Can You Start A Profitable Affiliate Blog With ZERO Investment In 2024: Interview With Kulwant Nagi

It’s been said that it is possible to start a blog with no investment.

What if you had nothing?

No money, no connections, and no idea what to do next?

This is Kulwant’s story & today, he’ll discuss with us on the topic:

“Is It Possible To Start A Sustained Profitable Affiliate Blog In 2024?”

Kulwant started his blog as an online business.

He teaches people how they can too start their own profitable affiliate blog.

And now he does it full-time!

Apart from just one single blog, Kulwant also manages several other Amazon niche sites & all in different domains.

Read on below to learn more about how this self-taught blogger built a successful business from the ground up – & discover yourself, can you start your blogging business with literally ZERO Investment?

Q.1. Hi Kulwant Sir, Please Introduce Yourself To The Readers Of TMM. What Is Your Blog About & How You Came Into This Blogging Space?


Hi everyone, my name is Kulwant Nagi and I am from a very small city named Fatehabad in Haryana.

I write at BloggingCage which I started in 2012.

I became a blogger just by chance.

Back in 2010, I was working in a company as a verification engineer, and as usual, I was so much frustrated with my job.

After tolerating that boring & frustrating job for a few months, I decided to resign.

Before resigning, I was continuously looking for some online opportunities.

Then a few days later, I found the word Blogging, so I started reading more about it, and I started my first successful blog in September 2011.

I started writing about Network Marketing because back in those days I was also doing Network Marketing myself.

But soon I found that I was getting more interest in Blogging.

So, I decided to stop writing about Network Marketing, and I switched to writing on Blogging.

This is how my main blog which is BloggingCage, was born on January 2012.

Q.2. Kulwant Sir, How Much Were Your Last Month’s Affiliate Earnings:

How Many Products You Were Promoting (Not Exact Figure, Just An Idea For Motivation)?


We are doing a decent 5 figure US dollars every month with Affiliate Marketing.

And right now I’m focusing only on two or three products, not more than that

Q.3. How & When Did You Made Your First Affiliate Commission?

 It’s a very funny story about how I made my first affiliate commission.

I started my blogging career in 2011, and then I came to know about Affiliate Marketing soon after few months.

Back in those days, Hostgator was very famous.

One day one of my friends came to me and said that he also wants to start a blog, so what should he do?

I told him everything and gave him my affiliate link to buy HostGator hosting.

He used that link and I got my first $50 affiliate commission.

This was how I made my first affiliate commission just by giving my affiliate link to one of my friends.

Q.4. What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing In The Upcoming 10-20 Yrs According To You?


Before answering this question, I should ask you what is the future of Digital Marketing, what is the future of Online Marketing, what is the future of digital payments? 

Your answer would be:

Yes, There’s A Very Bright Future For All These Things

If there is a bright future for all of these activities, then there’s a bright future for Affiliate Marketing as well.

The reason behind this is that Affiliate Marketing and Online Marketing are interconnected.

Affiliate Marketing is just a simple way to boost sales online.

And, every company wants sales.

They want that there must be some people who are willing to promote their products, and in exchange, these companies are willing to pay some Affiliate Commissions.

We can see that the online world is expanding, and I can see a very bright future of affiliate marketing as well, because it is not going to die in the upcoming years.


In fact, there’s going to be huge competition in the upcoming years, & these companies will be willing to pay higher Affiliate Commissions in order to survive in the market.

Q.5. How Can A New Person Who Has No Idea About This Business Can Start Affiliate Marketing & Make It Successful?


Any newbie who has no idea about Affiliate Marketing can start a very simple blog around his interest, skills, passion, or knowledge.

Once he is ready to deliver that content to the final user, then ultimately people are going to visit his blog, and he is going to get a lot of traction.

Once there are a lot of people visiting his blog, then he can start promoting some affiliate products.

He can start recommending some tools, services, or products, and in exchange, he can start making money with Affiliate Marketing.

Q.6. Kulwant Sir, Ideally, I Get A Lot Of Questions Like This,

I Want To Start Affiliate Marketing Or Affiliate Blog Without Any Investment, Or I’ve No To Little Budget?

Is It Possible To Start This Business With Zero Investment?


To be very honest, it is not possible to start any kind of business with zero investment.

Because if we talk about investment, there are two types of investments – one is money, and the second one is time.

You’ll have to decide upon which type of investment you want to invest in right now?

If you are a newbie (young), there’s one thing which you have more, and that is TIME, so you can invest that, and learn by reading different blogs around how to perform Affiliate Marketing, etc. 

But ultimately even if you are a newbie, and you want to start a blog, you will have to buy web hosting, a domain name, some good WordPress themes, & some plugins.

So yes, there is some minimum investment involved in this business.

And that is true in any business in the world as it is not possible to start any business (whether online or offline) with zero investment.

Q.7. What Are Some Multiple Ways In Which You Can Do Affiliate Marketing & Make Decent Income?


There are many ways to do Affiliate Marketing.

Let me list few of them here-

The very first method is by doing Content Marketing (creating content around a topic in form of blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts, etc.)

You can start writing content on your blog, & then promote it to your audience and make money just by recommending some products.

The second method is Email Marketing.

In this method, you need to create a lead magnet & use a good Email Marketing Software.

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People will download that lead magnet for free, & they’ll give you their Name & Email Address in return.

Now, those people will be in your email database.

You can start nurturing those people by sending them educational emails on a regular basis and help them to solve their problems.

And in between those emails, you can start recommending some products by using your affiliate links.

Other than that you can run Facebook ads, Google ads or you can even do affiliate marketing even with Pinterest.

There are so many people who are doing affiliate marketing with Quora also.

So, there are multiple ways to do affiliate marketing.

Pick just one thing which you can do best, and then just scale that one thing.

Q.8. Kulwant Sir, What Should Be The Minimum Budget While Starting Affiliate Marketing?


The minimum budget to start an Affiliate Marketing blog is around 10,000 INR (roughly $125-$150).

Let’s break down 10,000 INR into your blogging investments.

You need around:

  • 700-800 INR ($10-$12) for a domain name,
  • 4000-5000 INR ($50-$70) for hosting, (You’ll get a FREE .com domain if you buy hosting from BlueHost)
  • 2000 – 3000 INR ($30-$40) for a good WordPress Affiliate Theme and,
  • Couple thousand INR for some premium WordPress plugins,

So with nearly about 10,000 INR ($125-$150), you can start a decent affiliate marketing blog.

Q.9. Suppose If Today Anyone Reading This Post Starts With Affiliate Marketing, Then In How Much Time & Efforts Can He Make It Profitable?


To be very honest there is not any straight answer to this question.


Because it all depends on how much effort you are putting in.

let me ask you something:
If someone ask you how much time it is going to take to crack Howard or IIT-JEE examination?

Then what will be your answer?

 The answer would be that:

It all depends on how much time you’re reading how much time you’re experimenting, how much time you’re revising the concepts, and how fast you’re trying to learn new concepts.

So there are multiple factors that are going to decide that whether you’re going to crack JEE examinations or not.

The same is true for Affiliate Marketing as well.

It all depends on how fast you are learning, how fast you are implementing, how much time you are giving to your blog, how much money you are investing in your blog to grow.

And once you do these things in a right way, then you can start see some results.

Q.10. Many People Reading Here, Have A Similar Problem.

How To Generate Consistent Traffic?


See getting the traffic is the most challenging part.

Starting a blog takes just a few hours.

You can just install WordPress, and ultimately your blog goes live just within minutes.

But getting the traffic is the real challenge.

There are basically two ways to drive traffic to your blog.

The very first way is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the second way is Paid Ads.

When you’re a newbie, you don’t have money in your pocket, so the easiest way for you to go for is Search Engine Optimization.

Now, you’ll need to write some articles, create some backlinks and once your article starts ranking in Google, you are going to make money 

On the other hand, if you have some decent money in your pocket, you can start running Paid Ads via Facebook or Google.

Also, there are so many channels where you can advertise your articles, and this is how you can start making money online.

Q.11. What’s The Biggest Tip You’ve Ever Got From Anyone Regarding Affiliate Marketing That Entirely Changed Your Affiliate Marketing Journey?


The biggest tip I got from a guy who was making thousands of dollars every months was:

I asked him how are you making this much money and he replied:

“Kulwant, focus on generating your first $1, and then focus on generating your next $10, then focus on generating your $100.. & this is how you grow.

If you start focusing on the $1,000 a month as your first goal, then you are not going to succeed because it is a process, and you will have to learn that process step by step.

Don’t try to jump directly onto step number 10, if you don’t know what step number 1 or 2 or 3 are.”

And, this tip changed my perception of doing Affiliate Marketing.

After following this simple piece of advice, I managed to create a stable income with Affiliate Marketing for me.

Q.12. Last Question I’ve For You Kulwant Sir, Is:

Where can my readers find you? Please mention your blog & social media handles?

My Blog Is BloggingCage.com & you can also reach out to me on Social media handles that are shared below:

Facebook | Twitter

Final Thoughts On The Interview With Kulwant Nagi On: Can You Start A Profitable Blog For FREE In 2024?


It may be a little daunting to start any business with zero investment, but you’ll still need some sort of capital in order to do so.

Whether it is time or money, you will have an initial financial outlay that needs to take place before your new company can get off the ground.

I’m also sorry to break your heart if your dream was to start a profitable blog with ZERO Investment.

After reading this blog post, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to start and grow your own affiliate blogging business.

I hope that Kulwant’s advice has been helpful for you and that the information he shared will help make starting up a profitable affiliate blog easier for you in the future!

“Thank You So Much Kulwant Sir, It Was A Great Time Interviewing You

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