Thrive Themes Review: Why More Than 30,000 People Prefer Only Thrive Themes To Create 6 Figure Websites?

Are you looking for Thrive Themes Review?

Are you an online entrepreneur who’s been looking for a sustainable way to build your business?

More than 30,000 people are using Thrive Themes to help them create six-figure websites and there are plenty of success stories that revolve around the market.

In this Thrive Themes review, I wanted to answer all your questions and let you know about the many benefits of using this software.

In this article, I will provide facts about Thrive Themes by talking about their features, what they offer in terms of support & more!

If anyone has any questions or needs help finding the right type of site theme then please don’t hesitate to comment down below!

Let’s dive right in, but first, if you don’t know what thrive themes is, or what it actually does, then let me resolve that issue for you.

What is Thrive Themes Actually?


Thrive Themes is a suite of WordPress website tools that provides the most advanced, yet simple to use WordPress plugins and themes.

Built with conversion-focused optimization in mind, they create beautiful designs tailored for business and conversion-focused marketing.

Thrive Suite (Bundled Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins & Themes) is an easy-to-use platform for marketers, bloggers, & other people, in general, looking to start their own WordPress website.

For marketers looking to start their own WordPress website, Thrive offers the option to measure your site’s performance and optimize them as you go.

You can create conversion-focused pages using Thrive Theme Builder for increased click-through rates on important parts of your page, like headlines or calls to action!

When you want to create an aesthetically pleasing website, it also comes with loads of beautiful designs too.

This software is not only a one-stop shop for beautiful design options, but it also has the ability to help you see which parts of your webpage are performing best and why.

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You can do A/B Testing on everything with Thrive themes, including headings, CTAs, and lead conversion-focused opt-in forms.

I’ll be reviewing all of the benefits that Thrive Themes has to offer, including its features.

Let’s start with the first product Thrive Themes has to offer which is:

Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is an in-browser page builder for WordPress websites.

It has many features to help you create your website with the design and functionality that you want.

Some good features of Thrive Architect are testimonials, countdown timers, etc.

Thrive themes are very easy-to-use templates that come in both prebuilt and customizable versions.

The Thrive Theme’s Lightboxes features enable bloggers to provide popup advertisements on their blog or website.

You can use the Thrive Architect to seamlessly integrate with other products such as the Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, and/or the Thrive Optimize features.

To use Thrive Architect’s A/B split testing functionality, you may also need to install thrive optimize.

This helps you set up A/B split testing with the Thrive Architect plugin.

Thrive Optimize helps businesses to choose which content to display on landing pages in order for them to convert more visitors.

When you run Facebook or Google ads to your landing pages, Thrive Architect can analyze which version of the page converts better so you know what kinds of messages resonate with your audience.

With Thrive Architect, all the widgets, menus, and sidebars are organized well in accordance with the page you’re editing.

The fonts used on this plugin also scale with the screen size of your device so there is no need to worry about people not being able to read text due to a smaller screen size.

With the Thrive themes, your content will always be memorable in any browsing environment.

Fonts scale to fit inside their containers with no loss of quality, and you are able to stack columns on top of each other seamlessly without any horizontal scrolling becoming necessary.

With hundreds of different template options available, the user experience is more enjoyable than most other page builders out there.

If you’re looking for a brand-new website builder, Thrive Architect might be a tool that can provide many benefits.

Thrive Architect Pros & Cons



  • One of the greatest
    customer support with easy onboarding
  • Bundled with 40+ landing page sets with each set having 2-3 landing page templates
  • Ease of use Simplicity is top-notch. Even 5 yr olds can operate this tool


  • Can be a little bulky & slow down your site like other theme builders

The next tool that Thrive Themes provides on the list is:

Thrive Theme Builder


The Thrive Themes Theme Builder plugin is designed to make the process of building or changing themes in your blog more convenient.

ShapeShifter is a recommended plugin that can be used with Theme Builder for maximum compatibility and performance.

This is an all-in-one drag and drop wordpress page builder plugin option for your site, letting you edit every aspect of it and get it exactly how you want.

Thrive Theme Builder integrates seamlessly with Thrive Architect to display all the Theme Builder elements and allow you to make changes to them.

They offer an assortment of dynamic content modules that make it easy to add up-to-date, newsworthy content on the front end of your site – whether you’re a busy person or blogger.

People with little to no design experience can now enjoy all of the benefits of a pro theme without having to figure out how thanks to Thrive Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder Pros & Cons



  • It’s a dedicated theme unlike other page builders
  • Powerful Integrations with other Thrive Themes suite of tools
  • Get ready-made designs for different parts of your wordpress website like header, footer, sidebar, etc.
  • Fully mobile responsive & pixel perfect design
  • Inbuilt tools recommendations to make your website fast


  • Too many features can overwhelm you

Thrive Quiz Builder


Quizzes are a great way to build your email list and get social shares, but they can be expensive or difficult to create.

But Thrive Quiz Builder is the perfect solution for you as it lets you accomplish both of them.

You can use this tool to create interactive quizzes that will help you grow your business by increasing conversions and getting more traffic.

With Thrive Quiz Builder, creating quizzes has never been easier!

This software includes everything you need to make awesome quizzes that will help you increase sales and grow your business.

Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes building these fun quizzes a breeze!

This tool has a simple interface, making it easy for you to create interactive quizzes that will help you grow your business by increasing conversions and getting more traffic.

The Thrive Quiz Builder is powered by a cutting-edge algorithm that lets you use different types of quizzes to engage your audience.

Based on user answers, the quiz will offer different interactive questions and messaging in order to promote a specific call-to-action—like an option or fundraising donation for your cause.

You can also personalize each question & segment your leads easily too.

This means on the first question if a person is asked whether he’s a man or a woman, & he selects “man”.

All the consecutive questions shown to him will be man-related, meaning segmenting leads & categorizing them into various segments is easy.

You can have detailed knowledge about your leads, as you’ve collected their info from them.

You know which leads have a problem with which issues & you can then sell them the ideal products they’re in need of.

You can also look at detailed reports that show where people stop on each quiz in order to optimize your quizzes and run A/B tests.

Suppose on the fifth question of your quiz, people are leaving your survey.

With Thrive Quiz Builder you can identify these types of questions that are making people drop out by performing A/B testing & then improving on those questions.

With the use of Thrive Themes, you can create amazing quizzes to get loads of traffic and build your list.

More than that, you can also use their tool to collect data about your audience.

Thrive Quiz Builder includes everything you need to make awesome quizzes!

These fun quizzes can be used as lead generation tools or viral marketing strategies, all while being super-easy to use.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pros & Cons



  • Multiple Quiz type questions
  • Powerful A/B testing & Analytics
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive


  • Limited Quiz Style designs

Thrive Leads


The truth is that there are a lot of tools for building your list but they’re too expensive or complicated.

Thrive Leads is the answer to your email list generation with cost-effectiveness.

This tool can easily beat out the competition, like Optinmonster, Icegram, and Ninja Popups.

While it may seem overwhelming at first glance, once you start using this software it quickly becomes apparent that everything about thrive themes and plugins is really simple to use.

As a result of that simplicity, the tools designed for lead generation by thrive themes are more powerful than those in any similar competitor product.

I recommend Thrive Leads to people who don’t want to shell out the big bucks for OptinMonster.

The multiple benefits of taking advantage of Thrive Leads are opting in on the web with entry points such as 7+ different types that include eBooks and lead magnets, split testing with traffic distribution for more conversions, and multi-state opt-in conversion for proper segmentation.

There is also additional analytics (without the need to use Google Analytics) available so you can see how your marketing strategy is doing and know what features to improve upon.

When you want to increase conversion rates and maximize customer relationships, triggering an opt-in form from a link or button is very advantageous.

With Thrive Leads, there are no limits on how often your popup windows can be triggered–all you need to do is schedule the trigger time of any number of popups for people visiting your site when they click on a particular link.

Users can also create a variety of opt-in forms with Thrive Leads including pop-up signups or sidebar widgets that are only visible at certain times and in selected regions.

And with these opt-in form types, you have a lot of flexibility to make sure they convert.

With its’ over 300+ templates, you’re sure to find the perfect theme for any type of business or project.

Plus, Thrive Leads offers monthly webinars and video tutorials to get newbies up to speed before they dive in!

Thrive Leads Pros & Cons



  • Over 7+ different opt-in forms are available
  • A/B testing with automatic winner selection
  • Integrations with over 35 marketing tools
  • Asset delivery mechanism to deliver leads & ebooks without autoresponder


  • Can’t track clicks as conversions

Thrive Ultimatum


Selling digital products is hard.

You want to make sure you’re using the right tools to get your message out there and convert more visitors into buyers.

Thrive Ultimatum is a customizable and smart WordPress plugin that helps small businesses use scarcity marketing to increase engagement with their site visitors.

It’s easy to set up and customize with many different countdown templates available.

One of the best features of this software is that it integrates seamlessly with Thrive Architect.

Thrive Ultimatum has a feature called the Lockdown that lets you create services for your business with scarcity marketing campaigns.

Thrive Ultimatum offers true scarcity marketing: your visitors can’t access your offer after the timer expires thus making sure you’re leveraging scarcity marketing to its full potential.

This plugin does not have any glitches like other plugins in this market do because they take their time and attention into consideration when creating these products for you.

There are many countdown templates available that make it easy for you to get started right away without having to spend hours designing one yourself.

Thrive Ultimatum integrates tightly with Thrive Architect so if you’re using thrive themes on your WordPress website, then this is an app that should be on top of your list!

It also comes with its own set of bonuses including more elements related to scarcity marketing for Thrive Architect.

This scarcity marketing tool is affordable and easy to use for all levels of entrepreneurs who are looking to thrive their business with this one-of-a-kind plugin!

Thrive Ultimatum Pros & Cons



  • Flexible & versatile design types
  • Lockdown feature for exclusivity
  • Countdown timers can be embedded in pages


  • Requires integration with Thrive Leads

Thrive Apprentice


You want to start offering online courses, but you don’t know how to organize and display them on your website.

Thrive Apprentice solves this problem by providing a fast and easy way to create attractive learning modules.

It also enables you to track your students’ progress in the WordPress dashboard and keep yourself updated with data on their performance in your online courses.

Thrive Apprentice works well with all thrive themes products and also integrates freely into membership plugins.

SendOwl converts lead for the Thrive Mentor Club through Thrive Apprentice, which is deeply integrated with email marketing tools like SendOwl (their recommendation)

Thrive Apprentice Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Cost-effective solution
  • No transactions fees associated with course delivery
  • Full control of your digital course creation and marketing
  • Great user interface


  • No shopping cart feature
  • No way to drip feed content

Thrive Headline Optimizer


You know that you need to use headlines on your website to get people to click through, but it’s hard to come up with a good one.

Headlines are tough because they have so much power and can be the difference between someone clicking or going to click on your competitor’s headlines in the SERPs.

If you’re using WordPress and want to drive more traffic to your site, then the Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin may be just what you need.

It’s helpful in understanding which headlines are successful and how to streamline the website design in order to attract more social shares & clicks.

The Thrive headline optimizer lets you split test your headlines to provide better results for your website pages.

This also improves other metrics, including scrolling and time spent on the page.

Unlike most plugins, this one is built specifically for large websites or blogs that want more control over their headlines and how well they do when visitors land on the site.

This plugin has helped many people in the past and has been seen as one of the best plugins for headlines around.

It’s worth it to have on your site if you are looking to improve how well your visitors interact with your page, especially since this plugin is so easy to use!

Recommended if you’re especially running a news website.

Thrive Optimize


Thrive Optimize is a comprehensive software program for website conversion rate optimization.

It allows you to easily create, test, and measure the effectiveness of webpage layouts and other elements that will impact your conversion rates through split-testing on pages within your site.

With the use of Thrive Optimize, you’re provided with conversion tracking; this solution allows users to track which page is converting better so that they can focus on a single landing page, or make changes to it and run the test again.

It works in conjunction with the Thrive Architect software, which is a tool that enables you to run split-testing and track conversions from your WordPress website.

Thrive Optimize Pros & Cons



  • Simple & Super-effective
    A/B testing
  • Run unlimited A/B tests and page variations
  • Great user interface
  • Detailed reporting options
  • Set and forget as it’ll select the winner itself
  • Integrates well with Thrive Leads


  • Used for WordPress pages, not posts
  • Needs Thrive Architect To Work Fully

Thrive Comments


The problem with most blog writing platforms is that people need to register before they can leave feedback.

But Thrive Comments makes it easier by letting users comment on blog posts using their social media accounts, and they’re one of few online solutions that allow guest visitors as well.

Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin that provides all kinds of features in addition to the standard commenting system.

When readers leave comments, instead of disappearing into nothingness, they can choose from a list of post-specific tasks you’ve set including opting into your email newsletter or sharing on social media.

The plugin has a built-in commenting feature that can be moderated by assigning roles to specific comments while also giving pages speed optimization features like loading comments when the user moves down in the section.

One of the great features of Thrive Comments is its unrivaled performance.

It uses Native WordPress comments, so it performs and displays in an instant no matter how many comments are posted.

Additionally, numerous plugins have been optimized for compatibility with Thrive Comments, a rarity that has earned this plugin many accolades among online entrepreneurs and bloggers alike.

It also comes with upvotes & downvotes that spark engagement to keep the conversation going.

The best part about Thrive Comments plugin is that it’s really easy to set up and comes with detailed documentation on how you can install the plugin on your WordPress site.

This will not only make sure that you have all the right permissions but also keep the spam level as minimal as possible.

Thrive Comments Pros & Cons



  • Helps you improve the user experience and generate more leads
  • A ton of features to boost your conversions with engaged viewers
  • Makes the comments section more interactive and engaging


  • Very few styling options for the comment form

Thrive Ovation


Social proof is an important component of marketing, but many website owners don’t ask for testimonials on their sites.

Even if they do get testimonials, they don’t store or use them effectively.

Thrive Ovation is the answer to these problems.

Thrive Ovation plugin automatically collects testimonials on your website and is easy to keep track of from your WordPress dashboard.

You can display them anywhere on your site with just a drag and drop action – even dynamically!

This product is perfect for anyone who wants social proof but doesn’t want to spend time collecting it.

Thrive Ovation Pros & Cons



  • Simplistic ways to collect & display testimonials
  • Bundled with fully customizable page templates
  • Ability to add more questions


  • Can’t work without Thrive Themes Membership

Thrive Clever Widgets


You’re looking for a way to display separate widgets for your separate blog posts in a contextual way by adding some conditions.

Thrive Clever Widgets makes it easy to set up different widgets for different posts on your blog.

With this plugin, bloggers can quickly and successfully display things like categories or tags with particular widgets without having to change everything manually.

There are many free alternatives for this plugin, some of which are Content-Aware Sidebars in the WordPress repository.

However, it is included as part of the Thrive Themes membership package and may appeal to you.

The widget feature in this plugin allows you to display a different scaffold based on the post.

You can vary them by categories, tags, or anything else!

It’s perfect if you want to show off your latest blog post with an image and a short summary, but you also want to promote your latest podcast episode with a link.

Thrive Automator


Now any WordPress site can take advantage of Thrive Automator as they create automation that integrates their site with the plugins and tools they love.

This plugin was just launched in August 2021 & it has heavily removed dependencies on tools like Zapier.

WordPress users can automate various actions with the help of the Thrive Automator plugin.

The app integrates with other services and plugins to create workflows for all skill levels. Key benefits include being able to activate automation when logging in, completing a form, or finishing a quizWondering What Kind of Automations Are Possible with Thrive Automator?

Thrive Automator can automatically create a countdown timer for an online course. For those who have created courses, Thrive Automator will allow you to sell more even when you are not present.

Is it getting frustrating when you can’t add new customers after they make a purchase from your WooCommerce site?

Thrive Automator will take care of that for you.

Just set up the automation and turn on Push to make Thrive Automator automatically update customer lists with leads as they buy items once or recurring subscriptions.

Tired of constantly doing manual work to tailor your email marketing efforts and support individual students in your online courses?

Then create automation that adds tags to each student’s account when they finish a lesson, module, or course section!

All the benefits of Thrive Automator will empower you and save any time with this new tagging capacity.

With the new Thrive Automator, online quizzes can take action on their own and do more for you than just creating leads.

As an example of a pre-defined action, quiz takers who score above 100% might be automatically enrolled in one of your courses without any further input from you.

There is still plenty to discover with the Thrive Automator such as goals that can show up at the end of a quiz like setting up follow-up content based on user scoring history or geotargeting users who live in specific locations near competing companies. You’ll get personalized recommendations after finishing taking your quiz and seeing what stimuli work best for them.

Thrive Automator Pros & Cons



  • Plugins can talk & exchange data with each other


  • Needs payment integrations

Thrive Themes Pricing Review


Thrive Themes has moved to a subscription-based model and requires customers to buy the Thrive Suite at $99/quarter or$299/yr or not purchase any of their software.

Subscription to the complete package of tools gives you access to all of them and allows you to use them on up to 25 websites with full functionality.

So, how much does Thrive Themes Cost?

You can either pay the full amount annually or can go with the quarter payment model if you have a tight budget.

The price for the Thrive themes plan varies from $99/quarter or $299/yr.

This is still more affordable than the likes of ClickFunnels, which charges $97/month, or Leadpages with its monthly charge $48.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

My verdict on the pricing?

There are many tools available to help run your online business, but one that I would say you absolutely need is Thrive Themes & they fully justify their pricing to features value.

if you’re looking to buy it, give it a go without a second thought.

You won’t be disappointed at all.

Thrive Themes Review: Customer Support

The Thrive Themes team is helpful, responsive, and fast.

You can submit support tickets from inside the dashboard, which will be answered within 24-48 hours at most or less.

The Thrive Themes website has extensive video tutorials and a knowledge base for solving common issues.

For some of my questions, the knowledge base provided answers on the spot and solutions to my challenges.

As a beginner in this world of themes, I can say that it makes life much easier as all you have to do is install themes; change a few settings according to your needs & publish your website.

In addition to the Thrive University training modules for increasing conversions and designing drag-and-drop landing pages, new training videos are released every month.

Try Thrive Themes Risk-FREE For 30 Days

What Is Thrive Themes Membership AKA Thrive Suite?


Thrive themes don’t sell their wordpress themes & plugins individually, instead, they offer you their full suite of thrive themes products.

Means either you buy all of them or buy none.

Earlier they used to sell each product individually & let me remind you, the single product one-off payment was way much higher than the subscription membership.

3 yrs ago, I bought one of the Thrive Themes products named Thrive Quiz Builder for a lifetime deal for $65 alone & now I regret it.

It would’ve been much better if I have purchased their subscription.

For a single monthly fee, the thrive suite makes it possible for site creators to install all their thrive theme wordpress themes and plugins (Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads) onto any one of their websites)

Thrive Themes Pros & Cons



  • Get lifetime updates
  • Most affordable & feature-rich landing page builder
  • Most of their product come with in-built A/B testing
  • Powerful integration with their tools makes you realize the full potential of an ecosystem where each product can talk to others seamlessly
  • Best User Interface & seamless user experience
  • Best & fast customer support
  • Large community & knowledgebase to highly reduce your learning curve
  • Real-life marketing is incorporated into all of their products
  • They keep on releasing new features & updates every 2 weeks


  • Payments integration is not up to the mark. Need to invest in other payment tools
  • Thrive Leads can be bulky
  • Thrive Apprentice has no membership or payments integrated

*Update: 90% of the Integration issues have been resolved with the introduction of Thrive Automator.

Thrive Themes Review: Common FAQs People Ask


ln this section, I’ll answer some common questions people ask us about our Thrive Themes.

If there are any other topics that interest you please feel free to reach out and let us know in the comments below!

Is Thrive Themes Good?

Thrive Themes is one of the leaders in Giving both Landing Page Builder, Page Builder, and WordPress themes.

This product is packed with features including a drag and drop editor for making your landing page quickly (just like you would using Microsoft Word), webinar ticket integration, an email capturing tool, Clever widgets & much more that help boosts your business.

With the Thrive Themes Membership, you can forget about the steep prices compared to other tools like ClickFunnels $97/month, or Leadpages $48/month.

Whether you’re a beginner or not there’s something for you on thrive themes – starting from live training which will teach you how to design perfect layouts and deep insider knowledge about what it means to grow a successful online business.

What Is Thrive Themes or Thrive Suite For?

Thrive Themes is the ultimate platform for building conversion-focused WordPress websites.

Their different designs have been carefully curated to help you find a website design that suits your needs and business goals without breaking the bank.

You can also use Thrive Themes products with no coding knowledge.

If you’re ready to start designing your next website or giving your existing blog a facelift, then this toolkit from Thrive Themes is the perfect solution.

How Much Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes has moved to a subscription-based model and requires customers to buy the Thrive Suite at $19/month or not purchase any of their software.

With a subscription to the complete package of tools, you get access to all of them and can use them on up to 25 sites with full functionality.

So, how much does Thrive Themes Cost?

The price of the Thrive themes plan varies between $19 paid annually and $90 per quarter.

This is still less for comparable products plans like ClickFunnels at $97 per month, or Leadpages at $48 per month.

Agency membership with Thrive is also a possibility for larger companies that are capped at USD 49 per month.

Is Thrive Cart Part Of Thrive Suite?

No, Thrive Cart isn’t a part of Thrive Themes at all, but it integrates well with it.

Thrive ThemesConversion Focused WordPress Themes & PluginsN/AThrive Themes is a suite of WordPress website tools that provides the most advanced, yet simple to use WordPress plugins and themes. Built with conversion-focused optimization in mind, they create beautiful designs tailored for business and conversion-focused marketing.4.9479228USD

Thrive Themes Review Verdict: Can Your Business Too Scale Up To 6 Figures With Thrive Themes?

  • There are a lot of websites out there that offer beautiful design and customizations, but Thrive Themes goes above and beyond making your site conversion-optimized.

    You can get an inside look at what content is working the best for you by checking each individual section’s performance individually!

    If you’re looking to make your website more professional online, then this plugin will be perfect for you because it allows A/B testing on nearly everything in WordPress with ease.

    Thrive Themes offers you Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, Thrives Leads Quiz Builder, and more!

    These items are all part of the complete suite that this online business has to offer.

    With these tools in your arsenal for blogging success, it’s no wonder why they have so many businesses like these thriving with them every month.

    They make data-driven decisions easy by helping their customers maximize revenue using a variety of options from blog design to SEO optimization on-page content placement.

    If you’re looking for a data-driven solution to help with your business, Thrive Themes is the way to go.

    Because Data Doesn’t Lie

    With proper data at hand, decision-making for your business will be smooth & you can focus on other important aspects of your business like marketing leaving the nitty-gritty work to Thrive themes.

    So, if you want these features & convenience, try investing in Thrive Themes Now.

Thrive Themes Review Conclusion: Should You Buy It?


Thrive Themes is a must-have business theme, for every business owner that wants to thrive in the digital age.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive suite of tools and services, Thrive Themes should be your first stop on the journey towards success.

With easy installation, seamless integration with other products like Quiz Builder and Leads App, powerful features such as A/B testing capability right out of the box, and lifetime updates included at no extra charge – there’s nothing stopping you from getting started today!

And if you’re still confused, check out how these businesses are making 6 figures per month using Thrive Themes here.

Give it a try now by signing up for their membership plan either quarterly or annually – whichever suits your budget best.

And if you still don’t love it, they offer a generous 30-day money-back guarantee too.

With these thrive wordpress themes and plugins, your online business will definitely THRIVE.

You won’t regret it.

  • Try Thrive Suite Risk FREE For 30 Days