traffic data mapped to your keyword rankings can really be valuable for analyzing historical keyword ranking.

I also like how the AccuRanker keeps a log of competitor rank changes and plots them on top of each other when you enter any keywords under “competitor ranks.”

This is great if you want to track whether the content you updated recently, helped you outrank those old competitors or not.

One of my favorite features was the filters and segment creation.

You can set various types of conditional filters for your reports, then save them as segments later on.

For example, you could make a filter to watch changes in keyword rankings and know what keywords are rising or falling without checking every day!

Plus with these updates, there is an option that lets AccuRanker notify when it notices any significant change for the “starred” keyword targets you’ve selected.

If you’ve starred your keywords, you can manage what has been happening with them.

Any changes are logged to your dashboard.

Moreover, AccuRanker is a great tool for those who want to get updates of their data quickly and easily.

You can update the data whenever & wherever you feel like, unlike other tools which lock your request for at least 1 hr before enabling you to request again.

The interface makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, while the SERP tracking features are top-notch in comparison with other software I’ve tried.

You can export your data or send out automatic keyword rankings reports when working as an agency.

Prominent Features Of AccuRanker Rank Tracking Software

  • On-demand keyword ranking refreshed updates
  • Integrates hassle-free with Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, Adobe Analytics, etc.
  • Connect with Google Analytics to map keyword rankings to traffic & conversions
  • Track Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and Youtube as well as Google
  • Easy to use interface
  • Accuranker sends out a daily email with data on rank, position, and fluctuations
  • Track keyword rankings in multiple countries/locations
  • Know your SERP positions hourly with this software
  • Being able to see keyword rankings and visitors side-by-side in reports makes it easy to identify traffic loss or gain from changes in rank
  • Easily import data from your current tool with ease in the format of CSV files
  • Unlimited Multi-user access to save time on tedious tasks with unlimited domains for SEO companies
  • Analyze a wide variety of SERP features in one location for your keywords like featured snippets, site links, image pack, etc.

AccuRanker Pricing

AccuRanker’s prices have been categorized into monthly plans.

You’ll be given a 10% discount if you pay one year in advance.

Also, their 14-day free trial or demo is a great way to see if AccuRanker will work for you or not before committing to it.

AccuRanker’s pricing is based on how many keywords you want to track with two different price points depending on your needs (monthly billing plan costs $109 per month and yearly budgeting will cost you only $99 for 1000 keywords).




  • Clean & User-friendly UI
  • Add Unlimited Users to
    your SEO team
  • Tagging
  • No limit on how far back
    you can measure our changes
    in SERPs rankings


  • Offers No plan less than 1000 keywords
  • Not an all-in-one SEO tool
  • Track only up to 10 competitors

Who Should use AccuRanker SERP Tracking Tool?

AccuRanker is a powerful tool for startups, agencies, SEO professionals, and brands who want to outrank their competitors.

AccuRanker’s advanced algorithms analyze in-depth data sets that pinpoint precise information on what users are looking for online so you can rank higher than your competition.

3. SpyFu SERP Tracking Tool


SpyFu is a powerful all-in-one SEO tool for building competitive intelligence.

It enables you to see what drives your competitors’ performance so that you can create an effective strategy of your own!

SpyFu still performs well in this regard, but do its newer features offer enough?

The tool offers a rank tracking report that will show you how your content ranks for keywords over time.

As of now, the tool tracks keyword ranking in Google and Bing as well.

You can use this to track either PPC or organic keyword rankings which are updated weekly at least so far.

If you need more frequent updates than what’s offered here though, then there are other tools available out on the market that could be used instead!

I haven’t seen many people mention AccuRanker before but it’s been really useful when I’m trying to keep tabs on my blogs’ traffic stats because they update often enough.

Other than that, there are no such special features of SpyFu regarding being a rank tracker.

But, if you’re looking forward to an SEO tool that does it all, without breaking the bank, then I guess SpyFu is the best option to go with.

Prominent Features Of SpyFu

  • You can see the site ranks change in real-time
  • Has a clean, user-friendly interface that is easy to read
  • Work on your website’s rank from wherever you are
  • Collab with unlimited team members
  • Ability to group all the similar keywords & track their SERP rankings
  • Fast & Updated SERP analysis

SpyFu Pricing

SpyFu is affordable and user-friendly for both individuals and larger companies alike.

The Basic plan, which doesn’t limit the number of searches performed or keywords tracked at all, costs just $39/month with unlimited access to SpyFu’s database.

This is a major selling point when set against similar SEO software solutions like SEMrush.

At the Professional level ($79/month), users gain more reporting options as well as API usage rights; while Team plans offer up to five logins (at a cost of $299 per month) in addition to increased keyword tracking capabilities.

The SpyFu team continues its emphasis on affordability by offering various pricing structures that are tailored specifically towards individual needs from bloggers who want easy data gathering tools through enterprising small businesses.




  • Track your competitors
    on in-depth level
  • Find keywords your competitors are using
  • Uses AI to identify trends before they happen


  • Limited keyword research features
  • Basic rank tracking capabilities
  • Not ideal for backlink or site analysis

Who Should Use SpyFu SERP Tracking Tool?

SpyFu is the best domain and keyword analysis tool for smaller businesses that want a focused view of what’s going on with their SEO.

And it can also fill in gaps when you have more information than just your SERP rankings, like historical data to show how things change over time or which keywords are driving traffic to particular pages.

It’s got an intuitive interface I love – plus all this great functionality packed into one affordable package!

4. SEObility SERP Tracking Tool


Seobility is a powerful online tool that allows you to import and monitor up to 10 keywords at once.

You can also compare the keyword rankings of competitors by including them in your searches, but there’s only 1 domain per account in their basic plan so choose wisely.

The tool displays whether the keyword ranking has been improving or declining with graphs as well as displaying past rank history.

In Seobility, you can use three different features to find out how well your keywords are doing.

The first is checking the rank of a keyword just for one domain or page.

The second feature allows tracking them across all URLs on that site/project and thirdly, there’s another tool that helps with analyzing and optimizing keyword rankings for better results!

This is a really cool tool that will tell you everything about your website and how to rank it higher on Google.

You can choose the country, device (desktop/mobile), city, or state of location for more accurate results from Seobility’s automated technology.

The report shows your current keyword ranking, CPCs, search volumes-even what URLs are ranked above or below yours in major countries!

Prominent Features Of SEObility

  • Track, monitor, and find out the ranking of your site
  • Get a full on-page analysis for any keyword or phrase
  • Find out all your competitor’s keywords that are bringing them traffic so you can replicate it
  • Compare their SEO prowess against yours
  • Perform SEO audits to ensure your website is optimized for better placement in search engine results page (SERP)
  • Ability to export pdf reports when subscribed- easy for sharing with clients or employers

SEObility Pricing

Seobility has a simple, easy-to-understand pricing plan that will fit everyone’s budget.

The good news is there’s a free plan- it features all the key benefits of more expensive plans with just a few exceptions.

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available; annual plans come at 20% off (which means you get two months free) while they also per a 30 day free trial on their paid plans too.




  • Simplified UI and UX which
    is easier to use
  • 6 tools in one convenient system
  • No more long, tedious
    hours watching Google
    Analytics with PDF reporting


  • Limited filters for reporting
  • Lack of proper guides for beginners
  • Overwhelming SEO features for beginners

Who Should Use SEObility SERP Tracking Tool?

Seobility’s SEO software is designed with the user in mind.

With clear and simple instructions, Seobility can be used by professionals or beginners alike!

5. Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) Keyword Tracking Software


Advanced Web Ranking is the most reliable, accurate, and trusted service out there when it comes to advanced search engine rankings research.

This web-based application will help you monitor visibility evolution, keyword ranking distribution, and keyword ranking comparison.

With tools like these at your disposal, flaws in SEO strategies are easy to detect!

It’s quite amazing that they have a website visibility tracker on their site.

With the stats it provides, such as search engine rank and SERP features, you can see how visible your content is online based on certain keywords.

Whether or not you’re looking to make changes in SEO strategy for optimization purposes or just want to track progress, this tool should be able to help with both!

Advanced Web Ranking’s white label functionality is a great way for SEO professionals and agencies to track the SERP performance of their clients.

It allows you to add your brand/company details so that there will be no trace of Advanced Web Ranking in reports.

Prominent Features Of Advanced Web Rankings (AWR)

  • Track Local as well as any other form of keyword rankings
  • It allows SERP features like Sitelinks, Image Pack, Featured Snippets, etc.
  • AWR supports more than 3000+ search engines across the world including Amazon, DuckDuckGo, etc.
  • Keyword Rankings are Available both for mobile & desktop
  • Provides more accurate data than other SERP trackers due to manual SERP tracking requests
  • Save time on looking at statistics every day by getting a monthly report manually sent to your clients or through an automated email
  • Advanced Web Ranking has no restrictions on languages so you can track international keywords

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

Advanced Web Ranking is a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

There are four plans to choose from each with its own price, and you get a 10% discount for signing up annually.

The 30 days free trial period is available during the first month of use and gives users access to all premium features without charging any credit cards or having hidden fees.

There are four plans to choose from and whichever you select will be billed monthly or annually.

The annual plan has a 10% discount, so I suggest you grab that one!

Advanced Web Rankings



  • Clean and easy to use with
    a seamless user interface
  • Unlimited user account access, at no extra cost
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority customer support with ultra-fast response times
  • Fresh accurate data when
    you need it


  • Takes a long time to process keywords in high volume
  • Cloud version plan doesn’t justify its pricing to feature value
  • Report sharing isn’t as convenient as with other tools
  • Provides no link building module like Semrush

Who Should Use Advanced Web Ranking SERP Tracking Tool?

Advanced Web Ranking is the perfect tool for those working on large team projects, agencies with complex sites being ranked, or enterprise SEO teams.

This software supports as many users you want to give access to: they can all decide who has what and when!

6. Morningscore SERP Tracking Tool


Morningscore is not your typical SERP tracker. They are here to help you rank for less money with the use of their all-in-one SEO suite!

Morningscore calculates a value based on how much it would cost you per click if you were using Google AdWords, which other tools also do but in different ways.

The Morningscore SEO Tool is a powerful keyword ranking monitor that starts at $49 for 100 keywords.

The health check report checks your work to make sure it’s Google compliant, like making sure you’ve got alt tags and links in place.

Every day the Keyword Positions are updated with new data from other SEO tools so you’ll always have fresh information on where your site stands against competitors!

Prominent Features Of Morningscore

  • Integrated Keyword Research Tool with its rank tracking tool
  • Graphical representation of your overall keyword ranking history
  • AI-based SERP software warns you beforehand how will your traffic stats change according to your SERP rankings

MorningScore Pricing

Morningscore has a reputation for providing affordable plans.

It currently offers three monthly and yearly subscriptions that come with 14-day trial periods, all at extremely discounted rates!




  • MorningScore is a great way to stay on top of your keyword rankings
  • Follow progress and achievements in one spot- Missions dashboard
  • Keeps you motivated with high fives from virtual
  • Has some cool design features


  • Rank Tracker lacks some useful features
  • Doesn’t shows google SERP features like featured snippets
  • Lack of date of when was the last time your keyword database was updated

Who Should Use MorningScore SERP Tracking Tool?

MorningScore is a simple SEO tool that’s perfect for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed with data.

7. SERPWoo SERP Tracking Tool


SERPWoo is a web-based software that assists in the monitoring of websites with over 130 million domains/URLs daily.

This program can help you analyze historical SERPs to make sound decisions based on how and why your competitors are outranking you, as well as understanding organic keyword ranking changes for various sites across the internet at any given time.

Moreover, I was very impressed with SERPWoo’s user interface.

It has a colorful, graphical approach that makes it easy to see the progress of your SEO projects and easily sort them by color or rank in order to make adjustments quickly.

Just by looking at the colored lines, one can see which keywords are ranking & which aren’t which makes it so easy to grasp data.

These interactive stats will help you adjust the content strategy for specific projects.

Tagging is another valuable addition to SERPWoo because it will enable you to easily spot and report movements in the rankings, as well as find any hidden negatives.

It becomes very easy for anyone to spot and report changes in search engine ranking positions of their site in advance.

Thanks to this feature!

I also like how with the tagging tool, I am able to find hidden negative issues before they could affect my website’s rankings or SEO campaigns.

Prominent Features Of SERPWoo

  • Integrated Keyword Research Tool with its rank tracking tool
  • Hassle-free & Advanced reporting
  • Automatic updates are sent at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive and omnipresent SERP tracking features
  • Competitive keyword research feature for on the go marketers
  • Unique Tagging Feature
  • Analyze & Track your SERPs performance for the last 365 days

SERPWoo Pricing

SERPWoo is one of the freemium & best SERP tracking tools.

They allow for monthly and annual billing, which appeals to consumers who want flexibility in how they pay.

However, you get one-month free premium access if you subscribe for the annual billing cycle while refunds are only allowed within the first 3 days of signup.

So it’s important that people know what they’re getting into before signing up!

SERPWoo offers 4 great plans to choose from.




  • Easy monitoring and SERP tracking of your competition
  • Able to Monitor changes in SERPs, competitors’ links, and more
  • Protect your brand by tagging/red-flagging shady
  • Notifications about important developments in a project directly to your email.
  • Enterprise-grade reporting with exportable data
  • Easy tagging and creation of sub-accounts with different access permissions


  • Can Track only 3 keywords in their free plan
  • Fewer features as compared to competitors on its cheaper plans
  • No Mobile SERP Tracking in Bronze Plan
  • Supports only Google SERPs

Who Should Use SERPWoo SERP Tracking Tool?

SERPWoo is the perfect SERP ranking tool for those who are looking to be strategic about their online competition.

It can help you build a website that will rank better in Google search, provide powerful tools like SEO Toolkit and Keyword Research so your site content matches buyers’ intent, connect through social media integration or email newsletter autoresponder campaigns.

8. NightWatch SERP Tracking Tool


The Nightwatch website is a dark-mode lover’s dream come true.

It features all black content, whether it be pictures or text to make sure your screen never becomes too bright and stays at optimal viewing capacity. is a very affordable suite of SEO tools that comes in at half the price as Ahrefs and Semrush but has fewer features than them too.

Its strongest feature is rank tracking so it made our list for this reason alone!

Nightwatch actually started out just being a rank tracker (literally called Rank Trackr), which explains why its strength lies there instead of other parts like reporting or backlink analysis – more advanced topics you can find on a SEMRUSH tool.

Nightwatch is a more economical option for those that only need some SEO tools to get their site ranking higher.

It’s an inexpensive way to rank your website and has been shown time and again as one of the best options when it comes down to price versus value.

If you’re looking for something with keyword research capabilities, then Semrush might be right up your alley but if not Nightwatch is perfect!

Prominent Features Of NightWatch

  • Accurate, reliable statistics to measure long-term success with click & visibility metrics
  • Proven SERP tracking for any keyword or location around the world
  • Assist in measuring ROI on campaigns in near real-time with data from many sources including GMB maps listings
  • Supports Bing, Youtube, DuckDuckGo, Google, etc.
  • Google Search Console & Analytics Integration
  • Custom graphs allow you to display your own custom analytics and metrics inside of NightWatch
  • White Labelling Feature

NightWatch Pricing

Nightwatch while offering a 14-day free trial, is a great product because it offers customers the opportunity to track up to 50 different websites per month for just $39/mo (or $24/ Mo if paid annually).

With Nightwatch, you are able to monitor 500 keywords on 50 of the websites at any given time and can upgrade your plan if your desired number is for getting 1,000 daily keyword alerts.

They offer a pretty step discount of whole $40 on their mid-range plan if you pay annually instead of paying $99.




  • Affordable monthly subscription costs
  • Weekly keyword ranking reports via email
  • All-in-one service with a
    wide variety of tools
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly updates on rankings for your chosen keywords
  • Rank Tracking with Details
    like Featured Snippets, Local Packs,& Knowledge Panels
  • Nightwatch not only offers YouTube but also DuckDuckGo tracking


  • The help section doesn’t have a search function.
  • You don’t always get an immediate response when you need it the most.
  • 1,000 keywords is all you’ll be able to see if you want to buy NightWatch for $24/mo- the costs go up significantly once that quantity goes over this number.

Who Should Use NightWatch Rank Tracking Tool?

NightWatch is a keyword ranking tool for agencies that need quick, accurate data on their clients’ rankings without going bankrupt.

9. Mangools Serp Watcher SERP Tracking Tool


SERPwatcher by Mangools is a SERP ranking tool that helps you track your website’s performance on the Google search results pages.

It comes with 4 other tools including Link Miner, SERP Checker, KWFinder, and Site Profiler.

The share feature of SERPWatcher is really useful because it lets you generate a report with interactive links that anyone can access.

I can click on it and generate links for sharing, so anyone with access to those links will be able to see my rank report.

This makes the reports more appealing to readers and easier for marketers who need specific information, like time frames or page numbers.

Apart from that, SERPWatcher has a scheduled and event-based reporting ability to update you on any important changes occurring with your rankings.

Makes me feel more secure because it alerts me via email when there is something new on my reports which I should look into.

With this feature, there’s no need of logging in to the system just for checking what has been updated.

You can create custom alerts for any task you wish for.

Prominent Features Of Mangools Serp Watcher

  • Track your rankings for any location or device
  • Get the most accurate, real-time data on SERPs
  • Get access to the most visually appealing data presentation & interactive reports
  • Get real-time updates & alerts without logging into your dashboard again & again
  • Keep track of keywords with a series of easy-to-customize tags
  • The Dominance index tells you exactly where you stand in relation to your competition for a particular keyword or ad group and what level of investment it would take for them to topple your rankings

SERPWatcher Pricing

Whether you’re a freelancer or running your own small business, Mangools is an incredible ranking tool for all of the big and little things that go into making sure that everything gets done

You can use their 10-day free trial to get started in less than 30 secs with no credit cards required at all.

But don’t worry – if you’re not satisfied with what you see, they’ll give your money back in 48 hours; it’s that simple.

Mangools SERPWatcher



  • Track rankings of over
    3000 search engines across
    130+ countries
  • Generate white-label
    reports and templates
  • Easy to manage interface that’s easy on the eyes
  • Well organized to view all relevant stats
  • Provides an easy way to share reports with prospects
  • You can get very high discounts on their yearly plans
  • Friendly & Highly
    Supportive Customer Support


  • Limited access to data with a higher price
  • The basic plan has 100 limited keyword lookups per day in their basic plan
  • Doesn’t show featured snippets in Google SERP or any other SERP features like site links or image packs
  • Doesn’t provide a dashboard for clients
  • Data is not always 100% accurate
  • Has Not a vast keyword database as vast as Semrush

Who Should Use Mangools SERPWatcher?

This is the ranking tool for you if you want to keep it simple, not get too complicated, and for people who don’t need all of those latest bells and whistles on the market.

10. Long Tail PRO Keyword Tracking Software


Long Tail Pro is the ultimate all-in-one SEO tool for bloggers and affiliate marketers around the world.

I’m not a huge fan of Long Tail Pro because it doesn’t automatically crawl your site, which means you’ll need to manually add keywords.

But they have an easy workaround: just copy and paste the keyword that you’re ranking for.

However, there are some pretty helpful insights about your keyword rank on individual pages.

You can see an overview which will be really good when making changes or additions in future posts; we also get progression metrics such as how many visitors came from each page with our rankings over time.

You can get statistics on your competition with backlinks and keywords.

But, you won’t be able to guess their top-performing keywords.

To counter this problem, you can use a free research tool like SimilarWeb in conjunction with Long Tail Pro for this purpose.

Prominent Features Of Long Tail PRO

  • Track rank of keywords by entering your page URLs
  • Monthly keyword ranking history
  • Daily updates to see where rank has gone
  • Track 30 keywords per month in the starter plan
  • Able to monitor their backlinks & keywords side-by-side in conjunction with SimilarWeb

Long Tail PRO Pricing

The annual starter package of Long Tail Pro is affordable and offers a versatile keyword research tool.

It’s the perfect way to find keywords that are specific, targeted, and more accurate than other tools which can help you in your online marketing campaigns & also track your SERP rankings.

Long Tail PRO Keyword Rank Tracker



  • Easy to use
  • Less time researching profitable keywords
  • Track and analyze keyword search volume, and rankings over time
  • Excellent for beginners or intermediate marketers


  • Comes With a Daily keyword research limit
  • No search volume trend data

Who Should Use Long Tail PRO Keyword Rank Tracker?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research & rank tracking tool for smart and modern bloggers.

It helps you find the perfect keywords to drive more traffic, generate revenue, and to analyze track your rankings under the same roof.

11. SE Ranking SERP Tracking Tool


With SE Ranking, you get access to tools for audits and tracking SERP rankings across major sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more.

SE Ranking is a reliable and comprehensive ranking tool that will help you understand all the factors affecting your traffic.

SE Ranking can show you which pages are ranking well for search terms, or what keywords they rank for that your website doesn’t cover.

You can also compare rankings between competitors to make sure yours rises above theirs in SERPS by tracking up to 5 of them at once in their keyword tracker.

So, if you’re looking for a SERP tracker that’s affordable and provides weekly updates on your rank of up to 250 keywords (and are fine with the fact they don’t have an unlimited plan).

I recommend SE Ranking.

Alongside their rank tracker service, there is also a website audit tool; backlink monitoring & checking as well as tools that aid in marketing aspects such as creating a strategy around SEO practices!

Plus it even tracks YouTube rankings- great when you want some variety from more popular search engines too like Google or Bing.

One feature I really liked was how SE Ranking shows results not only from Google but other sites too (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) which means no missing out on any potential traffic from any channel.

Prominent Features Of SE Ranking

  • SE Ranking rank tracking fetches data from all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Yandex
  • Compare up to 5 competitors at once against yours with SE ranking
  • Allows SERP tracking for both mobile & desktop
  • Provides Google Ads, Maps & SERP Tracking features
  • Supports Highly narrowed down location tracking from country to city to pin codes
  • You can Whitelabel SE Ranking for your own company
  • Can create multiple sub-accounts & collaborate with your teammates

SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking is not a free ranking tool but offers flexible prices for small businesses.

They offer a 14-day trial period that requires no credit card upfront so you can try it out first before committing to anything.

Their discount plan offers discounts based on how long the subscription lasts.

Meaning, your discount bracket will increase according to the time you pay to use that software.

Moreover, you also pay higher for analyzing your keywords on a daily basis in comparison to every 3 days or weekly.

If you wish to get daily updated info about your SERP rankings, the amount you pay is higher as compared to every 3 days or weekly.

SE Ranking



  • The nice user interface makes it easy to visualize data
  • Able to see the historical history of your rankings
  • Affordable and flexible pricing
  • Ability to track Google SERP features such as the featured snippet
  • Comes with a mobile SERP option 
  • Additional functionality, like website audit and backlink monitoring, can be useful if needed.


  • You waste a lot of time clicking to get your reports
  • There are minor bugs in the system that don’t always get fixed immediately.
  • It doesn’t include white label reporting in the Optimum plan 
  • Granular geographic data is lacking which means you’ll have trouble with smaller local businesses 
  • It lacks major third-party integrations but API access is only available in high-paid plans

Who Should Use SE Ranking SERP Tracking Tool?

The SE Ranking tracker is perfect for SEO Professionals, Digital Agencies, Freelancers, and Small Businesses seeking an affordable search engine ranking monitor.

12. Rankwatch SERP Tracking Tool


RankWatch is more than just a rank tracker.

It’s an SEO tool that provides you with all the data and insights to improve your website’s performance for organic traffic goals like link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimization, etc.

With their rank tracking features, you can be alerted whenever your rankings go up or down.

You’ll never have to worry about monitoring Google for hours and making charts again because RankWatch will do it all for you in just a few clicks.

Simply enter the domain name of the website that needs SERP tracking, choose from over 40 different search engines (including Bing) & multiple countries too: select whether or not you need to track sub-domains; local results can also be prioritized if needed!

With RankWatch, you’ll have access to all of the tool’s features and can track up to 250 keywords & use all their premium features in their free trial without any limitations.

You’ll be able to see your rankings in a variety of locations by adding search engines and location information whenever necessary.

Prominent Features Of Rankwatch

  • Integration With Google Analytics
  • Get more insights and information about your competitors in multiple locations & devices also by using City-Based Rank Tracking
  • Track rankings for any keyword with the site auditor for present & past rankings as well
  • Track rankings, CTRs, and CPCs to get the most data available
  • Site auditor is a visual tool that helps you understand SEO improvements with interactive & advanced reporting
  • Find hidden opportunities for your campaign with their intuitive keyword research tool

RankWatch Pricing

So not only will RankWatch allow you to keep tabs on who’s taking up space in Google rankings, but it’ll also give you insight into how they’re doing so across any town or city around the world!

Their basic package starts at $29/Mo (paid monthly) or $26/Mo (paid yearly) in which you can track up to 250 keywords.




  • Save money with a better price point
  • Simplified insights for beginners
  • Demands less effort to use


  • Lacks advanced keyword research features
  • Less accurate backlink data

Who Should Use RankWatch SERP Tracking Tool?

RankWatch is a great option for anyone looking to have all of their keyword trackings needs to be met.

They offer you the ability to track your SERP performance, as well as that of your competitors with ease and precision.

13. Wincher SERP Tracking Tool


Wincher’s new updates make it a better alternative to AccuRanker for those looking for scalability and greater affordability.

Wincher has lower-tier offerings that are very affordable but still have the ability to scale in functionality with their higher tiers.

Wincher scales well.

Just rank tracking & reporting with a straightforward UI, no bells and whistles.

But if you’re looking for more than that, the next tiers are a nice middle ground between Wincher’s starter package which is good for basic needs, and AccuRanker which can get pricey fast!

Reporting functionality in Wincher is the best I’ve seen.

You can get email alerts for daily success, dips and schedule regular reports to go out at any time of day or night!

The UI is also really nice as well.

It looks like they’re including data integration with Data Studio in this tier as well, which is something that AccuRanker currently lacks.

The middle pricing tier also offers white labeling options – definitely an attractive feature for any business looking to really make their company stand out.

Prominent Features Of Wincher

  • Save hours of manual labor with automated reporting sent directly to your inbox
  • Add multiple people to receive reports in one easy setting
  • Quickly understand your website risk against competitors with color-coded graphical representation
  • Track and report on competitors’ rankings for keywords of interest
  • Save time and ease frustration by switching between tabs less often
  • Get rankings and performance information without leaving the WordPress dashboard as it comes with a dedicated plugin
  • A tool that helps you generate keyword suggestions
  • Comes with a comprehensive list of suggested keywords
  • Helps you see what your website is ranking for on Google in the first ten results by default

Wincher Rank Tracker Tool Pricing

Wincher’s pricing starts at $35 per month (monthly) or just $29 for the full year.

On their entry tier, some features like white-label reports and on-demand updates are not available which is unfortunate since they really help you get a better idea of how your company is doing.

Fortunately, Wincher offers a 14-day free trial so that if it doesn’t work out then no harm is done but with those two months extra from signing up to pay yearly, we think it’ll be worth giving them a go!




  • Best For Collaborative Work
  • Cheaper than other rank trackers on this list
  • Unlimited website SERP tracking
  • White label reporting for an affordable price
  • Over 130 search engines and over 100,000 locations tracked


  • Basic Features Missing in their starter plan
  • Integrations missing like Google Data Studio & Databox

Who Should Use Wincher Rank Tracker Tool?

If you need to add freelancers or clients without giving them access to other projects, I recommend Wincher Rank Tracker Tool.

It’s also useful if you are interested in upgrading but think that it would be too expensive for the added features because once on 5k+ keywords tracked it’ll burn a hole in your pocket.

14. SerpWatch SERP Tracking Tool


SerpWatch is an excellent SERP ranking tool at present for those looking to track the keyword position over time and across countries, as well as pinpointing keywords within cities in their respective nations.

It also delivers device-specific reports as well.

With SerpWatch basic plan starting at $1/Mo, it might be just the cost-effective solution for those of us who aren’t running big agencies and want to track up to five keywords each month.

SerpWatch proudly tracks the keyword position in SERPs, but it doesn’t have any additional tools for beginners who are interested in SEO and digital marketing like others on this list.

Not to mention that you can see how your keywords did over a particular period of time with the tool’s detailed spreadsheet feature!

Prominent Features Of SerpWatch

  • Make the most out of your SEO budget
  • Get 100% accurate data for all your clients’ projects
  • Give cloud-based access to unlimited data to clients who are interested
  • Allow client-side moderation and control over when they get information
  • Track beyond traditional organic results and find keywords for every stage in the buying funnel that drives visits, leads, and purchases

SerpWatch Pricing

Serpwatch is a simple and low-cost solution for businesses that want to monitor their company’s search engine ranking.

Serpwatch’s basic plan starts at only $1/month, which enables keeping track of up to 5 keywords each month across the major search engines.




  • Track up to 300 keywords
    for free with a generous 15-day trial
  • Affordable plans based
    on the number of keywords
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed analytics to see the best-performing ad copy and landing pages


  • Has much better alternatives in the market at the same price
  • Doesn’t make keyword research easy

Who Should Use SerpWatch SERP Tracking Tool?

Marketers, SEO professionals, and agencies–seriously everyone with a product or service to sell should be using this platform!

15. Pro Rank Tracker Keyword Tracking Software


Pro Rank Tracker is a SERP tracker that helps you understand what your rank for keywords is.

It’s great because it serves both big and small businesses, as well as individuals like yourself to help analyze and get a clear picture of where they stand in the rankings.

I really enjoy how Pro Rank Tracker provides me with some excellent reporting options so I can tell my clients about all the work we’ve done together!

Comparison reports help you compare rankings of URLs you’re tracking in search engines by location or device.

This feature will allow you to analyze multiple websites side-by-side, giving real-time insights about how they’re doing.

You’ll find the importance of this feature if have several sites and want to do an analysis of your marketing strategy across all sites

Moreover another feature I love about this ranking tool is that it also comes with progress reports.

If you’re feeling like your work isn’t measuring up lately, then maybe it’s time to take a look at progress reports.

These handy little things let you know how much of an improvement or deterioration there is in rankings over a specified period of days, weeks, and months!

API access is another feature that makes Pro Rank Tracker stand out from the competition.

It’s also a veritable godsend when you want to seamlessly integrate your SERP tracking and marketing system with apps like Dropbox or Google Drive for more in-depth custom abilities without ever getting lost on how things work!

Pro Rank Tracker will give you access to immeasurable analytical statistics from local and mobile-optimized web pages.

This information is important for small business owners who want to have an overview of how they’re performing online compared to competitors in their local industry.

Prominent Features Of Pro Rank Tracker

  • Pro Rank Tracker’s search engine keyword ranking algorithm is the most accurate and up-to-date
  • Track SERP stat positions of Bing, Yahoo, Google, and YouTube
  • It provides a feature that allows you to analyze your competitors’ performance
  • You can add multiple users for free
  • There is a SERP tracking engine for Desktop and Mobile devices
  • Automation of tasks and team collaboration with the white labeling options
  • Setup eCommerce site SERP tracking to monitor Amazon products
  • Handle SERP at local & global level
  • Use pre-built templates for customized reporting or create your own reports from scratch

Pro Rank Tracker Pricing

Pro Rank Tracker is a premium ranking tool, but when it comes to pricing, they’ve found a balance between affordability and quality.

It has a basic plan starting at $25 per month (less than the average cost of cable!).

You also get 7 days free trial with no credit card needed during sign-up!

And if you subscribe for an annual subscription-you’ll enjoy 10% off your first year!

Pro Rank Tracker



  • Easily keep track of all your SERPs with ProRankTracker’s Mobile App.
  • With the auto-update
    feature, you can request
    reports anytime you want 
  • It has multilingual reporting in 10 different languages
  • Youtube Videos tracking ability


  • No access to SERP features like Featured Snippets.
  • Poor UI Design makes things clumsy
  • Complex to set up due to poor UI
  • The Mobile version is not that responsive

Who Should Use Pro Rank Tracker?

Pro Rank Tracker is the revolutionary tool for search engine marketing agencies, video marketers, and e-commerce brands who want to track their listings on Amazon as well as other websites.

16. SpySERP Keyword Tracking Software


The SpySERP checker is the ultimate SEO tool that helps you find out how well your website ranks in Google.

It’s not only an easy-to-use keyword ranking tool, but it also allows you to improve its rank on top of search engines like Bing and Yahoo with just a few clicks!

SpySERP rank checker provides a lot of features that are unique to the service.

The most intriguing feature is its SEO performance from an end-user perspective and what people search for on Google.

When you select the device, SpySERP will show how your website ranks for mobile and desktop.

If there is a difference in keyword ranking position with one of them it’ll tell you all about that too!

Finally, the rank checker tool lets you search for user language.

The report reflects any differences and gives advanced reports for your platform too!

Prominent Features Of SpySERP

  • Spy on your competitors
  • Get the inside scoop on your name’s SEO ranking position, both search engine and social media
  • Create keyword opportunity lists that can be executed in less than 3 minutes per day
  • Check how you stack up against other players in your industry and see where you need to focus more of your efforts
  • SpySERP allows you to find the important keyword ranking position
  • Conduct location-based audits, such as mapping keyword opportunities in a certain area of town
  • Able to monitor your competition and data from the following countries: United States, Canada, India, France, Germany

SpySerp Pricing

SpySerp offers a forever plan in which you can look up to 300 keywords.

They also offer a 7-day free trial on their paid plans too.




  • Receive keywords
    clustering results in just
    2 clicks
  • Budget-friendly
  • Import external keywords


  • Poor User Interface
  • Few features can be overwhelming

Who Should Use SpySerp Checker Tool?

This is one of the best blog SEO software.

It helps you to boost website visibility by motoring its rankings so that you can tweak the strategy and get your site on top SERP of top search engines!

17. Zutrix SERP Tracking Tool


Zutrix is a new tool in the market with its main product being a SERP tracker.

They have some extra features such as their Keyword Lab for keyword research, and the UI is all pretty nice to work with.

One of their key strengths is notifications.

You can get real-time instant notifications in Slack or Telegram with integrations, or via email, too haven’t seen it anywhere else so far!

The Keyword Lab has a nice feature that lets you see the search volume and difficulty of keywords for any given search query, but I don’t know how reliable it is.

It’s worth checking out if you’re not already using another keyword research software.

This one also offers white labeling in its higher pricing tier.

Prominent Features Of Zutrix

  • Customized reports that are delivered to you in real-time
  • Track and analyze all aspects of your keywords
  • Stop wasting time checking your keyword positions manually and receive alerts the second they change
  • White-label reports that allow you to customize data for clients in a professional, attractive manner
  • Keyword Analysis allows you to find out which keywords have the highest conversion rates or are the most profitable
  • A.I.powered accuracy that will always provide up-to-date search results through Google Search Console integration

Zutrix Pricing

Zutrix is a mid-range tool in terms of pricing.

It’s cheaper than something like AccuRanker or Pro Rank Tracker, but more expensive than Nightwatch.




  • Easy-to-use platform powered by artificial intelligence for accurate results
  • Get multi-channel notifications when your leads are engaged so you can act and react in real-time
  • Live demo options and a free trial that will show you all of the benefits without any commitment
  • Rich functionality with rich data capabilities


  • API feature isn’t available
  • Sluggish Customer Support

Who Should Use Zutrix SERP Tracking Tool?

Zutrix is an affordable SEO tool that can be used by small businesses, digital marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs looking to improve their SEO strategies.

18. Ahrefs SERP Tracking Tool


Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools around. Not only does it help you find keywords to rank for, but also tracks their performance in SERPs!

Keyword updates are done once per week so don’t worry about daily fluctuations.

I like how Ahrefs has powerful keyword research and backlink tracking features.

I personally prefer to do backlink competitor analysis through Ahrefs.

Ahrefs has the largest backlink index of any other SEO tool on the market and its user interface is easy to navigate.

The company also makes sure that advanced search engine optimization strategies are considered in their product design for maximum effectiveness!

Ahrefs should not be your only option for SERP rank tracking.

But, if you’re into SEO and don’t have any plan, buy it now.

Ahrefs takes your Google search engine ranking position to the next level.

With their position tracking feature, you can see which SERP features are being won with targeted keywords!

Check out the most affordable Ahrefs Alternatives

Prominent Features Of Ahrefs

  • Compete for SERP tracking with your competitors
  • Analyze your competition’s SEO & backlinks strategies using competitors’ sites & site explorer
  • Perform a full site audit
  • Content explorer to find content opportunities
  • Track the SERPs and rank of all major search engines like google, youtube, Baidu, etc.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs is a premium tool that offers 2 months free on their annual plans for the features you need.

If you decide to take a trial, it will only cost $7 for full week access or just 1 day’s use at the discounted rate of $1.




  • Best All In One SEO Tool to meet all your needs
  • Advanced SERP rank tracking statistics
  • Position history checker to evaluate your past keyword performance


  • Randomly Updated keywords providing no synchronization with each other.
  • Complex to use for newbies
  • Offers only weekly keyword updates

Who Should Use Ahrefs SERP Tracking Tool?

Ahrefs is targeted at content marketers and SEO specialists who are looking to improve their keyword ranking in searches with specific keywords.

19. SEO Powersuite’s Rank Tracker


SEO Powersuite is worth downloading because it’s software that you can install on your computer.

You will need an internet connection to get data.

But once the program is downloaded and installed, reports are viewable offline- which means they’re perfect for people who don’t have access to Wi-Fi while traveling or commuting!

Rank Tracker is the most powerful & affordable tool in Powersuite because it tracks unlimited keywords.

You can use a proxy to do so.

The Rank Tracker from Powersuite is a simple tool that will save you time and money.

It can be set up in minutes, so all you need to do is hit the button before checking your Google Analytics for any progress or changes over time!

Also, a handy graph shows how well your business ranks throughout various periods of SERP tracking.

Powersuite Rank Tracker lets you check the results of 327 search engines, analyze up to 10 competitors and show your rankings in other verticals like images or videos.

You can also see if there are any problems with your SEO strategy when it comes to localizing or international markets.

I love that Powersuite has a white label feature that lets me send professional keyword ranking reports to clients so they can see how their SEO strategy is going.

Prominent Features Of SEO Powersuite Keyword Tracker

  • Track unlimited keywords and websites
  • Make sense of rankings data across 450+ global & local search engines
  • See the impact of Events (Google algorithm changes, etc) on your site’s rankings over time
  • Compare keyword ranking history from day one with current data for a complete picture
  • Geo Specific rankings from town to country are displayed with an intuitive graphical interface

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker Pricing

SEO Powersuite



  • Compare keyword ranking history with current data to see the impact of events
  • Track unlimited keywords & websites
  • Get accurate rankings for 450+ major global search engines
  • Way better customer service than any other SERP rank tracker company


  • Not a cloud-based app, needs to be downloaded & installed to use
  • Could have provided a little more detailed insights

Who Should Use SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker?

SEO Powersuite is the most powerful SEO Tool on the market.

If you’re a pro at search engine optimization, or if your company has it as its main business model this tool will be perfect for you and benefit everyone in your team!

20. Authority Labs SERP Tracking Tool


If you’re looking to rank your site in the SERPs, then AuthorityLabs is a great tool for monitoring keyword ranking trends over time.

It guarantees accurate data by pulling from top search engines like Google and its easy-to-use interface will have you up on what matters within minutes of installation.

Authority Labs Local Rank tracking gives you insights into how customers from different locations are seeing your store.

If they’re 3 miles away, they may find the Google My Business profile for your business in position one of SERP whereas those who are 10 miles away may not be able to see it at all!

With the local rank tracking feature, you’ll receive daily updates and notifications that give a clearer picture than just waiting until someone clicks through to visit or contact them about their experience with the company.

Another thing that I love about Authority labs is that: Now Provided Reports

Now Provided reports will help you understand what terms visitors are using to search for you on the internet.

It is one of the best SERP tracking software that can tell us their search terms so that we can capitalize on this new information.

Prominent Features Of Authority Labs Keyword Tracker

  • Expand your SERP Trackings with Global Tracking
  • Device-specific data features to track mobile rankings and search terms being used to find you
  • Cross-check performance against competitors for an accurate keyword ranking report
  • With the ability to check a domain from any country, you can expand your reach
  • Track SERP features like Featured Snippets

Authority Labs Pricing

Authority Labs provides you with a free trial of this SERP rank tracking tool that will last for two weeks with no hidden fees & no credit cards required.

Authority Labs



  • Keep your clients in the
    loop with a 100% white label solution
  • Easily add unlimited users
  • Customer service has an incredible response time 
  • Increase efficiency by
    having an easy to use


  • White label + Google Data Studio Integration is available starting from the pro plan
  • No facility to import data from other platforms
  • Ratio to pricing for the number of keywords you can track feels a little expensive

Who Should Use Authority Labs SERP Tracking Tool?

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just starting out, Authority Labs is an excellent tool for measuring your keyword’s performance.

21. Rank Ranger SERP Tracking Tool


RankRanger is one of the best SERP rank tracker tools when it comes to keyword tracking.

It allows you to create graphs and charts that will help you compare your keyword ranking data with any metric imaginable, so whether they want a quick review of their risk keywords or a full-blown comparison between clicks and rankings, RankRanger’s got them covered!

RankRanger has a keyword grouping feature that will do wonders for your mental clarity.


Well, managing an expansive list of keywords can make you want to go into a spasm – but not with this tool!

Just click on the filter icon and start locating specific words while reducing time spent searching through poor synonyms.

Prominent Features Of Rank Ranger

  • Shows & Monitors SERPs from all over the zip code, city & the world, not just your country 
  • Graphical representation allowing you to see the rankings & SERP features that are scaling up and down
  • You can see your rankings on any search engine across the world including Baidu, Google Play Store, youtube, etc.

Rank Ranger Pricing

RankRanger is a good choice for Google SERP tracking.

If you’re not sure about how it will work, go with the 14-days free trial.

RankRanger offers an opportunity to test out their service and see what works best with your needs before signing up permanently.

Rank Ranger



  • 100% personalized/white-labeled for you
  • Keyword Ranking reports in PDFs are automated and always on time
  • Has an easy to use interface for tracking site visibility
  • Supports multiple languages including German, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian


  • Quite Expensive when compared with other tools in this list just for the basic plans

Who Should use Rank Ranger SERP Tracking Tool?

RankRanger is a handy tool for any company to monitor its SERP rank on search engines.

With Rank Ranger, you can track your organic, mobile, and local rankings with only one centralized dashboard which makes it easy to identify the best keywords based on your performance in different geographical areas.

22. WhatsMySerp SERP Tracking Tool


What’s My SERP is an easy-to-use keyword position checker tool that tells you where your website ranks for any given keyword.

With this free service, it can tell what Google search engine results page (SERP) a user will see if they were to type in the word or phrase into their browser and hit enter.

You can request fresh requests at only 1 hr intervals.

You can export the CSV file, monitor changes, and performance with this online SERP rank tracker.

You’ll be able to check SERP for 20 domains at 25 keyword limits each in their paid plans.

It also comes with a forever-free plan in which you can track up to 10 keywords.

Prominent Features Of WhatsMySerp Keyword Tracker

  • Get full local SEO support and choose your own country or city
  • Use the SERP rank tracker to see how well you’re performing in a timely fashion
  • Stay up-to-date with frequent data refreshes
  • Add Unlimited domains
  • Full PDF Reporting

WhatsMySerp Pricing

They come with a forever-free plan in which you can track up to 10 keywords & their premium plans start with $4.99/Mo for 25 keywords all the way to 1000 keywords for $59.99/Mo.




  • Simple & easy to use for newbies
  • Has a forever free plan
  • Track keyword performance for the last 3 months
  • Intuitive PDF Reporting


  • Supports only google
  • Lacks detailed reporting & analytics
  • Updates fresh SERPs at 1 hr intervals

Who Should Use WhatsMySerp?

It’s helpful for newbie bloggers & digital enthusiasts.

General FAQs On Best SERP Tracking Tools


It can be difficult to decide which SEO tracking tools are best for your needs, especially when there are so many options available.

This section will answer some of the most common questions about what you people generally encounter problems with & I’ll try to explain them all in detail one-by-one.

What Are SERP Tools?

A SERP checker tool can be used to analyze the keywords you rank for.
Not only will it show which words and phrases are currently ranking your website, but also how popular those terms are with Google’s search engine.

How Can I Improve My SERP Ranking?

Publish quality content that people will want to read
Update your site regularly with fresh and relevant information
Write high-quality page titles, headings, meta descriptions, and alt tags
Analyze key search terms and phrases to better target your audience

What Is SERP Marketing?

The SERP that a search engine returns after the user submits their query is not only made up of organic results but also includes paid ads.
The handling and management of these tasks are called SERP marketing.

What Is SERP Visibility?

SERP visibility is a ratio between the query search volume and click-through rate of rank it currently has. The output measures shifts in ranks based on their potential.

What Is The Fastest Way To Rank A Keyword?

Place keywords in less popular positions
Use many keyword modifiers to broaden your targeted audience
Mix up content types to keep the reader interested and improve SEO ranking
Go deeper than competitors are going for a creative edge
Buy traffic instead of spending hours on tedious, ineffective searches

Conclusion: 23 Best SERP Tracking Tools, Software, & Keyword Rank Trackers In 2024


The best SERP tracking tools and software are the ones that can help you do your work more efficiently.

If you’re looking for a way to track keywords, analyze your keyword ranking performance in SERPs or monitor how well other websites rank against yours, then one of these 23 options is likely perfect for what you need.

The only question now is which one will be best suited to meet all of your needs while also being affordable?

There are a lot of options on the market & every tool comes with its own set of pros & cons.

I also know it can be a lot confusing for you to choose the best option for you.

If I were you, I would take trials of these tools & then decide if there’s anything on it that may work better than others for meeting my goals!

I hope this list of the best SERP tracking tools was able to meet your needs.

If you found this post useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Till then, have a nice day ahead.

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