Wondering about what makes LeadPal, The Best Lead Generation Software of The Year out there?

You’ve come to the right place.

But before discussing LeadPal, let us throw a light on What is Lead Generation and Why you Actually Need a Lead Generation Software.

As we all know, Lead Generation is a very important factor for any online business to identify it’s target customers.

It’s through this process that businesses get to know about

Who Their Target Customers Are?

Where Are They Located? And

Are They Even Interested In Buying Their Products Or Services, etc.

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Importance Of Lead Generation Software And Why You Need It

Through Lead Generation Software, it has been possible to collect the data of your target client (like their E-mails and Phone Contacts) and then approaching them through E-mails or other contacts in the future whenever you come up with a new product, in order to make a sale.

As has been said by Tony Robbins and also been observed by many businesses, the cost of Customer Retention is much less, rather than Acquiring New Customers. And it’s true for any business, be it online or offline.

Once you acquire a customer it’s far easy, feasible, cost-effective, and wise to keep connected with them and maintain a steady relationship. Rather than trying to acquire new ones.

And this is why Lead Generation comes up.

Customer retention Stats through Lead generation
Here we can definitely see that the cost of Customer retention can be as less than 25% of the whole Customer Approach budget.

Since you get precise data on your target customers. Now you can shoot them up with E-mails about your new products and services.

And if you’re running a blog, the same generated leads will convert to your desired traffic.

And as also said by Russel Brunson, the creator of Clickfunnels. There are 4 forms of traffic, that is present on the internet.

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Forms Of Internet traffic

forms of internet traffic
These are 4 most basic forms of traffic on the internet

1. The first form of internet traffic is Organic Traffic

It’s because it’s absolutely free but it needs the proper configuration of SEO which can sometimes take 6 months or even more.

Its success is entirely unpredictable, thus it’s not in our control whether it can get you desired results even putting in hard-work of 8 months.

2. The second form of internet traffic is Traffic Through Running Ads

Yeah, you read it right. Though it takes money to run ads, and if managed properly, your $100 investment in ads can give you a return of $10,000 or more if applied properly.

It’s best for businesses to do some online sales or selling something online.

But whenever you’re going to do some sales you’ve to always invest some amount. This becomes quite expensive and hectic too.

3. The third form of internet traffic is People Opinionated Traffic

It depends entirely on people. If people find your products or services or any article you’ve written, Interesting.

They’ll share it with others and it will give you more traffic in return.

But again, it’s totally unpredictable since every person has their own opinions.

Some might find it awesome, while others might report your article or products or services.

4. The last form of internet traffic is the Traffic You Control

Can I really control the internet traffic?

Absolutely, it’s possible and it can be done through collecting Leads.

There’s an only one-time investment of some amount and when you’ve got the leads.

You can use them again and again for sending the traffic and even making sales. And the lead traffic is the traffic you control.

It’s the best form of traffic you can have for your business after organic traffic. Since you know about your ideal customers, it becomes easy to offer a sale also.

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There are many different ways for Lead Generation and all of them require some software or plugins that help you collect them.

But all of these popular Lead generation Software has nearly these 5 most common problems regarding Lead Generation. And these are described as follows:

And to combat these important problems, LeadPal a popular LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE has come up with these mind-blowing features.

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Why LeadPal Is The Best Lead Generation Software Of The Year?

LeadPal is a brand new, cloud-based software tool that makes it easy to create a Lead Generation campaign & high converting reminders in 60 seconds or less.

Here I’m speaking of 60 secs, doesn’t mean I’m just saying for the sake of saying. It’s the proof in the video above that’s shown to you. So take a look at the video.

And more to add, LeadPal also combats with the above mentioned problems with full ease.

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How LeadPal Deals With AUTHENTICITY Of The Leads Provided By The Customers?

Some websites give you their login access via other platforms like these. It can be either all of them or some depending upon the site.

Login Via Social Media Platforms List

So what’s the benefit of using Social Logins?

The answer is pretty simple.

Those websites want your real and genuine email and contacts.

And since the E-mails and other details with these popular websites like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft are verified.

So, if your website uses LeadPal, then it asks people, their permission to login via these Social Logins.

But what’s special about Leadpal is that it identifies from the cookie of the client’s browser whether that person is logged into which platform.

Now suppose that you’re logged into Google account onto your android smartphone.

Then LeadPal will detect that and the option of “Continue with Google” will come on top automatically.

And since these big popular websites have already verified E-mails and Contacts of the user. So whenever they click on one of these buttons.

The data will be collected by LeadPal and be sent to your Auto-Responders.

Currently LeadPal supports 8 login identifiers which are displayed above.

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How LeadPal Deals With Time Taken To Create Optin Forms?

As already shown in the video practically that Leadpal just takes 60secs or even less in creating Optin Forms.

No coding and technical expertise required. If you haven’t taken a look at the video. It’s on the top.

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How LeadPal Deals With The User’s Short Attention Span?

Since, LeadPal gives people the option to collect leads, just by giving them the flexible option of just asking their permission to give their E-mails, just by using the popular Social media or companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

So, users don’t have to manually type their Name and E-mail.

It’s been seen that when people are asked to submit their E-mail, many of them just don’t do it due to a short attention span.

They don’t want to manually put in their details. They’ll either quit the site, or close the optin form.

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How LeadPal Deals With The GDPR Compliant?

You need not to worry about this factor as Leadpal already is structured in such a way that it’s possible for anyone to collect information from countries in Europe, hassle-free.

(GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation Act. It’s a strict policy of European countries to maintain privacy).

If GDPR isn’t followed by your website and the website is active in European countries, and is collecting information of its citizens.

You might be fined in millions or 4% of your annual revenue which is a lot of money.

Thankfully, Leadpal not only comes prepared with GDPR compliance, but several other policies like CAN-SPAM and many other privacy regulations of other countries as well.

So be worry-free and do business worldwide.

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How LeadPal Deals With The Syncing Of Leads With Your Autoresponders?

Leadpal supports these Autoresponders at current.

LeadPal Deals With The Syncing Of Leads With These Autoresponders

All your leads automatically gets synced with your favorite autoresponders.

Now just create and send E-mails from your dashboard to your leads without the headache to collect and gather leads.

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LeadPal Variants, Pricing, And Discount Coupons

Front-End: LeadPal Software

Commercial Variant: $37 to $67

Personal Variant: $32

PRO Variant – $67 – Upsell 1

This PRO version upgrade unlocks professional and advanced features giving your subscribers the ability to do more with their LeadPal software.

PRO version upgrade users get the ability to unlock 3 great features:

  • Remove the “Powered By” branding.
  • Custom domain integration (upto 10 domains).
  • Connect up to 50 social media apps.

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Platinum Edition – $97/Yr or $27/mth – Upsell 2

  • Unlimited LeadPal leads collections.
  • Unlimited custom domains.
  • It also comes with Unlimited reminder domain.
  • Unlimited reminders pop up set up.
  • Unlimited reminder leads.
  • You’ll also get Unlimited social accounts.
  • Unlimited team members.

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LUXURY Edition – $47 – Upsell 3

Just like the name “Luxury” users get the Luxury to unlock some cool features that cannot be found anywhere:

  • Resend to unopened.
  • Include a special offer.
  • Retargeting integration.
  • Weekly stats by email.
  • QR Code for leads.
  • Sync leads to more than 1 autoresponder at a time.

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Whitelabel Rights – $297 – Upsell 4

With this version of LeadPal, you can Re-Brand LeadPal with your “Own Custom Branding (Domain) and Sell Lead Gen access to businesses or marketers”.

You’ll also get a unique dashboard with your own brand name, logo, URL, favicons, emails, etc.

  • Rebrandable dashboard.
  • Create LeadPal pages and reminders for clients.
  • Create a client account (up to 500 clients).
  • White label domain (White label users should be able to use their own domain).
  • Custom email address and logo.
  • Totally re-brandable with your own company details and colors.
  • Clients can have team members.

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FAQ’s Regarding LeadPal, The Best Lead Generation Software

Do I need LeadPal or any other lead Generation Software?

You absolutely need LeadPal if you’re a

  • Blogger
  • E-mail Marketer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Coach Or a Consultant
  • Anyone Looking For An Easier Way To Build A Top-Quality Email List Loaded With Hot Leads

Do I need Technical Skills To use LeadPal?

You need not be a tech- expert. But for your benefit still, a tutorial also comes packed with the package.

Will I get a money-back guarantee?

We’ve got your back with 30 Days Money-back guarantee.

Where will I get LeadPal?

Just click on the button and you’re good to go.

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What others are saying about LeadPal, The Best Lead Generation Software Of The Decade

LeadPal Final Review

This tool is definitely worth giving a try. It has all these various features mentioned above which no other tool for lead Generation Software is currently providing.

You’re at total RISK FREE stage when you Buy It Now as there is a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee now.

You’re also getting Coupon Code “LEADCLOSE10” which is giving you straightaway discount of $10.

So, in my opinion, you’re at ZERO RISK if you’re buying it now because the prices are going to escalate higher. So don’t wait to generate hot leads. Just click the button below.

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