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My name’s Palash & I’m a freelance content writer turned full-time blogger. When I’m not writing, I’m just eating popcorn & watching Netflix.

I’ve Created Some Masterpieces For These People Below

Here’s What Lisa (My First Client) Has To Say About My Content Marketing Skills

Palash is an awesome content marketer & a blogger that explains things in a way you
will be able to understand. He takes a complicated subject matter and makes it easy
to read and you will learn what to do with the subject. He has written for Inspire To
Thrive and not only did he receive many comments on the post but brought a subject
to light for my readers. I highly recommend him as a content writer. I was impressed
with his own blog when I accepted his contributor post on Inspire To Thrive

My Guest Post On InspireToThrive Bought Loads Of Comments Within 4 hrs Of Publishing


Do You Know what it Means?

My Content Is Proven To Provide A Lot Of Engagement For Your Blog

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I create both short & long-form content for Online Businesses, Saas Companies, Marketing Corporations & also specialize in digital world content. Meaning if anything relates to the online digital world,
I can do it for you

My Topics Of Interest

  • SaaS Content marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Make Money Online
  • Product Descriptions
  • Persuasive Ad Copy
  • Sales Emails
  • Digital Marketing & More

My Ongoing Projects

WAIT! That’s Not It. There’s More

My creations are yet to go live in the online world. Here’s the proof.

Did I Mention That I Won $100 Cash Prize In The Semrush Content Writing Competition?

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Curious About My On-Page SEO Practices? Here’s How I Optimize Your Blog Posts

Apart from my professional & persuasive writing, I Leverage Google NLP optimization to optimize your blog posts. Meaning, you’ll give me a single target keyword to focus on but I’ll make sure that post will rank for 15+ different variations for it. Meaning:

More Traffic = More Revenue

Want some proof? Here It Is

Posts Performance With NLP

You can see How I Optimized & Ranked this Highly Competitive Keyword “best email marketing software” for 29 different variations For This New Website Having Domain Rating Of Only 2

Thanks to NLP Optimization

This is the report from search console insights for my website

Not only this after ranking this highly competitive keyword for a DR 2 site, I also made an affiliate commission from one of the list items

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But Who I Really Am?

I’m An Enthusiastic Freelance Content Marketer With Over 13+ Premium Clients And Counting.

As You Can See From My Portfolio Above, I Know What It Takes To Write Great Content That Gets Results.

I Have Experience Writing In Niches Like Digital Marketing, Finance, Productivity, And SaaS.

You’re Probably Wondering Why You Should Hire Me As Your New Freelance Writer?

Well, The Answer Is Simple:

I Am A Seasoned Professional Who Knows How To Help People Succeed Online Through My Compelling Articles And Blog Posts

My Goals Are Very Clear: Make Sure Every Article Or Post Is Better Than The Last One!

And Yes, My Rates Are Affordable Too!

Let’s Work Together Today So We Can Both Improve Our Business!

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