19 Powerful Ways To Promote Fiverr Gigs & Build An Agency From It

Freelancers are starting to take a huge leap into entrepreneurship, and one of the ways they’re doing that is by selling their services on Fiverr.

And if you too are a freelancer looking for ways to promote your gigs on Fiverr and INCREASE SALES, then this blog post is for YOU.

Believe it or not, there are many sources of traffic that can help you do just that!

In this blog post, I will mention all the 19 various places & methods (Free & Paid) where you can promote your Fiverr gig services and how to make full use of these sources also to build a brand reputation for your work as well.

The tips below will take your promotion game to the next level so that you can make more money than ever before!

In fact, they’ll help you increase your revenue by up to 57X!

So, without further ado‚Ķ let’s get started.

19 Best Ways & Places For Freelancers To Promote Their Fiverr Gigs


She also has her own Youtube channel where she talks & educates new people about making money with freelancing.

Howdy, Freelancers!

I’m about to share the 19 best ways and places for you to promote your gigs on Fiverr.

You can do this by doing all of these things or just a few that work for you.

The point is, there’s no right way or wrong way – but the more you do, the more likely it is that people will see your gig and buy your services!

Let’s get started with my most favorite method that never fails to work & that is:

1. Use Google Search To Find Clients & Promote Your Fiverr Gigs


It’s simple, just go to google & type in this query:

intitle: “your skill” hire or intitle: “your skill” job

This query will return all the links of websites that have opened positions for the talent you’ve.

This method works for all talents you’ve.

The only con, it’ll show most of the items as jobs which you may not like as a freelancer.

But still, there are many websites that hire per work basis & you can always approach them with your skillsets.

2. Join Facebook Groups Of Renowned Personalities


I’m not asking you to go and be a part of spammy Facebook groups at all.

Becoming a part of them is just a waste of time.

Instead, I’m asking you to become a part of such Facebook groups which are owned by big & popular personalities in your industry.

For Ex. If you’re into the SEO industry, you can go join Craig Campbell’s Facebook group as he’s a renowned face for SEO in the industry.

When you’re a part of these types of groups, start & help people with your expertise.

Over time you’ll earn yourself a reputation & then people will start to recognize you as an authority.

Doing this has benefitted me a lot & I’ve cracked WordPress site contracts for up to $2000 per website.

This process is slow, yet effective.

3. Promote Your Fiverr Gigs On Quora & Linkedin

Quora & Linkedin are the sources of the highest quality leads for any type of work.

You can always find tons of people on Quora having problems day & night.

All you need is to approach them & propose a solution to their problems & in the end, you’ve to promote yourself by saying, “If it’s difficult for you, let me handle the work for you” & then pitch them your services.

To find such questions where people are asking about services you should use the Google Search method I showed you on the top.

This time change the subject to: + intitle: hire “your skill”

You can also use these transactional keywords in place of hire for more visibility.

best/top/cheap/service/services, etc.

Running this query in Google Search will extract all the questions related to your talent/skill on quora & will help you land clients as well.

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You can also look out & Outreach people on Linkedin too.

Just don’t forget to optimize your Linkedin Bio & highlight what you do primarily.

Then you can always respond to the job queries on Linkedin too.

4. Use Paid Ads To Promote Your Fiverr Gigs


You can use Facebook, Quora, Instagram Ads to promote your gig & talent to people in need on Social Media.

This way to promote a Fiverr gig is recommended only if you have a fixed marketing budget & you know how this digital marketing sphere works.

If you don’t have either of these, I’d advise you to stay away from this tactic as you’ll lose your hard-earned money.

With paid Ads, you can show people about your past work, testimonials, & other such stuff that’ll help you to get more traction.

And if you have got an ad that’s backed by a powerful sales funnel, you can never imagine the number of sales & orders you’re going to receive.

The result with paid Ads combined with a good sales funnel is:


If you can’t create funnels for your services or don’t know how to run ads, you can definitely hire someone to do that for you.

If you can make $100 by investing $80, then I think it’s a good deal.

5. Have Your Own Services Website


Having your own blog or a dedicated website that highlights your skills & talent is one of the top ways to get more clients & as well as build a reputation for yourself too.

Not only by having a website, you keep all the money that Fiverr takes as commission, but you also get full control over your portfolio as well.

It’s easy to set up a blog in less than 2 minutes.

The best way to get started with your blog is by using a web hosting company that offers you WordPress, domain registration, and web hosting all in one.

Thankfully Bluehost has exactly what you need!

This reputable hosting provider can offer great packages for beginners who are just starting out on their first website journey.

Moreover, having a website allows you to monetize it & you can earn substantial income from it per month as well with display advertising, sponsored posts, link selling, affiliate marketing & more.

Also, to attract more clients, you can keep the price of the skills lower on your main website in comparison to Fiverr.

Doing this will allow you to keep the money that Fiverr takes as commission & your buyer will become a permanent customer of you with no middlemen involved.

Both the buyer & the seller will benefit as there will be no one to take service fees from the buyer & customer acquisition commission from the seller.

6. Collaborate With Social Media Influencers


If you do not have the expertise to manage and run ads on various ad networks but you have got a budget for marketing, then you can use this technique to get more orders.

You can always look out for small & medium-sized social media influencers in your niche & pay them to promote your services to their audience.

This can be done on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You just need to find such influencers & pay them according to the number of followers they’ve and the post type.

Your promoted post will reach their audience & if you’re ad or promotion is catchy enough, I’m 100% sure you’ll get clients easily.

Using this strategy, many people promote affiliate offers & are able to make a good amount for themselves.

7. Use Fiverr Promoted Gigs


Fiverr Promoted Gigs are an easy way to promote your gigs.

With promotion tools like Sponsored Products and how-tos + app integrations with Facebook Messenger & Telegram;

Fiverr has made it easier than ever to get new customers.

To run an ad on Fiverr for your gig, you need to meet some criteria in order to be eligible for your gigs to be promoted.

8. Spend Time On Forums To Promote Your Fiverr Gigs


There’s a forum for almost everything on the internet.

You’re just a Google search away.

Also, you can join a Fiverr forum of your niche made especially for Fiverr sellers.

Apart from the Fiverr forum, you can look out for other general forums as well.

There are tons of people who regularly land into forums to get a solution to their problems.

Also, many of them come to hire smart people too.

A website named StackOverflow (for programmers) is a type of forum website too.

Many programmers have been hired directly by Fortune 500 companies as they were able to showcase their talents & abilities on these forum websites.

If they can, you can too.

9. Use Slide Share


Though I haven’t used Slideshare myself that much, I do know about its strength & the impact it brings.

Slideshare is the perfect platform for students to discuss and share their research papers with other classmates.

It also serves as a marketplace where musicians can promote gigs, sell songs or offer music lessons.

SlideShare helps people of all walks of life make connections in an effortless way by encouraging them to upload presentations about what they do best and connect with customers who might be interested.

10. Get Featured In Big Publications


Now, this might be difficult for some categories but it can be quite easy for others to achieve this.

But it’s the easiest for you if you provide content writing services.

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You can find a TON of websites that offer payments or recognition if you write content for them.

You can publish guest posts on high DA (Domain Authority) Sites & when they’ll publish your content on their sites, people will come to know of your work & might approach you for your skills or expertise.

Also, you can join HARO (Help A Reporter Out) & get your content submitted with your name & website link on bigger publications like Business Insider, Forbes, The Huffington Post, etc.

You can also charge HUGE amounts for your writing services using your guest posts as testimonials on your own website or Fiverr gig.

If they feel that your work is extraordinary, you can ask them for a written testimonial & they’ll happily provide you with it.

The larger the brand you work with & collect your testimonials, the more you can charge from your clients.

I’ve done this personally on Twitter & seeing my work, many popular blogger enthusiasts have given me lots of positive feedback & testimonial on my blog posts.

11. Perform Email Outreach


Cold emailing prospects is one of the few good ways to land clients for your Fiverr gigs.

First, you need a list of leads. You can get this list by using contact scraping software like SalesNavigator or GetResponse.

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You can also buy leads from websites like UDIMI.

Once you have the leads, you need to customize your cold emails to suit them and make sure it’s short and sweet, but not too brief.

Include what exactly you’re offering, why it’s great, and how you can help them.

If they have any questions or anything else on their minds that isn’t in the email yet, ask them so that you can reply with more information.

Make sure that you use polite language and don’t go straight into pressuring them.

12. Optimize Your Fiverr Gig For SEO By Using Right Keywords


Optimizing your Fiverr gig for more sales is imperative in order to showcase the value of your work.

As a result, you’ll find that clients will be more inclined to purchase from you again and again.

When optimizing Fiverr gigs, it’s critical to make sure that you’re using proper formatting for keywords in your gig title and utilizing detailed descriptions for potential customers.

You should also understand how search engines like Google rank results as this will influence which results appear in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Since SEO can be difficult, there are helpful tools available such as SEMRush or a tool like Ahrefs that can help.

Make sure you include keywords that are being searched by your potential buyers.

Try to match the searcher’s intent & skyrocket your Fiverr gig orders.

13. Brand Yourself On Your Own Youtube Channel


Having your own youtube channel is one of the necessary things to do in order to build your brand presence & achieve sales for your services.

You can showcase yourself as an expert or authority in your niche on youtube and can get orders for your services.

If you’re new to Youtube, I would recommend that you make a few videos first before trying to promote your work.

Youtube is one of the best platforms where you can market, connect with people who are interested in what you do, and build credibility.

In order to add more value to your videos, rather than just talking about the topic, show them what it is like to be a part of it or tell them how it feels.

Elicit their empathy so that they feel connected with the content.

You will also want to include captions so that everyone can enjoy your video regardless of language barriers.

I personally know a lot of YouTubers that offer quite good knowledge on the topic & they’ve opened their own online shop where they provide services to their client.

14. Attend & Participate In Events To Get More Exposure


Attending events can help you to get more exposure, make connections with new people and even find clients for your work.

One of the best ways to move forward in your career is by taking advantage of networking opportunities like attending conferences or industry-related events that’ll introduce you to lots of different professionals from various industries who could potentially be interested in hiring you as their own employees one day.

Participating at these types of gatherings exposes oneself not only socially but also professionally since it gives them an opportunity to meet interesting people, learn about potential career paths they might want take on themselves some time down the road, see what others are doing within this same field and how successful they have been so far while getting invaluable feedback from experienced peers too!

To find any upcoming events suitable for you, get active on Linkedin & Facebook.

It’ll help you a lot.

The more people who will know and remember your work, the better chance they’ll have of hiring or buying from you in future!

15. Check For Anomalies Or Problems With Businesses & Message Them


I would say that this is the most clever way on this list to achieve gig sales.

In this process, you land out to your client’s work & you find existing flaws in their system & you message them on social media that how bad is the flaw & what can be done to improve them.

This strategy works best if you have got a website development sort of work, where you can go & find flaws in your client’s websites & pitch them with your services.

I’ve seen many people using this strategy where they land on websites of huge companies, find a fault, & then pitch them with their services.

16. Create A Portfolio Blog, Showcase Your Past Work, & Drive Traffic To It


The best way to build credibility & authority in your space is to start your own website blog.

With your website in place, you can showcase your past work & attract more clients for your Fiverr gig.

Having a personal website enables people to take you seriously & perceive you as an authority in your niche.

On my blog website, I also offer content writing services for people to make some extra bucks, & you can too.

17. Teach What Skill You Know About & Then Promote Your Fiverr Gigs


You can teach others the skills you’ve on your youtube channel or social media platforms & help people acquire that skill.

Just like Alexandra Fasulo does on her Youtube Channel.

Alexandra Fasulo, sells her writing gigs on Fiverr, & makes up to $30K per month from it.


She also has her own Youtube channel where she talks & educates new people about making money with freelancing.

This gives her more exposure & thus she’s able to attract more clients.

You can launch your own online course or an ebook that’ll help people to learn & implement.

This way when you’ll gain enough exposure in your industry, people will start noticing you & you’ll begin to get clients & sales.

This is also what Neil Patel does.

18. Build Relationships In Your Industry & Get Active


Just like how you need to make relationships in order to get a promotion, the same principle applies when trying to achieve orders for your Fiverr gigs.

It’s not enough that you have good skills or can provide something of value for clients.

You also must be able to market yourself and be seen as an authority on your niche field.

And to successfully accomplish it, you ought to have a powerful network behind you.

The network is Net-Worth.

And the best way to accomplish it is to get Active on Social Media.

You can never imagine the power of referral clients you can get, but that’ll only work if you have a big network of people promoting your brand.

19. Collaborate With Small & Medium Bloggers To Promote Your Fiverr Gigs


If you want to grow your Fiverr business, go and build connections with small & medium-level bloggers.

Ask them to recommend you in their blog posts by providing links or even better – a contract!

This way, not only will they help promote your services but it also guarantees that more people see yours too when someone clicks on your Fiverr gig link at least once during the term of the agreement.

The best thing is that this strategy doesn’t cost anything other than some time and effort put into reaching out by emailing each blogger separately about which service(s) would be ideal for his/her audience as well as what type of compensation he/she can offer (free review vs paid marketing).

Suppose if a blogger has written on the topic, “how to write a sales copy” & you provide sales email copy services.

You can reach out to them & ask them to place your Fiverr gig links.

I’m pretty sure that many of them will do that for FREE for you.

To find out what blogs posts are getting the most traffic, try using the Semrush tool.

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs Do’s & Dont’s You Should Always Follow


Fiverr is a website where you can pay someone to do anything for $5.

From design, voiceovers, and even video editing.

I found it to be a great place to hire people who are affordable and creative!

However, there are some things that you should never do when promoting your gig on Fiverr.

Here are the common dos & don’ts of Fiverr gig promotion!


  • Be Professional

  • Pay Attention To Your Gig Title & Gig Image

  • Make First Slide Image Of Gig Attractive & upload your past testimonials & positive reviews about your work on the second & third gig image.

  • Provide Unlimited Revisions If You’ve Just Started On Fiverr

  • Brand Yourself By Using Your Own Photograph On Your Gig Image. People Buy From People.

  • Be A Good Communicator


  • Take Your Gig Link & Start Spamming On Social Media

  • Don’t Act Salesy Or Desperate

  • Have Just One Gig. Having Multiple Similar Gigs Will Increase Your Chances Of Being Found

  • Have High Pricing If You’ve Just Started On Fiverr

  • Copy Other Fiverr Gig Descriptions

FAQs On How To Promote Fiverr Gigs


We’re going to go over some of the most common questions on how to promote your service on Fiverr gigs.

This is a very important step in making sure your gig gets seen by potential customers.

So, let’s answer the most asked questions regarding this topic & try to answer all of these:

How To Get More Sales On Fiverr?

Pay HUGE attention to your Fiverr gig title & gig image.
Optimize your gig title & description to match the search intent of your potential buyers.
Create an attractive gig image
Have search-friendly keywords that enable your buyers to find you in search results.

How To Advertise Your Fiverr Gig?

You have been working so hard on the gig.
It is finally time to start reaching out and sharing your excitement with those who might be interested in coming too!
Send a few emails, make some phone calls or even do an interview for all of our fans that can’t come but still want to know what it was like.
You’re awesome – don’t forget about them!

How To Promote My Gig On Fiverr?

A gig is a service you can offer on sites like and to generate more traffic for your business or project in the form of leads, sales, followers, etc.
It’s important that your title be catchy so it appears at the top of search lists when buyers are looking around – but don’t get too spammy!
You want them to click through because they’re interested not just because they saw it the first time around (that will likely lead straight back out again).
Your description should also match what people are searching for with keywords that relate directly to who you are as an artist/writer/musician… whatever type of creative work you do best!
The image needs good lighting if possible too.

Where To Share Fiverr Gigs?

The best way to share your gigs is through social media.
Share it on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter but don’t spam them!
Join groups or create a group for yourself in order to get the most out of these sites.

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs On Social Media?

You’re probably already doing it with posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
Make sure not to spam these sites though!
Sites like LinkedIn have groups that are perfect for every type of audience so make the most of them but remember: as much as possible, be authentic in what you share.

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs On Facebook?

You can either join high-profile Facebook groups & share your gig there.
Or you can contact the page owners of big Facebook pages & then pay them to promote your link.
Also, making an attractive Facebook page is the best way to advertise your gig.
If you’re trying to get results quickly, then paid advertising on Facebook might be a good idea!

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs On Twitter?

Twitter is a great place to build connections with top celebrities in your niche.
Having such powerful connections can also land you some high-ticket clients for your Fiverr gigs as well.
Focus more on building relationships & connections on Twitter instead of just spamming your Fiverr gigs.

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs On Instagram?

Collaborate with people in your niche.
Build Connections with them & cross-promote each other.
If you can invest some money, go for paid ads.

How To Boost Fiverr Sales?

Research the top-selling gigs on Fiverr.
Using keywords is key to maximizing your tags and reviews, so always use them!
Stop editing your gig too often or you might get penalized for it.
Appreciate customer support because they are the ones who help fix any issues that come up with a gig before anyone else can see it happen – be sure to contact customer service if needed!
Always check availability when looking at search results using keywords- this way you won’t spend time creating a new one only find out it’s already been taken by someone else in an unrelated category.

Does Fiverr Advertising Work?

In simple words, YES.
Paid advertising is a high-impact way to grow your business on Fiverr.
When done right, paying for ad space will introduce you and your Gigs to new clients by introducing them to one of the prime spots that are seen first when they’re searching for a gig you’re offering.

Conclusion: How To Promote Fiverr Gigs


I hope this post has been helpful to you, and that it will help get the wheels in your head turning about all the different ways you can promote your Fiverr gigs.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started on Fiverr, there are always new marketing strategies popping up for freelancers like us!

If any of these methods have worked for you before-or if they seem really interesting but out of reach right now-please let me know by commenting below.

Your feedback is very valuable to me and helps fuel my blog posts!

Till then, have a nice day!