Missinglettr Review: In-Depth Analysis & $103 Discount Coupon

As a blogger, you know how important it is to drive traffic to our blogs in order to make a living out of it.

But often, you are too busy to share your blog posts on social media.

This leaves you at the mercy of organic reach, which is usually not enough to generate significant blog traffic.

And if you don’t do this, your traffic stats start to decline and you start to lose money. 

This is especially a problem when you have written a large number of posts that need attention & social shares.

You might forget about them or simply not have time to share each one individually on your social media channels.

But Missinglettr easily solves all of your problems at once by reviving & re-purposing even your 10 yr old blog posts so they can continue to bring in revenue and traffic.

What Is Missinglettr & How Does Missinglettr Work?


Missinglettr is a social media automation tool that converts your blog post to an engaging social media post on auto-pilot.

Additionally, it also automatically shares those according to your preferred intervals.

It comes with an in-built AI, that figures out your best posting times by analyzing your social media profiles, it shares your blog post automatically at those preferred intervals only.

Missinglettr creates automated Drip (or Social Media Marketing) campaigns for you.

You can take advantage of this to automate your blog traffic while you sleep.

With Missinglettr, you can schedule up to a full 12 months of social media content with your blog post’s link, & Missinglettr will run that on automation for you for the time specified.

I’ve been doing this for my years-old blog posts where I’m able to bring a ton of social traffic to those blog posts, I thought died.

In this blog post, I’ll show you all the features of Missinglettr, & also show you how to use them for maximum benefit too.

I’ll also an in-depth review of Missinglettr as I’ve been using this for the past 1 month and I’ll also share my personal experience with you.

So stay till the end of this blog post as I also have a $103 discount coupon only exclusive to my blog readers to try Missinglettr.

So, let’s begin:

Missinglettr Features Review, Benefits, & How To Use Them

In this section, I’ll discuss the features that Missinglettr offers, their benefits, and how to use them.

Starting with the first thing that comes into view when you log in to Missinglettr is your:

Missinglettr Dashboard

When you log in to Missinglettr, you’ll get to see this:


After you’ve connected your social profiles, you’ll receive all the performance metrics on how well your posts are performing.

It’ll show you the performance of your posts, how many posts are scheduled in advance, how many clicks & retweets you’ve received, likes, impressions, no. of followers, etc.

Moreover, it also shows you your Posting Health & your Post Health Ratio, which is an indication of how much you’re sharing your own & other people’s content.

It’s quite beneficial for anyone to access this information about how their posts are performing after just being logged in.

You get a birds-eye view of everything going with your social media channels & blog content.

You’ll also get to see your Average Posting-Frequency & your posts in the queue that are yet to be published.

Also, if you wish to see more advanced analytics, it is presented to you in the Analytics Dashboard.

You also get to create a new post entirely & schedule it for the future.

Coming to the next section & that is:

Drip or Social Media Campaign Set-Up


Here’s where things get interesting & snappy for a blogger.

Because this is the part where you can let Missinglettr do all the nitty-gritty work for you while you sit back & relax by just putting in 30 secs of work to verify & approve your social media campaigns.

You can access this section from the left sidebar with an option of Campaigns.

In this section of the dashboard, you get to see all of your active, completed, & drafts social media campaigns.

You also get to see how many clicks each campaign brought you & how many more days will the campaign run until it gets completed.

Here’s a little detail about my own blog posts campaign.

You can see that I’ve currently 8 active, 4 drafts, & 4 completed campaigns.


You can pause the campaign, edit it, or view the running campaign too.

By clicking on View Campaign, you’ll get to see all the details of an individual social media campaign.

This is how an individual campaign looks like:


Details like how many clicks it bought, how many posts have been sent, how many are remaining, etc. are presented in an easy to grab fashion.

Let’s see:

How To Create Drip (Social Media Campaigns) For Your Blog Post With Missinglettr

Just click + Create Campaign in the bottom right corner & you’ll see a prompt box that’ll ask you to enter your blog post URL for which you want to create a social media campaign.


After entering your new blog URL, you just need to click Next & it’ll ask you to create a new campaign from scratch or use pre-built templates.

I personally choose pre-built templates to speed up my process.

After selecting your preferred template, you’ll be redirected to this page where you can further optimize your social media campaign for better reach & engagement.

Here, you can select your preferred hashtags for your social media post, select images, (videos & gifs not supported as of July 2021), & select your social posts captions or quotes as Missinglettr names them.


In the left sidebar menu missinglettr, let’s you set the duration of your social media campaign.


The preferred options are:

2 weeks blast, 2 weeks lite, 2 months blast, 6 months evergreen & 12 months evergreen.

You can set your preferred duration for your social media campaign as you like.

After doing all this, you need to click on Build Campaign & Missinglettr will automatically create your social media campaign for you.

Now, this is the last checkpoint where Missinglettr will show you all your individual social posts & how will they look in your feed.

Here, you can change the look & design of your social media posts for each day & see how they look when they’re shared.


If you want to make some changes, you can always go back & tweak up your social posts for better branding & consistency like updating or changing images, quotes, etc.

The last step for you is to check the option of “I confirm this is my content” & hit Launch Campaign.

After hitting Launch Campaign you’ll get the similar message below which means your campaign has been published successfully.


Your social posts will start to get published as per your preferred timeslots & you can then take a break from your social media & let Missinglettr handle the stuff for you.

You can also connect your medium account & Missinglettr will automatically re-publish your content to medium as well.

This process hardly takes me less than 2 minutes & I’m able to schedule my social media posts for a year in advance or for 2 weeks per my wish.

The next most important section of Missinglettr that I use to drive tons of traffic is:

Curate Library


Missinglettr Curate Library is the best way for bloggers to share their content with a wider audience (up to 50M people worldwide) & build connections with other bloggers.

Missinglettr Curate lets bloggers connect with like-minded people and share their blog posts in groups of more than millions of other bloggers out there.

You can make your content go viral by sharing them in the communities on the Missinglettr Curate platform!

I’ve been using Missinglettr Curate to drive traffic to my blog and it’s so easy!

You just need to share your blog in the community of people who share your interest by assigning your preferred post categories & tags.

It needs to be done because it’ll help Missinglettr to decide in which community your blog post will be most relevant to share.

It’ll find the most relevant curate community with tons of followers & push your social media posts to them.

It makes such a big difference because when I post something, the content is being seen by their followers too which helps me get traffic from more than 5,00,000 people.

So far-last month alone I gained about 13K visitors from one of my posts which was great for growing my blog.

In addition not only does Post Automation saves time but also Curated Communities offer groups with all sorts of interests that are perfect for making new friends or finding some inspiration in an area where maybe there aren’t as many bloggers as mine.

Let’s Explore Missinglettr Curate Section

You can access the Curate section from the left sidebar.

It’s further divided into 4 more sections namely Discover, Browse, Publishers, & Promote.

In the Discover Section:


You get to see various other popular posts in the categories you’ve selected.

Suppose, if you’re in the parenting category, you’ll get to see the most trending & popular posts in the parenting category.

When you’ll share these posts with your audience, you also get free credits for your curate library.

For. ex, in the SOLO Plan, you get 10 Curate Credits/Mo, but if you share other people’s content in the curated library, you’ll get some free credits too for sharing their social media posts with your followers.

You can further use these Curate credits to share your own blog posts in curate community.

Coming onto the next section which is:

In the Browse Section:


You’ll see all the categories & niches of your choice.

Categories vary from Automobiles to Parenting, WellBeing to Books & Literature & so on

The Curate Library provides you with all sorts of categories & niches you can ever imagine of.

And not only that, but the categories are also further divided into multiple sub-niches.

For Ex. this Beauty & Personal Care Category having 4 Million posts is further divided into 14 subcategories too.


And all the further details of each sub-niche will be displayed by clicking on those options.

This is just about one category & there are more than 75+ categories which are sub-divided into 10+ sub-categories.

That accounts for approx 1500+ niches in which you can promote your blog posts.


In the Publishers Section:


You get to see & connect with multiple other content creators in this section.

You can follow & build connections, with other fellow bloggers by following them.

You’ll start to see their posts in your recommended section & you can share their content with your audience.

You can also view your curate profile how it looks like & can edit the same in the settings tab.

The last section of the Curate Library is:

Promote Section


In this section, you can promote your blog website with other fellow bloggers using Curate of your niche.

Also, you can see how your posts are doing on Curate.

You can see that I’ve got 109 shares, 193 clicks & my posts reach approx 4.07M audience for the last 3 days

And this is just stats for only my 15 blog posts & that too in a single month.

Imagine the reach & performance if you’ve multiple posts & you promote your posts for a year.

With Missinglettr Curate, you can revive your 10 yrs old blog posts & leave them on automation, so that they keep on bringing you revenue & traffic.

Let’s see:

How To Use Missinglettr Curate To Promote & Make Your Years Old Blog Post Go Viral

In the Promote Section, click on + Promote Post, & you’ll be asked the following 2 options.


You can select any of the 2 options, but for the sake of now, I’ll go with the first option.

After clicking on Content From Previous Campaign, you’ll be shown a full list of the old blog posts you want to promote.


Then you’ll need to select the post format & captions you want to promote in your curate section.


After that, you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll need to select your preferred category & add tags, add language, add which country you want to promote to, etc. according to your niche.


You can add up to 3 tags & 3 categories for your blog posts.

You can also take a look of how your shared post will look to other curate members & you can make changes to it as you want.


After which you can hit publish.


After hitting publish, your post will go into the learning mode, where Missinglettr will identify if your post complies with their community guidelines.

Then after 24 hrs, your post will go live & from your live posts, missinglettr will start to show you results which you can track in the curate dashboard.

In just 4 simple to do steps, you’ve promoted your posts to more than 40M people out there with Curate Library.

All this takes less than 1 minute & you can start to get traffic from Missinglettr in no time on auto-pilot.

The beauty of Curate is that, it never stops bringing you traffic.

Meaning, if once your post has been published to curate, you can expect it to drive you traffic for the rest of your life.

The curate traffic has no expiry date, so chill.

To manage your schedule, Missinglettr also comes with:

Posting Calendar


The calendar lets you see your whole posting schedule in a single view or glance.

You’ll get to see how many posts you’ve scheduled in advance, you can change your posting schedule, manage posts, etc.


As you can see that how many posts I’ve scheduled in advance, how many have completed & what are remaining.

You’ll get to see whole data about your published, non-published, or failed posts & you can rectify the errors if you find one.

The next section is:

Analytics Dashboard


Analytics allow you to quantify the effects of making a change in your social media marketing strategy, and that’s invaluable when it comes to improving online marketing campaigns.

The biggest benefit is being able to identify strengths and weaknesses – so if something isn’t working or has become outdated, you can change it anytime you want.

Missinglettr’s Analytics dashboard is pretty intuitive & makes the data absorption quite easy.


This dashboard displays all the data about your post & profile performance.

How many followers you’ve gained till now, how many clicks your campaigns have generated, from which countries most of your clicks are coming from, the best time of the day you’re getting clicks, & your top-performing drip campaigns.


You can also monitor your individual profile performance on the fly thus giving you an entire data to analyze & improve on your social media marketing efforts.

Missinglettr Settings


Settings are available on the left sidebar & give you tons of options to configure for your social media campaigns & marketing.

With settings, you can change or edit the following options in the panel:

Social Media Accounts/ Profiles


You can add multiple social media accounts to your Missinglettr account in this panel.

The number of social media profiles you get to add depends upon the plan you’ve opted for.

Currently, I’ve 3 social media profile connections available as I’m on the SOLO Plan.

You can even connect your Medium account if you want to re-publish your content to medium to multiply your SEO efforts.

Dates & Times

Social media marketing is a boon for businesses, in that it can lead to improved brand awareness.

Savvy social media marketers know the optimal time to post on their account and this improves engagement with target audiences since they are posting when people who follow them will be online.

So, it becomes highly important to decide the best posting times on social media to minimize efforts & maximize profits.

Missinglettr effortlessly allows you to achieve that.


With Missinglettr, you can configure your posting schedules at ease.

You can select which days of the week you want to post or skip, or you can choose a random time slot that Missinglettr creates & optimizes for you according to your best posting times.

Branding & Custom Fonts

There are a lot of challenges that come with brand consistency, so how can you make sure your marketing is consistent?

How do you keep the tone in your email marketing similar and match it with TV ads or other media content for social sites like Facebook?

The goal is to ensure customers know that they’re dealing with the right company even if this their first time seeing them on social media.

With Missinglettr, you can achieve perfect branding for your company in no time.

You can decide the branding of your social media campaigns.


Additionally, you can change the color schemes, font styles, background images, etc. of your social media posts to match your brand identity.

Also, you can stick to a particular scheme to maintain uniformity, develop your brand recognition & claim authority in your niche.

Curate Settings


Missinglettr Curate has always been a major factor in driving traffic to my blog posts.

But in order to make the most out of it, you need to configure it to your advantage.

Also, if you share other people’s content with Missinglettr Curate, you also get free curate credits too.

With these settings in place, you can configure curate to automatically select & schedule other people’s social posts in your calendar, so you don’t have to worry about your curate Credits being extinguished.

Enabling this option has saved me enough time as now I don’t have to search & look for other people’s content to share, as Missinglettr creates the campaign & automatically shares that for me.

Moreover, by sharing other people’s social posts, you also get to build relationships that give your blog more exposure & traffic it deserves.

Drip Campaign Settings


In the drip campaign settings, you can manage & edit your default hashtags, UTM parameters that’ll track where traffic is coming from, social media post types, & your default social profiles, etc.

Moreover, you can also edit your default URL shortener too which helps shorten your blog posts URL & also enabling them for tracking your traffic sources too.

You can choose from bitly to other URL shorteners, but I’d recommend you to go with the default one.

Additionally, you can also change your Content Sources too means, you can instruct Missinglettr where to search & find your new blog posts.

Not only this, here’s what I love about Missinglettr’s auto-fetch new blog posts feature.

When you publish a new blog post, Missinglettr will automatically fetch it through your RSS feed.

Also, Missinglettr creates a new campaign automatically for you & will only publish it, after you’ve successfully reviewed it.

Apart from all this, you can use Schedule Templates & Content Templates to give a proper structure to your social post.

Missinglettr Pricing Plans Review

With all those Missinglettr features discussed, you might be thinking that it must come at a huge price point.

Let me tell you that, it DOESN’T.

Their pricing is quite less & affordable both for solopreneurs & agencies.

But another question arises is which:

Do Missinglettr Pricing Plans are able to justify their value?

Let’s see.

Missinglettr has a 14 day free trial for their paid plans.

And you don’t have to enter your credit card information to sign up! 

Also, if this doesn’t work for you then there’s always their wonderful FREE plan which is perfect for an entry-level blogger.

Though it comes with very limited features, it still gives enough versatility to bloggers just starting out.

I used it myself when I first started blogging and loved how easy-to-use Missinglettr was.

The bad news is that the Curate feature isn’t a free add-on.


It costs $49 per month – on top of your plan price!

You’ll still be able to find and share content in your niche through Curate, but without this added functionality you won’t have access to promote any of your own posts or articles.

However, I think that if you already spend a lot of time creating content but don’t have enough free time for promotion work such as email campaigns to promote new articles and hashtagging them so they can trend.

Then it makes sense to invest in this add-on because when used correctly it will save you tons (and I mean TONS) of valuable marketing hours!

If you want to get the Agency feature which lets you invite clients to collaborate with you on your Drip Campaign, that will set up an additional $147 per month.

The Solo plan is only $19 per month while the PRO plan at a rate of$59 monthly or for yearly billing cycle it’s just $15 and $49 dollars per month respectively.

Also, their solo plan allows you to connect only up to 3 social profiles while the PRO plan allows you to connect up to 9 of them.

Here’s their pricing comparison side-by-side.

MissinglettrMissinglettr Review & How-To Guide: How It’ll Save You Tons Of Time + Effort In Automating Your Content Promotion While Bringing HUGE Traffic On Auto-Pilot.MissinglettrSocial Media Marketing & Blog Traffic GenerationN/AIn Stock5USD4.95

Missinglettr Pricing Plans Verdict

  • In my opinion, I’m happy to give my money to Missinglettr not because I’ve loads of it.

    But because of how easily Missinglettr helps me offload my stress of managing multiple social media channels & saves me from going into overthinking that:

    What Will happen To My Blog Revenue, If My Organic Traffic Declines

    Since I’ve already faced organic traffic losses multiple times due to multiple Google algorithm updates.

    I can now rely on Missinglettr to keep on driving blog traffic from my social media channels.

    Who cares about Organic traffic if Missinglettr has got your back

    For me, Missinglettr Pricing Plans fully justify their value for money.

Missinglettr Review: Pros & Cons


Missinglettr is a handy tool for automating your social media life and freeing up precious time.

But does it comes with some pros & cons too?

Let’s see for ourselves:


  • Automates & converts your blog post to social media post.

  • Let’s you store hashtags & schedule them thus saving time & effort.

  • Greater ease of use & User-Friendly interface.
    Even 5 yr olds can operate.

  • Has User-Friendly Interface, making it easy for new users to get acquainted with the program in no time.

  • The cost is affordable for solopreneurs.

  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • You can schedule posts for an entire year in less than 30 secs.

  • You can stay consistent, on-brand, and save time by using branded templates.

  • Has quite good responsive customer support.
    Their customer support resolved my query in less than 12 hrs.


  • Only Email support is provided.
    Would be better if they provided live chat support too.

  • Hashtags Provided By Missinglettr are unreliable.
    Perform hashtags research yourself.

Missinglettr Pros & Cons Verdict

  • As a content marketing software, Missinglettr too has its pros & cons as every software has.

    But it happens rarely that the pros weigh out the cons as it is with Missinglettr.

    So, in my opinion, I would definitely recommend it to you as hashtags research can be done with Hashtastic.

    And I don’t think that you’ll need to contact their customer support every now & then.

    So, it’s worth going for.

General FAQs On Missinglettr Review


Missinglettr is a social media automation tool for bloggers.

It’s your all-in-one solution to keep up with the blog sphere and share your content effectively.

This section will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Missinglettr.

How Many Social Media Channels Does Missinglettr Support?

Currently, Missinglettr supports Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

You can also connect Facebook & Linkedin Profiles, Pages & Groups & run your social campaigns on all these social media channels.

How Much Time Can I Save With Missinglettr Per Month?

It entirely depends on your workflow & the number of blogs you’ve.

If you’ve loads & loads of content to promote, Missinglettr will give you the maximum ROI.

Also, if you’ve lots of social media followers but less blog content, in this case also, you can also expect Missinglettr to give you HUGE ROI.

Currently, with 50 blog posts on my blog, I’m able to save more than 27+ hrs/week of social media work with Missinglettr.

How Much Traffic Can I Expect With Missinglettr Per Month?

The traffic depends on the following you’ve on your social media channels like pages or groups.

The larger your following more is the traffic.

Also, by using Missinglettr consistently, you can see your followers’ count scale up in no time since you’d be posting consistently, so naturally, the social media platforms will give you a much wider reach & audience.

Does Missinglettr Have An Affiliate Program I Can Join?

Yes, Missinglettr has an affiliate program too. They pay up to 30% recurring commissions per sale you make.

The affiliate panel is accessible to you with an active Missinglettr account.

Click here to login

Does Missinglettr Work Only With WordPress?

No, Missinglettr will work for every type of CMS like Wix, Weebly, etc.

Also apart from CMS, it’ll work as you just need to provide a link to it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a blogger link or a plain html link.

What Missinglettr Pricing Plan Is Right For Me?

Missinglettr has a plan for everyone. If you’re a solopreneur, business owner, or agency they’ve got it covered.

Even though, Missinglettr has an entire FREE plan for you to use, but comes with certain limitations like you can only schedule 50 posts per month.

I’m a blogger and use their PRO plan which gives me the best results. I would advise you to go with it by using my coupon code mentioned below in the article so that you’ll get it for just $5 instead of $108.

That’s a discount of $103.

Give it a try & then decide for yourself what’s best for you.

Is There A Missinglettr Plugin I Can Add To My Site?

Currently, there’s no plugin for that.

Moreover, you don’t need a plugin at all, as Missinglettr automatically fetches & creates a new campaign for you through your RSS feed.

This means you just need to have an active RSS feed if you want to further automate the process.

Are There Regular Updates To The Missinglettr Tool?

Absolutely, you get to see new & interesting features being rolled out that will make your social media life stress-free.

Is There A Missinglettr Coupon Code I Can Use?

Of course, I have got a $103 discount coupon which you can use for the PRO Plan + Curate.

Normally, the original price for this combo is $108, but with my coupon link here, you’ll get it for just $5, which is exclusive only to my readers.

GRAB Your $103 Discount Coupon Now

Does Missinglettr Offer A Free Trial? What About Curate?

Missinglettr offers you a 14-day free trial only for their normal plans.

Curate on the other hand is an addon & requires additional payment.

Is Missinglettr Curate Worth It & Legit?

Without a doubt, it’s worth it & 100% legit too.

With Curate, I’m able to drive around 13K per month traffic to my blog which is awesome.

An extra 13K/Mo traffic doesn’t hurt BTW.

Do I Really Need Missinglettr Social Media Automation For My Blog?

If you want to streamline your blog promotion & marketing, I think you should go with a social media automation tool like Missinglettr.

You’ll witness huge time savings & efforts which you can invest into more useful content creation processes.

Can I Use Missinglettr With Pinterest And Instagram?

Currently, Missinglettr only supports Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, & Twitter.

You can’t use Pinterest with Missinglettr as of now.

Do I Get Curate For Free With Missinglettr Subscription?

It’s sad to answer but you’ll have to pay for curate. curate is an add-on by Missinglettr which requires additional payment.

Normally, their PRO + Curate is around $108/Mo, but with my discount coupon, you can get it for just $5.

That’s a huge discount of $103 & this offer is exclusive only to my readers.

GRAB Your $103 Discount Coupon Now

What’s The Content Quality Like On Curate?

The quality of Missinglettr Curate is top-notch.

Do you know why is that?

It’s because Curate is a paid add-on & not FREE to use for everyone.

So, nobody on this platform will use it to create a nuisance as they know they’ve got a fixed number of Curate Credits & if they use it for nuisance, they’ll lose their chances to promote their valuable content.

So, yes, content quality is great on curate.

How To Set Up A New Campaign In Missinglettr?

Setting up a new campaign on Missinglettr is quite easy.

You just need to follow the steps on your screen & it’s done.

If you want a detailed step-by-step guide, it’s mentioned here.

Is Missinglettr The Best Social Media Tool For Post Automation?

In my opinion, it’s the best of the best social media automation tool for bloggers.

I currently save myself around 27+ hrs of work per week with Missinglettr.

Missinglettr Review: My Final Opinion On Blog Post Promotion With Missinglettr


Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs are looking for an affordable, efficient way to manage their social media activity.

Missinglettr is a great option – it’s easy enough even beginners can use the app with success.

The best thing that I love is that Missinglettr is that:

One can automatically create & schedule a year’s worth of social media posts.

Meaning, you can for sure chill & relax without your social media engagement getting dropped or whatever.

With Missinglettr social media marketing & delegation have both become possible for me.

I can’t stress more on the convenience it offers to bloggers out there & saves so much time & effort.

I’m just in love with Missinglettr & I’d say that if you’re a blogger, you’re definitely missing out on something incredible & beautiful if you’re not already using it.

Just Give Missinglettr a TRY.

I’m also offering you with a straight $103 discount for you to try Missinglettr PRO + Curate.

Normally, both these combined costs around $108, but with my coupon code, you get that for just $5.

So, don’t think more, just try it now before the coupons get finished.

For bloggers, I think that apart from being the best, it’s the most highly recommended content marketing software out there.

I’ll give Missinglettr 4.7 out of 5 as the best social media marketing software for bloggers.

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Missinglettr Review Conclusion: Is Investing Into Missinglettr, For Your Social Media Posts Beneficial?


I’m using Missinglettr for the past 1 month & I’m quite happy with the results.

Missinglettr helps me promote my blog content & also manages my social media content too.

Additionally, Missinglettr makes it easy for me to spend some quality time with my family rather than just being glued to my social media & always worrying about blog traffic & social media engagement rates.

For me, it’s the best social media marketing software + blog content promotion tool.

Both 2 in 1.

I personally feel that if you’re a blogger, contact marketing business, or agency, you should definitely try out Missinglettr.

I’m also giving you a PRO + Curate plan that’s currently worth $108.

But if you’ll use my coupon link, you’ll get that for just $5.

This offer is only exclusive to my blog readers only.

So, try it out & let me know if you loved it.

Till then have a nice day ahead.

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