15 Best WordPress Themes For Business: Ranked & Reviewed

What are the Best WordPress Themes For Business Websites?

If you’ve been in the business world for any length of time, then you know that one of the most important aspects of your company is branding.

One way to increase your brand recognition and generate more revenue is by using a premium WordPress theme on your website.

These themes are designed specifically for businesses and come with many features such as responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, easy customization options, SEO optimization, and much more.

In this article, I’ll list 15 of the Best WordPress Themes For Business websites based on their popularity among both professionals and amateurs alike!

I hope this guide helps you find a great theme that meets all your needs!

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On top of the list is:

1. Neve

  • Ultra-Fast And Lightweight
  • New Features Are Being Added Consistently
  • Quality Code With No JQuery Used
  • 90+ Speed Grade In Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix, & Pingdom Tools
  • Loads In Less Than 1 Second
  • Custom Design Of The Header And Footer
  • Supports Integration With Page/Website Builders like: Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder
  • Mobile Ready And AMP Compatible
  • White Label
  • 100+ Custom Layouts & 80+ Ready to Import Pre-Built Website Templates
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • Provides In-Built Pricing Tables, Overlay Content Blocks, Multiple Demos, Parallax And Lazy Loading Effects
  • SEO Friendly Markup
  • Fast And Easy Onboarding
  • Easily Customizable
  • 1-Click Rollback
  • Large Knowledge Base Of 300+ Product Docs & 200+ Video Tutorials
  • Support via Email With 1 Business Day Reply
  • Priority Support
  • Lifetime Plan Is Available
  • WooCommerce Friendly

Neve is a revolutionary WordPress theme for business websites.

Neve is a part of the Themeisle family. ( Themeisle has a great reputation for it’s products in the WordPress Themes market all around the world).

It’s created to be highly customizable and work with most popular page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Brizy, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder.

Whether you prefer using the Customizer or not – when it comes to creating your business website- Neve has got you covered!

You can always choose from multiple layouts for headers & footers as well as edit every other aspect of your company’s online face design easily thanks to their intuitive interface.

Speed is a top priority for Google, and Neve scores the best on page speed tests.

On our test run using PageSpeed Insights performance testing, we found that when installing the theme “Neve” there were no issues loading in under 1 second.

Moreover, Neve has a pretty reduced size.

The default WordPress install size with Neve installed was only 28KB!

You’ll love how lightweight Neve design is without sacrificing flexibility too much as it still feels like you’re blogging from within WordPress itself – not just an external website builder or Widget app where everything can feel clunky and restricted by limitations set up by someone else before.

Moreover there’s no limitation on which niche you chose to host your business: It can be corporate, sports, entertainment, restaurant, blog, fashion, travel, photography, food, medical, etc.

You name the category, & Neve’s got you covered.

Neve has both a FREE & PRO version to use.

Though with their FREE version, you get access to limited features only.

Currently, Neve runs on 2,00,000+ websites all around the world.

Some live examples of websites running Neve are:

Online Mexican shop that sells Women’s shoes:
Digital Marketing Agency:
Wedding Photography Website:
Selling Online Courses:

To sum up, Neve has pretty much everything you need in order to run a business website, but it would be better if it provided with A/B testing features.

Because businesess need to make profits, & they need to know what designs, headlines, call to actions, etc. works for them or not, & this is only possible with the help of A/B Testing.

Apart from A/B testing, you’ve no reason not to consider Neve.

Neve also justifies the price at which it comes which is just comes which is just $59 annually & if you don’t want to keep on paying them each year, you can buy it for lifetime at just $189 one-time.

They also offer you with business & agency plans as well.

Also, with their theme, you can use it on multiple websites for all plans.




  • Has A FREE Version
  • AMP Compatible & SEO Markup Friendly
  • Page/Website Builder Compatible
  • 90+ Google Speed Score
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Lifetime Plan Is Available


  • No A/B Testing Support

2. Thrive Theme Builder From Thrive Suite

  • Has A WYSIWIG Page Builder
  • Can A/B Test Nearly Everything
  • Highly Conversion Focused WordPress Theme To Maximize Sales & Lead Generation
  • Fast & Responsive
  • New Features Being Added Per Month To Further Optimize Conversions
  • Offers More Than 40+ Integrations To Several Other Apps
  • Best User Interface & User Experience
  • Has Really Good Documentation, Support Videos, And University That Highly Reduces Their Learning Curve
  • Real-life Marketing Oriented Feature-Rich Plugins & Apps
  • Comes With GDPR & Explicit Consent Checkbox
  • Their Products Come At A One-off Price With Lifetime Updates
  • Thrive Architect (With Thrive Optimize), Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Come With In-Built A/B Testing Mechanisms
  • Their Products Integrate Tightly With Each Other Thus Giving Better Load Times & Better Performance
  • All Of Their Products Work With Nearly All Themes
  • Also Has A Thrive Themes Membership Plan For People Who Can’t Afford Their One-Time Payment

The primary goal for Thrive Suite apart from beautiful looking designs is:


Thrive Suite is a great option for anyone looking to start their own WordPress site because it provides an easy way to learn how your sites are performing and improve them over time.

You can create highly conversion-optimized pages with Thrive Theme Builder, which helps you increase the odds of people clicking on important parts of your page such as headlines or call to action!

Not only can you get access to a huge variety of gorgeous design options, also you can change every little detail about your websites.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to see which aspects of your pages are performing best for your site and why!

You can even A/B test just about anything with Thrive Themes — Headlines, Call To Actions, Lead Forms…it doesn’t matter what it is because they have an answer for everything!

Though Thrive Themes comes with a lot more benefits & features, but It’ll be impossible to explain all of them but still I’ll mention few of them here.

Thrive Theme Builder


This product of Thrive Themes let’s you create & develop your own WordPress themes & designs for your sites.

Thrive Theme Builder enables easy customization of header footer templates, sidebar layout, blog posts, etc. just about anything else design related for your site – it’s never been easier!

And with ShapeShifter (for best performance & compatibility) as an included companion theme made especially for use with their own themes like this one, they’re giving you even more options when designing using only what truly matters: content.

Thrive Architect


This is a WYSIWIG page builder for WordPress.

Many website builders have the ability to add testimonials and countdown timers.

However, Thrive Architect has a drag-and-drop builder that also comes with Lightboxes for building popup ads or surveys.

It’s integrated tightly into their other apps like Thrive Leads, Thrive Optimize, etc., which make it great for business owners who want more marketing features in one place without having to install separate plugins from third party vendors.

To summarize, Thrive Architect will help you optimize your landing page for conversions.

Whether running FB or Google ads, you can create multiple variations of the landing page and check which one converts well.

It’s also one of the most affordable Landing Pages Builder available for WordPress.

Thrive Leads


With Thrive Leads, simple to use plugin, it’ll help you build your email list quickly and easily.

You can create different types of forms, which also includes content upgrades so that every time people click on part of the post they are reading or any link within it, an opt-in form appears for them to fill out in order get more from what they just read!

There’s a ton of templates available across all kinds too – they’ve got options for everything from popups triggered by clicking links at the bottom of your posts or any place in general.

Thrive Headline Optimizer


It’s a great plugin for you to A/B split test the headlines on your website.

With detailed headline testing reports and automatic winner settings, this product could be perfect if you have lots of visitor traffic coming directly to your site from search engines (or other sources).

If you have a news-based business with many visitors in general, Thrive’s Headline Optimizer will help give insight into what types of words are most compelling readers & you can make certain changes to attract more readers with your headlines.

Other features include:

Thrive Ultimatum: It’s the best scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress, and it has a lockdown feature too.

Thrive Quiz Builder: This helps you make quizzes that build your email list or shares on social media.

Thrive Ovation: Lets you gather and display social proof on your website for maximizing conversions.

Thrive Apprentice: Good for selling & hosting online courses on Thrive Themes.

Thrive Comments: Comes with upvotes, downvotes, badges, and many other features to revolutionize the WordPress commenting process.

Thrive Clever Widgets: This lets you display content from widgets in a contextual way with various conditions like categories, tags and posts.

Check out the full Thrive Themes Review & what it has to offer.

This can be an ideal Business WordPress Theme if your primary goal is to achieve conversions.

Not to mention, their designs, layout are perfect too.

They also have an excellent customer support system too.

Many online businesses like these have successfully scaled to 6 figures per month with this theme.

Thrive Suite team knows that by combining conversion-focused design, copywriting, SEO tactics with responsive themes you’ll get nothing, but the best of everything to help your business thrive online.

Thrive Suite


  • Best For Building Conversion Optimized WordPress Websites
  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Comes With A Page Builder
  • Can Be Used As A Landing Page Builder
  • Supports WooCommerce


  • Don’t Offer A FREE Plan
  • Few Features Like Thrive Leads Can Be Bulky (But Can Be Optimized With A Good Caching Plugin Like WP Rocket)

3. Hestia

  • Ultra-Fast And Lightweight
  • Slick Material Design
  • Access to All Starter Sites
  • Pricing & Portfolio Front Page Sections
  • Advanced Blog Options
  • Live Customization Without Refreshing Again & Again
  • Fully Customizable Homepage
  • Sliders, Video Header, & Mega Menus
  • 80+ Speed Grade In Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix, & Pingdom Tools
  • Supports Integration With Page/Website Builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi Builder
  • Mobile Ready With SEO Friendly Markup
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • 1-Click Updates & Fast Support
  • Large Knowledge Base Of 300+ Product Docs & 200+ Video Tutorials
  • Support via Email With 1 Business Day Reply
  • WooCommerce Enhanced Compatibility

Hestia is a popular Business WordPress Theme, currently used by more than 1,00,000 websites that has fashionable and modern layout.

Like Neve, it’s also a part of Themeisle family.

It features the full-width header with a custom background, content widgets for headers and footers of your website as well as Elementor integration to personalize it even more.

To ensure a consistent, well-balanced user experience, Hestia follows Google’s Material Design guidelines.

A modern and friendly look that we’re all used to seeing across the web – flat design!

The free version has some limitations but it still feels robust enough to get the job done, especially for small business owners and blogs that don’t require a lot of customizations or design changes.

It’s an ideal choice if you’re just starting out with your first website!

You can choose from 100+ pre-built site templates & customization options.

If you need more features than what is included in the free package, then there’s also a Pro-level upgrade available (pun intended!), called “Hestia PRO.”

Hestia Pro’s customizability has no bounds.

The front page is by far the most customizable, with its various options for product display and layout customization that make it perfect for showcasing your products in an elegant manner without any hassle at all!

Also, I tested both free version & Paid version performance:
Here are the results.

Hestia FREE Theme Performance test With No Plugins
Hestia Paid Theme Performance test With No Plugins

Hestia allows it’s customers to use their theme on their multiple websites as well.




  • Has A FREE Version
  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Page/Website Builder Compatible
  • Ultra Fast & Light Weight
  • 80+ Google Speed Score
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Lifetime Plan Is Available


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility
  • There’s Nothing To Dislike About This Theme As Of Now

4. Sydney

  • Stunningly Beautiful Full-Screen Background
  • Parallax Background
  • Ease Access To 600+ Beautiful Google Fonts
  • Front Page Blocks
  • Superior Performance
  • Crelly Slider Support (Pro)
  • More Than 11+ Premium Widgets Like Testimonial, Call To Action, etc.
  • Page Templates
  • Officially Recommended By Elementor
  • Translation Ready
  • Integrated Social Sharing Icons | No External Plugins Required
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Live Customizer
  • Full Documentation and Support

Sydney is a brand new, & one of the Best WordPress Theme For Business that provides an easy way for companies or freelancers to create their own awesome online presence.

This theme comes from a reputed brand, aThemes.

Sydney PRO is a feature-packed expansion of our free Sydney theme.

With its uncluttered structure and parallax backgrounds, it creates an enjoyable experience for freelancers and businesses alike!

It includes all the same customization options as the free version – full color control with Theme Customizer or Google fonts – but adds support for Crelly slider plugins, five page templates to customize images on individual pages more easily.

And because we know you’ll want even greater design flexibility in your site’s look, 16 custom widgets are included too!

Sydney brings plenty of customization possibilities like access to all Google Fonts and full color control so you can tailor your site exactly the way you want it!

You’ll also get layout control on everything from logos to headers and more.

Plus, Sydney comes with all the construction blocks needed by businesses looking for an engaging front page – plus tons more features not found in most themes out there today.

And also Sydney is officially recommended by Elementor.

It Integrates tightly with Elementor, thus giving you better performance & options for customization.

Sydney Pro has a versatile website builder built-in with plenty of features that will help you create an attractive and functional site.

The sticky header bar allows for quick navigation between pages, no matter how far down you’ve scrolled, which boosts the user experience when scrolling through your site.

Social media icons make it easy to share your work on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter while translation readiness makes Sydney Pro perfect for international clients who want their content translated into different languages.




  • Has A FREE Version
  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Officially Recommended By Elementor
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Lifetime Plan Is Available


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

5. Airi

  • Stunningly Beautiful Full-Screen Background
  • Ease Access To 600+ Beautiful Google Fonts
  • 50+ Pre-Made Elementor Build Templates
  • 2 More Premium Blog Layouts In Pro Version
  • Slider, Shop Categories And Portfolio Blocks
  • Superior Performance
  • Premium Menu Styling
  • Page Templates
  • Excellent Footer Customizations
  • Full Elementor Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Live Customizer
  • Full Documentation and Fast Support
  • WooCommerce Friendly

Airi Pro is a fantastic WordPress business theme with loads of features.

The premium version includes full integration with Elementor and WooCommerce, making it the perfect choice for online stores.

Its design is very minimalistic which means you can easily add contact information, social media links or other key details in your website without cluttering up any space!

Airi Pro also provides menu customization options so you don’t have trouble adding contact information or social media links- all without worrying about extra fees when designing your custom layout masterpieces!

Airi is a lightweight, but powerful WordPress Theme For Your Business.

It’s Elementor integration makes it great for any type of company or freelancer site – especially if you’re looking to start from scratch and keep things fresh with the latest updates!

Airi also brings creativity to life by offering plenty of customization routes that make designing fun and easy.

But don’t think this just because we offer WooCommerce support means our work ends there:

They’ve got full-width sliders on deck, too so you can show off the products in detail as well as beautiful testimonials pages ready at a moment’s notice.

Airi Pro is a great option for businesses that want to use their site as more of an online store than just informative pages.

The performance out of the box with Airi Pro was one of our favorite features, allowing us to get started quickly and easily without having any complex set-ups or issues during development.

Plus, it’s really easy on the eyes! With its clean design aesthetic we found ourselves effortlessly scrolling through page after page wondering what this theme could do next.




  • Has A FREE Version
  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Page/Website Builder Compatible
  • Ultra Fast & Light Weight
  • 80+ Google Speed Score
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Lifetime Plan Is Available


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility
  • There’s Nothing To Dislike About This Theme As Of Now

6. Elementor

  • Live Drag & Drop Editor
  • 90+ Widgets & 300+ Designer Made Templates
  • Pixel-Perfect Design
  • Responsive Editing
  • Switch To Mobile View, And Tweak Every Element To Make It Look Perfect On Any Device.
  • Popup, Theme, & Woocommerce Builder
  • Global Fonts, Colors & Custom CSS
  • Background Gradients, Videos, & Overlay
  • Enhanced Background Images With Background Slideshow
  • Elementor Canvas
  • Blend Modes
  • CSS Filters, Shape Divider, Box Shadow, Motion Effects & More
  • Icons Library
  • Media Carousel & Slides Widget
  • Share Buttons & Google Maps
  • Parallax, Hover & Animation Effects
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Translation Ready

Primarily Elementor is a page builder for WordPress that has 1000+ custom made website templates already made for you.

With 1 click, the entire template will be imported for you & you’ll have a nice & beautiful looking designs for your website.

Elementor also has a visual drag and drop page builder plugin that allows anyone to design their content without the need for coding.

Elementor is a drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin that enables you to see live changes as you edit.

You can start by creating sections with the number of columns, then dragging and dropping widgets from Elementors extensive list of options including basic image or text elements all the way up to advanced accordions, sliders, testimonials – even social media tabs!

With each widget comes its own settings for customization.

If you want beautiful designs, Elementor is a get go for you.

It’s the most user-friendly and customizable builder on WordPress.

Elementor makes it easy for you to create a unique layout with drag & drop elements that fit your needs, whether you are designing an eCommerce website or want something more personal like a blog page.

You can also mix in custom HTML codes if needed!

With over 500 preloaded templates and widgets created by other plugins, there’s no limit to what you can do with this amazing tool.

In simple words, if you don’t want to spend hours coding your website?

Elementor will let even beginners like you quickly make eye-catching pages.

With templates for every purpose – from corporate sites to blogs or portfolios – this plugin will give the design of any site an instant update with no fuss at all!




  • Has A FREE Version
  • Page/Website Builder
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Marketing Features Like Pop-Ups, Countdown Timers, etc.
  • 100+ Engaging Widgets


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • Bloated Code & Reduced Page Performance

7. Total

  • In-Built Social Sharing
  • Ease Of Creating A Blog Post Series
  • Under Construction Page
  • Custom Login Page
  • 60 Action Hooks & Filters For Full Customization Without Having To Override Templates
  • Create Unlimited Post Types Ranging From Testimonials, Staff, Portfolio & More
  • Global Image Sizes With Image Overlays
  • Retina Support With Light Box Feature
  • Awesome Typography & Google Fonts
  • Local Scroll To Navigate To A Part Of Post
  • 100+ Page Builder Blocks With Front End Drag & Drop Builder
  • Simple Mega Menu With More Than 5+ Header Styles
  • Optimized For Speed
  • More than 500+ Custom Snippets
  • Boxed & Full-Width With With Advanced Page Settings

Total is a modern and responsive WordPress theme that combines the power of the WordPress Customizer and WPBakery Page Builder to allow you to create virtually anything.

The goal was for this theme, Total, to be versatile enough in its design so that it can satisfy any niche or profession – corporations, small businesses alike; online stores (eCommerce), lawyers (lawyers who practice law), agencies; wedding planners(planning weddings); hosting companies: non-profits [charity organizations]; bloggers with plenty features included which are needed by most people like SEO optimization & social media integration!

The initial idea behind creating Total as an all inclusive layout template may have been due to how many different niches/professions exist out there today where individuals need

It comes with many different areas to add anything you want on the homepage, including a slider, contact form, progress bar and much more!

This theme has full WooCommerce compatibility so it can be used in conjunction with WPML to create multilingual sites as well.

Total is easy enough that not only amateurs but even beginners will have no problem getting started;

There’s nothing better than having something which looks this good without paying any money for it – especially when your company website showcases all of its hard work!

The power of total lies within their flexible design:

They offer six pre-made headers styles along with three widgetized sidebars (one sidebar per page).

The Total WordPress theme is perfect for freelancers.

You don’t have to spend time searching through different themes anymore!

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using this one on all your client sites.

Start with an online demo and customize from there or create a site entirely by yourself in minutes thanks to our intuitive page builder that lets you edit design settings directly without touching code at any point along the way.




  • 60 Action Hooks & Filters For Full Customization Without Having To Override Templates
  • Create Unlimited Post Types Ranging From Testimonials, Staff, Portfolio & More
  • 100+ Page Builder Blocks With Front End Drag & Drop Builder


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

8. Brooklyn

  • 39 Predefined Concepts (Demos) With 54 Block Modules, 203 Page Templates, & Content Section Blocks for the Visual Composer
  • 13 Different SVG Section Separator With Gradient Color Support
  • One-Click Demo Installer
  • Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder With One Page & Multi Page Support
  • Advanced Header Options, Blog Layouts, Blog Options & Portfolio Layouts
  • Highly Customizable With Awesome CSS3 Animations
  • Translation Ready
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Professional Pre-Built Page Layouts With Parallax Effect Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds, Pricing Table Manager, Menu Cards & Twitter Plugin
  • Advanced Portfolio Options With 6 Built-In Custom Widgets
  • SEO Optimized With Child Theme Support
  • Clean Commented Code For Optimized Speed
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Professional Customer Support With FREE Lifetime Updates

Brooklyn is a one stop creative hotspot for the best web design and WordPress.

Not only does their roots lie in groundbreaking design, but they continue to push boundaries with Brooklyn’s great designs that are backed by lifetime of free updates!

With 30,000 users already sold on this deal it’s time you checked out Hero Pages too.

Brooklyn powers thousands of websites all over the world where designers and developers recognise the power it offers in a simple, convenient package.

It’s easy to manipulate to make it suit your needs, doesn’t require any coding knowledge to create a truly beautiful website, and is supported by a SWAT team of WordPress ninjas who are standing by ready to assist you should you need technical support.

And with an intuitive interface for beginners but powerful enough for advanced users too – no matter what type or size project they have – Brooklyn has got them covered!

With over thirty demo sites to choose from, Brooklyn’s got you covered.

From Barber to Gaming, Weddings and Construction, Freelancer to Cryptocurrency – there are a stack of generic demos that can be easily customized for just about any purpose too!

Brooklyn is a one-click solution for user’s needs, and it comes with the guarantee that you’ll get what you want when they say ‘one click.’

Importing full demo styling on your page takes only seconds.

Simply just add content of your choice to complete this simple installation process.




  • 39 Predefined Concepts (Demos) With 54 Block Modules, 203 Page Templates, & Content Section Blocks for the Visual Composer
  • 13 Different SVG Section Separator With Gradient Color Support
  • SEO Optimized With Child Theme Support
  • Clean Commented Code For Optimized Speed


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

9. Consulting

  • 40+ Custom Demos With 500+ Theme Options
  • Features Included Like Cost Calculator, Zoom Meetings, & Booking Calendar
  • Real-time Market Stocks & Forex Market Module
  • Template Library With 10 Language Files Included
  • 3 Service Page, 2 Portfolio Showcase Page Templates, 2 Case Study, 2 Blog & News Layout & 2 Team Page Ready To Use Templates
  • Events And Appointment Module With Mega Menu
  • AMP Ready With Multi-location On Google Maps
  • Revolution Slider Included With Responsive Layout On Bootstrap
  • Parallax And Video Background With Audio & Video Embed
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Elementor & Visual Composer (WP Bakery) Page Builder Compatible
  • Woocommerce Shop
  • Custom SVG & Fontawesome Icons
  • WPML Localization Support
  • One-click Demo Content Import
  • 24/7 Professional Support With Thorough Documentation & Free Regular Updates

We know that in the world of business, finance and consulting you’re constantly on-the-go so we made sure to create a website for modern professionals.

With Consulting it is easy to quickly build an attractive site with all the necessary content.

Easily edit existing content or compose your page layout by dragging and dropping elements from our prebuilt design templates!

The WP Consulting theme is the perfect solution for consulting firms, finance teams, and accounting departments.

WP Consulting has Pie Charts, Graphs, and Progress Bars to present your services or case studies in an engaging way that will leave potential customers impressed with your professionalism and confidence.

With Consulting WP – the Best Business WordPress theme – you can choose from unlimited modern, clean and professional color skins, and unlimited header layouts, to perfectly frame your content.

This business WordPress theme also includes Revolution Slider so that you can create stunning slides with animated effects in no time!

Now you can either use Elementor or Visual Composer (WP Bakery) drag-and-drop page builder which is fast and intuitive to use.

The Theme Options will let you edit content in real-time too!

Cost Calculator is the ultimate plugin for business and finance services that comes bundled with this theme.

It helps store owners quickly create cost estimation forms that will save customers time by telling them what they need to know about your prices in an efficient way, with Consulting Theme’s powerful design skills guiding you every step of the way.

If you want something more than a simple price list or table then Cost Calculator has got your back!

Also, consulting comes with eRoom, which is a WordPress plugin that provides free Zoom video webinars and meetings on your site.

The eRooms theme bundle will provide you with the essential features for easy management of these events from within one single dashboard including: scheduling, registration, chat room capabilities as well as integration to WooCommerce so you can sell products if they are appropriate!




  • Elementor & Visual Composer (WP Bakery) Page Builder Compatible
  • 3 Service Page, 2 Portfolio Showcase Page Templates, 2 Case Study, 2 Blog & News Layout & 2 Team Page Ready To Use Templates
  • Events And Appointment Module With Mega Menu
  • AMP Ready With Multi-location On Google Maps


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now

10. Unicon

  • 100% Fully Responsive With Drag & Drop Page Builder (Visual Composer Worth $64)
  • 50 Custom Page Builder Elements (Also Woocommerce Elements)
  • Incredible Demo Content With Retina & Translation Ready Templates
  • 560+ Fontawesome & Simpleline Icons
  • One-click Demo Installation With Content, Sliders & Theme Options
  • SEO & Child Theme Compatible
  • 40+ Pre-configured Page Layouts For Home, About, Service, FAQ., Pricing, Jobs, Portfolio, Blog Features, Contact, And More!
  • Advanced Theme Options Panel With Custom Backgrounds On Every Page Possible (Patterns, Fullscreen Images Or Solid Color)
  • Built-in Megamenu With Unlimited Sidebars For Each Page Possible
  • Google Maps Included (Multiple Maps On Each Page Possible)
  • On-Page Smooth Scrolling With Parallax And Video Sections
  • Unlimited Filterable Portfolios Bundled With Premium Slider “slider Revolution Plugin” (18$ Value)
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Advanced Theme & Blog Options Panel
  • Custom Page Templates & Page Options Included With Built-in Custom Widgets

Unicon is the perfect WordPress theme for creating a beautiful business website.

It’s designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, so you can focus on your content without distractions or headaches.

You’ll also enjoy loads of features that make it easier than ever before to build an amazing site – even if this isn’t your first rodeo!

The Unicon multipurpose wordpress theme does everything from creative agencies sites and ecommerce shops all the way down to blogs or portfolios , giving you access to many different design elements such as templates (or page layouts), fonts, colors etc .

One thing I love about using this site builder is how quickly one can get his next website up and running: with one click in just minutes.

Unicon offers customers limitless customization options, layouts and headers with an easy to use Admin Panel.

Unicon is the perfect combination of a beautiful design both professional yet functional which makes it so appealing for businesses who want their content easily accessible on any device at all times.

With One Click Installer, extensive documentation, and video tutorials you get the perfect starting point for your next project.

You can create almost any kind of website for your own or customers business with Unicon.

Be it for Business Owners & Marketers that let’s you create high converting landing pages & sales pages in style-integrating videos testimonials and subscription forms into the site if needed too!

Or whether you’re an e-commerce shop owner, blogger, creative or designer – Unicon is the perfect tool to help you succeed!

From creating a website that sells your products and services in minutes to getting started on your next project with unlimited customizability.

There’s no better time than now.




  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Built-in Megamenu With Unlimited Sidebars For Each Page Possible
  • Google Maps Included (Multiple Maps On Each Page Possible)
  • On-Page Smooth Scrolling With Parallax And Video Sections
  • 40+ Pre-configured Page Layouts For Home, About, Service, FAQ., Pricing, Jobs, Portfolio, Blog Features, Contact, And More!


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

11. The 7

  • 1000+ Theme Options With Design Wizard & Library
  • WPbakery Page Builder With Ultimate Addons And The7 Elements
  • 40+ Ready-to Import Website Templates
  • Responsive, Fluid, & Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Header Layouts With Mobile Headers, Premium Sliders, & Fancy Titles
  • Fully Customizable Sidebar And Footer
  • Multiple Showcase Options For Your Creative Works
  • Dedicated Post Types For Portfolio, Testimonials, Team, Logos, Benefits, Photo Albums, Slideshows
  • Plenty Of Blog, Portfolio & Galleries Layouts Like Masonry, Grid, Or List View
  • Unique Page Templates System With Unlimited Design Styles
  • 230+ Settings For Pages/posts/projects/etc
  • Microsite & Mega Menu
  • 100% Woocommerce 3 Compatibility With 6 Premium Plugins Included!
  • Compatible With Most Popular WordPress Plugins
  • Optimized For Search Engines (Seo) & Speed!
  • 100% Translation Ready And Wpml Compatible
  • Extensive Documentation. Premium Class Support For Free

The7 is the most compatible theme for WPBakery Page Builder and Ultimate Addons.

And it’s capable of crafting just about any design imaginable, from a simple blog to an e-commerce website on steroids!

Design Wizard makes creating your own boutique grade site in minutes easy as pie with live previews that update automatically before you make changes so you can see exactly how they’ll look while editing. It works both visually – like WordPress’ Theme Customizer – or old school backend style (yep, still useful).

The7 comes bundled with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), Ultimate Addons, Slider Revolution, The7 Elements, Go Pricing Tables and ConvertPlus.

It is also fully compatible with most popular plugins like WooCommerce among others!

And the best thing about this bundle of awesome themes for WordPress.

Unlike other bundles where you have to pay extra in order to enjoy those features built into it – these come without any hassle or fuss on top of a high-quality product.

The7 and all bundled plugins are mobile friendly (certified by Google), SEO-ready, and GDPR compliant.

To make your workflow as productive as possible, they’ve created 40 high quality pre-made websites that you can use a foundation for the website you’re building.

These sites come with everything from content to sliders – just import them in one click!

As an additional bonus, get access to ever growing library of Revolution Slider and Visual Composer templates made exclusively for The7 users!

The7 is the WordPress page builder with endless possibilities.

The plugin comes complete with exclusive features that enhance and extend WPBakery Page Builder capabilities, including dedicated post types for Portfolio, Photo Albums, Testimonials and more!

If you’re looking for team members or testimonials to help your company grow then there’s no better place than their Team section where they have over 250 different styles of staff lists so finding a perfect match should be easy as pie – just like making pages on this site using their innovative drag-and-drop interface.

The 7



  • Supports WooCommerce
  • 1000+ Theme Options With Design Wizard & Library
  • 40+ Ready-to Import Website Templates
  • Responsive, Fluid, & Retina Ready
  • 100% Woocommerce 3 Compatibility With 6 Premium Plugins Included!


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

12. Avada

  • Amazing Avada Demos
  • Excellent 5-star Customer Support That Is On-going
  • Advanced Theme Options Network
  • Advanced Fusion Page/Post Options
  • Incredible Theme Updates
  • Multiple Premium Slider Options
  • Intuitive Fusion Builder Live
  • Fusion Mega Menu
  • Woocommerce Compatible With Extensive Design Integration
  • Advanced Portfolio Layout Options
  • Advanced Blog Layout Options
  • Custom Page Templates & Page Options Included
  • Advanced Responsive Image Management
  • Multi-lingual/RTL Ready! With30+ Languages Included
  • Advanced Typography & Background Options!
  • Advanced Header & Footer Options
  • Beautifully Designed Custom Widgets With Advanced Search Options

The Avada Website Builder is one of the best WordPress themes on the market.

It has been continuously ranked at #1 for 7+ years and stands testament to its excellence in design flexibility, intuitive interface, total creative freedom, as well as being easy-to-use .

The software’s illustrious history can attest to this!

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Not only are 600k beginners using it but also professionals who require a versatile theme that will help them create their vision with ease while providing an efficient experience overall.

If you’re looking for a way to outdo your competition, then Avada is the perfect option.

You don’t need any coding knowledge – just design and they’ll handle that part!

When it comes to web development, there’s no shortage of options available today.

But if you want something simple yet powerful enough to generate an edge over your competitors on website creation time, then Avada should be at the top of your list as well.

Avada’s flexible Advanced Options Network is brought to life with the Avada Drag & Drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder and Footer builder.

With its features that go beyond anything you have ever seen before in a website-builder toolkit – an unlimited number of designs and layouts for your projects; work fast knowing what you can create ahead of time will always be perfect!

Avadas advanced options network are made possible by their drag and drop interface which gives users more freedom than any other site builders out there today.

The headers builder provides even greater customization while layout designer makes it easy to customize each page on your site separately without having to worry about how they all play together when combined.




  • Multiple Premium Slider Options
  • Intuitive Fusion Builder Live
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Beautifully Designed Custom Widgets With Advanced Search Options


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

13. BeTheme

  • Muffin Builder 3 With More Intuitive Ui
  • Instant Access To Pre-built Sections
  • Builder Revisions With Easy Backup Restoration
  • Import & Export Of Content Or Single Sections
  • Text Editor With Code Highlighter And Shortcode Manager
  • Improved Section With Tons Of New Features
  • Useful Icon Select With Quick Search & Font Awesome Included
  • Fully Seo Optimized & One-click Website Installation
  • No-code Admin Panel
  • Fully Customizable Headers & Designs with 200+ Shortcodes
  • Speed Optimization & Child Theme Support
  • Parallax Effect And Video Background
  • Unlimited Colors & Beautiful Typography
  • Elementor Compatible & Built-in Mega Menu With Layouts Configurator
  • Wide Or Boxed Layout With Unique Sidebars & Widgets
  • Built-in Translator, Multilingual & RTL Ready
  • Lifetime Updates

The BeTheme is amazing.

With the advanced theme options and muffin builder tool it gives you unlimited possibilities to create your website however you want.

This product goes way beyond regular wordpress themes with its unique features that have been tested on 600+ websites already so we know they work!

The best part about this awesome WordPress plugin?

It has a ton of great reviews from people who’ve tried out the program for themselves, which means if you download now, uou’ll be able to start editing your site in minutes instead of days or months like some other design programs require me too without all these high-tech tools.

BeTheme website is great for not only importing demos, but also being able to find the perfect design that you’re looking for.

You could import a demo or work with one of their pre-built websites depending on what type of project you have in mind and how much experience you want to spend designing it yourself.

With over 10 different categories available like electrician companies, photography studios, or even agencies catering specifically toward band members – there’s no shortage when it comes down to finding just the right webmaster company!

With so many ways, Betheme can help your business grow online we guarantee they’ll be more than happy helping out any way possible!




  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Fully Customizable Headers & Designs with 200+
  • Speed Optimization & Child Theme Support
  • Parallax Effect And Video Background
  • Supports WooCommerce


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

14. Enfold

  • Clean, Modern, & Responsive Design With Unique Drag And Drop Template Builder
  • Ajax Instant Search: User Get Results While Typing
  • Translation, Wpml & Rtl Ready
  • Woocommerce Bookings Support For Time And Date Based Bookings
  • Mailchimp Newsletter, Events Calendar, And Events Calendar Pro Integration
  • 2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshow (Layerslider Plugin included)
  • Post Format Support: Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Link, Quote
  • Video Support & Slideshows With Support For Youtube, Vimeo And Self Hosted Videos
  • Visual Shortcode Editor With Preview Function, Tons Of Shortcodes Like Pricing Tables, Columns, Buttons Etc
  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages
  • Free Lifetime Updates And Access To Support Forum
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Seo Optimized
  • Advanced Typography Options With Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
  • Advanced Header Options With Child Theme Support
  • More Than 30 PSDs Included With Almost Every Page Template

Enfold is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme suited for business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site.

Enfold is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme suited for business websites, shop websites or users who want to showcase their work on an elegant portfolio site.

The theme is built with the Avia Framework which offers support for WPML Plugin in case you need it!

You can customize your website to match just about any design.

You could create a clean skin or use one of 18 predefined skins right out from the backend panel in WordPress.

With font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder you’ll be able to make it look like anything that will best suit what you need for your own site.




  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages Supports Ajax Portfolio
  • SEO Markup Friendly
  • Page/Website Builder Compatible
  • Supports WooCommerce


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

15. Bridge

  • 500+ Unique Demos With 24 Layout Concepts
  • New Full Listing, News, Front-end Login, & Restaurant Functionality
  • Yith Woocommerce Quick View & Yith Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin Compatibility
  • Fully Customizable Headers, Title Area, Mega Menu With Fullscreen Menu
  • WPbakery Page Builder For WordPress ($46 Value) Included Free
  • Layerslider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin ($25 Value) Included Free
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin ($29 Value) Included Free
  • Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress Plugin ($26 Value) Included Free
  • Bonus Parallax Pages With Qode Slider, Search Field & More
  • Blog Vertical Loop & Masonry Layout
  • Landing Page With Social Buttons
  • Smooth Scroll With Parallax Layers
  • Masonry Gallery With One-click Demo Import
  • WPML, Rtl & Translation Ready
  • Search Engine Optimized & Child Theme Ready
  • Custom Post Formats & Elementor Page Builder Compatible (Free Version )
  • Professional And Fast Support

BRIDGE is the most versatile WordPress theme ever built!

With its ability to be responsive and retina-ready, it can handle any design with ease.

Whether you are a creative freelancer looking for an elegant blog or portfolio site, or if want your corporate team at work to have the best brand experience possible in their own space on one beautiful website –

BRIDGE will give them both without breaking a sweat.

Bridge is here for all your website needs.

Need a gallery, coming soon or app landing page?

Own a restaurant, bar or pizza parlor?

A gym or fitness studio?

Need an excellent website to promote wellness and spa centers around the country with organic food options available too!

Or if you’re into photography, architecture fashion design.

Bridge can provide solutions that are perfect for churches’ wedding locations as well as travel tours of any kind including hotels businesses offering digital marketing services such as SEO.

Bridge has got it covered when it comes to keeping up-to-date with SEO trends in 2024.




  • Page/Website Builder Compatible
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Multipurpose Theme


  • No A/B Testing Support As Of Now
  • No Details About AMP Compatibility

General FAQ’s On Best WordPress Themes For Business

general-faq-On Best-WordPress-Themes-For-Business

Q.1. What Is The Best Free WordPress Theme For Business?

The Best FREE WordPress Themes For Business are:
1. Neve
2. Sydney
3. Astra
4. Hestia
5. Airi

These themes have both the PRO as well as FREE version which you can use for an indefinite period of time.
Avoid using other FREE themes out there which don’t come from a reputed brand like the ones mentioned above. Those themes might pose a security issue for your website.
I would also personally advise you to go with their paid plans as well because the features mentioned in their FREE plans are quite limited & customization abilities are also limited.

Q.2. How Do I Choose A WordPress Theme For My Business?

There are many essential factors to consider before you choose a WordPress Theme For Your Business. Some of them are:
1. Speed
2. Customization Abilities
3. Number Of Features
4. SEO Markup Friendly
5. Schema Markup Friendly
6. Go With A Responsive Theme
7. Theme Size Should Be Small (Not Bloated)
8. Proper Color Scheme
9. Readable Fonts

Q.3. What Are The Best WordPress Themes For Small Business?

A few of the Best WordPress Themes For Small Business are:
1. Neve
2. Sydney
3. Astra
4. Hestia
5. Consulting
6. Total
7. Airi
8. Bridge
9. Enfold
10. BeTheme

Q.4. What Are The Best Corporate WordPress Themes?

A few of The Best Corporate WordPress Themes are:
1. Consultio
2. Pearl
3. BLO
4. Editech
5. Bizix
6. Nelva
7. Sanabel
8. Corpus
9. Blue Diamond
10. Corporative
11. Cartagena

Q.5. What Are The Best Modern Business WordPress Themes?

Some best examples of The Best Modern Business WordPress Themes are:
1. Neve
2. Sydney
3. Astra
4. Hestia
5. Consulting
6. Total
7. Airi
8. Bridge
9. Enfold
10. BeTheme

Q.6. What Are Some Of The Best WordPress Themes For IT Company?

Best options for WordPress Themes For IT Company can be:
1. Thrive Themes
2. Astra
3. Hestia
4. Consulting
5. Total
6. Airi
7. Bridge
8. Enfold
9. BeTheme
10. Neve

Conclusion: 15 Best WordPress Theme For Business


The themes I’ve listed are just a few of the many premium WordPress themes that exist out there and can be used to increase your brand recognition, generate more revenue, and make it easier for you to manage your website.

If you have any feedback on these 15 Best WordPress Themes For Business Websites or want help finding one in particular, don’t hesitate to reach out!

I hope this article has been informative enough and helped answer some questions about what type of theme would work best for your business needs.