Why Hashtastic Is The Best Instagram Hashtag Search Tool Of The Year?

Get The Best Performing Instagram Hashtags With Hashtastic

How Hashtastic changed the game of Hashtag Search Tool On Instagram?

For many of you, who don’t know that hashtags on Instagram, were meant primarily, for new users.

The purpose was to give them More Exposure & Reach.

In my personal experience of growing 3 Instagram Accounts of 3 different niches. I concluded that hashtags were largely meant for accounts, having less than 25k (genuine) followers.

But as the posts started to flood on Instagram, the competition rose up, and it became nearly impossible for people to gain reach and exposure from Hashtags.

But in order to beat the competition, Hashtastic came up with a tool to research and organize hashtags according to your niche and demand.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s focus on the features, Hashtastic provides us.

How does Hashtags Finder Work With Hashtastic?

When You’ll Log In to this awesome tool, you’ll witness these many options.

1. The Perfect Hashtags Finder

Find hashtags using Hashtastic

After clicking on this option, you’ll be re-directed to the page where you’ll find customization options for your required hashtags.

Hashtastic gives you wide options of customizing your hashtag search.

The options are as follows.

Search Input Box for Hashtags

Hashtag search input box of hashtastic

You’ll get this search box, and in this you can input your hashtags regarding what you want to search for.

You need to put hashtags you’re searching for. Ex. I need to search for Jewellery, so I’ll just enter that word.

Remember, only one word is required. If you’ll type more than 1 word, others will be automatically discarded.

Whats Your Average Number Of Likes Per Post?

search options by hashtastic

Though filling this option is not mandatory, but I’ll recommend that you fill this.


Instagram Hashtags work for you depending upon the Engagement you’re getting on your old posts.

Engagement is nothing but sum of the number of likes and comments.

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This app aims to get your posts ranked on top.

Suppose you’re getting 100 average likes on your posts in general.

But you’ve selected a hashtag, which requires atleast 200 likes to rank on it, then your posts might not perform the best.

And it’s because the hashtag you’ve selected is a bit more competitive for you, regarding the engagement you’re currently getting.

This is where this feature comes in handy. You can filter out highly competitive or poor hashtags by specifying the avg. no. of likes per post.

When you specify the average likes you’re generally getting, the app will find only those hashtags on which it’s easy for your posts to rank, according to the engagement you’re getting.

And if you avoid this feature, you’ll be shown all kinds of highly competitive as well as poor performing hashtags.

In this case, you’ll not be ranked.

So this option is worth using.

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Which Search Mode You want For Your Hashtags Selection?

hashtags search mode

Search Mode gives you the freedom to filter the posts according to 4 different categories:

They’re as follows

1. Filter By No. of Daily Posts

This option filters your queried hashtags on the basis of the frequency it’s used.

This feature filters out the hashtags by analyzing that how many times a day, that particular hashtag is used.

The higher that hashtag is used, higher will be your discovery rate. But too much frequency also means a lot of competition.

If there are too many posts uploaded to that hashtags per second, then it’s better for you to stay away from it, especially if your account has less than 15k followers.

2. Filter Total Posts

This option filters your queried hashtags on the basis of the number of posts it has.

This is quite similar to above option, and both can give nearly same results.

I’ll advise you to keep a balance, because if a hashtag is too popular (it has too many post count), there are higher chances that your posts will also face a lot of competition.

3. Daily Posts Ladder

It’s a granular version of the first type, “Filter Daily Posts”.

The first type gives data on the frequency of the usage.

But this category of, “Daily Posts Ladder”, it calculates hashtags on the basis of frequency of usage of that hashtag on a daily basis.

Meaning, how many times in a day (24 hrs), posts are being tagged to that hashtag.

What’s different is that, you’ll get Ladder strategized hashtags.

You’ll get 1,2 or 3 hashtags group containing a mix of, low, medium and high competition.

4. Total Posts Ladder

This is the best category in order to rank for you on a particular hashtag. It gives you the full ladder strategy of hashtags if you’ve heard about it.

If you’re confused on what category to choose, just go with this option blindly.

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Set Your “Number Of Daily Posts”

set the limit of no. of daily posts

And after selecting one of the above 4 strategies, you need to specify your count according to your needs. Make sure to keep a balance between 2 things.

Adequate traffic Vs Competition

If you’ll select it too low, then those hashtags will also appear who have very little to zero traffic. And if you’ll select the range too high, the competition for your posts will be so high that your posts won’t be able to compete with it.

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You can also set these other options according to your needs

other options of hashtag research by hashtastic

You can select or de-select these options regarding your priorities.

These are also some of the filters and options you’ll be getting if you use Hashtastic Hashtags Finder Tool.

How Will You Get The Results?

hashtag search result

This is how the results gets displayed.

You can select the hashtags according to your choice and save them for later repeated use.

save hashtag sets with hashtatic

You can also save multiple sets of hashtags. There’s no limit to the sets you can save.

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Hashtag Performance Campaigns Using Hashtastic

now check hashtags performance with hashtastic

This is one of the most beautiful and most demanded features for people seeking Instagram Growth.

Instagram gives you the total reach of the hashtags you’ve used. But it never tells you that which hashtags worked for you what didn’t.

But, Hashtastic solves this problem for you. Upon using this feature, you’ll know which hashtags are working for you and which aren’t.

Now you can remove those hashtags which weren’t working for you and you can replace them with working ones.

Overall efficiency of the hashtags you’re using will increase and so will your reach.

Moreover, this feature also gives you full growth insights of your account by giving you details about what your competition is doing, etc.

You will get suggestions on what and how many posts you should upload, that are in your best interests.

Get Hashtastic Free Trial Here

Find Viral Content

find viral content using hashtastic

This feature helps you to find all the viral content on the Gram.

By using this feature, you’ll get an idea on what type of content the audience is loving & what’s trending around you, or in your niche.

Through analysis and research with this feature, you can re-create those posts and videos in your own style.

I’m not saying to fully copy them, just learn what the audience is loving and try to re-create that post in your own style.

Bulk Scan Hashtags

bulk scanning hashtags is also possible

If you’re a social media agency, then you can do bulk research on hashtags for your several clients to save time.

Then you can categorize these 200 hashtags into multiple sets and keep re-using them later.

Updation of The Hashtags Library Daily

Daily updation of hashtags library by hashtastic

Hashtastic daily updates its database of hashtags to serve you better. It doesn’t give you stale data like other tools give.

Instead, this tool continuously searches for banned, ban-removed and valid hashtags once every 24 hrs. It keeps a record of the new hashtags being introduced also on the Gram.

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Scan Your Instagram Account And Also Your Competitor’s With Hashtastic

With this Account Scanner feature of Hashtastic, you can scan your Instagram account.

Not only yours, but also of your competitors. Check what are they doing, what hashtags they’re using, what time are they posting, etc.

Monitor your competitors and then incorporate the strategical changes into your account if you feel the need.

Hashtags Shuffling

Daily Hashtag Shuffling By Hashtastic

These guys have also given you the option of shuffling your hashtags.

Since repeating the same set of hashtags again & again declines your reach and often people have complained that they got Shadow Banned because of this.

So if you’ve saved multiple sets of hashtags, you can just re-shuffle them again so that you might not look spammy to Instagram.

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How Many People Are Using Hashtastic Right Now?

54,195 registered users of hashtastic

At the time of writing this article, there are 54,195 registered and satisfied users.

Hashtastic comes in 2 versions

1. Personal Plan

Hashtastic Personal Plan Pricing

Get Hashtastic Free Trial Here

Enterprise Plan

There’s only 1 variant in Enterprise Plan of Hashtastic. That’s based upon the number of Instagram Accounts you’ve.

You have plans for only 5 Instgaram accounts.

You’ll need these only if you’re a social media management company or need to manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Hashtastic Enterprize Plans Pricing

The payment option is through Debit/Credit Card and Paypal.

Get Hashtastic Free Trial Here

Refund Policy Of Hashtastic

I just love the way how these guys are transparent regarding payments and refunds. See it for yourself.

Refund Policy Of Hashtastic

You just need to give a description of what hasn’t been working for you and if they aren’t able to rectify your problem, the money will get refunded to you within 72 working hours.

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You can find hashtags using several filters and options like average likes you’re generally getting, 4 different search modes and many other options.

One can save multiple hashtags sets.

You can run Hashtag Performance Campaigns to check which hashtags work and which don’t.

You can Find Viral Content, and replicate or re-purpose your content around it.

Bulk Scanning of Hashtags upto 200 hashtags is also possible in times of emergency or managing multiple social media accounts

Daily Updation of The Hashtags Library ensures new hashtags discovery and keeping you safe from banned ones.

Scanning of Your Instagram Account And Also Your Competitor’s to spy on your competitor’s growth. And also for self evaluation.

Hashtags shuffling is also provided so that you don’t repeat the sets again & again keeping you safe from being shadow banned.

There are 54,195 registered and satisfied users at the time of writing this post.

There are 2 pricing models. Personal & Enterprise.

Get Hashtastic Free Trial Here

You can also opt for a free trial version of Hashtastic, but in the trial version, there are very limited options available

Final Verdict Of Hashtastic

Regarding the features you’re getting. This app scores well on the pricing factor.

There’s no doubt in marking this app as a perfect entity for value for money.

As of any problems, no negative comments or negative response have been found. So it’s a risk worth going for

Regarding refund policy, they’ve made it clear above, and in my opinion, this app is worth checking out.

Go and check out for yourself.

Get Hashtastic Free Trial Here

Your Opinion Matters

Will you try this tool for your Instagram Growth?

Tell us in the comments below and share it with whom you think need help with Instagram hashtags.

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