9 Effortless Ways To Make HUGE Money On Pinterest

Are you looking for a way to Make Money On Pinterest?

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There are many ways to make money with Pinterest and this blog post will be focusing on 9 different ways that take less time & effort to make huge bucks with Pinterest.

So, without any further ado, let’s discuss:

9 Unique & Simple Ways On How To Make Money On Pinterest

easy-money with-pinterest

If you’re looking for some easy ways to make money on Pinterest, here are my 9 favorites.

They range from making a few extra dollars each day, all the way to earning an actual income as a social media manager!

My first & favorite method to make money on Pinterest is:

1. Start Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest


Affiliate Marketing is the way of promoting other people’s products & when people make a purchase from your unique link, you get a commission.

Pinterest is the only social media platform that officially allows users to promote affiliate links directly.

Unlike Facebook Or Twitter where directly promoting affiliate links isn’t allowed, you can do that here on Pinterest.

You can join an affiliate program or network of your own choice & promote their products on Pinterest.

There are more than literally thousands of affiliate networks like Shareasale, Rakuten, Commission Junction & more.

You just need to create specific boards around that product & start adding beautiful eye-catching rich pins daily on those boards.

Make sure your pins are highly graphically appealing & attractive too.

These days Pinterest is also highly promoting Video Pins (or Idea Pins) as it calls them.

Take advantage of them & add SEO-friendly Pin Title & Descriptions to your pins so that they can get found by your potential clients.

Don’t start spamming affiliate links on Pinterest all at once else your Pinterest account might get banned.

Add #ad or #affiliate in the pin description to be compliant with the affiliate marketing policies of Pinterest.

With Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest, affiliate marketers are easily making up to $500/day ($15,000/Mo) with proper strategies in place.

Note: Pinterest is strict to its FTC policy guidelines. Always add #affiliate to your pin description when promoting your affiliate link.

Pinterest has also disabled affiliate marketing & re-enabled them multiple times.

Make sure to check at this time whether Pinterest allows you to directly use affiliate links in your pins or not.

Also, Pinterest doesn’t allow some affiliate network sites on their platform so make sure you’re using link cloaking tools like Clickmagic to cloak your affiliate links & track them.

2. Get Paid As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA)


Pinterest Virtual Assistants are the new thing on social media.

These assistants help bloggers, influencers and online entrepreneurs optimize their Pinterest accounts by performing different kinds of tasks each month for a fixed monthly fee.

They work when they want to, where they want – which is perfect if you’re looking for something flexible!

You can sell your services quite easily on freelancing platforms like Fiverr.

The typical job of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant comprises of:

  • Scheduling pins in advance
  • Automate the pinning process and get reminders to post
  • Use Pinterest Ads Manager to run Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s version of Facebook ads) and grow business with less effort 
  • Create sales funnels, opt-ins, blog posts, and more with Tailwind 

More experienced Pinterest VA’s are also known as Pinterest Managers & apart from managing Pinterest Profile, they also take care of paid ads & optimizing campaigns for Pinterest.

Pinterest virtual assistants make around $200/client per month all the way to $5000+ per client per month for experienced ones.

3. Start Your Blog & Drive Traffic To It

Blogging is a great way to earn a substantial side income.

And there’s no limit on the amount of money a blog can make.

Some popular blogs like The Huffington Post make around $23Million/Mo whereas small blogs run by individuals easily make around $5000-$10,000 per month.

You can monetize your blog in more than 70+ different ways.

You can make money blogging by:

  • Showing display ads with various ad networks,
  • Selling affiliate products,
  • Selling digital products like your ebook,
  • Providing your freelancing services,
  • Selling a course & more

Adam Enfroy’s Blog makes $80,000/Mo alone with affiliate marketing & display ads.

It’s quite easy to start a blog than you think, go for a good web hosting like Bluehost & you’ll also get a FREE .COM domain for 1 year.

And if you want to know in detail, then check out this post below.

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Having a blog is an asset & not only it can help you generate good income, but if your blog gets successful, you can convert it to a powerful media company like Pinkvilla.

Moreover, you can get a lot of exposure & build a reputation that’ll help you run your business more efficiently & land high-ticket clients too.

The average earnings of a blog start from $100/Mo to $50 Million/Mo.

There’s huge scope to starting a blog & Pinterest is the greatest source that’ll help you drive traffic to it.

4. Run An E-Commerce Store & Make Money On Pinterest


Pinterest is a search engine & the majority of the Pinterest audience is female.

Pinterest has over 100 million users, and it’s an easy way to find inspiration for anything from clothing choices to home decor.

A few reasons why E-Commerce stores do well on Pinterest are:

  • 90% of users say that Pinterest helps them decide what to buy, and their friends agree!
  • 78% of people say it is helpful to see content from brands they are familiar with after seeing them on Pinterest.
  • 66% of people that browse through their feed buy a product if it catches their eye!
  • People use Pinterest more than Facebook when they’re looking at online shopping sites—33% vs 18%

Running an E-commerce Store like a Shopify or Etsy Store is one of the best ways to make some quick money by selling them on Pinterest

No matter what type of products you’re into, from fashion to beauty, there are ways for you to use Pinterest as a platform and make money with it.

You can create your own Shopify store or Etsy shop.

You can take advantage of the holiday season by creating themed collections that will sell like hotcakes!

Once your shop is set up, take some time browsing through boards related to your niche in order to get inspiration and ideas for new collections.

As a store owner, you can utilize Pinterest in the same way as bloggers.

This includes creating pins to promote new products and putting together boards for different styles or themes.

You should also do keyword research to further optimize for search intent & get found on Pinterest.

One great thing about being an e-commerce business is Promoted Pins – which are pretty much like Facebook ads but instead of just looking at them they’re actually pinned onto your board with other content so it looks organic.

You can optimize your Promoted Pins to meet different goals (traffic, brand awareness, app installs) by tailoring them for a variety of purposes.

You have the option of placing ads in browse mode or search mode and selecting keywords that are relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish with each campaign.

This is important because it allows you to get your message out there when people are specifically looking for products like yours – advertising on Pinterest gives companies an excellent opportunity!

To make money on Pinterest as an E-Com business, you need to sell some products.

Small products like printables, ebooks, graphics, designs, coloring books, etc. do a lot better in sales as compared to physical products on Pinterest

E-Commerce Stores easily make around $1M to $5M per month with their strategies in place on Pinterest.

5. Become A Pinterest Coach


If you’re a Pinterest expert & know your way around Pinterest, there’s a way for you to monetize this skill too.

There are a lot of people out there who want to learn Pinterest to grow their blogs who can’t afford to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Do you know how many searches are there on Google per month for people looking to learn how to use Pinterest?

Take a look.

With so much demand in these times, you can easily sell your Pinterest expertise & help satisfy people’s queries through personal guidance or coaching classes.

Popular Pinterest Coaching gurus charge around $100 per student for their course.

6. Acquire A Skill & Promote It On Pinterest


If you want to make a sustainable income from Pinterest, then having a skillset can really help you here.

If you’re an expert home decor or a craftsman, you can easily promote your products or skills on this platform.

As most of the audience on Pinterest is female, you can easily promote to them since these types of work are highly admired by the female audience.

7. Become A Pinterest Consultant


A Pinterest Consultant is different from a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

The job of a Pinterest Consultant is to craft out new strategies & workflow for their client’s Pinterest accounts.

They develop strategies that help their clients to get more exposure, sales & engagement on Pinterest.

The whole work thereafter is handled by the client itself.

Typically Pinterest Consultants charge from about $50 to $200 per hour for consultation.

8. Partner With Brands & Promote Them To Make Money On Pinterest


If you have got a large following on Pinterest, you can join hands with a brand & promote their products & services.

You can create a board specifically for them & promote their pins in there, thereby promoting their products & services to your huge following.

You may want to approach some of the prominent brands or companies that you’ve seen that your audience enjoys on Pinterest.

Share statistics about how many people are following you on Pinterest and what products they’re interested in.

Share your every little analytics & report from your past year about your account like demographics, age, gender, interests, how many impressions, clicks, & saves you’ve got, no. of followers, etc.

This will help them understand just who’s viewing their company through you, which is a great way for businesses to know if it’s worth partnering up with you or not.

You can also offer sponsorship opportunities so that they can get exposure from a popular Pinterest account such as yours.

Moreover, you can take yearly contracts from the brands & the payout differs to a greater extent.

You can charge up to $100 per pin per month or yearly basis if you have millions of followers.

9. Use Shop Your Look Feature To Generate More Sales

Shopping is a top priority for 48% of Pinterest users — so don’t miss an opportunity to merchandize your digital storefront.

Now that you know this, it’s time to take advantage of some creative marketing tactics!

Show off a styled outfit or sleek space and tag the specific products in the photo so followers can shop right from their phones.

Shop Your Look feels like this:


You can tag your affiliate products by using link cloaking tools or directly promote your own products through this feature.

You can also use their new AR tech named Try On or Lens that’ll help your users try that product personally.

Products can range from cosmetics, home decor, DIY, craft items, etc.

Their Try On feature looks like this:


10. Sell Your Own Products


You can sell your own digital products as bloggers do.

The beauty of digital products is that they need no inventory, including no shipping or delivery & no refund issues too.

You can sell ebooks, graphics, coloring books, printables, designs, etc. for people to download & make a fully passive income out of it.

There are many people who are selling Pinterest templates for Canva & selling them on Pinterest.

You can also sell things like printables, graphics, cards, & other creative things on Pinterest.

Common Best Practices On How To Make Money On Pinterest


Pinterest is a social media platform that has grown rapidly over the last few years.

With its huge user base, it is now an ideal place to make money with your blog or online store.

In this section, we will go through some of the common best practices for making money on Pinterest so you can maximize your exposure and profit.

1. Create Pins That Are Highly Graphically Appealing & Attention Catching


You need to pay attention to the pin designs & image quality to bring in more traffic & convert them into a money-making machine.

In India we’ve got a saying:

“Jo Dikhta Hai, Wo Bikta Hai”

Means, that what looks beautiful, sells beautifully.

People are more drawn toward the visual appeal of the products you’re promoting.

Benefits & features come later.

So make sure, you’re creating high-quality rich pins for your brand or product.

Not only do these help you with sales, but they also build up your brand reputation online.

#2. Pay Attention To Pinterest SEO & Keyword Research To Make Money On Pinterest


Pinterest is a search engine & people come here to search for what they love.

Pinterest is used by 90% of people to decide what they’re going to buy, 78% say seeing content from brands you already know on Pinterest makes it helpful too.

66% have bought a product when something caught their eye while browsing through the feed—nearly twice as many as Facebook users looking at online shopping sites who only make up 33%.

So, in order to get found on Pinterest, try to incorporate keywords into your pin title & pin description to make your pins search-friendly.

To know which keywords are trending in your niche, follow this pattern:

(This will work only if you’ve converted your normal Pinterest Account to a Business Account.)

Go To Pinterest Audience Insights -> All Pinterest Users -> Categories & Interests

Find & tap on your category to elaborate more about it & you’ll see loads of keywords being searched on Pinterest.

You can also find Pinterest keywords in the ad creation menu too.

3. Avoid Spamming On Pinterest


Pinterest is highly sensitive to spam.

Many people have got their Pinterest account banned permanently for spamming.

There are certain rules & guidelines you need to follow while using their platform.

Pinterest has banned some affiliate networks, on their platform so make sure you’re not using them.

There are some FTC guidelines & affiliate policies for Pinterest you need to follow while using it, and so on.

Make sure you go through all the policy guidelines before using Pinterest for your promotion.

4. Create & Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account


It’s quite simple to set up or convert your Pinterest account to a business account.

Access to a business account gives you full detailed insights into what boards, pins are driving you the most traffic.

How many people have interacted with your pins in the past & how many impressions, clicks & saves have you got.

By using their in-built analytics dashboard, you’ll get access to all the nitty-gritty details about your account.

Thus by using this data, you can decide what’s working for you & what’s not.

You can scale your profit-driving pins & re-promote them to a wider audience.

Using the Pinterest Analytics dashboard will help you make better decisions, reduce your workload & also help you to make more money in less time.

5. Use Scheduling Tools Like Tailwind To Promote Your Pins


I’m a huge fan of tailwind as it helps me to offset 97% of my Pinterest tasks.

It involves scheduling my pins in advance for 2 weeks straight, & I can sleep while my pins are continuously being uploaded to Pinterest on auto-pilot.

Apart from just scheduling & automating my posts, Tailwind also comes with Tailwind communities.

With their most basic plan, you can be a member of up to 5 Tailwind communities.

The beauty of these communities is that I can upload my pins to these communities with more than 500K members in each community & in turn, they’ll again share my pins with their followers.

Also, I need to share their content as well with my audience to ensure fair use of the community guidelines.

Typically tailwind communities help me a lot to drive huge traffic to my blog website per month.

I’m offering you a free month of tailwind & a free credit of $15 for you if you ever need to go with their paid plans.

6. Pay HUGE Attention To Your Pin Title & What’s Written On Your Pin Image


Creating a beautiful & attractive Pin Title & text on your images for your pins is a crucial thing.

While your pin title must be SEO optimized for search intent, the text on your pin images should be able to attract your viewers to click & land on your website.

Also, the images tend to view compact in mobile devices, make sure your text is large enough & both readable on mobile.

If you’re not a graphic designer you can easily hire someone on Fiverr to do that for you at cheap prices.

The truth hurts but according to Neil Patel:


So make sure you’ve got an attractive text on your pins & also in your title.

The below blog post will help you to craft beautiful headlines & titles for your blogs & you can apply the same strategies to pin titles too.

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I personally use AI writing tools like Jasper to write my Attractive Pin Titles & Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer Studio, to analyze my Headlines for the SEO score as well.

7. Use Link Cloaking & Tracking Tools To Track Your Affiliate Sales & Make Money On Pinterest


Mostly Pinterest hates Link shorteners, but it accepts cloaked links.

The benefit of cloaking your links is that your links are secure from hackers who try to manipulate your pin URL & put their affiliate links in your place.

By cloaking your links, not even Pinterest can ban you from using affiliate links that Pinterest doesn’t allow to promote.

The other benefit of using link cloaking is that you can track all the conversions that have been made through your links.

It’ll give you whole stats of when & how many times your links were clicked, how many left after they clicked your links & how many converted & other important data.

You can track all of the affiliate links on Pinterest with Link cloaking.

I personally recommend using Click Magic as the Link Cloaker.

8. Regularly Monitor Your Analytics, Best Performing Boards, & Pins On Tailwind & Pinterest Analytics


Though Pinterest business analytics gives you enough data of your pin & board performance, I prefer to use Tailwind Analytics to measure these stats.

The reason is the simplicity & ease of data insights that I get with Tailwind that Pinterest fails to provide.

Moreover, Pinterest is also unable to measure the stats as correctly as Tailwind does.

This has been done multiple times & I’ve lost enough useful data about my Pinterest profile performance by just relying only on Pinterest Analytics.

I trust Tailwind Analytics more as compared to Pinterest’s default Analytics.

Common FAQs & Tips On How To Make Money On Pinterest


If you’re not using Pinterest yet, now is the time to start!

It’s a great way & super easy for business owners & companies to reach customers, and it can be a lot of fun too.

There are many ways to make money on Pinterest but in this section, I’ll cover some of the most popular – FAQs that most of you people ask.

Can You Get Paid From Pinterest?

The answer is you probably won’t get paid directly from Pinterest for pinning on the platform.
But, if you want to earn money with your pins, there are ways that can happen too!
Check out 9 Unique Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

How Do I Monetize On Pinterest?

You can Monetize your Pinterest traffic by following different ways.
You can:
1. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest & Promoting Affiliate Links
2. Become A Pinterest VA (Virtual Assistant) to make money on Pinterest.
3. Promote Your Own E-Commerce Products or Sell Digital Products
4. Start A Blog
5. Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Or Consultant
6. Do Brand Sponsorships If You Have Got A Large Pinterest Following
7. Use Shop Your Look To Generate Sales
To know more in detail, check out this post here:

How Does Pinterest Make Money In 2024?

Pinterest has a very unique way of generating revenue.
They call these “promoted pins” and they are essentially ads that you will see on the site from identified sponsors (similar to other sites like Instagram).
Advertisements can be targeted by user interests or even their demographic information, such as gender, age, etc., which is pretty cool!

Can You Make Money On Pinterest In 2024?

Absolutely, you can make up to $500/day or even more on Pinterest.
If you have got the right product to sell, or have a blog it’s possible to achieve that mark in no time.
All you need is the right strategies to do so.
With the right strategy & a little bit of consistency combined with little work set in place, you can heavily make money on Pinterest.

How Do You Get 1000 Followers On Pinterest?

The best way to get 1000 followers on Pinterest is to get active & build connections in your niche.
Posting 50 new pins per day increases your chances of getting found on Pinterest.
And if all that sounds like a lot of work to you, try hiring Pinterest experts on Fiverr & outsource all the nitty-gritty work to them.
I’ve seen a lot of brands & individuals hire Pinterest VA’s and let them do the work for them.
These people are experts at their work & you just need to pay them once.

How Do You Become Successful On Pinterest?

Becoming successful on Pinterest requires either (hard work + time) or money.
If you’ve time & can put in the effort, you should create 20 new & fresh pins & upload them on a daily basis.
Join Multiple Group Boards
Collaborate With Popular Influencers
Take care Of Pinterest SEO
Perform Keyword Research For Your Pin Title & Description
And most important. Be Consistent With Your Posting Schedule On Pinterest
To Offset some of your manual tasks, try using Pinterest scheduling tools like Tailwind that’ll decrease your Pinterest efforts by 97%.
Claim Your One FREE Tailwind Month & $15 Credit

Conclusion: How To Make Money On Pinterest


It’s not rocket science, but you now know the basics of how to make money on Pinterest.

All that is left for you to do is put it into action!

The one thing I want you to take away from this post is that there are many ways in which people can use Pinterest as a source of income—including using it as an advertising channel, or by creating and selling products themselves.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods until you find something that works well for your business needs and goals.

What was your favorite way to make money with Pinterest?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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