8 Best Pretty Links Alternatives To Cloak & Track Your Links

Are you looking for Pretty Links Alternatives?

Pretty Links is a pretty awesome link cloaking and tracking tool.

It’s free, easy to use, and it can cloak affiliate links with just one click.

But Pretty links tool isn’t the only way to do this!

There are other pretty links alternatives that might be right for your business and offer a ton of other useful features that Pretty Links doesn’t offer at all.

You need to cloak your affiliate URL so that people don’t see what they’re clicking on before they buy it.

This helps you get more sales because customers trust you more when they don’t know what product they’re buying until after the purchase has been made.

Shorten your affiliate URL so that it’s easier for people to type in and track clicks on those shortened URLs with Google Analytics.

Which Are The Best Pretty Links Alternative For Your Needs?

Coming on the top of the list is one of my favorite alternatives to Pretty Links which is:


ClickMagick is a good alternative service for shortening links that offer some unique benefits & also comes with certain features that no other tool offers.

It has an advanced way to track clicks (i.e. cross-device tracking, trackback, and pixels conversions) which are not found on other services like Pretty Links.

Plus, it has an advanced & fully automated split testing tool that can help you test different affiliate links/landing pages to see what offers work best.

However, ClickMagick is not as good for beginners because it does require some uploading of custom code and setting up your affiliate link options which could be overwhelming for some users.

The UI is also not that user-friendly & this platform is made targeting only super affiliates in mind.

So if you’re not one of them, you won’t love this tool, but if you’re a super affiliate, I bet you wouldn’t need to look forward to any other link tracking tool in the market.

ClickMagick also offers a 14-Day free trial period to test out the service for yourself to see if it works for your site.

ClickMagick is also unique in that they allow you to create a set budget and turn links on/off using a single URL parameter.

In my opinion, it’s the best tool to manage your affiliate links under the same roof.

Prominent Features Of ClickMagick

  • Automated Split Testing

    With this, you can test which merchant offers better, and let ClickMagick automatically select the winner.
  • Cross-device Tracking

    The clicks acquired by a single reader can be tracked from many devices, each of which is used by the reader.
  • Trackback & Pixels

    Track and report conversions
  • Geographical Targeting

    Change the URL to a different location depending on your customer’s current position.

2. Improvely


Another link tracking service that is 100% compatible with all major ad networks, such as Google, Facebook, and Bing Ads, is Improvely.

Marketers can use the tool to track the source of each conversion as well as fraudulent clicks.

In comparison to ClickMagick, Improvely is more basic.

It nevertheless contains a number of features that are pertinent and useful to any marketer.

Prominent Features Of Improvely

  • It identifies links and generates a profile of visitors to your site by segmenting traffic
  • The Data Import/Export feature allows you to import and export data from ad networks
  • Filters for bot activity, including IP addresses and locations
  • Offers white-label reports

3. Lasso

Best For Amazon & Other Affiliate Programs


Lasso is a newbie to the affiliate link management market.

Andrew Fiebert created Lasso, which boasts Amazon’s API integration as its most powerful feature.

Lasso is a WordPress plugin that works with any affiliate program and not just Amazon.

You may also use it to generate attractive summary boxes displaying your Amazon (or another affiliate) product information, much like AAWP does.

But, on the other hand, it has fewer conversion-tracking capabilities than AAWP.

For me, this is a major issue.

But for many people, it won’t be an issue at all.

Furthermore, if you’re using Amazon, conversion tracking isn’t an option anyhow.

Lasso lacks the functionality of comparison tables and automated lists found in AAWP but does have some features that aren’t available elsewhere.

Prominent Features Of Lasso

  • Add New Affiliate Links

    Locate unmonetized links and keywords, and add them without having to go into each post manually
  • Broken or Out-of-Stock Links Notifications

    Get notifications about the dead affiliate links & rectify them
  • Update the Amazon pricing & image dynamically

    You need not change them manually ever again

4. ClickMeter

Best For Conversion Tracking


ClickMeter’s one of the best affiliate link tracking services.

It’s also possible to use it on your blog and on your social media accounts as a link shortener.

ClickMeter allows you to track conversion data all in one place with affiliate systems and affiliate networks that provide trackbacks.

You no longer have to go to several affiliate systems to evaluate performance.

In addition, if a merchant doesn’t have a trackback option, you can include a conversion pixel that will send your conversion information to ClickMeter.

ClickMeter allows you to pass custom data to your service, as well as an API for the more experienced user.

This will allow you to see which track source converts best and which link on your site gets the most conversions by tracking conversions from sponsored traffic.

In my opinion, ClickMeter is the finest link monitoring solution available.

That isn’t to say it’s without fault; its performance may be improved.

Nonetheless, ClickMeter is a trustworthy and user-friendly service.

If you want to measure conversions and connect your blog, ClickMeter is the best way to go.

Prominent Features Of ClickMeter

  • Limited Promotions

    Redirect time-sensitive offers after the promotion has ended
  • URL Targeting

    By country, language, device, and user type, you may send offers to a different destination
  • Split Testing

    Test multiple merchants and variations to analyze which is performing better
  • Custom Development

    Provides a full-featured API that allows you to extend its functionality and integrate it with other services
  • Detailed Reporting

    Keep track of clicks and conversions (both human and bot)
  • Track Custom Data

    To help you track conversion sources, connect the tracking code to data fields such as UTM parameters

ClickMeter is the most thorough and simplest-to-use affiliate link tracking service mentioned on this list.

5. LinkTrackr


LinkTrackr is a link analysis and monitoring tool that comes with a set of tools to meet any marketing need for link and performance evaluation.

When compared to the other platforms listed here, LinkTrackr may not appear to be an exceptionally remarkable platform.

However, for those searching for only the basic tools without much sophistication, LinkTrackr will be ideal.

Prominent Features Of LinkTrackr

  • No need to add any code to the website
  • It also manages your PPC campaigns and adverts, as well as Google Adwords optimization.
  • The ideal URL Rotator software splits incoming traffic into different landing page links.
  • Secure commissions for affiliate marketers by hiding their link footprints.
  • Link and Conversion Tracking

ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress plugin that gives you complete control over your affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliates is free, but it has additional features that are available in the premium version.

You can manage all affiliate links from one location.

Prominent Features Of ThirstyAffiliates

  • Amazon API Importing

    Using the Amazon API importing feature, you may search for and import affiliate links directly from Amazon’s product advertising API.
  • Google Analytics Click Event Pushing

    Register affiliate link clicks as events and records them in google analytics
  • Link Scheduling

    You can also schedule your links to go live if your affiliate program has a limited discount campaign on the horizon.
  • Advanced Statistics Reports

    You may access reports and statistics on the performance of your links. It also allows you to sort statistics by category or distinct timeframes.
  • Google Tag Manager Compatibility

    If you’re using Google Tag Manager, you can send an event click with this feature.
  • Geolocation Link Redirects

    You may use geolocation links redirects to redirect people to different destination URLs depending on their location.
  • Automatic Keyword Linking

    Instead of manually adding affiliate links in your articles, the keyword linking tool allows you to choose a set of keywords for each link. As soon as these terms appear in your content, the auto-linker function will generate a link for them.
  • Link Event Notification Emails

    You can want to send a notification email when certain milestones are met as 100 link clicks are completed.
  • CSV Import / Export Tool

    You can also import or export affiliate links using the CSV import/export function.


Best For Amazon Affiliates


If you want to use the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing scheme to make money, AAWP is the WordPress plugin you’ll need.

It can not only create links to Amazon products, but it also generates summary boxes that automatically update with descriptions, pictures, and pricing with time.

AAWP’s main strength is in its capacity to access information from Amazon’s website directly.

Its core function isn’t tracking, though.

In fact, there is no built-in click or conversion monitoring or reporting in the plugin.

The ability of AAWP to pull data straight from Amazon’s website makes it a powerful tool.

Furthermore, the plugin is constantly updating all of this data on automation.

There’s no need to go into your site and change the pricing if Amazon changes its price.

You can fetch this info for each amazon product automatically:

  1. Product Image
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Title
  4. Pricing

Prominent Features Of AAWP

  • Geo-Targeting

    Using Amazon’s own web interface, figure out what the visitor’s location is and target the appropriate Amazon Associates program
  • Amazon “Buy Now” Button

    Call-to-action buttons are a popular element of website design. With call-to-action words and images, you can make your visitors more likely to convert
  • Comparison Tables

    Create Amazon product comparison tables and highlight essential characteristics.
  • Product Summary

    A callout with properly edited content that shows an Amazon item, a description of the product, and its cost all instantly appears on your page. There’s no need to manually change this data, which saves you time and work.
  • Highlight Amazon Links

    It’s possible to add the Amazon logo and invite people to buy your stuff on your site by linking it
  • Automated Lists

    Create automatic bestseller and new release lists that make sure you have the most up-to-date goods on your blog

8. Bitly


Bitly is a popular URL shortener that has been known as and earlier, and it continues to dominate the marketing world with its benefits.

Bitly is a link management platform with several features designed for organizations of all sizes, including the ability to create brief links to promote digital marketing campaigns.

Currently, among other capabilities, it may also be used as a useful tool for tracking the success of links using analytics.

Prominent Features Of Bitly

  • Users can access over 700 integrations to increase productivity and streamline processes
  • It offers a detailed analysis of link tracking, with more than 20 metrics, including location and referral information
  • A popular API that may be used to integrate branded links into automated processes
  • Create branded and mobile links for your domain room with ease


What Are Pretty Links?

Pretty Links is an affordable and user-friendly link shortener that allows you to link pretty much anything on pretty much any site.
Pretty Links works great on pretty much every site, like Facebook and Twitter
Pretty Links is also a great tool for sharing links with friends.
It makes your ugly-looking affiliate URLs into good-looking ones thus saving you from hackers that inject their affiliate code into your affiliate links.

Is There A Free Alternative To Pretty Links?

Yes, there’s a free alternative to pretty links you can absolutely use but it comes with limited features like no tracking.

How Do I Make My Link Pretty?

Just convert your ugly & long URL to a shorter one using one of the link shorteners mentioned in this post.

Can You Use Pretty Links Without WordPress?

No, you’ve to install its plugin on WordPress to use it.
If you’re not on WordPress, you can other similar tools like ClickMagick, Improvely, ClickMeter, or LinkTrackr too.

How Do Pretty Links Work?

Pretty links convert your ugly affiliate links to good-looking & easy to remember links and redirect your users to the affiliate offer you’re promoting.

What Affiliate Programs Does Lasso Work With?

Lasso is built keeping Amazon Associates in mind, but it also works with any affiliate program you can think of.

Can I Use Lasso With Any WordPress Theme?

Yes, you can.

Can I Migrate Existing Links Into Lasso?

Yes, you can import all the links at once from Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates & more.

Can I Use Lasso With Gutenberg Or Other Theme Builders?

Lasso is compatible with the WordPress Classic Editor and Gutenberg.
Lasso has a pre-installed Gutenberg block for adding Lasso Display links easily.
You may also duplicate any shortcode and use it in ANY theme builder, including Thrive Architect, Elementor, and Divi (to name a few).

Will Lasso Negatively Affect On-page SEO Or Slow Down My Website?

Lasso is created with div tags, which are used to create displays, have no negative impact on SEO.
In reality, Lasso can assist with SEO.
Google requires the use of REL tags in-text links.
And all their displays are intended to be fast.

Does Lasso Comply With Amazon Associates?

Yes, it fully complies with their terms & conditions but you still need to add certain disclaimers to your site.

What If I Stop Paying For Lasso And Do They Offer Refunds?

If you’re concerned about losing your affiliate links, don’t be. Your current inventory will be preserved in this situation. You won’t be able to add new affiliate connections, though.

Who Are Pretty Links Competitors?

A few competitors of Pretty Links are Lasso, ClickMagick, ClickMeter, AAWP, LinkTrackr, Thirsty Affiliates, Improvely, etc.

Is Pretty Link A Good WordPress Affiliate Plugin?

It can be used as a minimum barebone to cloak your affiliate links, but I’d recommend you go with ClickMagick, Improvely, ClickMeter, or other alternatives if you’re a hardcore affiliate.

What Is A Cheaper Pretty Links Alternative?

You can either use the Pretty Links free version or you can go with these items like Lasso, ClickMagick, ClickMeter, AAWP, LinkTrackr, Thirsty Affiliates, etc. depending on your needs & requirements.


Choosing the best pretty links alternative for you may be difficult.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve created this list of our favorite Pretty Links Alternatives and their features so you can find one that is perfect for what you need!

The options range from free to premium services with a variety of pricing plans depending on your needs.

If all else fails, just focus on what are your needs & just give it a go.

BTW Which pretty links alternative do YOU think is the best?

Comment below with your pick!