13 Best Email Copywriters & Newsletter Writing Services In 2024

An email newsletter is an important aspect of marketing for businesses.

It’s a way to stay in touch with your customers, and it can be used as an opportunity to drive revenue and increase sales.

Moreover, this marketing channel has a proven ROI of $40 per dollar spent.

Meaning for every $100 you spend on this type of advertising, you can get up to $4000 in return.

That’s INSANE.

However, many companies struggle with the quality of content they’re sending out via email.

Whether you are writing the copy yourself or hiring a professional writer, it is vital that you create compelling content for your newsletter that sells!

Also, it can be difficult to find writers who understand your company and write well enough in order to sell your product or service.

How do you know if they’re even qualified at all?

If you can relate to this condition, then this blog post is for you.

Which Are The Best Email Copywriters And Newsletter Writing Services For You?

In this blog post, I will list the 13 best newsletter writing services from around the world so that you can find a good newsletter copywriter who suits your budget and requirements you can make an informed decision about what’s right for your business.

Note: Don’t worry if you’re in any part of the world, as these services operate remotely too and if it’s not in your budget to hire them, you can try using AI writing tools to get the job done.

So, the best email newsletter content-writing service provider that tops this list is none other than:

1. Reema Singhal

Sales Email Content Writer With 15 Years Of Experience Working With MNCs As A Content Strategist


Reema is a native English speaker with 15 years of business experience, especially as a digital marketing manager and content strategist.

She’s an expert at successful campaigns on the email newsletter that drive profits for businesses.

Additionally, she helps businesses get their entire content marketing strategy off to a good start by writing engaging copy for whatever they need!

Whether you need a personalized custom newsletter made for your email automation tool sequence or need to sell products and services to your email list, Reema won’t disappoint you at all.

She has also worked with some prominent clients like:

  • Deutsche Bahn,
  • Unilever Germany (who are always looking for new ways to advertise),
  • Mannheim Business School (*they’re all about making people more knowledgeable*)

And Reema also worked closely with:

  • Zalando,
  • Groupon,
  • Almi Sweden, &
  • Betahaus

She can deliver a perfect email marketing campaign that will take your customers from the top of the sales funnel to purchase.

She understands what it takes and therefore produces an excellent series, without any setup or design.

Your business deserves the very best in email marketing.

With her experience, skills, & multiple repeated orders, she can help you make a huge difference with your funnel by writing sales emails that will prompt customers to take action on what they see.

Reema Singhal’s Newsletter Content Writing Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


2. Sarahgordon1515

Professional Content Marketer, Advanced Advertiser, Expert Copywriter, & Top Newsletter Writing Service Provider


If you’re looking to increase your email conversions, Sara is one of the perfect email service providers on this list.

She has a team of expert copywriters who craft effective quality content with an eye for monthly strategy and short-form communication that gets people to open those sales emails.

With her in-depth editorial knowledge and advanced advertising techniques, she delivers unique ideas every time – because it’s about conversions!

She knows how to get people to open those sales emails and click through because she’s got expert copywriting skills, well-curated editorial expertise, & advanced marketing techniques.

All of these are put together in her monthly strategic approach that communicates your point with short-form content while crafting excellent sales email marketing campaigns.

She tailors her sales email content writing services to clients so they can maintain their brands’ voices throughout the sales process.

She also provides a one-off email or can map out an entire sales email newsletter campaign for you, depending on what will work best with your needs.

Once she’s identified how each part of the subscription series should be developed, she’ll make sure that it delivers inspiring messages straight into people’s inboxes by working together with her clients to identify the goals behind sales emails in a series as well as clarify the target audiences.

Also with a properly set up landing page behind your sales email newsletter, you can expect her to create a traffic avalanche for you in no time.

She’s got a portfolio of work that would leave anyone drooling.

She has done everything from press release writing to product descriptions for a whooping of a total of 400 sales!

That is some serious talent and it doesn’t stop there, she also provides blog services & has a total review count of 392, where all of which are 5 stars out of the gate!

Sarahgordon1515’s Custom Newsletter Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


3. Creat1vepattern

Email Newsletters With A Original & Personal Touch To Build Brand Loyalty


In today’s world filled with clickbait and fake news, it can be hard for subscribers to trust a brand.

That’s why creat1vepattern is here to help your sales email newsletter campaign stand out from the crowd!

He writes in English and takes time to understand your audience so they know exactly what words will captivate them – bringing in more sales & revenue for your business.

His sales email copywriting is 100% original and captivating.

His writing reaches your audience on a logical and emotional level, inspiring them to take action or buy what you’re selling.

Your customers will feel like they’re reading an authentic, personal message from their friend when receiving his copy.

Originality is key to getting the attention of your audience and reaching them on a logical and emotional level in order for your business to convert successfully & he knows that very well.

He’ll guide readers through content that’s intended not just for consumption but also for conversion with clear calls-to-action (CTAs).

If you’re looking for someone to write a sales email copy, creative1pattern will be your best bet.

He has a total of 13 reviews as of June 20th with all 5 stars and this talented writer is also a Fiverr pro seller with more than 700 sales in writing gigs like blog articles, press releases, sales emails, follow up emails, etc. so he knows his way around creating quality content that sells.

All clients who have worked with him are quite pleased – his work truly speaks volumes.

Check out creative1pattern newsletter writing services stats below.

Creat1vepattern’s Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total SalesEmail Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


4. Carrieblogger

Email Content Writer With Expertise In Lead Generation, Welcome Emails, E-commerce Emails, sales emails, & More


I’ll tell you what, Carrie is one great writer!

Her writing has a conversational style that’s easy to read.

You’ll get your main points across loud and clear with her because she specializes in Lead Generation emails / cold email content as well special offers emails, welcome emails, sales emails, & more.

Just let her know the type of newsletter writing service you want from them & she will deliver it right away for you in time.

So don’t wait around – just go ahead and place an order now!

With 111 total reviews on June 20th, 2021 (109 being 5 Stars), her ratings vet for her quality services too.

Carrie also has a bunch of repeated orders which means she’s a sure way to go ahead with writing your sales email copy.

Carrieblogger’s Newsletters Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


5. Translationsger

Mastered The Art Of Storytelling Through His sales Emails To Build Brand Loyalty & Personal Connection In German


If you’re looking to reel in potential customers, lure them with the delicious bait of your offer until they bite, and watch happily nibbling as you pull them ashore word for word.

Try Translationsger’s email newsletters.

He writes German e-mail copy as irresistible as bait for the fish or a good story for the reader.

His clients have had huge success with this newsletter writing service because his writing is so compelling & also he understands the importance of storytelling in content marketing.

He’s a creative guy.

He is also a top-rated seller on Fiverr and he even has his own Pro Account so that people know how good of a writer he is!

His copy for your sales emails or for your social media as well will be professional, clean, engaging, and ready to go as soon as you need it.

You don’t have to worry about anything because all the emails are written already with the initial sales email subject line too.

Just tell him which one would work best for what you’re trying to sell or see his other examples from before if you want to be more convinced!

Translationsger’s Newsletters Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


6. Mayasayvanova

Sales Driving & Business Email Content Writer With 12 Years Of Experience Working With Corporates


It’s not easy to get people on board with sales email marketing.

It needs a conversational tone of voice and the perfect balance between being pushy and sounding too casual, so it can come across as sincere without seeming like an advertisement.

Mayasayvanova has been working in Corporate Sales Manager positions at U-K-based companies for over 12 years now & she understands this thing on a micro-level.

With her email marketing service, she is privy to all sorts of secrets about how corporations communicate via email because she was once one herself!

There are many ways to get in touch with someone for a business proposal.

When you do not have their contact information, or the company is an international enterprise, there’s always cold e-mailing!

Mayasayvanova has used this method of sales email communication to start working with multi-million dollar companies like Foxtons (the largest real estate company in London), Zoopla, and more.

She also knows how important that first impression can be.

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Mayasayvanova has worked closely with copywriters who have 6+ years of experience & on top of that, she has taken the responsibility for building projects worth thousands of dollars.

She has always focussed more on tracking results when possible but most importantly she knows what words will make it past spam filters and into inboxes thereby advising on the content marketing strategy through analyzing previous campaigns, so no stone goes unturned; making sure your message resonates with your audience.

She’s got a whopping 1045 orders for writing winning sales emails and other copywriting work.

She has an impeccable 4.9-star rating, which shows her expertise in crafting engaging & quality content that drives the sale home.

Mayasayvanova’s Newsletters Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


7. Pslove

Content Marketing + Advertising Expert And A Creativity Oriented Email Content Writer


Pslove has devoted his decades of content marketing and advertising experience to writing cold sales emails for sales reps, personalized emails, writing cold emails, website content, blog posts – anything from the beginning through the end.

His specialty today is crafting compelling copy that leads customers down your sales pipeline path or up to an order page for a higher purchase price every time.

He can help you find new ways in which Pslove’s creative words might bring even more success: Higher open rates, Higher click-through rates, Generating orders with greater frequency & more.

If you’re looking for great marketing sales email newsletters to increase opens, click-throughs, and sales then Pslove is the man.

He knows how to write sales emails that engage readers from the start so they can build trust with him quickly.

Plus he never wastes words on useless information like most email marketers do because he uses proven copywriting techniques coupled with a sales email template that always delivers results.

His subject lines will get your attention immediately because there’s no better way of grabbing someone by their throat than giving them something powerful but just enough at a glance while also being short and sweet (only 75-words).

Pslove has completed all of 431 orders to date (even more when you’re reading this) & has achieved 5 stars on all of his orders too.

Though he’s not a Fiverr pro seller, that’s ok as his pay also costs less than those having a badge of Fiverr pro seller.

I’d definitely recommend pslove if you’re on the lookout for someone who takes care to provide higher quality and great value at an affordable cost without sacrificing customer service or professionalism in their work!

So if it sounds interesting give him some love right now.

And right now he’s running a huge discount on his gigs on Fiverr.

Pslove’s Newsletters Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


8. Gingerwriter

7 Years Experience As A Freelance Writer With 4500+ Sales Completed As A Content Writer


Gingerwriter has been a professional freelance writer for over 7 years and has helped countless clients build successful sales email marketing campaigns.

She is also a native English speaker who lives in beautiful Austin, Texas.

Ginger offers more than 15 writing gigs on her Fiverr profile ranging from resume to blog posts with press releases thrown into the mix!

With her sales email newsletters gig, she features Direct Marketing services, nurturing leads through your sales funnel, increasing donations for Non-Profits, Customer Relationship Building Service To Increase Sales, Build Your Brand Reputation, etc.

If you’re looking for high-quality, professional writing to send out sales email newsletters or announcements in a conversational tone of voice on any topic from beauty products to home decor, this gig by gingerwriter is perfect for you.

She is a Fiverr pro seller & also has completed over 4500+ Fiverr writing orders including blog articles, speeches, ebooks, etc., and earned 5 stars with all her clients – which means she’s both reliable and talented at the same time.

Gingerwriter’s Newsletters Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


9. Bobperyea

Email Newsletter Series Expert With 2200+ Sales Completed As A Content Writer


Email marketing has never been more important.

If you are not using it to reach your customers, then someone else is!

Bobpereya knows that and he’s here with a customer-written sales mail series for you no matter what sales software or email marketing automation software you’re using.

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Starting off with an introduction to the world of emails written as a series – something new in this industry.

But his experience makes him stand out from any other writer available today because he has written thousands upon thousands of them on average, while his sales emails have also offered higher opens than any other writer available out there as he claims.

Now, what sets Bobpereya apart from the crowd is his impressive writing gig & the ability to write quality content for any industry out there.

He’s got 9 different gigs and has completed a whopping 2200 orders to date!

These numbers are nothing short of incredible because on average he receives 4.9 out of 5 stars for every order – that means you can be sure your work will sound just as good too!

Bobperyea’s Newsletters Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


10. Francescatrdd

Email Campaign Expert With Experience In Sales & Marketing & Top Newsletter Writing Service Provider


Francescatdd’s sales email campaigns are designed to avoid all the mistakes you could make when composing your own.

With her expertise in marketing and sales, Francesca has created hundreds of successful sales emails that have helped many business owners gain access to their target audience with a conversational tone of voice and a clear call-to-action button.

Francescatrdd is an expert at writing high-converting sales email copy for today’s businesses after years spent studying marketing & selling!

Her professional services include creating well-written, personalized messages sent regularly through as part of a customer funnel strategy or even just a one-time blast – always fully tested on several different audiences before being deployed live.

Francesca has a gift for getting people to say “yes”.

Whether it’s through an email or in-person, she’ll use only a few words that are tailored just right so you can get the conversion rates and sales numbers your business wants.

Francesca knows how important each and every word can be while writing an effective copy that will reach your target audience.

That is why her campaign always gets high conversion rates; because they are tailored toward making customers take action without any hesitation or doubts & making buying decisions faster for your audience.

You won’t find a better copywriter than Francesca.

With more than 15 gigs on her profile, she’s able to write anything from Airbnb listing copywriting and ebooks all the way through Facebook ads!

There are currently 1123 orders with a majority of them being 5 stars which indicates that this is not just some beginner we’re talking about here; it’s true mastery at its finest.

Francescatrdd’s Newsletter Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


11. Frankcrc

Hardcore Guerilla Marketing Oriented Email Content Writer


Frankcrc is a copywriter, and he does it really well.

He can take your brand or product and turn it into something that will make the perfect impression on people who are interested in buying from you right now.

He employs a battle-tested system that utilizes psychology to create sales pages, sales emails, and ads that really sell like crazy – he knows what your customers want before you do!

If you’re looking for guerilla marketing tactics with an edge, Frankcrc will be able to brand or market your campaign in such a way as no one has ever seen before by employing his powerful words of persuasion.

His writing style is conversational yet authoritative; it’ll invoke emotions so fiery they can’t help but buy what’s being offered up front and center!

Surprisingly, Frankcrc is a writer that has only one writing gig and the reviews are all five stars?

That’s impressive!

I just took a look at his profile and saw the 611 orders with 5-star ratings so far. And he also seems to be on top of things because he doesn’t have any negative feedback from any of his customers.

He’s also earned himself top seller status!

Frankcrc’s Newsletter Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


12. Dartwriter101

Hooks Your Readers In Less Than 3 Secs With Her Email Subject Lines & 2400+ Orders Completed


The Dartwriter 101 sales copy pierces through the noise of unread sales emails in inboxes, engages your recipients, and shatters their reservations against you.

You can expect irresistibly strong subject line; High-converting sales email copy; Fluent language that is easy to read with a conversational tone; One-liners and bullets to hammer down the points on any subject matter or topic (from why they should choose YOUR product instead) while keeping things concise so readers can catch up quickly without feeling overwhelmed by text overloads.

This also means less screen time because your recipient will be reading more content per page!

Powerful calls to action that never fail — like offers for discounts, off the purchase price, or requesting feedback about what would make them love doing, Dartwriter101 has your back.

Your message will be clear as day with fluent language guiding them all along their journey towards conversion-optimized success!

Dartwriter has completed 2400+ Orders, is a top-rated seller badge on Fiverr, and an experienced marketing manager too.

Her work speaks for itself with 1527 positive reviews that are all averaged to 4.9 stars!

If you’re looking for clarity & straightforwardness then she can match your brand’s voice which will echo in the ears of your audience forever!

Dartwriter101’s Newsletter Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


13. Mikenardi

5 Years of Experience Working With Fortune 500 Companies & Cold Emailing Expert & One of The Best Newsletter Writing Service Providers


Mikenardi is a natural-born problem solver.

He’s been working with Fortune 500 companies for the last 5+ years, finding prospective customers and helping them to understand their client’s solutions via sales email marketing or cold calling.

Mikenardi usually finds a lot of business through his expertise when he puts it into practice on behalf of big brands too.

Mikenardi has had huge success over the years using his strategies.

He says that he’s learned through a number of professional sales development courses and training seminars; “these are proven methods with high conversion rates,” Mikenardi said.

“They’re very effective via email marketing or cold calling.”

With all his experience in sales, he thinks that this is a great opportunity for him to share what he has learned with you and help you grow your business by developing a strong email marketing plan.

So, when it comes to sales email marketing, he’s got the experience and know-how you need.

Mikenardi is a marketing consultant who can help you with your sales email campaigns.

He will create cold call scripts to compliment the sales emails that he’ll be sending out on behalf of his clientele. And, if all goes well for Mark’s clients in this industry, they could see an uptick in open rates and response rates after implementing some of these strategies!

  • Writing compelling sales copy to drive huge product sales.
  • Positioning products effectively so customers are compelled to buy from them instead of competitors’ offerings 
  • Creating strategic plans which include both email campaigns as well as cold calls
  • Write emails and cold call scripts

And Help you understand how many contact points make sense, and when it’s time to move on.

Mikenardi has 345 orders with 4.9 stars and offers a ton of money-saving deals for you.

Mark is a highly-vetted & professional copywriter, which means he’s not only been thoroughly interviewed but his background has also undergone an in-depth investigation to ensure that they’re trustworthy enough.

Out of the many professionals out there who offer such services as Mikenardi does, it seems like he really knows what people want from him because all his reviews are positive!

All this combined makes up one heck of a great deal – so don’t pass on this opportunity by leaving your order open too long!

Mikenardi’s Newsletter Writing Services Sales Stats

  • Total Writing
    Orders Completed

  • Total Sales Email Newsletter Writing Orders Completed

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Negative Reviews

  • Total Positive Reviews


General FAQs On Choosing The Best Newsletter Writing Service For Your Business


How To Hire A Writer For Newsletters?

You can view a writer’s portfolio or resume to get an idea of their experience and writing style.
Select the writer for your project based on the skill set you need.
It is important to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your newsletter.
Often, you will want questions answered before hiring a writer.
Questions to ask include:
How many words per day can they write?
What is their hourly rate?
What are their deadlines?
What are the qualifications they have that meet my needs?
If you are looking for someone with experience in an industry or topic, make sure to specify this when searching for writers.

Will They Deliver Me Unique Customer Service Email Templates?

Yes, some of them will provide you with sales email templates and cold call scripts.

Can People Tell If I’m Using A Newsletter Writing Service?

There’s no chance they can take a guess at that unless you disclose it yourself

What Benefits Do Businesses Get From Professional Email Writing?

Your email campaign will be more effective.
You’ll save time and money.
Build a powerful marketing strategy for your business.
Save time and money by hiring a professional writer.
Get your message out to more people.
Build trust with customers by providing personalized customer service.

Why Should I Hire Email Newsletter Writing Services Or An Email Copywriting Service?

The reason why you should hire an email newsletter writing service is that it will help your email campaign be more effective.
You will also save time and money by hiring a professional writer.
You can also build a powerful marketing strategy for your business by choosing to have a copywriting service do your sales emails.
This will help you save time and money in the long run and get a message out to more people in order to build trust with your current customers.

Conclusion: 13 Best Newsletter Writing Services For Businesses


If you’re struggling with the content of your sales emails, try one of these 13 best newsletter writing services to create effective sales emails for your audience from around the world.

I’ve researched and written reviews on all of them so that you don’t have to do the nitty-gritty work by yourself.

I hope this list of the 13 best newsletter writing services has helped you find great writers for your business.

But if you want to explore more of them, feel free to check out more email newsletter writing services for your business below:

Regardless of which one(s) you choose, make sure to have them create a compelling subject line and always provide value in the body text so that they can get more people to open it!

If there’s anything else I can do to help with your content or email marketing strategy, let me know in the comments below.

I’m more than happy to be part of your team!