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How To Drive Huge FREE Traffic From Quora Effortlessly In 2024

To Make Money Online, You Obviously Need Authority & High-Quality Traffic.

Whether you’re a Blogger, Website Owner or you provide any Service in the Online World.

Traffic & Authority is A Must-Have.

So, to help you Make Money Online, let me help you with a particular form of traffic source, named Quora.

What Is Quora?

Quora has actually a broader definition.

But in simple words, Quora is a QnA Website with a taste of Social Media in it.

Quora was launched in 2009 and at present, has more than 100 million unique monthly visitors.

According to Alexa rankings, it is the 122nd ranked site in the world.

The United States and India have the highest number of Quora users on a monthly basis.

People come on Quora to ask questions and in return, expect them to get answered.

Questions range from all niches: Personal, Professional, Emotional, Tutorials, Reviews, Motivation, Stories, Personal Life, First Love Experiences, etc.

It’s a huge community, where people come together to share the knowledge & experience they possess.

More than that, it’s a huge platform, which you can use to build authority & credibility in the niche you’re.

Traffic Benefits Of Quora

In a single month, Quora receives approx. 1.4 Billion of just Organic Traffic (Referral Traffic Excluded).

Take a look below:


Moreover, Quora also ranks for approx. 75 Million Keywords.

That’s a lot though.

Just Imagine, if your Site could just use 0.1% of the traffic juice, Quora gets Organically.

Let’s do the math here.

0.1% of 1.4 Billion = 140K Monthly Visits For Your Website.

And, let’s suppose if you’re selling something on your site typically for just $10.

Taking a Standard Conversion Rate to be just 1%, then let’s see how much Revenue you can make:

1% of 140K Multiply By $10 = $14K/Month In Revenue.

That equals 165K Revenue Yearly.

That’s a shit load of money made, with just 0.1% of traffic, you redirected from Quora to your website.

Neil Patel’s Quora’s Short Case Study

On the below chart you can see a short glimpse of how much Traffic Neil Patel’s Website gets from Quora Alone.


Here, we can clearly see that on average, Traffic from Quora is the second-highest incoming traffic to Neil Patel’s Blog.

The average sessions are approx. 12K/month & page-views are at 13.5K/month.

The most interesting stat though what I loved the most is that:

“An Average User From Quora, Spends Approx. 6 Minutes On His Website”

Meaning, you can imagine the Quality of Traffic Neil Patel’s Blog is Generating from Quora.

The larger time people spend on his Website, the more likely they’re to engage, & buy from him.

“And, the same goes for your site as well”

What’s The Quality Of Quora Traffic


Not to mention, the quality of traffic that your website generates from Quora is indeed, Highly Targeted & Top-Notch.

I’ll tell you why.

Since most users on Quora are educated (as Quora isn’t a visually appealing platform like Instagram), they just come to get solutions to their answers.

Unlike Tiktok or Instagram Reels, where people keep on scrolling endlessly without a clear purpose. When people find their answers, they either Leave or only look for better answers.

Quora, you can say is more inclined towards providing Value, Education & Guidance, unlike Facebook or Instagram.

And as a matter of fact, the traffic on Quora is also Highly Targeted, as only people who are serious about something, approach this platform, & not for fun or entertainment.

Why Should You Use Quora?

Since, people who land on a particular Quora page, are already looking for a Solution To A Problem.

These people can be identified as your Ideal Potential Customers or your Blog Subscribers.

You just have to Pre-Frame Their Mind To A Solution, & give them a Reason To Click Your Blog Post Links.

Let’s take a small example here:


Here, some random guy is asking a question on how he can earn $10-100/day from blogging.

Since, I help people to Make Money Via Blogging, for me, he’s my Ideal Customer.

By looking & evaluating the answers, I know that I can surely help this guy out by giving him certain better solutions.

I’ll give him only 5 Free Tips To Make Money Via Blogging out of 15 Tips I mentioned in my Blog Article.

And after 5 tips, I’ll write that:

“If you want more free guidance, click this link here”

And I’ll place my link there.

Affiliate Marketing With Quora

Moreover, you can also recommend Affiliate Products to someone looking for a Product Review, or is asking Questions About A Certain Product/Service.

Take a look here:


Here, someone is asking about which web hosting Is Better Between Bluehost Or Hostgator.

You can post a review about Bluehost. You just need to mention some of the pros & cons of using Bluehost & in the end drive this guy to your sales/blog page, where you’ve placed your affiliate links.

From the above points, I can surely say that, since we’ve already got access to people’s pain points out there, we can pitch them with our products/services.

Note: You must not directly put your Affiliate Links On Quora as your account might get banned. To safely share your affiliate links on any social media platform, cloak them. The plugin I use for cloaking is Pretty Links.

Correct Way To Answer Questions In Order To Attract Traffic From Quora

There’s a proper method to answer questions on Quora. Below are some points to write answers that grab attention from users, and give your answers an upvote.

1. Try To Use Images

Stats have shown, that answers on Quora having images, generally have a 12.5% higher CTR (Click Through Rate) & more upvotes, than answers with no images.


So, try to use images wherever possible.

2. Write Skimmable Answers

Nobody wants to read a huge block of text like this:


People Prefer reading a text like this:


Divide your answers into headings & subheadings so that it becomes easier for people to find what point they were looking for.
Moreover, your paragraph shouldn’t contain more than 2 short sentences (approx. total of 50-75 words).

You should take the help of AI writing software if you’re publishing answers in bulk.

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3. Write In A Conversational Tone


Use words like “I” & “You” in the answer wherever possible. These words indicate familiarity and the reader is able to connect more easily with your answers.

“Write As If You’re Talking To Your Friend”

Avoid Using High Vocabulary Words. remember, no one sits with a dictionary in a hand while reading your answers.

4. Try To Write Long Answers

Based on the stats, long answers receive more engagement and social shares rather than their shorter counterparts. So, try to give long answers.

5. Provide value


Don’t give your answers thinking that you just need to place your blog link at the bottom. Instead, even if you don’t have a blog out there, remember that you’re building credibility & authority by giving valuable answers out there.

Having a credible & and authoritative personality out there will give you more rewards in the future than your own blog post.

6. Place Links Without Self-Promoting Yourself

To promote your links, write a similar sentence written below:

Click Here to get a more detailed step-by-step insights

And place your link in the text.

Avoid saying things like, “Click On This Link, Read More On My Blog, etc.

Now coming to my most interesting topic.

How To Choose Which Questions To Answer On Quora That’ll Bring You Massive Traffic

“Finding Relevant Questions To Answer On Quora Is An Art, & Not Everyone Is An Artist”

You shouldn’t go out to each & every question & start answering them. There’s a proper strategy to find questions worth answering if you just want to make quora, a source of traffic for your blog.

Although, the more questions you’ll answer, the more influence you’ll generate over time.

But just proceed to further steps:

Step 1: Go To Domain Analytics In Semrush & Enter

Step 2: In the search box, enter your keyword or topic

Step 3: I’ve Entered “WordPress” as my Keyword & got these search results


Now all the questions on quora which are containing the keyword “WordPress” & receive the most traffic will appear here.

The first question says: “How can I delete my wordpress account?”

Imagine if I’m a WordPress Enthusiast, then I will be knowing this answer.

Now, I will go through all the questions & answer them in detail one by one.

These Quora pages with the keyword “WordPress” are receiving the most amount of traffic.

You can definitely look for keywords in your niche

For Ex. If I select the first question to answer, you can see that it’s receiving “309” monthly organic traffic.

Since these pages are already getting huge consistent traffic, a small percentage of them will also come to my blog post if I’ll mention my link in the answers.

Also, if I don’t have my own blog, then also it doesn’t matter much. Because in this case, I’m building credibility & authority.

And the more traffic my answers will receive, the more engagement I’ll get which will improve my stats on Quora.

A FREE Tip To Select Better Questions To Answer

Also, while answering questions on Quora, make sure to check up on how many people are following that question.

The more people who follow a question the better.



Whenever you’ll place an answer to such popular questions followed by many people. People who follow that question will receive an alert notification on their device that: “Your question has been answered”.

Thus, your answers will gain a higher chance of gaining more views and upvotes.

This step will help you save tons of time & energy. Itll ensure maximized returns on the efforts you’re making on Quora so that it’s not a waste of time on the platform.

Tip 2: The estimated ratio of followers to answers on a question should be 7:1. Meaning, for a question to be worth answering, it should have 7 follows, & 1 answer already.

These were some of the metrics to note before proceeding to place your answers.

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How Often Should You Place Your Answers On Quora?


Quora is a social media platform. Here, you can be a part of multiple online communities.

In “Quorean” terms, these communities are called “Spaces”.

To get relevant topics to answer on Quora, you need to be a part of some Space of your interest.

I’m a part of multiple spaces, like WordPress Spaces, Hosting Spaces, etc.

Within these spaces, I get a ton of questions on a daily basis to answer.

My sweet spot is though, 30 questions/day to answer.

I’m unable to go beyond that. But it just depends upon you, how much you can answer on a daily basis.

How To Build Credibility & Authority On Quora?


In order to become a credible, trusted, influential, and authoritative personality, you need to start off with optimizing your profile page.

Step 1: Click On The Icon Marked as Red.


Step 2: Click On The Arrow


Step 3: Click On Edit & Fill In Your Profile Details


In the Tagline section: Place your achievements, recognition, & awards if you’ve any that’s related to your niche.

In Your Bio, mention your works and add a link to them, so that people can visit your work.

Make your Bio Stand Out & make it work harder. The place offers for people so that they might reach out to you.

On the right-side panel, fill in your credentials & educational qualifications, colleges you’ve attended, companies you’ve worked in, cities you’ve lived in, etc.


This is important because whenever you’ll place answers on Quora, your educational qualification/tagline will be seen next to your answers, & will add a lot of trust.


You can see my educational qualifications being visible where I’ve placed my answers. Similarly, your credentials will also get populated wherever you’ll give answers. (You can also choose to display either your tagline or your educational qualification).

Other Benefits Of Using Quora Apart From Just Getting Traffic To Your Website


There are several more benefits of using Quora, apart from just using i8t for referral Traffic & better Google Analytics metrics for your site.

The benefits are as follows:

1. Get Noticed By Other Big People In Your Niche


When you regularly post valuable content on Quora, you attract attention over time. This can be from some big publishing companies, media houses, speaking events, etc.

Moreover, the chances of your blog getting more worthy backlinks also increases as well.

More people will start to link you back for your contribution.

The more recognition you’ll earn, the better will be your business.

2. An Ocean Of Content Ideas


We as blog writers, often stumble upon “Writer’s Block”.

Writer’s Block is a state where you’re unable to generate ideas on what content to produce.

And to combat that, you can look out for Quora or use these AI writing tools to speed up your writing process.

There is plenty of information to choose from & create content around it.

What people are mostly asking, what are they having problems with, etc. Analyzing all the questions, you can effortlessly come up with a good content idea overall.

3. Network With Like-Minded People


You get to network with Like-Minded People in your niche.

Networking with people in your niche can be helpful for you, as well as for your business.

Within your network, people can share your content with their audience, give you a Direct Link or Backlinks, land you clients, and much more.

4. Land High-Ticket Clients From Quora

With Quora, you can also land High Ticket Clients as well.

Let me show you how. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Look out for these types of Questions, where people are asking for the best services recommendations.


Step 2: Below the questions, click on 3 dots as mentioned below & click on View Stats & Logs


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find who has asked this question


Step 4: Click on their Name & you’ll land on their Quora profile

(See, how cleverly this company self-promoted their services. They asked the question themselves & in the answer, mentioned themselves)


Step 5: In their profile, you can find their contact information like their website/phone number/email, etc.

You can approach them for your services by contacting them out. You can use this:

“Hi Name,
I found out on Quora that you need help with this service.
I’m in this industry for 5 yrs. and have already helped 100+ businesses to grow with my services.
May I know what are your requirements”

How To Track How Much Referral Traffic Your Website Is Getting From Quora?

Google Analytics by default won’t show you how much actual traffic you’re getting from Quora.

It shows the traffic as “Referral Traffic”.

But how will you track how much traffic you’re receiving from Quora?

There’s a workaround. Follow this simple hack:

Whenever you share your website’s link on Quora, always add Urchin Tracking Module or UTM codes at the end of your link.

For ex. If I’m sharing this post’s link on Quora, I’ll do this with my link:


At the end, just add,


Moreover, if you need further tracking, like which question is giving you what traffic, you can use Google Campaign URL Builder here.

You can use it like here:


The purpose of pasting the entire question in campaign medium is to track, how much traffic that particular question is giving you.

Similarly, the purpose of adding date in “Campaign Name” is to give you an idea of when you answered the question & for how many months or yrs. your post is getting traffic from that question.

Tip: While Entering details in this URL Builder, don’t use white spaces or any special characters. Else you might not get the tracked data properly.


When you’ll scroll a little down, you’ll see this box, you can either Copy URL directly or you can Convert URL To Short Link.

It’s recommended to generate a Short Link so that your link might not look long enough so that people are afraid to click on it, thinking of it as a spam link.


Now, just copy & share this link on Quora Answers & you’re good to go.



Quora isn’t just a source of Unlimited Hyper-Targeted Traffic, but also a very good source of Ultra-Quality Leads.

You can also perform Leads Generation & build Credibility & Authority In Your Niche.

Since People on Quora have a Higher Level of Education Level, (unlike scrolling on Instagram Reels or Tiktok without any purpose), you get a better experience, and also get to Connect, Network & Grow Together.

Most Marketers are focusing more on Facebook & Twitter, but Ignoring Quora.

It’s time for you to get started with Quora and start building your presence online.

What do you think of Quora, Tell me in the comments below & if you found this article informative, do share it with your friends.

I’m open to more suggestions in the comments below 🙂

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