Popl Review

Popl Review: Is This Digital Business Card Reliable?

Are you looking for a digital business card that is both easy to use and looks professional? If so, you may want to consider Popl. In this Popl review, we’ll take a closer look at what Popl has to offer and see if it’s the right choice for your needs. Let’s get started!

What Is Popl Digital Business Card?


Popl is a digital business card company that helps you instantly share contact info with potential clients and customers in comparison to paper business cards.

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With Popl, you can create a digital business profile that includes your name, title, company, website, links to your social media platforms, profile picture, and headshot.

You can also include videos, awards, and custom links in your profile.

With just a single tap, Popl cards let you exchange information via NFC technology on physical cards.

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When you tap the card on a potential client or customer’s phone, your contact information will pop up on their phone.

They can then save your information in their contacts and do not need the Popl app to receive information.

You can also share your card via text, email address, or even a QR code.

They also provide link analytics and tracking to see who has downloaded your profile.

Products Offered By Popl

There are multiple popl products offered by this digital business card platform. Some of these include:

1. Popl Tags, Stickers, Or Flats

popl tag

These nifty little stickers can be put on the back of your phone, laptop, or any other device and programmed with all sorts of information.

And the best part is that you can choose from their standard template flats or customize them with your company’s logo and also they come in a variety of fun colors and styles.

So whether you want to match your phone case or make a statement, there’s a Popl tag for you.

Just keep in mind that they don’t stick well to leather or silicone surfaces.

And if you have a charging phone case like MagSafe, be sure to place the sticker away from the charging ring.

Other than that, these things are super easy to use and a lot of fun.

2. Digital Business Cards

Their standard business card is available in three sleek colors- prism, white, and black.

The back of the card has a QR code, so even if someone has an outdated phone or the NFC function isn’t working, they can still scan your information.

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And it’s made of premium polyvinyl for a durable and professional look.

3. For iPhones

Though you can use their normal tags for iPhones, they also offer

1. Popl iPhoneCard

The PhoneCard is a digital business card that attaches to the back of your iPhone.

It’s a sleek and professional way to exchange contact information, and it’s 3X faster than the Popl Dot.

The other person doesn’t need an app or a Popl to receive your info.

The PhoneCard dimensions are 2.25″ x 1.6″ (57 x 41 mm), so it’s small and discreet but still noticeable.

2. Popl For MagSafe

popl magsafe

If you’ve been using an iPhone for a while, you’ve probably noticed the little magnet array built into the back.

This is MagSafe, and it’s used for a variety of purposes, from attaching cases to wirelessly charging your phone.

Now, there’s a new use for MagSafe: the Popl digital business card.

This card uses no adhesive, so it can be removed from your iPhone and shared with others without leaving any residue behind.

And because it’s powered by the MagSafe system, it can also wirelessly charge your iPhone when attached.

Best of all, the Popl card features a brand new X1 Chip that makes sharing information between devices quick and easy.

So if you’re looking for a new way to share your contact information, the Popl MagSafe business card is definitely worth a look.

Just keep in mind that it only works with iPhone 12 and newer models; if you have an older iPhone, you’ll need to get a case that supports MagSafe before you can use this card.

Also, Android phones don’t support MagSafe, but they can still receive information from the card through NFC.

4. Metal Business Cards

Popl offers 2 metal biz cards. These are:

1. Metal Popl Card

popl metal

If you’re looking for a metal business card that will really make an impression, look no further than the Popl Metal Card.

Made of premium stainless steel and available in black, it’s durable and looks great.

But what really sets it apart is the innovative Popl Chip.

This next-generation technology allows you to share your contact info, social media information, websites, and payment apps with anyone who has a compatible smartphone.

Just tap your card on their phone or scan the QR code on the back.

And because the chip is laser-engraved, it’s always readable – even if it gets scratched.

2. 24k Gold Popl Card

popl gold card

The new 24k Gold Popl business cards are the most expensive and lavish Popl product to date.

These cards are made with real 24-karat gold plating, and they come with built-in Popl technology and a PopCode on the back for instant sharing.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement and impress your clients, these are the cards for you.

They’re sure to turn heads and get people talking.

5. Badges

Popl business card badges are attractive and professional products that come in customizable and standard varieties.

The badges are made of top-quality polyvinyl, Popl technology is included, and there is a PopCode on the front for easy sharing at conferences or events.

The badge’s PopCode is an advanced QR code that never expires and can be updated instantly with the app at any time.

You might also personalize it with your logo, name, and title (optional).

A premium badge holder + retractable lanyard are included in the package.

It takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.

6. Wristbands

Popl offers 2 options in this segment. These are:

1. Popl Band

popl band

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your business cards are always on hand, look no further than Popl Band.

This wristband allows you to store your digital business cards, so all you have to do is tap or scan them to share them with others.

The best part is that Popl Band is made from soft-touch silicone, so it’s comfortable to wear and completely waterproof.

Plus, there’s no need for batteries – this wristband is always ready to go.

Whether you’re at a networking event or just out for a walk, Popl Band makes it easy to stay connected.

2. Apple Watch Band

popl apple watch band

The Popl Watch Band for Apple Watch is a great way to stay connected with others while on the go.

Made from premium soft-touch silicone, this watch band is comfortable to wear and features built-in Popl technology.

The size of the watch band corresponds to the size of your Apple Watch, so be sure to check the back of your watch to find the size in mm.

7. Keychains

popl keyrings

Have you ever been looking for your business cards and couldn’t find them?

Well, with Popl Keychain, you’ll never have to worry about that again!

Popl Keychain is your digital business card on your keys, purse, backpack, or just about anywhere else.

Plus, it’s available in 6 different colors so you can always find the perfect match for your style.

8. Popl XL

popl xl

Popl XL is a new 4X4 inch device that is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers.

With Popl XL, businesses can now provide their customers with a way to make contactless payments, leave five-star reviews, follow their social media accounts, join their customer list, visit their website, and much more.

This all-in-one Popl device is perfect for any business looking to take its customer service to the next level.

Just stick to a surface and let your customers do the rest.

Some Prominent Features Of Popl NFC Business Card

  • Custom Popl QR Code
  • Export your popl connections to multiple platforms including salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, CSV file, etc.
  • Organize connections into groups with Popl Pro
  • Popl share options include QR codes, email address, text messages, social media sites, etc.
  • Add a custom Popl link to your email signature
  • Toggle lead capture mode to “On” to send people who tap your card directly to your CRM
  • Popl pro analytics page gives you analytic reports like your link taps, no. of pops (no. of card views), new connections, tap-through rate, etc.
  • Popl Teams Features

    Edit all of your company’s business cards in bulk
  • Send leads to one location and export the information to your CRM
  • Edit each team member’s information individually
  • Push notifications to keep you updated on staff progress

Popl Use Cases For A

1. Solopreneur

Your business card is one of the most essential networking tools for solopreneurs.

The app’s free version is usually all that people need; however, there is also a pro version that gives access to some additional features (e.g., adding videos) if you want an extra edge in your networking endeavors.

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2. Small Business

This is the best option for businesses that have less than five employees.

3. Corporation

Popl Teams is the way to go if you’re a big company with workers or team members.

You can manage logos, rename workers, and modify them as needed.

Popl Pricing

Popl is a digital business card provider that offers several different pricing options for its products.

The standard card is only $14.99, but for a custom card, the price is $29.99.

If you order in bulk, you can get a discount on the total cost.

The most expensive product offered by Popl is the 24K Gold card, which costs $199.99.

With any of these products, you get access to the free app; however, if you want to use the pro features, you’ll need to subscribe to the $7.99 monthly fee.

Overall, Popl provides a variety of pricing options for its digital business cards, making them accessible for everyone from individuals to businesses.

Regarding shipping, your order will be processed within 1-3 business days, and then it will be shipped out via your chosen shipping method.

Standard US shipping takes 3-7 business days, but they also offer expedited shipping options if you need your items sooner.

Sadly, they do not accept returns, but if you have any issues with your order, please contact them at [email protected]

Popl Pros And Cons

POPL NFC Business Card logo


  • Professional and customizable design with company logo
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly app interface that can be customized
  • Great user experience both with app and the card
  • Multiple integrations including payment links, CRM, etc.
  • Highlight feature to make spotlighted link stand out
  • Link analytics for measuring clicks and conversions
  • Lead capture mode for increased business conversions
  • Interactive and helpful Popl community
  • 4.5 ratings on popl digital business card reviews


  • Need to upgrade to Popl Pro for more features
  • Less QR code color options
  • Connections aren’t in alphabetical order so you can easily find the one you need
  • Delayed customer service

Popl Digital Business Card Company FAQs


Is there a monthly fee for Popl?

There is a monthly fee for Popl.
However, you can still access the free features of the app.
If you want to use the pro features, you’ll need to take a subscription service for a $7.99 monthly fee.

How does Popl card work?

Popl is a digital business card that makes it easy for you to connect with new people.
To get started, simply create a card and add your contact information.
Then, when you meet someone new, you can share your card with them by scanning their QR code with a business card scanner, smartphone, or with just a tap if they’ve an NFC-enabled smartphone.
Popl will automatically save their information so you can follow up after the meeting.
You can also use Popl to keep track of your contacts, send messages, and schedule reminders.
With Popl, staying connected is easy and efficient – perfect for busy professionals.

What is better Popl or Linq?

It depends on your needs and preferences.
If you need a feature-rich and affordable digital business card solution, go for Popl.
For more detailed info, check out this popl digital business card review.
If you want more customization options and a higher level of customer support, choose Linq.
Popl is the better choice for small businesses and startups that need an affordable yet feature-rich digital business card solution.
Linq is a good choice for larger businesses that require more customization options and better customer support.

What does a Popl do?

A digital business card Popl is a great way to keep your contact information handy.
You can easily share your information with others, and you can also access it from any device.

How do you use Popl business cards?

Popl business cards can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business.
For example, you can use them as marketing materials to hand out at trade shows and other events, or you can include them in your sales presentations to potential clients.
You can also use them to create custom advertising campaigns or direct mail pieces.
Additionally, you can post them on your website or blog to help drive traffic there, or you can even print them out and put them in your store window or on display in your office.
No matter how you choose to use them, Popl business cards are a great way to promote your business and get your name out there.

How do you make a tap business card?

A tap business card is a type of business card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow the owner to exchange contact information and other details with others by simply tapping their card against another NFC-enabled device.
To create a tap business card, follow this guide here

Is Popl legit?

There are more than 10000+ positive Popl reviews from happy customers who have used Popl to create their own digital business cards.

Why should you go with Popl?

Using a digital business card is way more beneficial and effortless than paper cards. And Popl also offers many features and 1000+ integrations with your favorite apps so why not use this?
To know more features in detail, check out this Popl card review.

Will You Use Popl Digital Business Card To Instantly Share Contact Info?


All in all, we think Popl is a great choice for those who are looking for an easy-to-use and professional digital business card.

We love the features that Popl offers and we think you will too! If you’re still not sure if Popl is right for you, be sure to check out their website and see for yourself.

Is Popl digital business card the right choice for you?

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