ConvertKit Review: 4 Reasons Why Its Creators Most Favorite ESP

Welcome to the ultimate ConvertKit Review.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for advice or suggestions regarding whether ConvertKit can be the ultimate ESP (Email Service Provider) for your needs or not.

There are many ESPs out there and it can be a difficult choice deciding which one is the best for your needs.

However, I have found that ConvertKit ticks nearly all of those boxes every content creator needs to incorporate into his workflow.

In this post, I’ll review ConvertKit in detail, mention its use cases, help you decide whether it’s right for you or not & mention some pros & cons you should consider before buying it.

Moreover, I’ve also attached a ConvertKit discount coupon that’s limited to only a few people.

You can find it at the bottom of this post.

So without any further ado, let’s begin:

What is ConvertKit?


ConvertKit is a subscription-based tool that allows users the ability to send emails and take payments via their website without using external software plug-ins like Infusionsoft or WishList Members.

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It has been described as one of the top email marketing services among its competitors in terms of customer support, pricing packages, and ease of use.

The platform offers various tools designed for content creators looking to build up an audience from scratch with effective communication strategies.

These include:

  • The ability for users to create sign-up forms for newsletters or courses
  • A way of creating automated email marketing drip campaigns that are time-sensitive
  • The capability to send mass customized emails on a user’s behalf
  • Allowing users the chance to establish “high funnel” automation systems from day one
  • A platform that allows users to collect payment information and offers their own virtual shopping cart & more.

These are some of the prominent features ConvertKit offers.

Let’s find out what makes people shift to ConvertKit as their preferred email marketing platform.

Top 4 Reasons Why Content Creators Are Migrating Towards ConvertKit


There are many reasons why people choose or migrate to ConvertKit.

Potential customers should know that there is a lot of competition in this industry, but when it comes down to the quality of service and customer support, ConvertKit stands out from the pack.

Some of the prominent feedbacks I’ve come across from people wanting to migrate to ConvertKit are:

#1. ConvertKit Has The Best Email Deliverability Rates In The Industry


A high deliverability rate is one big reason why online marketers are switching to ConvertKit.

The majority of email marketing providers offer a 96% or higher deliverability rate, but ConvertKit offers what’s called a ‘double opt-in’ process that guarantees them 98%.

To ensure an email is not considered spam, ConvertKit suggests it should be simple or basic.

That is why there are email templates in their library that have few designs and graphics.

#2. Tagging Subscribers Feature Is A Boon


A multitude of tools does not have tags for subscribers, making it difficult to reach followers with similar interests.

ConvertKit makes it easy to tag bulk actions on “Subscribers” in the subscriber profile and when subscribers click on links within broadcasts and sequences, tracking them down becomes a piece of cake.

The goal is to narrow down potential messages that are more relevant for select individuals or communities based on their interests or traits, which often leads to a boost in email conversions.

#3. Integrated Visual Automation Builder

Being able to automate email marketing campaigns and automatically send emails out when you trigger a certain action is awesome.

ConvertKit’s automated builder simplifies any of the tasks you have for it and can be programmed to run with two or three clicks.

It’s easy and saves time and it is also one of the reasons people love ConvertKit so much.

#4. Integrated Landing Page Builder To Help You Sell Digital Products


People who are interested in selling digital products or any type of product online usually opt for ConvertKit.

A landing page builder is a fantastic option and it does not need to be static mockups anymore.

You can easily create an attractive landing page that will look clean and professional, which is something your visitors will like.

The simple but effective integration process simplifies the entire process and you don’t have to think about tags or anything else, because ConvertKit takes care of everything.

Other Notable Features Of ConvertKit That Makes It A Worthy Email Marketing Platform

One most liked feature of ConvertKit that I like the most is that it provides an in-depth look at what it can do for your online business.

Its ability to create personalized emails and unsubscribe links makes it a worthy competitor with other email marketing platforms on the market.

The following section will provide more information about this mail marketing software and its features.

Brief ConvertKit Review Of Its Few Remarkable Features

ConvertKit (FREE)


Best Suited For Content Creators

  • Highly Intuitive & User-Friendly Interface
  • Great E-mail Template Designs
  • Top-Notch E-mail Segmentation
  • Edit Links In Already Sent Broadcasts
  • A/B Testing
  • Sell Digital Products Directly With ConvertKit Commerce
  • Create Unlimited Landing Pages With No Traffic Limit
  • 70+ Direct Integrations & API
  • Free Migration From Another Tool
  • Run A Paid Newsletter
  • Automated Funnels & E-mail Sequences
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics
  • Deliverability Rates Of 96.3% As Of July. 2024
  • Excellent Customer Support

ConvertKit Email Marketing Automation


ConvertKit is so easy to use because of the automation.

Automation lets you send messages and content relevant to them without much effort at all, which means you don’t have to spend as much time sending emails.

ConvertKit provides a powerful system that allows you to automate targeted email marketing campaigns by ‘funnel’ — this eliminates manual intervention when it comes to your marketing efforts.

ConvertKit Opt-In Forms & Landing Pages


ConvertKit has a variety of templates and widgets to help you launch your email marketing campaign.

With the form builder, you’ll find it easy to access attractive opt-in forms.

Simply use the embed code for placement in your website or install their plugin on WordPress if you are using a landing page builder like Elementor.

These forms are mobile-friendly and can be implemented on web pages or landing pages of any size.

Occasionally, the drag-and-drop form builder may not be easily understood and intricate features may take some time to figure out.

This is true when using the drag-and-drop feature to create multiple forms for your webpage or landing page, but it’s still fairly intuitive once you understand how it works.

You’ll need to first configure any visual automation, then link the form with a sequence of emails.

ConvertKit Integrations


ConvertKit integrates with a lot of systems, such as ThriveCart and Teachable.

ThriveCart is a shopping cart solution for online stores while Teachable is an online course platform that allows you to create courses from your own content, starting with the audience who sign up using your mailing list.

However, that’s not all.

ConvertKit easily integrates with your favorite platforms including ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect for landing page management,  OptinMonster and ThriveLeads for lead capturing, membership sites like LeadPages or OptinMonster, Quizzes & Surveys to gather feedback via the email address or list integration, Facebook Ads, in order to track conversion rates among potential customers after an ad campaign on the social media platform, is completed.

ConvertKit Analytics & Reporting


Reporting is a key component for all marketers, but creating an automated workflow and using the tools to make it work can be hard.

ConvertKit gives you the visibility of what’s working – but some important features like bounce rate are missing.

If reports are critical to your online business, ConvertKit might not be right for you until they offer more advanced reporting systems.

ConvertKit simplifies the process of tracking emails clicked, email open rates, unsubscribed users, and subscribers.

And it reports those metrics separately so you can see them more clearly.

ConvertKit’s reporting tool gives you layers of insight, including on your website traffic. You get data on which forms are the most successful and why, like how many people signed up for your email list through an exit-intent popup form vs. a sliding-in one.

You also receive conversion rates regarding subscribers who claimed incentives by using the sidebar form, since that’s another metric you want to track as well.

ConvertKit Form Stats Reporting

ConvertKit’s reporting feature prominently displays the performance of any form or subscriber, which is easy to access from within your account.

The bar graph visually displays the number of subscribers who have opted into specific forms. Hovering over the bars will display total opt-ins on a given day.

You can change the date range in your form graph by selecting a different date.

For example, if you want to see a wider time frame of when people have been submitting their information, select 40 days instead of 30.

ConvertKit Subscriber Stats Reporting

ConvertKit’s new Subscriber Graph now includes a real-time graph of subscriber growth, including information on how subscribers are getting to your account.

Smile! You can now see subscriber growth trends for your account.

The new graph has the ability to track unsubscribes and net growth over time, just like our other graphs.

As with all of the other graphs, you can also change the date range here.

I like how ConvertKit provides account-wide reporting in terms of subscribers, those who have unsubscribed, and unique email addresses.

It’s really easy to understand the information they provide.

However, I wish it offered more advanced features for tracking data such as bounce rates after sending out broadcast emails for example.

ConvertKit Sequences

ConvertKit Email Sequences enable you to launch a timely series of targeted emails by partnering them with specific user behaviors.

Convertkit Subscriber Management

Once you log into your ConvertKit account, you can see information about your subscribers.

For example, whether they’re part of a segment or tag and how to move them if necessary.

ConvertKit Broadcast Emails

After you have written your email, preview it to see how it looks before sending it.

You can preview this message in either the browser or your inbox.

One-click in the inbox lets you preview your draft email, preventing you from sending poorly composed emails to all of your subscribers.

Once you’re happy with the result, go ahead and send it out to a filtered group of subscribers.

ConvertKit Segmentation & Personalization


You can create segmentation in ConvertKit by tagging your subscribers and use these tags to group them.

Manually creating the segments of each tag will allow you to organize people precisely.

Audience Segmentation in ConvertKit

Gaining a better understanding of your subscribers through segmentation allows you to tailor your marketing communications strategy in order to provide the best information and products at just the right time.

ConvertKit really offers some of the best audience segmentation features using the tagging options.

ConvertKit A/B Testing


Email marketing is all about getting the best result possible.

One way of doing so is by running a split test, which can help you determine the most effective subject line without having to send out both versions simultaneously.

By comparing two different versions of only one variable between emails – the subject line, for example – you can get a sense of whether one or the other gets more clicks and what action to take from there

ConvertKit lets you test out your email campaigns by randomly selecting a percentage of recipients and assigning them to one or both subject lines.

If your list is greater than 1,000 subscribers, it’s recommended to run A/B tests to see which subject line has the highest open rate and overall performance.

Running an A/B test with a small list will produce biased results because there are not as many recipients.

ConvertKit Email Templates


ConvertKit sends you a library of email templates designed to generate more profit for your online business.

Each email template is as straightforward and simple as possible leaving out heavy graphics, images, or codes so that you can send clean messages to your subscribers.

It also provides three defaults templates: Text, Classic, and Modern.

ConvertKit GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliant Privacy Policies To Protect Your Blog Legally

ConvertKit strives to stay compliant with GDPR, which is why they’ve created new tools and processes including a new EU-friendly opt-in form that protects visitors from any cluttering.

ConvertKit Review: Customer Support


When it comes to 24/7 support, they offer live chat and email.

Their most valuable resource for those seeking help is the live chat option.

Aside from that, their knowledge base includes videos providing tutorials to ensure all customers are up-to-date on the latest offers.

In order to migrate from other email marketing software, ConvertKit has an in-depth migration assistance system.

You’ll be able to easily import your lists, subscribers, forms, automation, timeline, and sequences to ConvertKit.

This is a great feature that sets them apart from other web apps likes Aweber or Sendible

ConvertKit Review: Plans & Pricing

ConvertKit has a higher monthly price than other services, so it’s best if you use the more affordable alternatives for lists that are not your most qualified.

One important difference between ConvertKit and competing brands is that ConvertKit does not charge you for duplicate subscribers, unlike Mailchimp or Aweber.

Currently, ConvertKit offers a FREE plan for managing up to 1,000 subscribers where you can only send broadcasts (can’t use automation or tagging feature).

They also come with a generous 14-day free trial & offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Meaning, if you didn’t love their services, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

ConvertKit Review: Pros & Cons



  • Offers a free plan to manage up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Free Migrations to help you Move from your current email marketing software to ConvertKit at no cost
  • Extremely User-Friendly Interface. Even 5 Yr Old can operate
  • Best Deliverability Rate of 96.3% as of July. 2024
  • Don’t Charge Twice for duplicate subscribers unlike Aweber or MailChimp
  • Unlimited Emails Available on Every Plan
  • Powerful Segmentations To help you customize your email list by utilizing tags to segment your subscribers.
  • Create Unlimited Landing Pages With No Traffic Limit
  • Visual Automation Funnels to help you track the distribution of actions taken by subscribers
  • Excellent Reporting Features to assess your most successful links, top referrers, email open rates, etc.


  • Has a moderate learning curve
  • Basic email editor & template designs
  • Limited A/B testing features & reporting
  • Removing Inactive email subscribers can be a pain

ConvertKitConvertKit is an email marketing software aimed at content creators. It was designed by content creators & for the creators.ConvertKitEmail Marketing SoftwareN/AIn Stock0USD4.975

Verdict Of ConvertKit Review: Can It Really Cater To Your Email Marketing Needs?

  • ConvertKit is a platform catered towards content creators.
    It serves bloggers, freelance writers, musicians, and other types of creative people with the attention they need to succeed in their business ventures online.
    If you find yourself in this bracket of content creators, then you’ll find that ConvertKit is a good fit for your online business.
    But if you aren’t one of them, that doesn’t mean ConvertKit isn’t beneficial for you.
    It also offers certain features that can be utilized by you if you’re just into email marketing.
    Some of them are:
    It offers a visual automation editor to make you create automation more efficiently.
    It includes a quick and straightforward opt-in form builder for people who are planning marketing campaigns.
    ConvertKit also provides subscriber management tools that allow you to track the contact information and activity of your subscribers as well as send out newsletters when necessary.
    If the above-mentioned use case is what your company desires, you can go with ConvertKit.
    After all, it offers a 14-day free trial.

ConvertKit Review: General FAQs People Often Ask


There are few questions that people generally ask regarding ConvertKit.

Here are answers to them.

Is the ConvertKit email marketing platform worth the money?

ConvertKit is a great email marketing tool, but it’s not cheap.

ConvertKit offers the best email marketing solution on the market.

They have an intuitive interface and offer features that are unmatched by any other company in their space.

Despite being one of the more expensive options out there, we still think that ConvertKit is worth every penny because they’re so much better than anything else you can find.

I’ve been using it for years and love everything about it.

Why is ConvertKit so expensive?

ConvertKit is pricey because it does a whole lot of stuff.

It’s not just an email service like Aweber or MailChimp.

ConvertKit helps to build powerful visual automations to nurture leads, make sure people are getting notified about abandoned carts or new blog posts, and send out live webinars & courses to grab people’s attention so they convert as a result.

With ConvertKit you don’t have to worry about any of that – it’ll take care of it autopilot!

What is better than ConvertKit?

Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign are few other real competitors out there.

ConvertKit is not the best email marketing software for entrepreneurs, but it’s rather focused more on content creators.

It has a workflow more inclined towards content creators.

Other than that, MailChimp and GetResponse compete neck to neck & offer a free trial you can use to try them before you buy, so it’s worth checking them out as well.

Active Campaign has a lot of features that ConvertKit doesn’t have yet (e.g., powerful marketing automation features while ConvertKit has fewer automation features).

Though of course ConvertKit excels at other things and is also cheaper than most competitors so be sure to consider the benefits from both sides before making your decision.

Don’t forget to check out these options available as the best email marketing software too.

What is ConvertKit used for?

ConvertKit is not a single email marketing tool but offers a variety of features that work together to help you grow your online business.

ConvertKit is perfect for those just getting started with email marketing because it allows supporters to join and leave your list whenever they please.

Plus, ConvertKit also comes with a dedicated FREE Plan & has one of the lowest rates on the market:

You can send 10K emails starting at $29/month.

Is Convertkit Really Free?

ConvertKit offers unlimited emails to up to 1,000 recipients with a free plan that does not include visual automations or segmentation.

Does ConvertKit Provide A Drag-and-drop Email Editor?

No, ConvertKit Doesn’t Provide A Drag-and-drop Email Editor & this is the reason they have got the highest email deliverability rates in the industry as they don’t allow to send pics, graphics that often land in spam.

Can I Import My Existing Subscribers Into ConvertKit?

Yes, it’s an easy & automated process.

Will ConvertKit Do The Migration For Me?

Yes, ConvertKit comes with a free migration for anyone looking to shift to ConvertKit.

Is Convertkit A CRM?

No, ConvertKit is primarily meant for email marketing automation, but it also has integrations with CRMs like Zero BS CRM.

ConvertKit Review: Should You Consider Using ConvertKit As Your Email Marketing Platform?


ConvertKit is a platform that helps bloggers and podcasters grow their audience by providing email marketing tools.

It’s easy to use, affordable and has an amazing customer service team.

One of the most appealing features about Converkit is that if you mistakenly send out an incorrect link in your email to subscribers, you can easily change it.

Additionally, ConvertKit provides an in-built system for processing transactions, allowing you to sell digital products and accept incoming traffic on landing pages.

Additionally, Convertkit allows to offers incentives and rewards to subscribers for referring other people, which gives you an exponential jump when new people sign up.

You can use this to build even more personalized connections with your email subscribers too by rewarding them for their special activities.

I highly recommend it for anyone especially if you’re a content creator & want help managing your email campaign keeping simplicity in mind & also want to unlock their creator potential with email marketing.

Click this link right now for your 14 Day Free Trial of Convertkit!

Try ConvertKit today with their free trial and see how much easier it can be to manage your email marketing campaigns.

You’ll love the way they make it so simple to create beautiful emails, send them out at scale, and measure the results.

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