Right-Hand Itching

Right-Hand Itching: Expecting The Money You Deserve?

Most of us have heard that if your right-hand itches, you’re going to get money. But is that really true? And if it is, how do you know when you’re going to win? Here’s a look at some of the science behind this old wives’ tale and what you need to know to make the most of it.

Origins Behind Right Hand Itching

The origins of superstition are unclear, but there are a few theories floating around. One popular legend says that superstition originated with sailors.

These seafarers would often get itchy palms before embarking on a voyage, and they thought this was a sign that they would soon earn money. Of course, spells and charms were also used in an attempt to rid oneself of the itchiness.

Sailors weren’t the only ones who believed in this superstition; many people throughout history have ascribed to it. There’s also an interpretation that has to do with religion. In the Bible, there are several references to the right hand being associated with goodness and light (the left hand is often associated with darkness and evil).

Some believe that an itchy right hand is a sign from God that something good, such as receiving exciting news or money, is about to occur.

Although I don’t personally subscribe to this belief system, many others do.

Personally, I think it’s all nonsense. But whether you believe in it or not, it’s still fun to think about!

Here are:

11 Superstitions About Right-Hand Itching

1. Financial Gain Is Coming Your Way

This is probably the most popular superstition on the list. The idea is that if your right-hand starts itching, it means that money is coming your way.

This could be in the form of a raise at work, a windfall of some kind, or even just finding a penny on the street. So if your right-hand itching starts, it’s time for saving up!

2. Someone Is Speaking Well Of You Behind Your Back

This one is a bit vaguer, but the thinking goes that if your right-hand itching starts, it means someone is saying something good about you behind your back. This could be a colleague at work, a friend, or even a complete stranger.

The important thing to remember is that it’s all positive talk, so there’s nothing to worry about!

3. Important News Will Arrive Soon

This superstition says that if your right-hand starts itching, it means you’re going to receive some important news soon.

This could be anything from getting accepted into your dream school to finding out you’re going to be a parent. Whatever the news may be, it’s sure to be life-changing!

4. Success In Business And Career Matters

This superstition has two parts: if your right-hand starts itching, it means you’re going to find success in your chosen field, and secondly, that this success will come relatively easily to you.

So if you’ve been struggling to find your place in the world, this may be just the good sign you’ve been waiting for!

5. Good Luck Is Around The Corner

The final superstition on our list is that if your right-hand starts itching, it means good luck is coming your way. This could manifest in any number of ways, from winning the lottery to finally landing that promotion you’ve been gunning for.

However it shows up in your life, one thing is for sure: things are about to get a whole lot better! 

6. About To Win A Fight

In some cultures, it’s believed that an itching palm means you’re about to come into physical contact with someone—specifically, someone you’re going to have a fight with.

So if your right-hand starts itching out of nowhere, it might be an unlucky sign that you’re about to get into a scuffle.

7. Meet A New Friend

On the other end of the spectrum, an itchy right hand can also be interpreted as a sign that you’re about to meet someone new. In some cultures, it’s believed that an itchy palm means you’re going to shake hands with a new friend (or potential romantic interest).

So if you’ve been feeling lonely lately, an itchy right hand might be just the positive sign you’ve been waiting for.

8. Nearing Love Interest

In addition to meeting new friends, an itchy right hand is also said to indicate that love is on the horizon. Specifically, if your right-hand starts itching between your thumb and index finger, it means you’re about to experience a new romance.

Of course, this interpretation is less common in Western cultures and more popular in Eastern cultures like China and India.

9. Enemy Is Thinking About You

In some cultures, it’s believed that an itchy right hand isn’t just a sign of good things to come—it can also be a sign of bad luck. Specifically, if your right-hand starts itching between your pinky and ring finger, it means someone is thinking ill thoughts of you (or plotting against you).

So if you’ve got enemies in your midst, beware! They might be up to no good…

10. About To Have A Baby

Finally, a right itchy right palm is sometimes said to indicate that a baby is on the way—specifically if the itchiness is felt between the middle and ring fingers. Of course, this interpretation only applies to women who are trying to conceive (or women who are already pregnant).

For everyone else, an itch in this area likely has nothing to do with babies! 

11. Nearing Travelling Opportunity

Well, there’s an old superstition that says if your right-hand itches, it means you’re about to have a traveling opportunity. This superstition is said to come from the days when people used to travel by horse and carriage.

Whenever someone got an itch on their right hand, they would start packing their bags because they knew they were going to be going on a journey.

What Could Itchy Palms Mean From A Medical Standpoint?

Itchy palms can be more than just a nuisance, they could be a sign of an underlying medical issue. If the feeling of itching results in dry, red skin on your hands, it could indicate a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis.

Persistent itching could also signal the presence of an infection or inflammation.

Deeper down, issues with your digestive system or circulatory system may also be at play.

Reflux or gallbladder issues can lead to itching of the hands and fingers.

In severe cases, your blood sugar levels could be out of balance and cause an uncomfortable feeling.

It’s important to take itchy palms seriously and speak to your doctor about any additional symptoms; if left unchecked it may worsen into a chronic skin condition.

Seeking medical attention can help to determine which underlying illness may be causing itchy palms and provide a solution to alleviate any discomfort you’re experiencing.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your health!

Right Hand Itchy Palms FAQs


What Does An Itchy Right Hand Mean?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the meaning of an itchy right hand can vary depending on the individual’s culture and personal beliefs.
However, some believe that an itchy right hand can be a sign of good luck, while others believe it can be a sign of bad luck.

Why Does My Right Hand Itch At Night?

There are many reasons why your right hand might itch at night. It could be due to a dry skin condition like eczema, or a reaction to a new soap or detergent.
Alternatively, it could be a sign of a more serious health problem, such as liver disease or diabetes. If your right hand is itching regularly and intensely, see a doctor for a diagnosis.

What Is The Lottery Number For Right Hand Itching?

The lottery number for the right itching hand is 6.

What Does Left Hand Itching Mean?

Superstitions say that the left palm itching could mean that you are experiencing some kind of stress.
The left side of the body is often associated with emotions, so left palm itches could be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Is Itching A Symptom Of Diabetes?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people with diabetes do experience itching, while others do not.
The cause of diabetic itching is not entirely understood, but it may be related to changes in the blood sugar level, high levels of inflammation, or nerve damage.
If you are experiencing itching as a symptom of diabetes, it is important to discuss it with your doctor to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

Does Itching Palms Mean Liver Problems?

Yes, itching palms can be a sign of liver problems.
If you are experiencing other symptoms, such as yellow skin or eyes, fatigue, or nausea, you should speak to your doctor about your liver health.

Can Hormonal Imbalance Cause Itching?

Yes, hormonal imbalance can cause itching. The most common type of hormonal imbalance that causes itching is a lack of estrogen. When estrogen levels are low, the skin becomes dry and itchy.

What Foods Cause Itchy Skin?

Some people may experience itchy skin after eating certain foods. Common culprits include nuts, shellfish, eggs, and dairy products.
If you’re experiencing itchy skin after eating, try keeping a food diary to see if you can identify any specific foods that are causing the problem.
If you can’t seem to pinpoint the cause, talk to your doctor about other possible causes of your itchy skin.

Why Do I Have An Itch In The Same Spot?

There could be many reasons as to why you have an itch in the same spot. It could be from a previous injury, or even a skin condition like eczema.
If the itch is bothersome and doesn’t show any signs of disappearing, pay your doctor a visit.

What Numbers Are The Most Winning Numbers In The Lottery?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different lotteries have different prize structures and odds of winning.
However, some lottery numbers are more frequently drawn than others, so it is wise to choose a number that has been drawn often in the past.

What Does Itchy Left Hand Mean?

There is no definitive answer to this question. An itchy left palm could mean any of a variety of things, depending on the person’s individual context and culture. Some possible meanings include:
Sign that the person is feeling itchy or has an itch they need to scratch
Signal that the person is feeling tense or nervous
Way of expressing displeasure or anger
Gestures are used in some cultures to ask for something

Can Stress Cause Itchy Palms?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as stress can manifest in a variety of ways.
However, it is plausible that stress could lead to itchy palms, as the condition is often caused by an increase in blood flow to the hands.
When people are feeling stressed, their heart rate and blood pressure may rise, which could lead to an increase in blood flow to the hands.

How Do You Stop Itchy Hands?

There are a few things you can do to help stop itchy hands.
First, identify the cause of the itch.
Second, moisturize your hands regularly.
Third, use a topical cream or ointment if needed. Finally, take measures to protect your hands from the elements.

What Causes Itchy Feet And Hands At Night?

There can be many causes of itchy feet and hands at night, such as allergic reaction or skin conditions or eczema, or a more serious medical condition like diabetes.
If you are experiencing these symptoms and they are accompanied by other troubling symptoms, it is important to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Is Itchy Right Palm Superstition Correct?


No matter what culture you come from, there’s no denying that an itching right hand is a curious thing. Is it really a sign of good fortune? Or does it simply mean that you need to scratch an itch?

While we may never know for sure, one thing is certain: if your right hand has been feeling particularly itch lately, it might be time to buy yourself a lottery ticket—just in case.