With My High-Quality Content Writing Services, I’ve Created SEO Friendly, High-Quality Content Pieces For These Infamous Brands And People


Listen What The Founder & CEO Of This Email Marketing Company Encharge.io, Kalo Has To Say About My Content Writing Services

Founder of Encharge.io — marketing automation platform built for digital businesses

Palash is a skilled copywriter and content writer.

His work for our blog was not only original and interesting to read but also actionable.

Being in a saturated market like email marketing, we have to produce top-notch content that really cuts through the ton of materials already available on the topic.

Palash’s work definitely stands out.

Do not hesitate to reach out to him if you are after top-quality content that can rank on Google.

Here’s What Nada (Marketing Manager At GoDaddy) Has To Say About My Blog Writing Services

Nada El Sharkawy
Marketing Manager At GoDaddy Blog

I have used Palash for content writing purposes for the last month on a one-off project at GoDaddy blog, and he has delivered great content that is relevant to our target audience.

He’s a pleasure to work with, writes articles in a timely manner, and his work quality has exceeded my expectations.

His professionalism is unmatched by any other writer I’ve worked with.

I can’t imagine anyone doing better work!

I’ll hire him again for his content writing services.

Here’s What Natalie Slyman (Content Marketing Manager at Benchmark Email) Has To Say About My Blog Writing Services

Natalie Slyman
Content and Social Media Marketing Manager at Benchmark Email

Here’s What Lisa (My First Client) Has To Say About My Blog Writing Services

Founder Of InspireToThrive & SmallBizTipster

Palash provides awesome and high-quality content writing services.

As he himself is a blogger, he knows all the basic nuances of blogging and SEO.

He writes content in a way that explains things in a way you’ll be able to understand.

He takes a complicated subject matter and makes it easy to read and you will learn what to do with the subject.

He has written for Inspire To Thrive and not only did he receive many comments on the post but brought a subject to light for my readers. I highly recommend his content writing services.

I was impressed with his own blog when I used his content writing services on Inspire To Thrive

My Blog Content On InspireToThrive Bought Loads Of Comments Within Just 4 hrs Of Publishing


Do You Know what it Means?

My Content Is Proven To Provide A Lot Of Engagement For Your Blog

What Other Professional Writers Are Saying About My Content Writing Service


WAIT! That’s Not It. There’s More Blog Posts Waiting To Go Live

My blog content and articles are yet to go live in the online world. Here’s the proof.


Did I Mention That I Won A $100 Cash Prize In The Semrush Content Writing Competition?

You Don’t Believe Me? Here’s The Proof

Did I Mention That I’m Also A HubSpot Certified Content Marketer?

You Don’t Believe Me? Here’s The Proof

Do You Want Me To Write A SEO Optimized Content?

You Think I Can’t Me? Here’s My Surfer SEO Certification

Take A Sneak-Peak Into What I Actually Do

I create both short & long-form, SEO, and non-SEO content for Online Businesses, Saas Industry, Online Marketing & also specialize in writing blog content for the Technology niche. Meaning if anything relates to the online digital world:

I can do it for you

My Topics Of Interest

  • SaaS Content Marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Productivity
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Persuasive Ad Copy
  • Sales Emails
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions

My Ongoing SEO Content Writing Projects

Curious About My Written Content Being SEO Friendly? Here’s How I Optimize Your Piece Of Content For SEO


Apart from my persuasive and high-quality content, I Leverage Google NLP optimization to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Meaning, you’ll give me a single target keyword to focus on but I’ll make sure that post will rank for 15+ different variations for it. Meaning:

More Traffic = More Revenue

Want some proof? Here It Is

Posts Performance With NLP

You can see How I Optimized & Ranked this Highly Competitive Keyword “best email marketing software”

For 29 different variations For This New Website Having Domain Rating Of Only 2
Thanks to NLP Optimization

This is the report from search console insights for my website

Not only this after ranking this highly competitive keyword for a DR 2 site, I also made an affiliate commission from one of the list items

You don’t believe me? See for yourself

My Exact 7-Step Process To Perform Data-Backed Content Research, Write And Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO


Here’s my exact procedure for how I make sure your content is top-notch and holds the potential to drive traffic from search engines with my SEO strategies.

  • Step #1: You assign me a keyword you want to target and give specific data if it needs to be included in the blog post
  • Step #2: I run a full competitor analysis by conducting a full content audit of the top 20 ranking sites for that keyword
  • Step #3. I figure out the overlaps and content gaps among you and your competitors and hit those gaps hard to gain an edge over them
  • Step #4. Devise an unbreakable content format and take full advantage of google schema patterns for better search engine rankings
  • Step #5: Write and optimize the content according to the data by leveraging full SEO and Google NLP optimization
  • Step #6: You publish the content and I re-run the audit to verify what other changes need to be made.
  • Step #7: Implement the edits if found, else content is ready to be shared
  • This whole process takes me full 7-10 days turnaround time for delivering the completed article.

5 POWERFUL Reasons To Try My SEO Content Writing Services


Nothing SUCKS more than the hard-earned money you wasted on content writers who weren’t able to communicate in your brand’s voice, match your brand’s vision, or meet your content marketing goals.

Meaningful content creation is hard & takes time, sometimes even multiple days.

You too want to build your brand’s reputation rock solid like Hubspot, amazon, apple, etc.

But how?

Finding freelance content writers that can write in your brand’s voice and match your brand’s vision is just as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

It’s not just about finding someone who can provide well-written content, it’s also about finding someone who understands the nuances of your brand.

That person has to be able to understand what you want to say and how you want to say it.

You need such content writers that can bring light to your brand’s reputation.

If that’s too much for you & you can’t do it alone, don’t worry, this is where I come in with my content writing services.

You’re probably wondering why you should be taking my content marketing services after all?

Well, the answer is simple and there are 5 strong reasons to do so:

  • REASON #1. I’m awarded by Semrush, the biggest digital marketing software company in the world for my content writing practices
  • REASON #2. My content has been praised by some profound CEOs and other fellow freelance writers in my circle
  • REASON #3. I’m a HubSpot certified content marketer
  • REASON #4. I know how to optimize and write content for both humans search engines
  • REASON #5. I know how to write content in a way that matches your brand’s voice and helps you meet your goals with my content strategy
  • BONUS: I’ve already delivered SEO results to my clients. Scroll down to see below.

Content Writing And SEO Optimization Packages I Offer

  • #1. BASIC
    Fix And Optimize Your Existing Old Blog Posts For SEO

    • Add/Edit/Remove sections + incorporate LSI keywords + NLP + SEO optimization

    • Pricing

      15% of Word Count Per Blog Post

      Ex. if a blog post is 3000 words long, I charge $450
      *Note: Don’t optimize blog posts below 500 words
  • #2. STANDARD
    Write Fresh Blog Post
    (Not Optimized For SEO)

    • Create a new blog post from scratch (not optimized for Search Engines

    • Pricing

      $0.30 per word

      *Note: Ghostwritten content is charged at 20% extra since I won’t be getting any credits

  • #3. PREMIUM
    Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts And Articles From Scratch

    • Write a blog post from scratch + incorporate LSI keywords + NLP + SEO optimization

    • Pricing

      $0.50 per word

      *Note: Ghostwritten content is charged at 20% extra since I won’t be getting any credits


  • Payments are only accepted by Wise and full in advance

Some Common FAQ’s Regarding My SEO Blog Writing Services

Do you conduct Keyword Research?

I do conduct Keyword Research but it’s chargeable.
The best option for you is that you come up with the desired keyword and I’ll deliver the best SEO content around that topic.

Do you implement SEO best practices in your content marketing strategy?

You can be stress-free on that, I use highly sophisticated tools to make sure I’m implementing all the mandatory SEO best practices that’ll help you rank higher on search engines.
I’d prefer to stay away from some shady SEO tactics though.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes, I do, contact me with the order details.

What other formats of content writing services do you offer apart from only blog posts or articles?

As a quality content writer, my main focus is to create content for just blog posts and articles, I also write sales emails and newsletters, product descriptions, website content, and press releases too.

What makes your content writing service different from the others in the market?

#1. I’m awarded by Semrush, the biggest digital marketing software company in the world for my content writing services
#2. My content has been praised by some profound CEOs of various startup companies and other fellow freelance writers in my circle
#3. Going to be a HubSpot certified content marketer soon
#4. I know how to optimize and write content for both human and search engines
#5. I know how to write content in a way that matches your brand’s voice and helps you meet your goals with my content strategy while staying under budget thus making it cost-effective for you

How do you accept payments?

I accept Paypal but the transaction fees have to be reimbursed by you.
Paypal India takes away 4% +$0.30 per transaction that has to be reimbursed from your end.

Do you offer content revisions?

To date, there hasn’t been a single client that required any revision from my blog writing service, but if the case arises, I offer 2 content revisions for my clients.
Apart from that, each content revision is charged $10 per revision.

What’s your pricing per word?

While delivering fast turnaround times, I have 3 packages mentioned above.

Get in Touch With Me For More Information On My Blog Writing Services At

mail at the rate themistakenman dot com