Choosing the best online video marketing software, can be a bit difficult. But thanks to Viddyoze for saving our lives.

In our article today, we’ll conduct a Full Viddyoze Review about what is Viddyoze, for whom it is meant for, and why should you use it, especially if you’re a video marketer or an Ad Agency.

Let’s start with

Viddyoze Review: Section 1

What is Viddyoze?

The simplest way to describe Viddyoze, is to think of it like a massive library of animations, logo stingers, outros, live-action animations, social media call-to-actions, and lower thirds that can be customized within seconds.

You’re free to choose the design you like, edit the wording, upload your logo or graphic, and hit render. Once the rendering is complete, you can download your creation in either .MP4 video format or animated .GIF file. As simple as the platform is, it is so much more than a simple YouTube intro maker.

To be clear, Viddyoze isn’t a fully fledged video editing software. It’s the miniature version of it, and it targets all video marketers or agencies out there.

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How Viddyoze saves you Time & Efforts

Before Viddyoze, you had 2 options. Either you’ll buy an expensive software, and teach yourself for weeks on how to use it. Or you can hire a freelancer.

The purpose of launching this software was to reduce hefty money, you’d have to give to a fiverr seller, to just cast out a basic animation effect and also to reduce the time taken to create such animations.

Let’s see with our own eyes here.

Suppose, if you wanted a nice marketing video for your agency, or want to create opener videos, then this is what you’d have to go through on Fiverr.

Fiverr Logo animation Prices

Now this was just about the price, all these sellers do also require a minimum of 3 days to deliver your work.

Fiverr Logo animation Time

But Viddyoze makes them for you under a max time of 5 mins and only a one-time upfront cost of $67.

By now, you must have gotten the idea of what Viddyoze is.

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For Whom Viddyoze Is For ?

Viddyoze Software is merely made for 3 kinds of people.

1. Video Marketers

Video Marketers will definitely need it, as it can save them, a ton of money and time.

2. Advertising Agencies or Social Media Agencies

Creating Ads with just 3 clicks can give you a full boost in the growth of your company.

3. Fiverr Sellers

And lastly, if you’re a fiverr seller, or wish to become one. This can be your ultimate side hustle. As we have already seen above, Fiverr sellers demand upto $200 for a single logo intro or outro. If you purchase this software, with a one-time investment of just $67 for lifetime, then You can sell as much as you desire without any time boundation.

Only selling 4 animation intros for just $20, will recover all your money.

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What You’ll Get In Viddyoze

Over the past 5 yrs, new features are being continously added, with the major updates being rolled out on November 17, 2020.

In this version, you’ll get,

1. Square & Vertical Templates

Viddyoze Square & Vertical Templates

The new version of Viddyoze features brand new templates specifically suited to square & vertical formats, making it perfect for all social media platforms!

2. Multi Font Support

Viddyoze Multi Font Support

Viddyoze expands its robust customisation features to now allow users to choose multiple fonts for their creations.

Though they’re saying that support for font has come, but as on Nov 16, 2020 there was no trace of it. Let’s see what is the case after the launch.

3. Multiple Audio Options

Viddyoze Multiple Audio Options

Not feeling the default audio for your Viddyoze template? No problem, you’ll now be able to select from multiple different audio tracks per template!

4. Sound FX only

Viddyoze Sound FX only

You can now choose to have just sound effects in your templates, without any music… giving you full flexibility and control over your audio options!

Get Viddyoze here

5. Background Removal Tool

Viddyoze Background Removal Tool

Need to quickly kill the background of your image in Viddyoze? Now you can using our 1-click background removal tool.

6. Image Editing Tools

Viddyoze Image Editing Tools

Need to crop your images in Viddyoze before inserting it into a template? Now you can do this all inside of the template customisation options.

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7. User Library

Viddyoze User Library

Users will now be able to upload and store images in their accounts! No more browsing around your computer to find assets. Everything is accessible from inside the Viddyoze app!

8. New Integrations

Viddyoze New Integrations

Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash… users now have access to hundreds of thousands of images to import directly from inside the Viddyoze app. Simple browse for images and edit them right inside the app.

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Viddyoze Review: Section 2

Technology Used behind Viddyoze

The best thing I loved about Viddyoze is that, there is no need to:

  1. Install on your device. Everything is cloud based. Just need a web browser to run it. Be it even on a smartphone.
  2. Purchase a video Rendering based computer to run it (powerful Processors and graphics cards costs a lot of money)
  3. Be an expert in animation
  4. Spend hours creating animations. It’s all created within just 3 to 4 clicks.

The very best thing of viddyoze is that, it’s hosted on Amazon Servers.

The AWS servers are highly accredited for their performance, speed and security.

This is the reason that popular streaming service like Netflix is also hosted on AWS.

So, no tension of performance or security.

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Viddyoze Review: Section 3

Viddyoze Editions

Though Viddyoze comes in mainly 2 versions, namely Personal & Commercial.

In Both Personal & Commercial, you get 170 free templates to choose from.

But in Personal, you’re only allowed 30 video renders per month while in Commercial, there’s absolutely no video render limit.

The Personal is priced at $47 while the Commercial is priced at $67.

I personally think that, there’s no need to go for personal, since there’s no confirmation that whether you can upgrade to commercial with less fees or you have to pay the full price . So, it’s a safer side to go for Viddyoze Commercial.

Also the limit is lot less and you’ll end up hitting the limit in no time.

And if you want to sell your services, I’d like to suggest that you go for Commercial as well. These days there are several cases of copyright claims. So, in order to avoid that, go for Commercial.

Get Viddyoze here

Viddyoze Upsells

1. Viddyoze Template Club: Exclusive Monthly Template Club

This Template Club is a monthly subscription that gives users access to the entire Viddyoze animation library.

They currently have over 1000 templates to choose from. By becoming a Club member, you’ll get instant access to every template they have and also receive 15 brand new animations every single month.

The Viddyoze Template Club is an ever-expanding library of professional animation templates, exclusively created for the Viddyoze platform.

Get Viddyoze here

2. Viddyoze Agency: The Highest Level of Viddyoze Available Ever!

Viddyoze Agency is the highest level of Viddyoze and gives users access to a host of additional features. These features are exclusive to the Agency level, and cannot be accessed by any other levels.

Exclusive Viddyoze Agency Features Include:

  • Watermarking animations
  • Create up to 10 videos at once
  • Video scheduling
  • Saving assets & brand palettes for much fast video creation
  • White-Label features & technology

Get Viddyoze here

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME VIDDYOZE AGENCY BONUS: For those of you that upgrade to Viddyoze Agency, you will be given ten (10) Viddyoze Reseller Accounts that you can sell or give away to your clients.

But if you don’t intend to start a video agency, then this is of no use.

Note: If you are a Viddyoze Agency user, you don’t need a Viddyoze Template Club membership because you get access to EVERYTHING with the Viddyoze Agency Upgrade.

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If you’re into video content, then I’m pretty sure that this is the best tool you need to have. As currently for this price, no product is delivering you this level of performance and features.

Get Viddyoze here


Though there are no more further upsells on this product, but there’s a monthly subscription add-on that you might be interested in.

It’s the Viddyoze Template Club that accounts for a monthly subscription of about $37/month.

If you’re a member of this club, you’ll receive atleast 1000 templates to choose from. And new templates are continously being added.

Without this club membership, you’ll have only access to 170 templates.

I’m currently logged in now and I have access to 1455 Templates as of now.

I would suggest you to go for this only if necessary. First try out basic few templates and when you feel that you need some more designs, you can pay a monthly fee of $37 and use it.

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Viddyoze Review: Section 4

Refund Policy

There’s no need to be afraid to try Viddyoze, and if you don’t like it, you can contact their team for a refund.

According to the Viddyoze website, there is a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on both the Personal & Commercial editions.

Viddyoze Agency appears to have a 14 day money-back guarantee according to the website.

Plus I’m personally in contact with their team, and their support is quite to vouch for.

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Viddyoze Review: Section 5


How will I use Viddyoze?

There’s no need to be an expert in animation or designing. And still if you’re confused, they have their own Tutorial Section, which teaches you in detail. Plus there are ton of videos on youtube you can also take help of.

Viddyoze tutorials

Is my niche template Available?

There’s a hell lot of template types available for you. from Marketing to corporate and from food to travel. Name it and viddyoze owns it.

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The Final Viddyoze Review

Though there are several similar softwares like these, but what Viddyoze offers at this price, makes it much more lucrative and gives it an edge on competition.

I personally think that as of now, grabbing the deal is the best thing you can do. Because it’s speculated that the prices might rise in the future.

The best thing is the usability of this software. Literally anyone can use it and that too without any prior experience. It just takes a 4 clicks to customize and render out your videos.

Not only that, Viddyoze is actually fun to use! Viddyoze is a very strong “BUY” and receives my highest recommendation.

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