Digital Business Card: 7 Best Options To Choose From

Digital business card is the wave of the future. They’re more convenient than traditional business cards, and they’re better for the environment. Plus, they can be customized to include all sorts of information, from your social media links to your website. Here are 7 of the best digital business cards out there:

What Is A Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is an online version of a traditional paper business card.

Digital business cards are typically created using a website or app and can be shared electronically with potential contacts.

While they may not offer the same tactile experience as a physical business card, digital business cards can be more easily customized and often come with built-in features that traditional paper cards cannot match.

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For example, digital cards can often be equipped with links to a social media profile, company logo, landing page, google maps, online portfolio, company name, contact info, affiliate links, or personal website.

They can also be scanned using a smartphone to quickly add contact info to a user’s address book.

For a business owner, digital business cards offer a more convenient and flexible way to exchange contact information.

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What Are The Best Digital Business Cards For You In July 2024?

Starting off with the most popular one, we have:

1. CamCard

Best Used As A Digital Business Card Organizer

camcard best digital business card

CamCard is a simple and intuitive mobile app that lets you scan your existing traditional business card to make it into an easy-to-use digital version.

You can manage all the cards in one place, and add notes about each person or company on them including tags for quick reference so they’re never lost again!

The interface has been designed with beginners in mind – making sure even people who haven’t used software like this before will be able to take advantage of what Camcard offers right away.

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This digital business card maker distinguishes itself from other apps in that it allows users to receive notifications once they begin collecting business cards.

This may keep you up to date on the goings-on at your company or news about individuals whose digital business cards you’ve saved.

Users can take photos of their business cards and save them to the app, which will then generate digital representations of them.

These digitized people may be kept on a phone or computer before being distributed to others, reducing clutter.

CamCard is a useful program, but it’s more of a business card management system than one of the finest digital business card apps.

Some Prominent Features Of CamCard Digital Business Card

  • The app can quickly scan real cards and populate all of the contact information
  • You may trade electronic cards with your friends OTG
  • Add notes to business cards so you can recall when, what you spoke about, and where you met
  • Universal Multi-Language Card Reader
  • Scan paper cards with bulk creation feature
  • Exchange Electronic Cards
  • Sync Your Cards Across All Devices

CamCard Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

camcard best Digital Business Cards


  • Keeps you up-to-date on all the latest news about your contacts via notifications
  • It makes your networking efforts a breeze
  • Easily add social media accounts and other important contact details
  • With a few clicks, you can share digital business cards with individuals


  • More costly than comparable electronic business cards

2. Haystack

Best Digital Business Card For Marketing Analytics

haystack best digital business card

Haystack is the perfect app available on the app store for professionals wanting to create their own virtual business cards and manage contacts.

With one simple interface, you can design your card in minutes with professional-looking templates that will maintain branding consistency across all members of your team!

The straightforward features of this digital business card company allow for quick campaigns to promote company events, products, or services through social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter with just one click of the mouse!

Haystacks’ analytics provide invaluable information about how often people are opening emails from each advertisement sent out via this marketing tool – enabling both marketers/psychologists alike ample opportunity to make informed decisions when planning future strategies based on what works best beforehand.

This digital business card maker offers many benefits, including being able to track analytics points.

These let you know how many people visit your contact cards so that when a decision needs to be made or an action taken it can happen faster than ever before!

Additionally, they have major CRM integration like Hubspot & Salesforce which make them even more powerful as well.

Some Prominent Features Of Haystack Digital Business Card

  • The dashboard is simple to use, and it includes an import/export option for data.
  • Integrations with third-party applications and social media
  • Templates that you can change to your own liking and simple contact management
  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and more

Haystack Pricing

Haystack offers these 3 pricing models for its customers:

For Individuals
For Businesses
For Enterprise
Contact For Quote

Haystack Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

haystack best Digital Business Cards


  • Quickly create digital business cards
  • The app has a built-in analytics feature.
  • CRMs integrations are supported, including Salesforce
  • Make sure your company’s business card designs are uniform
  • Fast customer service


  • Only premium plans offer access to analytics and tracking capabilities

3. Kado Network

Best For Large Scale Networking Professionals

kado network best digital business card

The Kado Network not only offers a great app for electronic business cards but it’s designed to serve as an all-in-one online networking platform.

The intuitive and easy design makes designing your own custom card simple, which you can then bulk add contacts or share through QR codes or links – making sure they’re always up on the latest tech!

The all-inclusive app offers a solution for any business looking to network and engage with other users, making it incredibly convenient.

It also allows you to scan paper business cards remotely or take notes on the go in addition to keeping your contacts synced across multiple platforms including Outlook, GSuite, CRM software, etc.

One more thing this program has going in its favor is administrator features which allow scaling enterprises seamlessly.

This business card solution also follows GDPR standards so it ensures the safety of both you as well as those who’re on file within this program!

Some Prominent Features Of Kado Network Digital Business Card

  • Keeps brand consistency across all mediums
  • Reduces marketing efforts by providing in-depth analytics for better marketing decisions
  • Easily manage contacts with integrated CRM and Google/Outlook contact management
  • Sync all your contacts in one place for easy access
  • Reduces time spent on LinkedIn profile management
  • Keeps your contacts private and secure
  • Easily share your digital business card
  • Integrates with other major social media platforms

Kado Network Pricing

Kado Network offers these 3 pricing models for its customers:


Kado Network Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

kado network best Digital Business Cards


  • Complies with GDPR regulations
  • Customization to match your brand
  • Share cards easily with your contacts
  • Import contact details quickly and easily
  • Interactive user experience


  • Expensive

4. SwitchIt

Best Digital Business Card Solutions For SMBs

switchit best digital business card

With the SwitchIt app, you can design and share your business cards easily.

The unique feature of this tool is that users are able to add video content on top with just one tap!

SwitchIt offers a great platform for contact sharing and distributing your business card. 

It’s easy to use, allows you to send cards without downloading an app (which means it has very high versatility), and integrates with some of the most popular CRMs out there like HubSpot or Salesforce if that’s something important in your company, but does not have any tracking features on its own!

Switchit’s simple user interface and pre-built templates make it easy to get set up, allowing you the freedom of customizing your contact details.

With many similar electronic business card apps and solutions available on today’s market—such as core features being free.

SwitchIt offers an effortlessly sharable link or business card template that can be dropped into various outlets with ease!

The SMARTcontact manager allows users automatic capture, addition & editing capabilities.

Users are able to view historical data too.

With Switchit you can also share files and send messages to people all around the business world!

Some Prominent Features Of SwitchIt Digital Business Card

  • Pre-built templates for crafting a stunning business card
  • Easily send your virtual business card to contacts using multiple methods including Text Message, Email Signatures, QR Codes, Facebook, and more!
  • Set reminders that will sync to your Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, or iCloud Calendar
  • Keep all of your contacts in one place with the SMART Contact Management System
  • Other advantages include business card scanning and file upload
  • Quick and easy video integration for a more personal touch
  • Efficient file attachment system that helps with organizing business cards
  • Business card scanner for a quick and seamless exchange of information
  • Virtual background for zoom meetings that give you professional-looking business cards
  • Clean and modern virtual business card templates with various color palettes to choose from
  • Customizable branding to make your business stand out

SwitchIt Pricing

SwitchIt offers these 3 pricing models for its customers:

Contact For Quote

SwitchIt Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

switchit best Digital Business Cards


  • Get started without the app
  • A low-cost premium plan
  • Multiple ways to share your card


  • Only the paid plan has access to integrations

5. HiHello

Best Digital Business Card For Solo Entrepreneur

hihello best digital business card

HiHello is a free digital business card app available on both the Apple app store and Android that allows you to create beautiful, digital business cards in under ten minutes.

With an easy-to-use interface, it’s one of the more user-friendly digital business card apps out there!

You can share your virtual business card multiple ways including via URL or by sending an email with all their contact information attached so they have no trouble reaching you if needed.

Plus HiHello also obeys privacy practices by hiding personal phone numbers when sharing through text messages (which might come in handy at times).

This virtual business card app allows you to seamlessly manage your contacts and convert paper business cards into digital contacts in your online address book for easy storage.

Both their website and app have an amazingly friendly user interface that allows the user to explore.

It also allows you to design and personalize your own business cards.

You can share them with anyone, even if they aren’t signed up for the service!

The website is simple to use and offers an easy-to-navigate layout that allows users to get a feel for all of HiHelo’s features before deciding whether or not they want to join.

Some Prominent Features Of HiHello Digital Business Card

  • Easily share your digital business card with anyone, without them needing to download the app
  • Share your digital business card in many ways, including email, QR codes, social media pages, links, or NFC tag
  • Scan business cards and add them to an address book on the app
  • Address book keeps all your business contacts in one place
  • Swap cards with another HiHello user and update their information automatically
  • A digital business card scanner makes it easy to add contacts
  • Personalize your business card with your photo and contact information
  • Templates offered by HiHello digital business card platform make it easy to create a professional design
  • Elegant design
  • Available on iOS and Android

HiHello Pricing

HiHello offers these 5 pricing models for its customers:

Contact For Quote
Contact For Quote

HiHello Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

hihello best Digital Business Cards


  • Design is easy with numerous templates to choose from
  • Professional plans are low-cost compared to competitors
  • PDFs and social media accounts can be linked for easy sharing
  • Fast customer service and seamless user experience


  • CRM features are only accessible on the highest-priced plans

6. Beaconstac

Best QR Code Enabled Digital Business Card

beaconstac best digital business card

If you’re looking for an easy way to share your contact information, Beaconstac is a great option.

With their QR Code technology, you can create a digital business card that contains all of your contact information.

This way, people can easily scan your QR Code and get in touch with you without any hassle.

Plus, it’s a popular option among major corporations – so you know it’s a reliable choice.

Some Prominent Features Of Beaconstac Digital Business Card

  • Dynamic QR Codes (made with QR code generator pro) that can be updated at any time
  • Tracks all the scans by location, time of day, and top/worst-performing cards
  • Bulk creation feature for up to 2,000 cards to save money and time

Beaconstac Pricing

Beaconstac offers these 5 pricing models for its customers, providing a 14-day free trial for all plans.

Yearly payment is required for the use of Beaconstac’s services.

3 Digital Business Cards
25,000 Scans
Live tech support
Scan analytics
50 Digital Business Cards
75,000 Scans
All Starter features
GPS tracking
250 Digital Business Cards
250,000 Scans
All Lite features
Dynamic QR Code API
500 Digital Business Cards
500,000 Scans
3 Users
3 Teams
All Pro features
Multi-user access
Team management

Beaconstac Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

beaconstac best Digital Business Cards


  • Updatable dynamic QR codes
  • Scan tracking by location, time of day, and top/worst-performing cards
  • Bulk creation feature for up to 2,000 cards


  • Pricey for small businesses

7. Linq

Best For Teams And Corporations

linq best digital business card

As one of the pioneers in the NFC digital business card space, Linq offers a wide range of products – from customized cards to Apple Watch bands – that feature this cutting-edge technology.

Their software allows companies to easily manage and update their team’s information, making them a go-to choice for larger businesses looking to save time and money.

And with a dedicated Linq team behind them, users can feel confident knowing they have support every step of the way.

Some Prominent Features Of Linq Digital Business Card

  • Landing pages that are completely customizable to your company
  • Easily embed custom links, videos, and colors that represent your brand
  • Sharing your digital business card is easy with a variety of options like text, email, QR codes, and NFC
  • Customizable cards and CRM integration for a smooth experience

Linq Pricing

Linq offers these 3 pricing models for its customers.

Add Photos
Basic Analytics
Display Contact Info
Custom Links
Add Social Profiles
Everything in the FREE plan +
Custom Forms
Linq Leap (Redirect To Any Site)
Advanced Analytics
Video Embeds
Schedule Meetings
Up To 5 Profile Pages
Custom Logo In Profile
Spotify + Soundcloud Embeds
Linq For Teams
Contact For Quote

Linq Digital Business Cards Pros And Cons

linq- best digital business cards


  • Multiple customization possibilities
  • Powerful CRM integrations
  • Manage a company under one dashboard


  • Has a bit of a learning curve

General FAQs On Electronic Business Cards


How To Make A Digital Business Card?

There are a number of ways to make a digital business card.
One way is to use virtual business card apps like SwitchIt, which offers a range of features and templates to make your virtual card look professional.
Another option is to use HiHello, which also offers templates and an easy-to-use interface.
You can also use online tools like Canva, which offers a wide variety of templates and design tools.
Finally, if you want to get really creative, you can make your own electronic business card solutions using HTML and CSS.
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How To Create A Digital Business Card?

Creating a digital card is easy! All you need is an internet connection and a computer. Here are the steps to create your digital business card:
1. Go to and search for “digital business cards.”
2. Choose a website that offers digital business cards and click on the link.
3. Follow the instructions on the website to create your digital business card.
4. Save your digital card to your computer.
5. Upload your digital card to your websites or email signatures to your contacts.

What Is A Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a virtual representation of your physical business card.
It contains all the same information but can be accessed and shared electronically.
Digital business cards can be exchanged through email, text messages, or social media.
There are many advantages to using virtual business cards over traditional physical business cards.
Digital business cards are more environmentally friendly because they don’t require the use of paper or plastic.
They can also save you time and money by eliminating the need to print and ship physical business cards.
Digital business cards can also be easily customized and updated with your latest contact information or branding.

How To Create A Digital Business Card On iPhone?

To create a digital business card on your iPhone, you will need to first create a contact card.
Once you have created the contact card, you will then be able to add the digital business card to it.
To add the digital card, you will need to open the contact card and then tap on “Add Business Card.”
You will then be able to enter the information for the digital business card.

How Does A Digital Business Card Work?

A digital business card is a great way to promote your business and networking opportunities.
This especially comes in handy if you regularly attend networking events.
They work by providing potential clients or partners with a way to contact you electronically.
Typically, a digital or electronic business card will include your name, email address, website, and phone number.
Some may also include your social media accounts.
When someone downloads your digital business card, they’ll have all of this information handy and can easily get in touch with you.

Are digital business cards worth it?

In general, digital business cards are a great way to stay connected with others in your professional network.
They make it easy to exchange contact information and stay in touch with potential clients or partners with an interactive user experience.
However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide whether or not to use digital cards.
First, make sure that the service you choose is reliable and has a good reputation. Many services offer free trials or discounts for the first few months, so be sure to take advantage of those offers and test out different services before you commit.
Second, consider how you will use digital cards.
If you plan to use them mainly for personal contacts, then a basic service that stores contact information may be all you need.
However, if you plan to use them for business contacts, you may want to find a service that offers more features, such as the ability to create custom pages with your contact information, or the ability to track interactions with other users.
Finally, be prepared to update your information regularly. Unlike traditional business cards, which can often last for years without needing updates, digital business cards require regular maintenance.
Moreover, a business card cost much less than traditional paper cards.

What should go on a digital business card?

A digital business card should include your name, job title, company, basic contact information, and a brief overview of your skills or experience.

What is an NFC business card?

An NFC business card is a virtual business card that can be scanned by an NFC-enabled device.
This type of business card can include more information than a traditional paper business card, such as contact information, social media profiles, and website URLs.

Which Virtual Business Cards Should You Choose?


So, there you have it – 7 of the best digital business cards on the market.

Which one will you choose to help make your business more efficient and convenient?

With so many great options available, there’s no reason not to try at least a few of them!