How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

This unique strategy has already worked out for many people including me. It’s legit and fool-proof and you can benefit a lot.

Just go through this whole article on How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes and see your Instagram Following, skyrocket.

If you’re new to Instagram, then this is the correct place to be as I will help you out to scale your Instagram following from 0 to 1k as fast as possible. The only condition is that you need to follow all the steps mentioned here.

But Before I tell you how to achieve that let me tell that you can now:

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Now without wasting any more time, let’s start with step1.

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Strategical Steps On How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Step A: Find Other Niches Similar To Yours And Calculate Their Followers and Engagement Rate

Let’s suppose, you want to start a quotes page. Now there must be many other popular Instagram accounts related to quotes.

This step is simple, you just have to follow at least 8 accounts related to your niche. In this case, it’s about quotes.

Make sure before following them, check if they’ve got a following above 50k and their engagement rate is above 2%.

You can calculate their engagement rate through this formula mentioned below.

Why we’re finding the engagement rate and what importance it holds is mentioned below.

If they post less than 3 times in 24 hours. Posting date or time can be seen below the post.

How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes STEP 1

Take a calculator and count the total number of likes from the fourth post to the tenth post. (Fourth and tenth post included).

How To Get 1k INSTAGRAM Followers STEP 2

If they post more than 3 times in 24 hours. Take a calculator and add the total number of likes from the sixth post to the twelfth post. (Sixth and twelfth post included).

Divide the sum by 7.

Again divide the answer by the total number of followers.

Multiply the answer by 100 to convert to a percentage.

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Analysis Of Result

If your result is:

Greater than 6%, implies a very high engagement.

Between 4% to 6%, implies above-average engagement.

The result is Between 2% to 4%, which implies average engagement.

Between 1% to 2%, implies low engagement.

Below 1%, implies very low engagement.

If their engagement rate is above 2%, the next thing you have to do is just follow them.

And find other similar niches, repeat the above steps with multiple accounts and follow at least 8 accounts using the process above.

When you’ve followed at least 8 accounts like this, just skip to step 2 and repeat it till you gain 1000 followers.

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What’s The Importance Of Engagement Rate?

We’re finding engagement rates because we not only want followers in huge numbers, but we also want followers who can regularly engage with our posts.

Suppose you’ve got a million followers and you only get a thousand likes per post, then other followers are useless.

We don’t want such people who don’t comment, like, share or save our posts.

If in the future you want to work with brands and earn money.

Keep in mind that brands check the follower count as well as engagement rates.

If anyone of these things is low, you won’t be able to work with brands for sponsorships or earn money.

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Step B: Select Any Single Post Having Least Number Of Likes.

Now the range which you’ve chosen i.e. either from 4th to 10th or 6th to 12th.

1. Go back to the range of posts you went to in the Step A.

2 Select a single post from your specified range with the least number of likes.

3. Tap on the likes to see who has liked that post.

4. A pop-up box will appear with people’s names, now follow those people.

5. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow more than 75 accounts within 2 hours.

6. After 2 hours have elapsed, now repeat this step B from the start and select the post with the second least number of likes in that range you selected in the first step.

7. Keep repeating point 6 for consecutive least likes post at every 2 hours interval.

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Main Points To Consider While Gaining 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Note: Don’t follow more than 700 people in a day else Instagram will ban your account. You will begin to see the follower count increasing in just 5 minutes. Make sure that you also unfollow all those people after 2 days. This is the popular follow-unfollow strategy with a twist thatll not only give you followers but also high engagement.

Tip: More than growing only followers pay more attention to engagement. If your engagement rate is low, more followers will not matter much.

This technique involves some amount of work but you only have to do it till you achieve the 1000 follower mark. If you’ll continue to use this technique after gaining 1000 followers, it can land you in trouble.

Continuously keep repeating this step for 7 days daily 5 times and you’ll get legit, and high engaging Instagram followers for your Instagram Account.

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  • Publish attractive content regularly to animate your community; 
  • Adopt your editorial line and create your content with this topic in view.   Remember that you”ll only attract brands aligned to your preferred field; 
  • Make sure that your images, videos or posts published on your account are high quality; 
  • Don’t forget to use Hashtags to improve your search engine optimization; 
  • Share your link to your Instagram account on other social networks.

    In addition to these basic tips pertaining to this social media, be sure to leverage as many partnerships as possible to make your affiliate marketing successful.  As an influencer, you also assume the role of an affiliate by establishing a commercial relationship with a brand or company.  The objective will be to encourage your audience to purchase or request the services of the partner company.  For each customer converted, you receive a commission on the sale made.