SEO Content Writing Case Study #1: How I Was Able To Rank Tim’s Blog Posts For 15+ Variations Of His Main Target Keyword

Tim (client name changed for his privacy concerns), one of my clients runs a business-based blog that aims to help small and medium businesses succeed online.

I approached Tim with a proposal for my SEO content writing services for his blog which was just 3 months old.

After analyzing his old blog posts, they were barely getting any amount of traffic, nearly 500-800 impressions a month.

He knew somewhere that his SEO efforts were failing, so he gave it a shot with my SEO-optimized blog writing.

I asked him to present a blog topic and he wanted a skyscraper post written on the topic of “Top Payment Processors”.

Though the keyword was insanely competitive for his new blog (DR 3), he was quite reluctant to get this post written.


I also asked him if he would do link building and he replied he would look after it himself.

I knew that this post would definitely rank on page 10+ of google but still, I gave it a shot.

I went away with his request and started the competitor analysis that took me 4-6 days.

His Website Metrics Before The Blog Post

  • Before this blog post, his website used to get only 500-800 impressions a month and had just 31 old blog posts which weren’t performing at all.
  • His DR (Domain Rating) was just 3.
  • No relevant backlinks were as such (all of them were either spammy or less than from DR 20 site).

It’s Time For The Results

After a month, I asked him to send his search console and google analytics reports and he sent me this:


His single blog post was ranking for more than 15+ related target keywords.

(Hidden the impressions and clicks to not disclose his most lucrative keywords).

Let alone this I’ve also got his google analytics reports to show you.

This blog post that I wrote for him receives the highest traffic out of all his previous blogs combined.

Earlier he used to get only 500-800 impressions per month for all his 31 posts combined.

But this post alone receives the highest impressions as shown by Google Analytics.

I wasn’t that confident that his blog of just DR 3 could rank for such a highly competitive keyword under 100 rankings.

All thanks to Schema optimized, NLP, and LSI keyword optimization.

As of publishing this post today, he is ranking at position 58 (ACC. to ahrefs) and gradually climbing as he has started to build links.

Though the results aren’t that massive, considering it was a 3-month-old website with a Domain Rating of just 3, it’s a huge achievement.

Moreover getting half the impressions of the whole website to just one blog post is seriously something magnificent.

Here’s how the keywords started to gain traction.

Witness how the organic keywords have been increasing for this post and are in the top-performing pages for his blog.

Below, you can see all the different keywords he is ranking for on positions ranging from 20 to 90.

  • Keyword Variation #1 is at position #20
  • Keyword Variation #2 is at position #36
  • Keyword Variation #3 is at position #39
  • Keyword Variation #4,5, 6 and 7 is at position #49, 50, 50, and 51
  • Keyword Variation #8 is at position #70
  • Keyword Variation #9 is at position #80
  • Keyword Variation #10 is at position #89

Update June 2024: This blog is performing the best on his blog after his homepage and about us page and being a DR 3 site, this highly competitive keyword is ranking at position 58 for the main target keyword and is constantly increasing.

Report dated August 2021:

  • Volume: 200
  • Position 58
  • Keywords 2

I would have shared a lot more insights but the client wasn’t comfortable sharing more details for his website.

Wanna know more about how I write and optimize content for you?

The results would have been more compelling if his website had some sort of authority.

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