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Popl vs Dot Business Card Dilemma: Your Search Ends Here…

If you’re anything like me, you agonize over the small decisions in life. Which type of business card should I choose between Popl vs Dot?

  • Best For Professionals And Teams
    POPL NFC Business Card logo


      Tracking capabilities
      CRM integrations
      Team functionalities
      Requires app download
      Lead capture feature
  • Best For Low Budget


      No app download

      One time fee

What’s the difference, anyway?

Well, have no fear! I’m here to settle the debate once and for all.

After careful consideration (and plenty of personal experience). But first, let’s find out:

Popl Vs Dot Card: What Are They?

What Is Popl Smart Business Card?


Popl is a smart business card that does much more than exchange contact details.

It’s designed to help you keep track of your professional relationships and make the most of your networking opportunities.

Popl devices are equipped with NFC chips that can store all kinds of data, from contact information to social media profiles.

You can also use the Popl app to create digital business cards or NFC tags for people who don’t have physical cards.

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When you meet someone new, just scan their card with your phone and the information will be automatically added to your contacts.

Popl makes it easy to track who you’ve met and where you met them, so you can always follow up and make a lasting impression.

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Popl also offers multiple product lineups including:

  • Keychains,
  • Metal Cards,
  • Badges,
  • Phone Case,
  • Tags,
  • Wristbands, and
  • Bundles

What Is Dot?

dot cards homepage

A dot is a lot of things. It’s the tiny little mark at the end of this sentence. 😂😂😂

It’s also a company that makes NFC-enabled devices.

But most importantly, a dot is a way to instantly share your contact info with someone else.

Just a single tap your Dot to their Dot and all your LinkedIn, phone numbers, email, and website information will be exchanged!

And if they don’t have a Dot, no problem!

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You can still share all your social account info via QR codes.

No need for any other app – Dot works with normal web browsers.

As of now, Dot offers 3 NFC-enabled devices. Let’s find out about them bit by bit.

1. Dot Card

dot card

A Dot card is an NFC-enabled digital business card that makes exchanging information quick, easy, and painless.

As compared to its other counterparts, it has a wider scanning capability and resembles a premium credit card, with a matte finish and soft-touch feel.

2. Dot Classic


The Dot Classic is an NFC tag that can be attached to the back of a phone case or any other desired surface.

It has a clear, protective epoxy coating surrounding it and is raised slightly off the surface for extra protection to keep it safe from everyday wear and tear.

Since it sticks strongly to the back of your phone case, there’s no need to worry about it falling off or getting lost.

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3. Dot Thin


It’s also an NFC tag like the classic but designed to be extremely thin, so it can fit under a phone case without adding any bulk.

And finally, it’s sleek, discrete, and minimalist, so it won’t ruin the look of your phone.

The only difference between the classic and super-thin models is how they look and feel, although both provide comparable features.

Popl Vs Dot Card Features

Some Prominent Features Of Popl Digital Business Card

  • Share cards through NFC, QR code, email, text, etc.
  • Comes with a dedicated Popl app for both iOS and Android
  • Update your info within the app with time without altering your physical card ever again
  • Built-in analytics to see how many connections you’ve built, shares, and taps you’ve received, your new connections, tap-through rates, etc.
  • Lead capture tracking to generate more leads and track them easily
  • Audience engagement and site statistics
  • Popl Pro made for businesses offers CRM integrations, bulk editing, sending push notifications, etc.

Some Prominent Features Of Dot Digital Business Card

  • NFC technology enabled
  • No app is needed, works with a web browser
  • QR code option for non-NFC devices
  • One-time fee, no recurring subscription

Popl Vs Dot Card Pricing

Popl Pricing

The cheapest product starts at $14.99 and goes burning a hole in your pocket to $199.99

Dot Pricing

The cheapest product starts at $20 and goes burning a hole in your pocket to $75

Dot Cards Vs Popl Pros And Cons

Popl Pros And Cons

POPL NFC Business Card logo


  • Customizable with business logos
  • Affordable compared to similar cards
  • Professional and user-friendly
  • A plethora of link integrations including salesforce, social media, payment links, etc.
  • Toggle lead capture based on your business needs
  • The highlight feature makes the desired link standout


  • Upgrade to the Pro version to access more features
  • Limited QR code colors
  • Connections not arranged in alphabetical order
  • Slow customer service

Dot Pros And Cons



  • One-time investment, no subscription
  • Simple to use
  • No app needed


  • No tracking capabilities
  • No integrations, team capabilities, or other features

Dot Card Vs Popl FAQs


Which is better Popl or dot card?

If you’re trying to decide between Popl and Dot cards, it really depends on what you’re looking for.
If you need a lot of customization and robust features, Popl is the way to go. It’s more expensive, but it comes with everything you need to personalize your card to match your brand.
Plus, you can use the data tracking features to see how your customers are using your card.
However, if you’re just looking for a cheap option with fewer features, Dot might be the better choice for you.
Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with any tracking capability, so you won’t be able to see how your customers are using it.

Does Popl cost money?

Yes, Popl does cost money.
However, it comes with a free and a Pro version.
To access more features, you need a Pro version.
The price for the Pro version is very reasonable, and it is well worth the investment if you plan on using Popl regularly. 

How does Popl card work?

Popl is the new business card app that is taking the world by storm.
So, how does it work?
First, you download the app and sign up for an account.
Then, you add your contact information, including your name, phone number, email address, and social media handles.

Is there a monthly fee for Popl?

Yes, Popl does have a monthly fee for its digital business cards.
However, this fee is quite reasonable, especially when you consider all of the features and benefits that Popl offers.

Dot Vs Popl: Which Digital Business Card Is Better For You?


Digital business cards are always better than paper cards but deciding which digital business card is best for you depends on your needs and budget.

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If you need customizability and robust features, go with Popl.

It’s more expensive but comes with more features that allow you to personalize your card to match your brand as well as track data.

However, if you’re looking for a cheap option with fewer features, Dot might be the better choice for you though it doesn’t come with any tracking capability.

Which digital business card are you going to choose?