How To Write A Blog Title That’ll BOOST Your Traffic By 567%

If you’re someone who is a sales funnel expert or a Content Marketer, & knows how to drive sales online effectively, then you might be knowing the true importance of having a Compelling Headline/Title for your Landing pages.

If you don’t wish to learn the whole complicated process and still want to create awesome headlines, go with AI writing software. It’ll not bring the extra headaches of learning new techniques and will get the work done in seconds.

The Headlines/Title you use in your landing pages, are 37% itself responsible, for all the conversions/sales you’ll close. Rest other things comes later on.

But, Don’t worry if you’re not a sales funnel expert, or know nothing about sales funnels. This post isn’t about that either.

Since you’ve created a blog, & if you’re thinking of monetizing it, then incorporating the fundamentals of sales funnels into your blog posts, can boost, both your affiliate sales, & traffic, by over 567%.

Now that’s what I call is a big number.

Though there are a lot of lessons to incorporate into your blog posts.

Today, we’ll just focus on “How To Write A Blog Title That Not Only Drives HUGE Traffic, but also MASSIVE Affiliate Sales”.

So, let’s get started.

But Wait! What’s The True Purpose Of Writing A Blog Title Or A Blog Headline?


This question might have clicked you.

“Why The Heck Do I Need To Have So Much Focus On The Blog Title/Headline Section?
Does It Really Matter?
Isn’t A Simple Headline More Than Enough”

Many Funnels & Landing Page Experts Like Neil Patel, have already addressed in International Conferences about the importance of Headlines.

Here’s a little glimpse from that conference.

By Neil Patel In Affiliate World Conference Asia 2017

This is how important a headline becomes, if you want to hook people to keep reading your blog article/landing page till the end.

I’ve also elaborated in detail about the 4 phases of writing a blog post, in which I’ve mentioned that the first phase is the Attraction Phase.

The Sole Purpose of a Blog Title/Headline is to create attraction, & compel people to click on it.

Let’s take an example of 2 headlines you typically see in Goggle Search results, & compare which is more click-worthy out of the 2?

Headline 1:


Headline 2:


According to you, which one of them convinces you to click on them? Tell me in the comments below.

This isn’t just the case with Google Search results, but the same pattern holds for social media as well.

Let’s also witness how a typical blog post appears like, when it’s shared on social media platforms.


I’ve shared my last post on Linkedin, & I got the above type of snippet.

The area marked in red, is the Blog Title/Headline. The view is quite similar on Facebook & Twitter as well.

Since, when user is searching for some keyword on Google, he only sees the Blog Title/Headline.

And that becomes your sole, traffic driving factor.

“The Amount Of Traffic, Your Blog Will Drive From Search Engines Or Social Media Platforms, Entirely Depends Upon Your Blog Title/Headline”

Not only this, if you’re active in the online marketing community, you must’ve come across this statement many times:

Quoted By David Ogilvy

Who’s David Ogilvy BTW, & why does he matter here:


What he meant to say is:

“For Every Single Dollar You Spend In Your Content Body, 80 Cents Should Be Devoted To Your Headlines “

It’s just the headline that decides if you’ll generate enough targeted traffic to your blog post or not.

Statistics say that:

After reading just the headlines, more than 80% of people decide whether they’ll buy, or leave.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s focus on creating a perfect blog title for your blog posts.

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Points You Need To Keep In Mind, To Write A Traffic Driving Blog Title/Headline


As of now, you must’ve got an idea about how important A Blog Title is for a blog post to attract highly-targeted traffic.

So, let’s proceed with some interesting points you should keep in mind, while curating your Blog Title/Headline.


1. Create A Personal Touch With Your Potential Reader In Your Blog Headline


I didn’t mean to get this much personal as the above picture. It might be considered as a privacy intrusion 😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😂😂😂.

Getting Personal with your Readers in your Blog Headline means that:

Showing them, the direct benefit, of what your topic is about.

Try to involve them in your Blog Title/Headline.

Use words like “You”, “I”, “Yours”,”Mine”, etc. in your Blog Title.

Let’s take an example by looking at 2 headlines here:

Headline 1:


This is a perfect example of a Plain & Generic Headline.

Though, this tells the readers about the benefit of reading the post, but this doesn’t directly involves the reader in this headline.

So this makes it less click-worthy, & less appealing.

Now, let’s look at the second headline.

Headline 2:


We’ve only made a small change in the above headline, & just added a personalized word here, i.e. “YOUR”.

In this headline, the reader is directly able to connect with the benefit of the topic.

He’s able to instantly feel, what he’ll be getting out of this post, if he reads it to the end. It makes him feel, this this post was especially created for him.

And this feeling is only created with the use of a personalized word, “YOUR”.



Just observe, how adding just a single word, can create such significant impact on a reader.

You can also quote yourself in your Blog Title. The perfect way would be like this:

Suppose, you’re teaching people to grow traffic on their blog, & your target keyword is, “How To Grow Traffic On A Blog”.

Instead of writing a Generic Blog Title like: “How To Grow 1M Traffic To Your Blog In A Month?”, you can Write Your Blog Title as,

“How I Grew 1M Traffic On My Blog In A Month By Using This Simple Hack”

The above headline creates a personal touch & a little bit of curiosity, as it contains about the experiences of the author itself.

The reader subconsciously is able to compare that:

“If the author can achieve 1M traffic mark in a month, then I can too. Let’s read his post, & copy his strategy”.

So, creating a personal touch is quite important, & since I’m a data driven kind of a person, let me also present you with some data below.

“A Personalized Headline has a 9.7% Higher Click Through Rate than a Non-Personalized One”

2. Try To Insert Numbers In Your Blog Titles Whenever Possible


In this harsh, & life-threatened world, people don’t want to risk anything.

They want to feel Secure & Certain about everything.

And numbers do this for them.

Adding numbers, embark certainty, & instill a sense of security in your readers.

Also, there’s a certain strategy, & meaning behind adding numbers in your blog title.

Depending upon the type of Blog Title you’re writing, you can follow certain guidelines mentioned below, to increase your Click Through Rates.

Let’s try to understand the psychology of using numbers in your headlines.

1. Rounded Off Numbers Add A Sense Of Security, & Certainty


Numbers ending with 0 or 5 are proved to close more sales.

If you’re directly selling something in your online store, you can use this trick to close more sales.

Let’s take an example by looking at a headline below:


Can you guess why it’s 90 DAYS only? It could’ve been 93 also, or 88 also, or any other number? It’s because

This headline subconsciously convinces the person to see results just within 90 days after buying this course. He feels secure & certain about when he’ll be able to see the results.

By looking at the above headline, the buying intention of the user increases to a greater extent.

Even though there’s no guarantee to achieve results in 90 days, but still the reader feels secure in buying the challenge, as this headline displays certainty of seeing results in 90 days or less.

This technique is best to be used when you’re selling something.

The reason behind this is:

Your customer is trusting you with his money. And trust is something which is quite expensive to earn these days. It’s also quite fragile.

So, it becomes your responsibility, to make sure that he feels safe, & certain while handing his money over to you.

And numbers ending with 0 or 5 does this for you.

2. Odd Numbers Convert A Lot Better As They Embark Mysteriousness, & Evoke Curiosity

Numbers ending with 1,3,7,9, tend to attract a lot of traffic as they break the regular pattern.

It’s officially proved that titles containing odd numbers, (excluding 5) have an increased CTR of up to 17.67%, as compared to their even counterparts.

Note: The number 7 is the world’s most favorite of all. The psychology behind 7 is that, it symbolizes divine perfection, and completion.

Also, Blog Titles having digit 7, have been observed to attract more traffic as compared to their counterparts.

Adding Numbers, Stats & Facts, have proved to increase a website’s traffic by 268%.

3. Add [Updated 2024] At The End Of Your Blog Title, As It Denotes Updated, & Fresh Content


People love fresh content. No one wants to access stale content, which hasn’t updated for years.

Adding just “[Updated 2024]“ at the end of your blog title, makes, it look fresh & newer than before.

Also not to mention, Google also prefer to rank websites with fresh content as compared to stale ones.

4. Use Power Words To Emphasize More On The Topic


Use Adjectives & Power words to emphasize more on the topic you’re conveying about.

For ex. if you’re writing a blog post on the topic, “How To Sell Your House In 2024“.

Just add 1 or 2 adjectives.

Like in this headline above, I can add the word “Effortlessly” to make it more click worthy.

“How To Sell Your House In 2024 Effortlessly”.

People are lazy, they don’t want to make efforts. And this headline of yours, will definitely make them to click through to see your effortless method.

It’s been observed that just by adding one or two adjectives/power words, increases the CTR by 16.8%.

I’ve also compiled a list of more than 390 Power Words to make your headline writing process smoother.

[mo-optin-form id=”BNVwEcKHzt”]

5. Stay Under The Words & Characters Limits While Optimizing For Google & Facebook Open Graph


The ideal sweet spot for number of words a perfect title should have, to be visible both on Google desktop & Google mobile, is 12 words.

The Character Limit you get is, 60 if you don’t want Google to cut off your headline like this below, then try to stay under 65 characters.


Anything beyond 12 words or 60 characters gets skipped off by Google as shown.

For Facebook, the ideal sweet spot is 55 characters, for both mobile & desktop.

To verify whether your headline is visible fully on google, take the help of yoast seo plugin.

Go to SEO section in the Yoast SEO Column in the WordPress Editor -> Google Preview -> And preview both for Mobile & Desktop.


6. Adding Colons, Hyphens & Other Special Characters In Blog Titles Boosts CTR By Up To 13%


It’s been observed that having special characters in a blog title, officially improves the Click Through Rate of your blog posts by 13%.

Take a look at the below headline:


This blog post just gets 8K organic traffic from Google.

But try to use this technique, only when you feel it’s necessary.

Unnecessary usage, can impose a negative impact on your blog traffic.

7. Don’t Use Same Headlines For Different Platforms


Try to include varieties in your headlines.

Use different headlines for different platforms.

Use first variation for your blog post, & create it’s multiple variations for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Doing this, can help you choose the best headline that works for you, & then later, you can remove the ones which aren’t working.

8. Avoid Beating Around The Bush


As I’ve stated multiple times, that the attention span of people has gone down drastically, especially more after the introduction of Tiktok & Instagram Reels.

When people don’t find anything interesting, they just scroll to the next one & it hardly takes a second.

So, always be clear about what you’re providing for your readers.

You only get a limit of 65 characters in your blog title, so try to use it wisely, & talk on point.

While Writing A Blog Title, always put first what your readers will be able to gain from your blog post.

Sell the benefits in your Blog Title, & nothing else.

8. Emotional Words Drive More Traffic


Words that trigger negative, or positive emotions tend to do a lot better.

Although Negative emotions, especially hate driving emotional words, drive lot more traffic than positive ones.

It’s not advisable to do this, as it can impact your brand in a negative way.

Since you’ve started blogging, your purpose should be to bring a positive change in other’s lives, & not the other way around.

So avoid using hate speech & other negative words.

9. Add More Words That Evoke Awe, Amusement, Joy Or Surprise


Words that evoke these emotions, drive a ton of traffic from social media. Take a look at the study below.


While optimizing your blog posts headlines for Facebook & Twitter, add these words to drive more social shares & engagement.

10. Try To Make It Effortless For People, & Easy To Follow


As mentioned earlier, People are Lazy.

Especially in this world of smartphones, where everything is available at a click of a button, people hate making efforts.

So, whenever they see something which requires efforts, they tend to run away from it.

So, headlines that involve least to no efforts, wins on social media.

An example of this would be:

“How To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Blog While You Party”


How I Prefer To Write A Blog Title For My Blog Post & Speed Up The Process?


As bloggers, there are many tasks we need to accomplish by the end of the day. Tasks range from Social Media content creation & publishing, reaching out to other fellow bloggers for connection & backlinking, come up with the next topic to write on, etc.

And in all this stress to achieve everything, we often forget to give special attention to small details like creating attractive headlines.

I know, that after reading this blog post, most of you people will definitely forget these tips I’ve mentioned above.

And it’s perfectly fine, & natural to do that. I’m a blogger myself & I get it.

I also many a times, forget to pay attention to such small things like headlines, meta description, Open Graph Data, etc.

So, to ease things up for you, let me share with you my personal favorite strategy, I use to craft my most attractive Blog Headlines.

In fact, as I’ve told you earlier, that I perform keyword research for my blog posts, 1 month in advance, similarly I also Write Blog Titles for those keywords just after I complete my Keyword research.

When I sit down to Write A Blog Title for my blog posts, I use Coschedule’s Headline Studio.

What’s Coschedule’s Headline Studio & How To Write An Appealing Blog Title With It?


I’ve been using Coschedule’s Headline Studio for approx. a year & a half to Write My Blog Post Titles.

Let me take you on a Walk-Through of how this awesome tool works.

Step 1: In the Dashboard, You’ll See This Input Form


Let’s suppose, you’re writing a blog post, & your target keyword is, “How To Start A Blog”. Just enter your keyword, & hit analyze.

Step 3: In Less Than 3 Secs, This Tool Will Give You A Detailed, Step-By-Step Breakdown Of Your Keyword


You’ll get to see your Blog Headline Score, SEO Score & suggestions to improve them. Wait, it’s not just it. Scroll down a little.


This tool will also give you full breakdown of Common, Uncommon, Emotional & Power Words in your Blog Title.

Our primary focus should be on Emotional & Power Words as these words drive the most traffic.

Also to aid your Blog Title Writing process, they’ve a huge database of such 1000+ words (power & emotional) which you can view in just a click. Let me show you.


Also, they also segregate those words into negative & positive conveying emotions, so that makes it easy for you to decide which emotions you want to convey with your headlines.


Moreover, their database of such words, keeps on updating on a monthly basis.

They also have similar libraries for Common, Uncommon, & Power Words. (Not able to show you here as there would be a lot of images, & my website will slow down)

But still, it’s not just it. Let’s scroll down a bit more.


This tool also gives you these details about your headlines. Namely these are:

  • Your Word & Character Count
  • Type Of your Blog Title: Whether It’s a List based, or a How-To Guide, or a review, etc.
  • Reading Grade Level Of Your Blog Title: How Easy Is It For People To Read & Understand Your Headline
  • What Sentiment does It carry? Is it Positive Or Negative? Happy, Excited, Or Gloomy?
  • Clarity of your Headline: Is your headline straight to the point or not?
  • Lastly, Skimmability: Is your headline skimmable for your readers?

But wait, you still haven’t explored the SEO Score Analyzer Section yet.

Step 4: Let’s Head Over To The SEO Score Section & See How Your Headline Competes With Other Similar Blog Post Titles


I personally love this section more than the Headline Score Section.

If you’re asking Why?

Then let me tell you that, this section analyzes the headlines of my top 10 competitors in Google Search Results, & then guides me accordingly.

Let me show you here:


As you’re able to see, this tool recommends me that, my headline score is not good at all.

And it also compares my Blog Headline with my Competitor’s Blog Headlines. Thus it gives me an idea of where my headline ranks, & how much traffic will my blog get if I’ll use this particular headline.

And when you scroll down a bit, it ‘ll show you all the headlines of your competitors & their headline scores individually.

Let’s see how my competitors are dominating this keyword, with their headline.


You can definitely see here, how all the top ranking pages are dominating this keyword with their Blog Title. This tool has also given scores to all my competitor’s headlines also.

By tracking & analyzing my competitor’s Blog Titles, I can definitely come up with a much better blog title for myself.

And not only this, but this tool also gives us Different Keyword variations & Related Questions which we can use while Writing A Blog Post Title For Ourselves.


Since I’ve practiced this tool a lot, I’m able to craft catchy blog titles with this tool in under 15 minutes.

If you haven’t tried this tool before, it can take you 15 minutes more but not more than that at all.

You can also use their Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension.

With This Tool, I’m able to Write A Blog Title, that drives me ton of traffic each month.

If you want to see my headline scores, here are they, after tweaking my basic, & a plain keyword, which was, “How To Write A Blog Post Title“. I got it to tweak it up like below:


As you can see, my SEO Score is 95 that means I’m able to beat 95% of my Competitor’s Blog Headlines. Also My Headline Score is 82, which is good enough.

What’s The Worst & The Best Headline Score?

Ideally, anything below 50, I just completely ignore it. Best is, if you gain a score of 70+ or at least 65+.

Headline Studio Pro Plans

Headline Studio Pro has a FREE trial for up to 5 Headlines For FREE.

Afterwards, you need to upgrade to a monthly, or an yearly subscription plan.

The Cheapest Yearly Plan gives you access to 5 Premium Headlines/Mo With Up To 25 Different Variations At $9/Month.

And the Cheapest Monthly Plan gives you access to 5 Premium Headlines/Mo With Up To 25 Different Variations At $19/Month.

Premium Headlines/MoHeadline VariationsYearly PlanMonthly Plan
60+Contact The CompanyContact The CompanyContact The Company

I personally prefer the $29 yearly plan which gives me access to 20 Premium Headlines. As I need it both for Writing Catchy Titles For My Blog, as well as My E-mail Subject Lines.

If you probably do E-mail marketing, you know the importance of E-mail Subject Lines. If you’re subject line isn’t compelling for the reader to click on it.

Then your E-mail Open Rates will definitely decline, & you won’t be able to extract profit from your E-mail List.

So, what’s the benefit of having an E-mail List, if it’s not profitable for you?

In my opinion, you should definitely try this tool before you publish your next blog post or create your next E-mail Marketing Campaign.

Just take the FREE trial & see the changes you get upon using this tool.

Conclusion: How To Write A Blog Title


I know this was hell lot of information to grasp. But I’ve compiled everything for you in this post, you would ever need to Write A Perfect Blog Title.

It’s not hard to decide a blog title at all.

Just look at yourself, if you can write a 1000 words blog article, can you not write a 12 word & 65 Character Blog Title?

And if you think it is, then you’re just over-thinking. You just need a little practice, & that’s all.

And if you’re under-confident about Writing An Eye-Catchy Blog Titles, just use this tool. It comes with a FREE Trial.

This was all about How To Write A Catchy Blog Title.

As we’ve come to the conclusion, let me remind you once again, that:

“Your Headline Is Your Gift Packaging.

No One Will Ever Tear The Package To Look For The Beautiful Gift You’ve Kept Inside For Them,

If The Gift Wrapping Is Poorly Done”

So, always pay attention to your Blog Title/Email Subject Lines.

And If you’ve any doubts regarding any topics above, message me on social media or E-mail me at [email protected].

And if you haven’t started your money-making blog yet, feel free & check out: How To Start A Blog In 2024 That Makes $2593/Mo On Auto-Pilot

I’m highly active on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, so make sure you follow me there.

Do subscribe to my newsletter to get notified of my future blogging articles, & if you found this post helpful, do share this post with your friends.

Till Then, have A Nice Day 🙂


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  1. Hi Palash, It is amazing how much a difference a blog title can make for people to read your posts when they see them shared on social media or when they are searching for something in the search engines.
    I love using tools like Co-schedule and Share Through Headline Analyzer. They can really help you figure out the best title for your post. I like starting my posts with a title but I know many bloggers do the opposite and come up with one after writing a post.
    I may change mine from time to time especially when updating an old post.
    Thank you for the tips and tricks to make better headlines. We can always use improvement in them Palash 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. Appreciation from your end means a lot. And yeah, Blog headlines are a necessary thing to take care of. It acts just like a small window to your content. And guess what, if the window is dirty, nobody will take a peek into your content

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